A commanding officer with the Pennsylvania State Police has gone on-the-record with the Beaver Countian, disputing claims made by Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier during a budget meeting held with Commissioners last week. State Police say many of the functions currently being performed by the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office are an unnecessary burden on county taxpayers because the state already has resources in place to handle the job if asked.

State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick is the Criminal Investigation Section Commander of Troop D, which covers Beaver, Armstrong, Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer counties. Hermick told the Beaver Countian that claims made by District Attorney David Lozier about his agency’s resources during a budget meeting with Beaver County Commissioners last week are untrue.

District Attorney Lozier is seeking a budget increase for next year, in part to fund equipment for his office’s SWAT team (referred to as the Beaver County Emergency Services Unit). Commissioner Sandie Egley had suggested during the meeting that Pennsylvania State Police could be handling active situations that require a SWAT response, rather than having Beaver County fund a SWAT team of its own through the District Attorney’s Office. Lozier responded to Egley by saying State Police have far too long of a response time to be of practical use, insisting the one time State Police SWAT were called out while he was in office they took 4 hours to show.

Lt. Hermick told the Beaver Countian that District Attorney Lozier was referring to an incident from March of last year, in which shots were fired by a suspect at municipal officers in Ohioville Borough.

“In response to what is being printed about the State Police response time, it is totally inaccurate and disheartening for the public to be told by the District Attorney we had that long of a response time. That is false,” Hermick said after reading Lozier’s statements in the Beaver Countian. “We were notified about the incident by the Assistance Police Chief of Ohioville who was pinned down by gunfire. District Attorney Lozier did not call us, we called him to notify him about the incident […] It did not take 4 hours for us to get there, State Police were on scene while shots were still being fired [by the suspect].”

Hermick said negotiators then spent hours talking with the perpetrator, who was held up in his house, attempting to bring the situation to a conclusion without the use of force.

“There were negotiations with the violent actor in an attempt to solve the situation,” said Hermick. “Over time, communications were lost and a decision was made to bring in additional State Police assets, which included a highly trained sniper.”

Ultimately, it was the Pennsylvania State Police sniper — not the Beaver County ESU Team — who brought an end to the dangerous situation.

Lt. Hermick said the vast majority of incidents do not require the deployment of a SWAT team.

“The public needs to be reassured that State Police have the resources to respond to these emergencies,” he said. “Most shootings that occur are over between 2 and 7 minutes after they start, so no SWAT team can get there. It is usually up to first responders to neutralize that threat […] Each and every one of our officers are trained and equipped to handle active shooter situations and address threats immediately as they occur.”

Hermick said Pennsylvania State Police have specialized response vehicles — including helicopters and heavily armored assets — that Beaver County does not have, and the training his Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) receives and routinely practices is far above that of Beaver County’s ESU.

Lt. Hermick said he believes all that Beaver County needs to provide for itself is a small group of municipal officers who have “a little bit more training than the average officer” to assist in serving warrants as needed.

In addition to providing SWAT services, Lt. Hermick said the Pennsylvania State Police is well positioned to handle investigations of major crimes occurring in Beaver County as well, something currently being handled by County Detectives and funded through the county budget.

“Before the county detectives grew their forces, State Police handled most of the homicide cases in Beaver County, as we still do in most other counties,” said Hermick. “We have a major case team that handles those investigations and members of that team have specialized expertise in areas like interviewing and evidence collection […] Our team is very successful in solving and gaining convictions in these cases.”

Hermick said the state has resources to bring to bear on investigations that Beaver County does not.

“We can attack murder investigations shift after shift around the clock if we need to because we have resources that a county can not maintain for itself,” he said.

Lt. Eric Hermick told the Beaver Countian that his agency provides all of its services at no cost to a county’s budget if it is asked. Commissioner Sandie Egley said she plans to meet with Hermick to talk about how the county can begin working more closely with the Pennsylvania State Police moving forward.

