One of the men behind the “Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough” is anything but bipartisan, say critics. Dr. Gregory Trecha, a Republican Councilman in Economy Borough, is facing wide criticism this week after a group of residents from the town began scouring his social media sites.

The “Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough” has been pumping considerable money into political advertisements during this year’s municipal elections.

In his public postings on Facebook and Twitter, Trecha refers to Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the “Botox Bitch,” and calls President Barack Obama a “Dumb ass Muslim traitor.”

“If you crap on a photo of Obama, is that a hate crime or photo enhancing,” wrote Trecha in one of his older posts to Twitter.

Some residents of the town say Trecha’s comments cross the line from political criticisms to bigoted diatribes. “I have seen his statements on Facebook, I think he’s a racist,” said Economy Democratic Committeewoman Megan Trimbur. “Anybody who makes those statements, I’m like come on, this is a grown man.”

South Park parody featured on Trecha's page.
South Park parody featured on Trecha’s page.

In one of his newer posts to Facebook, Trecha jokes: “I went to sign my dogs up for welfare. The lady said: ‘Dogs are not eligible for welfare.’ So I said to her that my dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no clue who their Daddy’s are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care. So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify. My dogs get their first checks Friday.”

Trecha has since deleted many of his older postings, replacing them with messages like, “I believe racism is unacceptable. I disagree with many of the President’s policies however I never conveyed any inappropriate overtones.”

This isn’t the first time Trecha’s behavior has come into question. Back in 2011, Beaver County Times Columnist JD Prose first reported about a video that was circulating purportedly showing Trecha and a group of men marching with pitchforks and torches about a speed bump issue in the town. “YouTube video has mysteriously disappeared,” wrote Prose at the time, “Hmmmm.”

A message that was posted on Trecha’s Twitter account appears to confirm the missing video as authentic, “Posted my “Torch & Pitchfork” video on Youtube. Don’t cross me up or I’ll torch & pitchfork your house too.”

The Beaver Countian was able to obtain a copy of the video from a source, and is publishing it here for the first time since it was removed from YouTube. On the video a group of men with burning torches can be heard chanting, and one man can be heard making a remark about a cross in the front yard.

“He did this video that was very, all you were waiting to see was for them to put on their white hoods,” said former Economy Councilwoman Audrey Mutchlor, who lost her seat to Trecha two years ago. “It was in very poor taste … I have seen him make Twitter comments, and he opens and closes his Facebook account so sometimes you can see what he writes there … I think he’s a racist, he’s said nasty things to women too.”

It was a sentiment shared by Beth Burns, who worked at Sewickley Valley Hospital along with Trecha. “I think it’s reprehensible for a Councilman, for a public figure, for a doctor, to be so racist… When you are prominent in the community you don’t act like that, you don’t talk like that, it’s grow up time.”

It’s not just in the political arena where people are beginning to push back at Trecha’s public remarks. Megan Trimbur said she isn’t allowing her son to join the Boy Scouts because he is a local official for the organization. “I will not let my son join it because of Mr. Trecha’s affiliation, I will not let him in. I believe my son should be exposed to all races and religions in a positive way.”

On his Facebook page, Trecha openly refers to Muslims as “heathens,” is a member of the “Stop Islamization of America” group, and has posted images degrading to gay men.

“You have him, his thoughts and what he says, with kids at an age where they’re being molded,” said Mutchlor of Dr. Trecha’s ties to the Boy Scouts. “I don’t think I’d want him around my children for fear of what he’d be telling them, or brainwashing them into thinking.”

Councilman Gregory Trecha did not return a voicemail message left by the Beaver Countian seeking comment.

