State Police executing warrant at Aliquippa City Building / submitted photo

The Pennsylvania State Police have executed a search warrant at the Aliquippa City Building as part of ongoing investigations into corruption in Beaver County.

“We are currently executing a sealed search warrant at the City of Aliquippa Building,” confirmed State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick when contacted by the Beaver Countian. Hermick did not provide additional information as to what investigators are hoping to find.

As of the time of this report the Aliquippa City Building is closed to the public.

The Beaver Countian will have further information in future articles, but has previously provided exclusive investigative reporting about the ongoing probes.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • The negative votes for “cleaning up Beaver County” crack me up. Who doesn’t want it cleaned up? Those responsible for the corruption, that’s who. Really, who would give a thumbs down to that?

  1. My guess is that this same building was “cleaned” the day after this article appeared “Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker Refusing To Cooperate With State Police Investigators”.

    • I hope so, just so obstruction of justice charges can be tacked on. I’m sure they already had what they needed by the time that article came out.

      • I hope they already had what they needed if a cleansing did in fact occur. Otherwise????????

    • For the record, I was not implying that Mayor Walker has done anything wrong or that he himself was cleaning up evidence. If it sounded that way I am truly sorry, and I apologize. I was just stating that since the state police were already down there asking questions, if there was something amiss someone could have had time to cover their tracks.

  2. Can’t wait to see Fat Ass Dwan doing the perp walk. Won’t be a walk of shame though cause it’s Alighetto. Now he’ll have some street cred.

  3. Waiting for the poverty pimps to say “it’s cause he’s black and everybody is a racist!” He’ll make a fine commissioner. Dumber than a f-cking hoe handle.

  4. Yo, Dewan, how you like orange? Hope you are good with it because it’s all your gonna be wearing soon. Let’s all hope they head to the courthouse next and fit Connie the Con for her own orange jumpsuit… why do I pay my taxes to Connie Javens and not Beaver County Treasurer’s office or something of the like? Wonder how much County money she has pocketed over the years…

  5. Well well well, when you got the most phony self centered mayor in county history, sucking a geriatric Lebanese developers dick to the point taxes are causing residents to lose homes and covering up what he chooses with shady police department.

    Then shady Myron Stealabitch serving as city solicitor and water authority hmmm

    Add new councilman and Lebanese developers newest fluffer that should be in prison for half killing someone in a bar.

    Take a drunk to be the dumb black fall guy at city manager,

    A bi polar paranoid lady as financial director

    Former drug dealer snitch as ranking officer

    Cheating, stealing fat head, that rats out others that do same as himself, wearing the gold bling

    Yes this doesn’t surprise me

    • You got it right. Your comment Bricks is spot on. Where were they 20 yrs ago when Jim Naim was. assassinated. Lying stealing murdering and they use there drug addicted snitches to do there dirty work. Cut your throat for a ham sandwich and a pat on the head and some section eight housing.

  6. Alipuippa police and sheriffs dept. One and the same. The two most destructive corrupt entities in Beaver County.

  7. Outrageous!!!!!

    The school board made their decision. Time for Coach Z to step aside and let one of the young men that can mentor these boys to take the reins. The are at least 20 men that can do that job and do it even better. I know because they all have individually told me that! Why does the state police need to get involved?

    Who dat? WE dat?

  8. i think this mess is from the previous people who was in office any person who would approve a day care by a bar ain’t got them all. For the people who don’t like Aliquippa kill it please this city was here to get the majority through your child hoods so to look back and talk about it when your grand parents milked it dry stfu.

    • Oh closing down a rehab facility that was helping people while allowing a Methadone clinic and a house for pedophiles is better? Yes putting the daycare next to a bar was some crazy mess. This city went to hell fast and it needs fixed up.

    • If the sheriffs dept. doesn’t like you. And you want help for a drug problem the Aliquippa methadone clinic is the last place for you or someone you love to go to for help. You will get more than methadone in your medication. And that is the absolute truth.

  9. Whatever the Pa. State Police are seeking has long been shredded, burned, disappeared or no where to be found and everyone involved have absolutely no idea how such a thing could happen.

  10. Maybe damayor, needs ta get right wif tha lord. Get on the cell and hit up another idiotic phoney, Put a call inta school bus driver and write in school board member oh yeah and ax-man for the Coach Zmijanic fiasco, the reverand Ezra Lowe. Sad when you have two knuckleheads calling shots.

    • So true Klaw. Several police officers went to Dewan and told him about his current picks at the police department. Dewan told those police officers ” I know he is phoney and he will never be in the Chief’s position” Aaaa, well that was a big old fat lie, but when you “pay” ten thousand for a promotion so someone can pay they’re bills while they are out of work. Oh well the ex boss promised you another job at Fed-Ex that did not pan out. Well, maybe you can ride of into the sunset with the fat rat in white on his stolen quad from G heights !! No wait, his son wrecked it, but there is much more, and take the little minion with you two. Can three people fit in a jail cell ? And the new coach, watch he it is going to be, a person who had his DUI taken care of by a certain Detective Captain, ouch

  11. Mayor Dwan can’t even get Unis demolition to finish cleaning up the shit off the exit where it has been for over a year. he was paid and failed to finish the job. Guess what? He’ll be first in line to scarf up the grant money and do more half assed demolition around town. How does anyone think that Alighetto can be revived when they have at least two junkyards right on the main street? Any potential developer would laugh their asses off and keep right on going down the river. If Fat Ass can’t motivate his brothers and sisters to clean up their hood who the hell else will? not all his fault. There are just crumbs left after the Italians/Syrians robbed the place blind. Them moved on to Hopewell and Center leaving a shit hole behind. They’ll be sitting right next to you in church praying their thieving assess off. In the end they will be judged by the man and found guilty of their crimes against taxpayers.

    • Hell, I want to know why Unis is still being awarded any government contract with all the back taxes that are supposedly owed. How about it Connie, any answer for that question?

  12. I know, whip out the race card to defend him. You are fresh out of legitimate excuses. Typical answer when one doesn’t go along with the PC culture.



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