“Fortunately for me, when I went up to the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks at the beginning of my term — to report crime in county government — I got Lieutenant Hermick’s phone number,” said Egley. “He will be hearing from me again soon so we can sit down together and discuss how we can work to save taxpayers money. I welcome this opportunity and think people need to hear about how they’ve been paying for a complete duplication of services. There is a wrong perception that the county has to be the one doing these things — the District Attorney should get back to doing what it is he should be doing, that’s prosecuting cases. We all have to learn where our boundaries our; his office got outside of those boundaries and we need to bring him back in.”

Commissioner Dan Camp declined comment for this report.

Listen To Commissioner Egley And District Attorney Lozier Discussing State Police:

(Note: This audio is being published as received by the Beaver Countian from the county in response to a Right-to-Know request. It was recorded at a slower-than-spoken speed by an administrative assistant for the Board of Commissioners to aid in the taking of official minutes.)

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Responsibilities and duties of Pennsylvania counties are controlled by the State. I’m curious about staffing and funding of the DA and Sheriff’s offices of surrounding similar counties. Dollars to donuts Beaver County sticks out like a sore thumb. THIS article proves why.


  2. Where are all these local politicians from? How do we constantly get played? Maybe it’s time for a candidate who plays by different rules. Maybe some poor people? Real hustlers? Anything has to be better than EVERYTHING I’ve seen in ten years of voting.

  3. What a pathological liar Mr. DA! You represent/defend our community against criminals & in turn you lie like a criminal who is defending his position!! Good eye & ear Commissioner Egley! The other 2 probably aren’t understanding it yet you’re heads above them all!!

  4. As I said in the last article, Stonewall, you have developed credibility issues. That is catching up with you. We have a Sheriff who wants to be a cop, and a D.A. who wants to be the F.B.I. Neither is qualified. Both play fast and loose with facts. Why can’t you guys just do your jobs? If they are boring, just quit.

    • Go back to the Midget and tell him that you tried your best, Stonewall, but they didn’t buy it. What? Are we to think that you thought this up all by your lonesome?

  5. I wish I could believe that the DA’s over-reaching and his inaccurate assessment of the State Police’s capabilities were simple gaffs made by someone who is uninformed. I generally like to assume positive intentions in people. But Mr. Lozier has been around too long now and has had too many situations arise where he has intentionally said and done the wrong things for me to believe that it is done out of ignorance. This is ugly and it has legs.

  6. What a pompous ass!! He makes it sound like all of the leo’s in this county are incompetent!! Let’s just have the big grey juggernaut take over everything!! #gtfoh

    • It’s typical speak from the Gray God’s. Anyone who’s been around law enforcement can tell you everyone typically gets along, except for PSP. They often have an arrogance to them that they’re proud to display, and are glad to let you know they’re the almighty PSP.

      Not saying all are like that. I’ve met several PSP who are fantastic, but unfortunately there are many who fit the bill.

      • Is that why every young man or woman in PA who chooses law enforcement as a career aspires to join the PSP? Other than the nepotism and crony hires, most BC sheriff deputies, constables and municipal officers are a population that took the PSP entrance exam and were rejected.

        Those who can walk the walk can talk the talk. The PSP can, so they can have whatever attitude they’d like to have. The sheriff’s department on the other hand can’t, and should therefore just shut up and do the job that the statutes say they are supposed to be doing.

      • They can’t get worse than the 30% of local cops that aren’t worth shit. Their training is much more extensive. Just having been in the military doesn’t qualify you to breech buildings. There is a reason old Stonewall doesn’t want the PSP looking into Beaver County. Don’t upset our little gig. RICO operation run by a county government. Corruption at it’s finest.

  7. There needs to be an investigation to find out where the DA’s office CD money came from. Did that money even come from tax revenue? I’m sure Lozier would say it did, but he’s a proven liar.

  8. Grey gods tooting their own horn. Everyone knows it’s takes PSP long to get anywhere. Look what Darlington is considering and ask them why? I agree they’re better trained than the local yocals but they do have a long response. They only have 2 or 3 officers on duty in Beaver Co.

