Ohioville Police Chief Ronald Lutton is now facing felony charges. Pennsylvania State Police charged Chief Lutton, age 57, with one Felony count of Theft by Deception, and one Misdemeanor count of Forgery.

According to an Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in the case today by State Trooper Eric Weller, Ohioville Secretary Maureen Hapach was processing payroll records for the police department back in July of 2012. It was then, according to the report, that she noticed Chief Lutton’s name appearing on hearing notices that had previously been submitted in prior pay periods. She decided to pull all of Lutton’s payroll sheets for 2012, and saw that several of the same hearing notices had been used as many as four times, but that the dates and times on the notices had allegedly been altered. She compared the hearing notices to those submitted by other officers in the department, and said she noticed discrepancies in their appearance. She said the notices seem to have been altered with a typewriter.

Hapach then contacted Ohioville Borough Officer Nevine Beatty, who she felt was trustworthy. Officer Beatty began to investigate. During the course of his investigation, Beatty allegedly found that several of the hearing slips were for cases that had been disposed of long before the date and time listed on the notices submitted for overtime by Chief Lutton. Officer Beatty contacted the Pennsylvania State Police.

According to the report, further investigation by Troopers revealed there were approximately 100 hearing notices that had been altered and turned in by Chief Lutton. The investigation also allegedly revealed that Chief Lutton had submitted timesheets claiming he was working at Ohioville Borough when he was instead working for Brighton Township as a member of the road crew.

The Pennsylvania State Police allege that Chief Lutton submitted fraudulent timesheets between 2009 and 2012 totaling $25,912. The amount contributed to the pension fund was an additional $19,147. Troopers allege Lutton defrauded Ohioville taxpayers by a total of $45,059.

Court records show Chief Lutton is being represented by defense attorney Myron Sainovich. Lutton was released on his own recognizance. A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for March 7th.

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  1. Guess all you Lutton supporters have egg on your face. Beatty has been vindicated. Well played Officer Beatty.

  2. Hope that $25,000 some odd dollars was worth the embarrassment to your family, department, and borough. You lack integrity, which should be the number 1 character trait of a police officer. JP, please follow up with the mayor. Wonder what he has to say now?

  3. Now what all you Lutton lovers/Beatty haters? Bunch of blind, uneducated morons. Now, hopefully the Mayor gets it. Good job Officer Beatty and the borough secretary.

    Finally, some justice in Ohioville. Now I just wish my borough would wake up.

  4. @bsmith… You state hey morons it was secretary not Beatty…. Week my friend she should be commended for having Boro in mind……… But what Nevin Beatty did was bust this open, or it would have never came to this and for a officer to pursue charges against a fellow officer is a lonely walk but to do it against your police chief, that’s is a journey beyond your imagination, he should be commended this was theft by a police chief and cist this young father his job for doing right, I never worked with Beatty and heard mixed reviews and negative isn’t the issue at hand its the work he did here which was backed by PSP and charges where filed, now lutton can put guys career in the hands of another accused thief ohiovilles own Cryon Stealovich, who cost the western beaver school districts taxpayers millions back in the day

  5. Wake up people…this is a love triange! It all has to do with revenge. Beatty and the secretary are now spending a lot of time together.

  6. Lutton knew he was wrong back in August when this all started. I am appalled by the fact that he didn’t do the honorable thing at that time and step down. He continued to collect his pay and benefits knowing that he did the Borough and it’s taxpayers wrong. I also don’t understand why the council just didn’t suspend him without pay. What’s the worst that could happen, reinstate him and pay him if charges are unfounded. There is no way that they will ever recover the wages that he was paid during his suspension, or the money that he stole. Lutton really let down his community and the Borough officials who trusted him. One has to wonder what else has been going on under his watch. Good job to Maureen and Nevin for pursuing this. A dishonest employee would have swept it under the rug. Mayor John, you need to wake up and try to be productive during your last 10 months in office, unless of course you do the honorable thing and resign.

  7. Isn’t it something that Maureen went to Nevin because she felt that he was trustworthy?
    Did she not trust Assistant Chief Smilek?
    I wonder why? :surprised:

  8. @wake up. Denial is a terrible thing. Not satisfied accusing Beatty of wrongdoing. Now we want to accuse the secretary too. Wonders never cease.

    • I am not in denial. I know that this all started due to being cut off in an affair. Revenge is bittersweet. It just too bad that it all came down to an end like this. I am not trying to blame the secretary I do feel she did the right thing but has she known about this longer???? Why would she go to Beatty? There are plenty of other officers in Ohioville that are “trustworthy” so why Nevin? They spend a LOT of time together these days!! WHY????