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  1. Ah hello this is 2013 really this Guy is a doctor if he is still at heritage valley? If so I will be personally calling norm mitry, or any hospital he is employed by, how can you trust the care of patients by him if they are black or poor what about people that work there ass off but don’t get health care and don’t make enough to afford it, children and adults this is horrible of human, shame on economy residents that vote for this creep, let alone the troup scouts he has, he should resign from council our be removed

  2. Please some one tell me where this nut ball is a doctor at so I don’t ever go there..What bothered me most was the story about his dogs (DISGRACEFUL) I AM IN SHOCK that people, educated people act like that. How did economy borough vote him in? Didn’t they know? Well guess what people you know NOW…GET RID OF HIM……ASAP. He sure is a shining star in the REPUBLICAN PARTY.. :devil: :devil: :crap:


    Hey kicker is this Guy just ruined himself politically for ever and some that he ran with and support are done too way to doctor, and good luck with NAACP, women groups, or anyone that has a struggling family member or in need of public Assistance in any form, i’m sure they are going to be made well aware of you now.

    Dr.greg trecca radiologist lol lol, how can anyone trust in you to care for people now, sadly your wife is a dentist that has to share your last name sad for patients i’m sure in due time they will have reservations about going there there cause of you.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so scary,,,,,,,,,,,, Get him out of here!!!!! In no way shape or form should this piece of crap be anything more than a piece of SHIT that he is!!!!!!!!!!!!! A scout leader!!!!!!????????? That’s insane!!!!!!!!!!! REMOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A better community would be removing this trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!and being a doctor,,,,,,,,,GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am not condoning what this stupid guy is posting on Facebook and/or Twitter. However, it bothers me that the people in Beaver County have no idea what the word racist means. When he posts on Facebook or Twitter that he hates blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc, that is racist. Posting that he doesn’t care for Muslims is not racist because Muslim is not a race. Posts that degrade women are not racist because women are not a race. Posts that call Nancy Pelosi a Botox Bitch are not racist because Nancy Pelosi is not a race. The people that said those comments were racist look uneducated.

    • If you crap on a photo of Obama, is that a hate crime or photo enhancing
      mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no clue who their Daddy’s are

      dont know sounds pretty racist to me too? 😳

      • Apparently, you don’t have very good reading comprehension either, or don’t understand the definition of racist. I just pointed out the statements that people said were racist that were not.

      • Posting that he doesn’t care for Muslims means he may be an Islamophobe.
        Posts that degrade women are sexist. Posts that call Nancy Pelosi a Botox Bitch probably mean he is a tea-party Republican.

        It bothers me that some people in Beaver County seem to enjoy catching others in grammatical errors. Come on, professor, you’re cutting the onion really thin here.

        You say TO-MAH-TOE and they said TO- MAY-TOE, but it all means the same thing. We all know what they meant – discrimination. It doesn’t take a graduate degree to see that.

    • what difference does it make if he’s a racist, a misogynist, or a bigot of any type….A man with these types of views should never get anyone’s vote for anything…..Let’s not split hairs over what is or isn’t racist….BIGOTS, no matter what they are bigoted against should not represent anybody in their community except themselves.

  6. This Man, Doctor, member of local government, is a total disgrace to humanity. My question is, in 2011 his rants of racist insanity were made public knowledge, why wasn’t this investigated by organizations such as the NAACP and The PA State Board of Medicine along with PA ethics? This guy should have never slipped through the cracks. He’s dangerous! As for his affiliation to the Boy Scouts, what are parents thinking? The people of Economy need to take action and rid this monster out of their government. To do nothing would suggest they support racism. I am glad to see JP has exposed this menace of society. I want to know, who are the bi-partisan group? Who do they support politically? Who is paying for these losers to run for political offices? I wouldn’t want people like this as neighbors let alone the law of the land.
    The dogs on welfare really got to me also. As well as South Park parody featured on Trecha’s page. Really people? JP, who are nutcases in this video? This looks like something from the KKK? I can’t believe I just read this story in the year 2013!

    • You mean like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Rev. Wright are to the Democratic party base?! And what about the late Sen Bryd? The list is ENDLESS on the democratic side of the fence. Does George David ring a bell? How about Bobby Williams? Political party has nothing to do with it, it’s the persons upbringing that defines who you are. Hell, even YOU said some border line comments on the BCT website in the past. Grow up already.