  9. No doubt the state police staff based on the coverage that they provide; adding another county to the list would most likely mean that the state would beef up the number of troopers and detectives based out of their base in Brighton Township – without raising our taxes.

    If I suddenly found myself to be a victim in the middle of a mass shooter situation, I would much prefer to see one State Trooper roll up on the scene than the entire Beaver County SWAT team – their training is second to none and I’d rather have my life in their hands any day of the week. People seem to think they are highway patrolmen but, the fact of the matter is that they are an almost paramilitary organization and the ongoing training that troopers receive in a year is more than the local agencies receive in a lifetime (not to mention the months of training that troopers attend at the academy).

    I certainly hope that Lt. Hermick will be invited to give a public presentation to the county commissioners to highlight the services that the state can offer the county. Lozier should be there to direct any concerns that he has DIRECTLY to Lt. Hermick so that they can be addressed (and most likely easily and quickly dismissed) rather than just speaking behind his back.

    • If the other two commissioners decide to raise taxes in order to give in to Lozier’s request they will lose the ability to say “they weren’t aware” (Tony’s favorite line). The voters will keep all of this in mind when they cast their ballots….particularly when the campaign literature reminds them how their taxes were raised to pay for something that was already available at no cost.

    • DIDO! If I ever turn up dead, please call in the PSP, I am positive they have a better record then BC detectives! I can think of six cases, over the last 20 years that has never been solved. And one that could have if they would have listened, followed up, and actually did something. Get rid of them! Let PSP do it, we play state taxes. I am sure our local detectives even pays for their 🍩 with petty cash, which is still taxpayers money! And if those local detectives believe they are “that good” apply to the state police, and if you make it through all the training, good for you!

    • I have a sneaky suspicion Loser won’t have the balls to face him in a public meeting. I am so disgusted by him, lost all confidence in his ability to be honest in his position and do the right and honorable thing in his job. By the way, thank you Sandie! Camp? Major disappointment! Tony..just pure disgust and disdain! It’s so maddening and frustrating that we keep getting the bottom of the barrel!

      • Seems like Sandie is the only one working in the Commish’s office these days. Saw Dan Camp yesterday around 10:00 A.M. with I assume was his wife, walking downtown Beaver. Shouldn’t you be in your office Danny Boy solving Beaver County’s problems with your fellow compadres’? I had my doubts about Sandie, but not anymore. Dan & Tony just don’t seem to give a rats ass!!!

  10. Good for you Sandie, fiscal responsibility along with draining the swamp. There are some that are trying to make it hard for you to remember that you went into the swamp to drain it while others have you up to your ass in alligators. Keep opening that drain and smack the hell out of those alligators. Good Job

  11. The state cannot balance or pass the state budget as it is today. What pipe dream is it that they will increase the number of PSP in Brighton Twp barracks just to handle Beaver County. How generous of Hermick to say ” a small group of municipal officers who have “a little bit more training than the average officer” to assist in serving warrants as needed.” He wants them to put their life on the line to serve a warrant and then let the PSP play hero. What an arrogant smart ass remark that is. Sandie needs to go. If anyone is out of their league it’s her.

    • Are you deaf and dumb? You must be Mrs. Lozier. I am so disappointed in him. I voted for him because he seemed dedicated to the integrity of the office. What a sad lieing person you turned out to be. Your priorities are all messed up by greed, sir.

    • Director1, obviously you are one of the law enforcement community. beaver County does not need SWAT and Commando Style Ops. They need only look inside their own corrupt, crony filled stations to find the real problem. Big egos with piss ant brains. Why does it take so long for LEO’s to get rid of one of their own that is obviously unsuited or corrupt? I fear you corrupt bastards more than the Mafia. At least they take care of their own.

  12. Let’s be honest a sheriff is a flunky that couldn’t pass a state police exam. Need we go further. Guard the court house, transport prisoners, Stfu and guard the county parks. That’s the job description according to state laws. It is what it is despits efforts ti make it more. Give it a rest Tony nobody is buying and Lozier makes you look bad. Reel in the department because your predecessor ruined it for you. You ran as a Rep so show us some conservative government or your past done.

