Solicitor Paul Steff (left), Councilman Kenneth Doughty, Councilman Richard Decker / Beaver Countian file photo
Solicitor Paul Steff (left), Council President Ken Doughty, Councilman Richard Decker
Solicitor Paul Steff (left), Council President Ken Doughty, Councilman Richard Decker / photo by John Paul

A newly minted Ohioville Borough Council voted unanimously last night to allow embattled Police Chief Ronald Lutton to retire.

Chief Lutton had been suspended without pay for nearly a year, after being arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police last February on 64 counts of felony forgery. A public corruption probe sparked by Ohioville Officer Nevin Beatty allegedly revealed the man had been bilking taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars by forging court documents to augment his timesheets.

Officer Beatty subsequently filed a lawsuit against the town and several of its officials, alleging he was retaliated against for approaching the State Police as a whistleblower.

Although several council members had said they wanted to fire Chief Lutton for misconduct, Ohioville Borough Council ultimately voted unanimously to accept his letter of retirement following a contentious executive session which lasted about an hour.

Ronald Lutton has tentatively accepted a plea agreement with prosecutors that would see him serve a period of probation and pay restitution to taxpayers. Court records show Lutton’s next hearing date is scheduled for March 3rd. He is being represented by defense attorney Myron Sainovich.

Council took no action to replace Chief Lutton, instead voting to reappoint Officer Mark Smilek to Assistant Chief. Smilek has been serving in the capacity of Acting Chief since Lutton was placed on suspension.

In other news, attorney Paul Steff was reappointed as Ohioville Borough Solicitor last night over dissenting votes by newly elected Councilmen Richard Jackson and Lucas Hill.



  1. So, Myron Sainovich returns once again in his go-to role as Beaver County’s bad guys’ favorite corruption counselor, a self-styled wartime consigliere for the unjustly accused. Perhaps bring Frankie’s brother in from Sicily to give the accusers a case of amnesia, and make this nonsense go away.  How about another snide public remark about being a hit man, just to make them know you mean business? The wheel goes full circle once again. Just change the names, and this story could be used over and over again. 

  2. So, this guy gets to steal $60,000 plus in unearned overtime, pay it back, and collect full retirement benefits. WTF Ohioville? Thought you were going down a better path with this latest election.

    • What makes you so sure that he is going to have to pay this money back.  With Sainovich and incompetent Steff in the picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lutton wiggles out of everything.  People are nuts if they think Steff is on their side.  Any truth that he initially tried to squash this before it escalated to the State level.  This is a shameful situation for Ohioville residents.  I can’t believe he is still on our road department.

  3. I’m not a lawyer, but if I buy enough cracker jacks, I will have the same one as Mr Steff. This guy is really incompetent. 

  4. Sorry. Accidentally finished early. Anyhow, councilman Jackson and hill are the only ones that seem to have a clue. Is it coincidence that they are the only new people? Anyone that doesn’t believe Steff is corrupt as sainovich and Lutton are fools.  Hope all councilman running in the next election are voted out. Severely backwoods, uneducated, easily influenced, and corrupt people. I feel sorry for the residence. 

  5. Go after the snitch, he double dipped court time, put in for court he did not attend, continually clocked people at the same speed. Looks unprofessional, and was taken care by Ron like a son. Nobody wants to work with him. And go after the other one down river who did way worse than what Ron was accused of. Another double dipper, dui fixer, free basketball weekend getaway, too much more to list. 

  6. Concerned CitizenThe people of ohioville borough deserve the truth concerning ex-chief of police Lutton. He has been charged by the Pennsylvania State police with 64 felony charges and bilking the people of $63,969.00. Our solicitor P. Steff and district attorney Berosh are trying to let Lutton off with a plea agrement. Council waited over a year to take action concerning Lutton’s status with the police dept., not untill council accepted Lutton’s retirement letter did they act on this situation. Ex-chief Lutton swore an oath to uphold the law, not to break the law, he deserves a trial by jury. When we brake the laws in society we are responsible for our auction’s and must pay the consequence. Thank’s to our newly elected councilman Lucas Hill and Richard Jackson, they are trying to deal with this on going problem. Wake up Ohioville 

  7. Well his son. Ron Luton jr..
    just so happens that he filed a faulty testament from a c.i. that is a lier..Against me a yr ago…
    imprisoned me..
    subjected me to discrimination ..
    and now i am homeless. . I lost everything. .
    and i have to go to trail on spiculation. .
    bc there is no evidence. .
    so thanks to that nice family tree…



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