      • Please tell me what were those border line comments I’ve posted in the times? You’re no better than the people who defend the democrats you’ve mentioned here . You’ll accept anything with a republican label. Get a brain and think for yourself ass hole.

      • I have to agree with Jackson; I would only add it’s typical of TODAYS’ Republican Party base.
        And it has EVERYTHING to do with politics. The new Voter ID Laws, the stripping of the Civil
        Rights act, and on, ad nauseum?

        Face it – this isn’t your grandfather’s Republican party. Just ask Palin, Cruz, Issa, Ryan,
        Romney and the rest of the wing-nut crew. And they are all in good standing with the Grand Old Party.

      • What does a Liberal do when they lose an argument? They resort to personal attacks! BTW, asshole is one word. Now you won’t look like one the next time you lose an argument.

    • Yes, Republican politics is not my cup of tea….but this guy crosses lines that most Republicans don’t even k ow exist.

      • There goes that Liberal compassion and love they always brag about! Your breaking my heart. :brokenheart:






  8. He’s definitely touched, but no need to keep pointing out his being a republican. Especially with the dems in this county. Georgie and the 3 blind micr

  9. He is a radiologist. For the most part they have no real contact with patients- only their X-rays and images. He doesn’t know whose radiographs he is reading, or their specific life circumstances.
    He may not be a racist by Webster’s definition, but he sure has dislike and biases toward others and whatever you choose to label it as, doesn’t sound like a real nice fellow. It is probably good that his job entails sitting alone reading images and writing up the findings instead of seeing live humans.

  10. Well said KT!! Franklin Roosevelt was also considered racist for treatment of japanese Americans during WWII. Richard Gephardt also a prominant democrat from the past, racist. Early Klan formations were actually mostly democrats as well.

  11. He does have contact with patients. He does the type of testing in the angio department. These folks are awake for the tests or slightly sedated. He is not a nice human at all. By all means call the hospitals and voice your displeasure. I did it in writing and sent it by registered mail. There is no excuse for this type of behavior from a anyone let alone a doctor. But I really think he will not care one bit what we or anyone else thinks of him, because he really thinks very highly of himself.

    • I am going to assume that you are probably a very incompetent worker in a radiology department. He expects you to know how to do your job. Did he report your incompetence to your superior. I bet the rest of your coworkers loved him.

      • You do know what happens when you “assume”, correct? From your comment soaked in vitrol, I would take you for someone who is either VERY closely connected to him, or the Dr. himself. Nowhere in the post that you replied to does it even remotely come close to saying that the person worked in the radiology dept, let alone a hospital.

  12. Some of you people need to educate yourselves and watch the documentary Runaway Slave. PC is killing our country.

  13. As someone who is acquainted with Mr. Trecha, allow me to put you all somewhat at ease. First things first, I hope that the commenters, Councilwoman Audrey Mutchlor, and the writers of this site understand the definition of the word libel. I haven’t seen anything first hand myself, so I can’t comment about the statements that were allegedly made, but I see no screenshots in any of the articles, or an archive of his page. I’m not saying that he didn’t say them, I just hope you have proof. Especially when you are quoted as accusing him of making racist remarks, or in the case of Councilwoman Audrey Mutchlor, disparaging remarks about women.
    Second, to all of you that have the grammar skills of a third grader: the worst thing you can possibly do to get your point across is speak/type like an uneducated hick (or just a Regular Joe who obviously didn’t pay attention in school). This has nothing to do with this story, just a pet peeve of mine. Get off your high horse and pick up a book about APA guidelines. Maybe just a plain old spelling book from your 7th grader. And to those of you out there with several children, and I know you’re out there, I hope that you’re encouraging them to educate themselves better than you did. This country is slowly turning into the movie Idiocracy, with large troves of people breeding indiscriminately, and raising little heathens with poor social skills and low intelligence.
    But I digress, and return to speaking about the word heathen. Newsflash: the bible repeatedly refers to non-Judeo-Christians as heathens. And a large part of the population of the world, who are Christian, believe that other religions (or lack thereof) are made up of heathens. The Crusades, the missionaries that traveled to the Pacific, and even the conversion of American Indians and Mexicans (in the west) to Christianity. It’s nothing new, and although religious freedom is a tenant of our great nation, it’s also a violation of religious freedom to condemn his belief (as stated by the BeaverCountian) that Muslims are heathens.
    Lastly, don’t condemn those that you do not know. For the Christians out there, I’ve got another 10 or 20 bible verses out there that go along the lines of “lest ye be judged,” “cast the first stone,” et cetera. For the non-Christians reading this: it’s not your place to judge without having ALL the facts. Unless you’re an actual judge, then it’s your place to judge by the facts presented to you. This man is an EXCELLENT doctor, whom I can say does NOT offer different levels of care to patients based on any outside factors. I have witnessed him save the lives of people of all races, religions, and creeds. That’s a fact. Another fact? Caring deeply about his friends, his family, and those around him. First hand.
    I suggest you all read this book, and think twice about playing the race card:

    And finally, in case you are wondering why I’m not using my real name, it’s because I’m smart enough to know that an internet lynch mob is capable of causing real life damage to people if they have that will, whether their opinion be based in fact or not.

    PS – Pitchforks and torches pre-date lynch mobs in the US, dating back centuries. Also, if you watch the video and listen, and I’ve watched it several times, it would appear that the Councilman says, “…next thing you know there’s a cross in your yard.” Get your facts straight, people. Make sure they’re definitive before you try to destroy someone’s life, and to cover your own ass.


    • I have just one question for you sir. Are you saying the quotes connected to Dr. Trecha are untrue?

      If you are then please clearly state so and explain your basis for making such a statement. I do not condone destroying someone’s reputation based on false comments.

      If not however, don’t waste everyone’s time by shooting the messenger and/or crying wolf. The comments and tweets that were allegedly made are bigotry pure and simple. It is what it is and this report appears credible as evidenced by Dr. Trecha’s prompt resignation and deactivation of his social media accounts. If you want to defend a bigot by attacking the intellect of those who won’t tolerate ignorance then I would just suggest you do yourself and society a huge favor and keep your mouth shut.


  14. To former resident;

    If Gregory Trecha’s life is ruined, here is a big newsflash for you, he ruined it himself. For you to defend this man’s public comments is lunacy. If you think a journalist is going to print racist comments made by Greg Trecha in a online article without confirming those comments were in fact made by Greg Trecha, you’re not as intelligent as you claim to be. It’s odd that you use the word libel while attacking the people who were interviewed in this article. Perfect grammar may be a pet peeve of yours, but it’s quite apparent you have no legal knowledge what so ever. The word libel or slander: truth, consent, accident, and privilege. The fact that the allegedly defamatory communication is essentially true is an absolute defense; the defendant need not verify every detail of the communication, as long as its substance can be established. The people quoted in this article have a solid defense. Greg Trecha wrote the comments, this was established and confirmed. They were seen repeatedly publicly, this was established and confirmed. The publisher of this article contents are to remain factual and true. For you to write a dissertation of how great and wonderful Mr.Trecha is, or how many lives he’s saved, or patients that received excellent care, is a moot point. The facts remains Mr. Trecha took The Hippocratic Oath as a medical doctor and a sworn oath of office as a elected councilman. Most people would interpret the comments of Greg Trecha in this article to be a violation of both of these oaths. Honestly, your comment raises suspensions that perhaps there is something else on Gregory Trecha’s horizon that the need to portray a excellent doctor who would never let a persons race or religion interfere with the type of care they’d receive,,,etc,,.. This article does not mention anything about the kind of physician Greg Trecha is. So why all the focus on from you about the kind of doctor this man is ??? Please do share. :zipped:

  15. Rumor has it law suit was just filed from estate of someone last week ….. Against ahhhhhh , lol fucking people, this Guy isnt even the sweat that drips from from real men and women of honor and class, case closed. NEXT