  13. A tactical team of Beaver County officers is far more effective when equipped and trained correctly. The county team is made up of officers from all over the county. So in turn, each of those officers can bring a bit of knowledge and training to their respective departments. I’m not a fan of Lozier or the politics, but I am interested in public safety. For anyone thinking that such a team is not needed, rewind in your mind how many news stories where people interviewed said” We’d never imagine something like this happening here”. And yes, SERT does take hours to respond.Here’s an excerpt from PSP’s own page:
    The remainder of the SERTmembers are primarily assigned to field installations throughout the state. All Tactical Unit members are permanently assigned a vehicle to enable them to respond directly to incidents from their home or station. For most activations, 24 Tactical Unit members and 7 Negotiation Unit members respond.
    The SERT is required to serve a large geographic area and it may be several hours before units can respond and become operational.
    So just based on entry alone, imagine if you will a School, theater, mall, large venue attack by someone and waiting hours for PSP to enter and clear the scene? Your local officers and ESU are trained enough to enter and not only eliminate the threat but to evacuate the injured. This county has a lot of experienced officers who are also veterans, have some faith.

    • Read it again. All 24 have permanent vehicles to respond directly to the scene. Nobody said they wait to enter until all 24 arrive. They can enter as soon as one or two arrive if entry is required. While BC may think immediate entry is the best approach, depending on the situation it sometimes is the worst approach. Knowing the difference is the knowledge PSP brings to the table.

      This year Lozier wants vests and helmets; next year he’s going to want a tank.

      • All 24 have permanent vehicles for the 2 calls for service that are necessary in 15 years.

      • The 24 are stationed across the commonwealth! Yeah, 2 or 3 may be stationed in Beaver but that’s it. And if you think a tactical entry or response to a critical incident is going to be handled by 2 troopers then you have zero knowledge of law enforcement. Minimum 6 man entry. And your local officers have been doing it for years and ESU is quite capable being led by a combat veteran whose tactical training and actual work far exceeds most in the area. BTW, they already have an up to date armored vehicle so no need to whine about a request Loser Lozier will make in the future. And Kevlar does have expiration dates, so yeah knowing your vest will stop a bullet is comforting.

    • Great, then we can sell that up to date armored vehicle. The money we get from that will help to fill the gap (also known as a deficit, or for the benefit of the completely dense – “the county can’t afford to pay its bills situation.”)

      • Can’t sell it dipstick, it was purchased for region 13. I won’t explain because instead of looking at the debate as what it is, a law enforcement issue, you continue to look at it as a political issue. By no means should the corruption and lack of sack that Lozier has be ignored, but that’s a separate issue.

    • None of the local yokels is qualified to do much more than a traffic violation. Who the f-ck are you kidding. Those that can qualify for the SWAT/PSP serve and them that can’t munch donuts, talk shit and hang out at COGO’s and AM Mini Mart swooning the chicks their. Yuck!

      • And you don’t qualify to type in proper grammar…Jesus.
        Well the “local yokels” have been doing much more than traffic for years and do so every day so go put your PSP hat on and go have a cigar

  14. One very important takeaway from this interview was the fact that Lt. Hermick of the Pennsylvania State Police openly admits that most shootings are over between 2 and 7 minutes after they start!

    Well who would of thunk it?!? You mean to tell Mungo that all the bleeding heart, candy asses, social justice heros were wrong about our Constitutional God given right afforded us by way of the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves and loved ones, may all be wrong about response time from law enforcement after someone calls 911?

    Sort of like the saying……when seconds count ..the police are only minutes away!!!! All completely confirmed by the good Lt. Hermick when he said the shooting is already over between 2 and 7 minutes… how quickly can law enforcement respond versus how quickly a lone Mother who’s home alone with an infant when some less than desirable decides to break in , shoot up the place and generally do whatever the hell he wants to is all left up to chance…..haha Mungo don’t think so!

    • By bad luck, I was at 2 recent accidents in Chippewa. Response time was 20 minutes for both. I’m sure the PSP wouldn’t take much longer.