      • Were it fact, why is it only now, on this thread, that it is mentioned? When facts are revealed, then “facts” invariably follow. I think its terrific that people have opinions and desire answers, but why does everyone state that their opinion as fact, when all these opinions are conflicting? Objectivity is lost in every situation akin to this instance. People allow their personal feelings of both Lutton and Beatty to cloud their judgement. The question now becomes, what will the end result be?

    • Once again Harbinger, well said, it still amazes me how people can post such outright lies and say they know the truth, remember…………………………………GFTL.

  9. Yet another municipality that shouldn’t have a police department. This is the perfect time to save some taxpayer money and consolidate with another police department. Maybe someday there will be a professional department in the county instead of these one man on duty Roscoe P Coltrane departments. :stupid:

    • Be careful what you wish for. A County Police Department means bigger government, which means less oversight, which means more problems and corruption.

      • Not a county police dept, county government can’t run what they’re suppose to now.. Just not all of these depts with 1 guy out… Regional policing seems to be a good model.

    • Absolutely Agree! The Quip RAT is the most hated but now the Ohioville RAT is a close second! That Thin Blue Line just got a bit thinner, what a shame!

  10. I heard that Asst. Chief Smilek is working a backroom deal to have Brighton Twp. take over and give him a full time position with them, getting himself a nice big raise. JP, you should look into these secret meetings, there are some people on council that now about it.

    • Seems like there are no secrets in Beaver County, someone knows something about everything and everyone. Speculation will get you no where, especially here in good ole BC! Just remember loose lips sink ships and Beaver County is sinking fast! For what it worth, my guess is that Finn will recuse himself on March 7th just before the hearing starts, wasting more tax dollars.

    • Smilek can work on anything he wants, however having another department take over the Police duties of Ohioville Borough is a decision that the Borough Council would have to make. Ohioville deserves it’s own Police force, and the residents would stand for nothing less. What the borough needs is a new Mayor, remember the Mayor’s job is to oversee the Police department, a new Chief of Police, brought in from the outside, NOT SMILEK, and to completly reorganize the department. Most of the Borough officials placed blind trust in Lutton, which has proved to be a mistake. He was held in such high regard that nobody believed that he would ever do wrong, and the one’s that did question him didn’t get any backing.

  11. didn’t one of your articles state Beatty took the files home to do his own investigating? Why would the secretary go to him instead of the council ? Little strange to me… Reasonable doubt here.

    • Go to Council? You must be living under a rock. If she would have went to Council, the solicitor and Council would have swept this under the rug.

      Now we’ll see how much money Beatty will make off of the council’s, mayor’s, and solicitor’s ignorance to the whistleblower laws. Having a council, mayor, and solicitor that are kind of backwoods is fine when all you’re dealing with is when to clear roads or mow grass, but when “real” issues come about, you got to have people with some intelligence to deal with them.

  12. Check out Beattys court, what about a deal at Finn’s office. Paid court and non appearances by the officer, sources have heard. And the other rat, double dipped court time for years, cost tax payers thousands of dollars. But you have to pay for all of your new toys, quads, game tickets. When is that going to be looked at ?

  13. Boy, this is what happens when you get too many rats in one place. Everybody wants that precious gold pinned on them. I won’t excuse Luttons actions, if they’re true, but I’ll never accept yellow rats initiating investigations or making back door deals against their own. Somebody reappeared for a reason, wouldn’t doubt he’s a silent pusher in all of this.

  14. Hello All. Been a while since my posts. Wanna add my opinions, please no rude comments as I do not / would not do that to you! First off, Finn Saw Lutton Wednesday on this case, correct? (and please, all, correct me if I am not) and this was held to Central Court for March 7th? So Finn Dismissing this is out of the question (did not happen, per speculations of such)…Plus I add, what Magistrate in his right mind would dismiss this? That would most certainly put their career on the line too? Correct? Not defending anyone or any magistrate, this has to go to central court, correct? Just asking. Have a great day, please!

  15. @Roscoe As Far as I am Aware (Lutton Case Excluded) When an officer does not show for (actual scheduled) court, the officer should/ does not get paid for it and the defendant is found not guilty. (at least in Finn’s office) It must be turned in as a shown appearance..Am I not reading your post correctly? If so, He should not have been paid for not appearing for court. Do you have info on him not showing and getting paid?

    Thank you…Take care!


  17. TROUT & food for thought Who are the rats? you can use initials. What’s the story on these two? Do they both work in Ohioville? Gotta Know.

  18. This averages out to 10 hours per week at time and a half, if he was making $20 an hour, this for a man who was on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The boro needs to come up with a to pay these offices what they are worth, so they don’t have to doctor paperwork to make-up for lost wages one way or another.



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