  16. tippy toes, what kind of lawsuit? This would make sense why he resigned from his council seat and deleted his facebook and twitter accounts in such a expedited order. In my opinion, all of a sudden Trecha evaporated in thin air. Then again, if I were him, and my ignorant racist rants were exposed I’d evaporate also. A lawsuit, depending on what type would certainly cause great concern to him about this article exposing his hate towards people of color. At the end of the day, in my opinion, ( which is my first amendment right btw, incase the libel illiterate are reading my comment) should not be cleaning the walls inside a hospital let alone practicing medicine on human beings. If Trecha’s video production, twitter comments, and facebook comments are just his “sense of humor” then why the need to delete those accounts as well as get friends and family to comment on the beaver countian on how great of a medical doctor Trecha is. This is a pattern with this man, who appears to be a bit of a narcissist. He had a chance in 2011 to clean it up after another journalist wrote about his authored slurs. He chose to continue, which tells me, he has no regard or more importantly compassion for the human race. Just because his profession is radiology does not make him Mahatma Gandhi! It’s a profession that also is extremely lucrative which leads me to some food for thought for Mr. Trecha. I wonder how many radiology bills that were paid for by medical assistance did the good doctor refuse? What a pathetic example of human being let alone a medical doctor and “former elected councilman”.

  17. It would seem to me that Dr. Trecha’s most egregious error was to exercise his freedom of speech in a public forum. Not the smartest thing to do if you’re an elected official representing constituents who believe that the slightest criticism of the current “president” is proof positive that you must be a “racist.” :annoyedreply: What is amusing at the same time is the number of people who are coming out of the woodwork, saying that they will keep their sons out of scouting as long as Dr. Trecha is a scout leader. Probably the same ones who find no problem with gays and pedophiles being the leaders. Yessir, makes perfect sense to me. :erm: Typical today in a world full of apologists who are afraid to breathe for fear of being politically incorrect. :loser:

    Incidentally, Dr. Trecha, since you are a recognized expert in imaging, it would seem to me that more people should pay more attention to your expertise in photo enhancement… 😆

    • @devilsadvocate: While sitting here, and reading and rereading your comment multiple times, I have one thing to ask:
      Why are you equating gays and pedophiles? I, for one, have NO problem with gay leaders of boy scout troops or gay boy scouts, but why did you throw pedophiles in there? Do you think one is equal to the other, or did you just not think when you wrote your statement? I am asking this in all seriousness, because that one sentence just doesn’t sit right, and I would love for some clarification.

  18. I’ll keep it short but sweet…Witch hunt led by four witches. Ladies, you know who you are. Readers, three appear in the article and one is the puppet master behind the scenes.

  19. To devils advocate what part of…“I went to sign my dogs up for welfare. The lady said: ‘Dogs are not eligible for welfare.’ So I said to her that my dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no clue who their Daddy’s are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care. So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify. My dogs get their first checks Friday.” is exercising Trecha’s freedom of speech? This is clearly words written by someone who is a racist. ” Nancy Pelosi as the “Botox Bitch,” and calls President Barack Obama a “Dumb ass Muslim traitor.” What you think, What you say among family and friends is one thing, but when you post continual racial comments on public forums….” If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess what? It’s a duck.

    • i’m not trying to defend this person in any way, shape, or form, BUT, that being said, if you google search the quote about the dogs qualifying for welfare, it’s been a meme that has been floating around on the internet since before 2010. There are pages upon pages of different instances of it being used, so I HIGHLY doubt Mr. Trecha is the original author. Alas, that doesn’t give him the OK to post it onto a social media platform where anyone can see it, and misconstrue and judge it, and end up in this giant quagmire that he is in now. Should he have exercised better judgement before taking something and posting it on a social media site for all to see…YES. Neither you or I can say with 100% certainty that his actions when posting that “entertaining little quote” (insert sarcasm here), that his intentions were malicious, because neither you or I were there. As for the rest of it, yes, I am just as upset by some of the comments and actions of this man as the next person, but again, I cannot judge someone with a knee jerk reaction because of things that were supposedly said by him that I may not agree with. Yes, it irritates the living fuck out of me when someone says something racist or in a bigoted way, but, unless I was standing there looking over his shoulder when he wrote it, I can’t say with 100% certainty that he did. While I VERY HIGHLY DOUBT that John Paul would print a story about someone like this without verifying the facts, there isn’t much that we can do as everyday citizens except for to sit back and watch how this unfolds, and hopefully learn from the mistakes that were made here, in the hopes that they will not be repeated. I am not a political person, I do not know this man (nor do I ever want to, he sounds rather unpleasant), and in NO WAY am I attempting to justify ANYTHING that he may have said or did.
      This is just one more day in the never ending soap opera that is Beaver County.