      • @Ophelia Can I help you with further explanation of something?

        Mungo’s point is that we should protect/arm ourselves, because police on average can’t respond on time to help us.
        My point is that response time in my rural area is long. These would be the first responders in a SWAT situation. PSP wouldn’t be much longer (probably less), so Lozier shouldn’t be wasting money on his SWAT team.
        I’ll type more slowly next time.

  15. It takes PSP over a half hour to respond to normal calls in Beaver County let alone someone coming from Erie or Harrisburg for a swat call. All the facts need to be put out not just ones that make the grey gods look good.

    • Again, let’s have the Lt from the PSP and Stonewall come to a public gathering and we’ll find out who is lying. The intelligent people on here know what the hell this is all about. Stonewall and the Midget want to build a Neo-Nazi squad of “blackshirts” for power and prestige. All those people are beholding to the two most corrupt entities in the County. The DA and the Sheriff’s Office. They couldn’t get a job anywhere else but Friends and Family Inc. I’d like to set up a team of people to try and breech the “vigilant” troopers stationed at the court house. I bet I could get them breeched over 85% of the time without a struggle. If these people make the citizenry think they can protect them then only God can save us from our stupidity. That’s why they are political hacks so the Midget and Stonewall can cover their lame asses.

      • I apologize Queen Connie if I hurt your feelings by excluding you from the gang of crooks. You have been neutered by your own ignorance. Sandie whooped your ass!

  16. Stonewall’s turf war with the State Police has caused problems. As with the diverted Queen “investigation”, they get in his way.

    The Midget and Stonewall are hellbent on creating a County police force. That’s no secret. But look at the track record of the Sheriff’s office hires. From Snow on the Roof to the Break In Punk to Liars for Hires.

    Look at the Stonewall obfuscation of the release of PsychoCop’s dashcam video. And virtually no investigation into that matter was initiated by them.

    And they want to replace the State Police in SWAT calls? The Courthouse law enforcers have some real issues with “quality control” when hiring talent and carrying out their duties.

    No, get your shit together first.

    Then, people might believe that you are the ones they want throwing the percussion grenades into their houses.

    The only response time problems Stonewall and Midget have are getting up in the morning and getting their asses to work to do them as is outlined in the PA State Code.

  17. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. The State Police can get the job done if allowed to do so. I would imagine the District Attorney would set up multiple roadblocks. Their response times do suffer. They would improve if the officers would remain in their primary areas of responsibility instead of gravitating towards Aliquippa and Beaver Falls which have their own police departments. The county detectives are in over their heads and their workload is drastically inflating their salaries. I will be curious who is on the top of the highest paid list after this year. Get ready for another tax increase.

    • And here’s the thing. We all pay state taxes, too. If other counties are using the PSP for homicide work and emergency response, but Beaver County pays our own people to do the same job, the people of Beaver County are actually subsidizing the other counties for that work. We are paying for part of Lawrence, Butler, and Washington County’s PSP by not taking advantage of what they can cover.

      Bring in the PSP for those duties and immediately cut the budget for Beaver County staff covering those same jobs. Save $$ in 2018. Seems simple.

  18. Beaver County Politicians in general do not want outsiders sniffing around. Way too much dirt to be found.

  19. Stonewall has no police experience. He’s not even a criminal lawyer by prior practice. Someone is feeding him this information about staffing and limited resources. Let’s see. Who would that be?

    Trace it all, back it up, to his sources and interrogate them for specifics and proof of need. You will either get the nuts and bolts, or you will get bullshit from the people goading him on.

    Maybe start with the Sheriff’s office and work upward from there.

  20. But, if the State Police handle it, then we would lose local control !!!!

    Read: My Son/Brother/Uncle/Brother-in-law/Nephew/Cousin/Club member/High School Buddy/Golf partner/Neighbor/(All the Above)… need a job!

  21. We are entering an Age if Enlightenment at the Courthouse. The BCT quotes Amadio as saying in the meeting:

    “I’m a (retired) teacher. I’m not a law enforcement guy or a lawyer,” Amadio said.