  20. to the registered democrat. No doubt you’re one of the Bi-partisan for a better economy borough committee members or one of their up-standing candidates. One of theirs falls in a bucket of shit and they blame it on a witch hunt. Lmao, meanwhile, your buddy Trecha is roaming your neighborhoods with pitchforks and flaming torches, I think most would agree, if there was a witch hunt after Trecha ..nobody would have to hunt too far, just tune into youtube, facebook and twitter and..wella, all the reasons for someone to resign from local government are all over the pages.

  21. He was telling the truth about Pelosi she’s nothing but a socialist traitor destroying our constitution and the socialist Muslim is even worst cause he’s destroying our whats wrong with the truth…

  22. We need more like him to get Beaver County from becoming more and more of a welfare county like the rest of the state already is…but I’m sure those who oppose him need their welfare checks..

  23. These comments and the article are proof that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    Having grown up in the 50’s/60’s, witnessing the atrocities throughout the South and the treatment fellow human beings suffered just because of their skin color, had me hoping that by now things would be better, and in a lot of ways they are. In others they’re not; now they’re just… “different”.

    Today, we have those who try to hide their “feelings” behind convoluted sentences that say one thing but really mean another when you read between the sarcastic lines. Then there are those who don’t try to hide their “feelings” at all, making outlandish statements that fly in the face of reality. I can type till I get blisters on my fingers and still they deny any hint of racism or misogyny, accusing ME of playing a race/feminist card, because I misunderstood THEM.

    Let’s be blunt. For those of you who think you’re better than anyone else for any reason (and you know who you are), you’re not. For those of you who think Obama shouldn’t be president (you know who you are), he is. By the way, I read this month marks the point where the minority birth rate in the U.S. will become the majority. I wonder how some of you will sleep at night with that fact?

    So, I am going to close with a little poem i read somewhere (author unknown) dedicated to all those who are still upset about the outcome of the election:

    The election is over, the voting is done.
    Romney’s a has-been, Barack Obama has won.
    Let the loving begin, let the hard feelings pass,
    I’ll hug your elephant, and you can kiss my ass.

    • GOOD! About time we get some of the “minority entitlements” the government likes to throw around. Can’t wait to get my food stamps; free health care with $1.00 prescription co-pay that I can pay for with my free money; free I-Phone; free housing; free education; get paid to “baby sit” my own kids; and my only job is to make babies so I can get a raise every year! Since you will be in the majority you will get hired at that job and take care of me for a change! Oh wait, that won’t work, you guys will NEVER get a real job to contribute to society, you already have a job, making babies. BTW, NObama may be the President, but he will go down as one of the worst, if not THE worst President in the history of the U.S. You really need to start paying attention to what is really going on in our government today. It’s not always a black and white issue.

  24. As a first hand recipiant of Dr. Trecha’s bullying I am not surprised that his behavior has finally caught the eye of the public. He is the type that when challenged or intimidated, he responds with a deep seated ugly heart and cruelty. As a Christian, I prayed that I could love him anyway and that God would protect me and deal with him. I hope that somehow he is able to become the person he is meant to be, one who loves ALL and treats them with kindness and humility. I can only hope that he will seek the light and not the darkness in response to his fall from grace. God loves even you Greg Trecha!



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