    True. He is not an economist, a cop, or a legally astute Commissioner. From the Friendship Ridge fiasco to dealing with Stonewall, he is only one thing — an incompetent fool who doesn’t know it’s time to quit. No, Sleeper, you cruised on ignorance for years. Now, that has caught up to you. Wake up from your torpor and resign.

    • Take Conehead with you. He has even less preparation and savvy for the job than you do. Sandie Egley has formal training and extensive experience in business with a proven track record. But I guess you know that.

      • If there were one criterion that would explain all the problems in local government, it would be that neophytes, amateurs, laymen, the unschooled, have been placed in jobs that should be staffed by professionals. So, you get what you ask for. Many enter with only a high school education. No, we don’t need academic elitism, just people who have been trained to do the jobs, and that is usually more than a high school education. Retired people creep in from other “professions”, but unless they have some training, on-the-job just doesn’t cut it. Add to that the “buffer” of being a relative or friend, and the incompetence is guaranteed.

      • Raven, I agree.
        Perfect example : When Sandie stated that she was opposed to increasing the head count for the DA. COMMISSIONER anesthetized Amadio (In this job since Jan. 2008) says, “I’m a (retired) school teacher. I’m not a law enforcement guy or a lawyer.” When is enough, enough ? For the past 9 years, this dick head gets away with this sort of BS. Then there is Dan Camp, for f@*%’s sake. Thank you Sandie for your effort.

  22. From the BCT yesterday:

    “I’m not going to be making any decisions without the DA present,” Camp said.

    At last week’s work session, Commissioner Sandie Egley suggested the county could explore whether selling the rink to a private entity might be an option. On Wednesday, her colleagues Daniel Camp and Tony Amadio told her “No.” “Selling the venue is off the table,” Camp said.

    Dan, you betrayed us. You have no conviction other than to flying under the radar as your mentor Amadio has done for years. You are the epitome of what is wrong in Beaver County and you should be ashamed.

    • I’ve said it before. Dan you are an incredible liar who fooled me into trusting my vote to you. Disgusted by your true colors and extremely embarrassed for your in laws. It’s over for you so why don’t you try working for the taxpayers with your time left? No you say? Weasel!

      • How did he fool you? He never completed college, was given a job because of his family connection, he opted out of going to the commissioners debate at CCBC when he was running. What did he do to fool you to think he was capable to handle this job?

  23. Let’s say fuck it & get our local deputies a helicopter too! Just imagine how safe they’d feel while serving warrants & How quickly they’d be able to spot trespassers at our county owned parks! Oh, and inmates would never be late to court again!!

    Seriously though, how often do you need a swat team to serve a warrant?

    • In case nobody noticed yet, the sheriff dept DOES NOT PATROL COUNTY PARKS ANYMORE! According to Tiny Tony, he does not have the “man power” or the “funds” to patrol the county parks. Go down to Brady’s Run and just look at the riff-raff that hangs out down there and what a absolute DUMP that place has turned out to be.

  24. Sooooo……….What’s it going to be now?………..”Loser Lozier”, or is it now going to be “Lying Lozier”? Or maybe “Triple L”?


  25. Why do we think a county SWAT team could respond any faster than the PSP? I don’t know where the SWAT truck is parked, but if there’s an incident either in the northern end of the county or the southern end (assuming, I hope, the truck is parked somewhere in the middle) it’s going to take time for an officer to go to wherever the truck is parked, possibly wait on additional staff, then drive up to 30 minutes to wherever the emergency is occurring. PSP may or may not be any faster, but to me the idea that a county SWAT team will be at any school in this county in 5 minutes is simply unrealistic.

    • So if this is unrealistic, we have to assign a price to what we’re willing to pay. To be sure, I absolutely agree that IF we’re going to fund some type of Emergency Response Team in this county, we have to outfit them with equipment to keep them safe. We have no problem paying for the coats and pants our firefighters wear to keep them safe, so we can’t complain about the vests the CERT wears. The question is whether the reaction times would improve enough to make this expense reasonable. I don’t know the answer to that. Personally, I’d be willing to pay $100 more in taxes with the knowledge that there’s a SWAT truck 3 miles from my child’s school, it’s staffed 24/7 and ready to go. But I know there isn’t, and there isn’t going to be one. If there’s an active shooter in my school, my only hope is one of the minimum wage security guards gets to the shooter before the shooter gets to my child. That’s what our community is willing to pay for. I don’t want to belittle the security guards, but that’s what we get. We can’t say “I want fast response time” AND “I want lower taxes” because everything has a price. I don’t see where a county SWAT team is going to have any more effect than the PSP, so if anyone wants more money, they have to make the case as to why this is a cost effective use of our dollars.

    • Not unrealistic but absolute bullshit. No one can guarantee that response time. That doesn’t even give time to finish the coffee and donuts at the speedy mart joints. Stonewall is a liar and trying to scare the public through either the opioid epidemic or mass shootings. They can and will happen anyway. Does anyone on here really think that the Beaver County ESU or any entity would perform better than the Las Vegas PD? If so, get back to your desk at the courthouse and start hitting thumbs down. We, the taxpayers are coming for you and you lying pathetic losers. This means you, Stonewall, Midget, Queen Connie and any other piss poor leader that can’t budget properly. Quit trying to scare the taxpayers. That is the lowest form of political shit that you can employ. None of the three of you will ever be mistaken for a leader or a good personnel manager. Just useless flunkies trying to hang on, get your retirement and protect Family & Friends Inc.

  26. Believe it or not Beaver County is not on the cutting edge of this. Every other county has detectives. Most other county’s have a Swat team or some form of one for the same reason Beaver County does, response time, do some research. I thought law enforcement worked together not throw each other under a bus. If I was an officer I’d have second thoughts if a state cop showed up to help me out on a call.

  27. Beaver County already has a “SWAT” team. It is under the direction of the DA’s office.

    Detective – Emergency Services Unit – Commander
    Patrick Young
    Phone 724 773 8577
    E-Mail pyoung@beavercountypa.gov

    Detective Young is the Commander of the Beaver County Emergency Services Unit which is comprised of carefully selected municipal police officers, County Detectives and Sheriff’s Deputies. The ESU is a highly trained unit capable of responding to extraordinary events involving barricades, hostage rescue, active shooters, and high risk arrest or drug search warrants. The ESU responds at the request of the local police departments.
    Detective Young also assists local police agencies in processing the scenes of serious crimes and in other areas of forensic science.

    From the Beaver County web page under DA/Detective Bureau.

    • The issue is not its existence. The issues are expense and duplication of services. The County is strapped for money, but Stonewall and Midget and Sleeper don’t believe that is true.

    • Who is he related to??? What qualifies him to lead this cluster fuck? Again, having a military background is NOT a major qualification. Oh, right. I bet they’re all Navy Seals and Green Beret wannabe’s. You can fool some of the uniformed some of the time but not informed people at all. Pathetic wannabe Rambo’s. Only thing they’ll do is get themselves killed by their lack of experience and training. Leave it to the we3ll trained “Big Boys” at the PSP. I’d never want my life depending on anything that came out of that courthouse gang of crooks.

  28. Where is all the “loot” that Stonewall — who reportedly will not reveal the amount and nature of it — and company have seized from drug raids? My guess is that it could defray some of the costs he complains of. How much of it “disappears”, is used for other costs, not reported, sold, or is just sitting somewhere, waiting to be used as evidence? Obviously, it is likely all properly inventoried, kept safe, and used to buy winter clothing for the poor. But, charity begins at home, doesn’t it?

  29. Raven, word on the street is that when they bust someone on drugs they “confiscate” the cash. I doubt there is a transparent chain of custody that we could access. That’s where the funny stuff starts. Can we really believe the Beaver County government anymore? Start with the “Ridge” and look at all the money not properly accounted for. A thousand here and a thousand there adds up. Look, what happened in Center Twp and that is probably the tip of the iceberg. Unaccounted for cash and crooks makes for bad situations. TEMPTATION TOO GREAT. Now they are trying to create a gestapo right here in Beaver County that the taxpayers want or need for safety. it’s merely for job security for Friends and Family Inc. Stonewall, Midget and the Queen are the prime target of the taxpayers. We’ve had enough of their shit. They got to go. Sooner the better.

  30. Remember, the drug dealer’s word against the cop in front of a judge that has ties to the cop. Who do you think they believe every time? We all know that cops never lie, cheat or steal. Iron clad code of ethics. Especially at the Midgets Office. What a f-cking joke.

  31. Raven – Earlier you alluded to a credibility gap with Stonewall Loser. From the feedback I get from the commissioner’s meetings the credibility gap has now expanded to Amadio, Camp, the Midget and all the others trying to increase their empires at taxpayers expense. The two nitwits just sit there, never ask any relevant questions and allow the shit to continue. Camp will never assist Sandie is reigning in this out of control spending. Bankruptcy will be in our very near future. No one can believe anything that these lying thieves say. Only difference now they can’t hide it. The BC Time silence is deafening but then it is revealed that of the 30K freebie handed to Nardelli, 20K plus went to the Times for “advertising”. That’s why they fight like hell to obstruct Sandie and the taxpayers expense to prop up their piece of shit newspaper. They are the written arm of the Court house crooks and the WBVP is the voice of over the hill propagandists trying to be relevant. The collude with the county government to rape the taxpayers. Never did see one article that even sniffed of investigative journalism.

  32. Sleeper and Conehead don’t respond, because they can’t. Neither has the wherewithal to understand what is going on and interpret it. Conehead has absolutely no qualifications for the job, and Sleeper dozes with his eyes open. Watch them sometime. Rarely does anything insightful or creative come from them. They respond, when they can, reacting to what is said, not to any thoughts of their own. Egley carries the ball and is the only one making any yardage.

    • The name-calling has really got to stop. Your posts can be so thought-provoking, Raven, but they are offput by the childish nature of these names. I understand the frustration, but I would’ve hoped you had more maturity, sir.

      • Easy. But it has nothing to do with maturity. Over time, nicknames like Stonewall have been earned, and are quite fitting.

      • Sir? I do believe I’m the only one who always had Raven pegged for a woman. Can’t realize verbalize why however.

      • Seriously? “Conehead” and “midget” are derogatory, based on a persons appearance. It’s as bad as when Trump mocked the disabled reporter.

  33. O.K. No more nicknames. But I don’t speak for the other commenters here. This isn’t the first time that you have taken a moral highground here, Marshamoore. Maybe if you read some more about these lovely people, you will hesitate calling them by Mr. and Mrs. too.

    • I know all I need to know about these people who have ruined beaver county government over the last 60 years of my existence. I applaud Commissioner Egley for her willingness to challenge all that is wrong. But none of us can help how we are born, and name-calling based on that is just cruel. I will give you “ queen”and “stonewall” because they are behavior-based.

  34. I don’t think the “nicknames” are derogatory at all. Many people grew up with nicknames – including myself – and some people still use my nickname. To me, these nicknames are used for “identification” purposes and are shorter than using the first and last names. Come on people “lighten up” a little bit. Even when the nicknames are used – the point is clearly made.

    • It took a full year, plus, for D.A. Mr. David J. Lozier, Esquire, to stop the State Police investigation into the Treasurer’s role in the Friendship Ridge money transfers and transactions, put his own team of “investigators” on the case, provide no information or updates, and finally come up with a finding of “not criminal”, because she had apparently not intended to benefit personally from it. To some, that dragged out affair was typical of “stonewalling” for a friend. Maybe it wasn’t, but due to his handling other matters in a similar manner, like holding the dashcam video, the nickname of “Stonewall” stuck. And the “Queen” tag? To some, the woman leads a protected charmed life of invulnerability at the Courthouse.

      So, over time, people have latched onto deprecating name handles to alleviated their frustrations. Do you blame them?



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