A patrolman for Ohioville Borough who sparked a criminal investigation against his chief, is back on duty after being inexplicably kept off of the department’s schedule for nearly two months.

Office Nevin Beatty returned to duty over the weekend, after being removed from the department’s schedule back in January. Officials for Ohioville originally claimed he was removed from the schedule after a private criminal complaint was filed against him by a man he had pulled over on a traffic stop. But after Magisterial District Judge Dale Nicholson dismissed the private summary citation as meritless, Ohioville Borough declined to put the officer back on its schedule. Ohioville failed to provide an explanation, other than to stress that the officer’s unpaid departure from the schedule was not a disciplinary action. The Ohioville Police Department hired new part-time officers while Beatty was kept off duty.

The Pennsylvania State Police charged Ohioville Borough Police Chief Ronald Lutton with one Felony count of Theft by Deception, and one Misdemeanor count of Forgery last week. An Affidavit filed in the case by Troopers acknowledges that the criminal investigation against Lutton was initiated by Officer Beatty, after he was approached by the town’s secretary who had suspicions the Chief had been falsifying hearing notices and timecards.

Officer Beatty filed a Whistleblower Lawsuit against Ohioville, alleging the town’s Mayor and others began a campaign to have him fired from the department and otherwise engaged in retaliation.

Sources within Ohioville Borough say Officer Beatty was working an average of 40 hours a week before the incident, he is now scheduled for just 16 hours per week.

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  1. ya how long before them hillbillies out there come up with a reason to “not fire him” again? :crap:

  2. It is about time someone in Ohioville has seen the light! Now return him to full time. Better yet, make him the new Cheif. And please, no rude comments.

  3. Here is a thought (before these comments get made), Officer Beatty was right. Lutton cheated and stole from the taxpayers. He is STILL receiving pay while suspended while Officer Beatty was suspended without pay for a claim our judicial system found to be ridiculous. They didn’t even hear it because of that. Afterwards, Beatty remained suspended without pay or cause. Those are the facts. I don’t care who is going to say Beatty got fired before for this or that. I don’t care who is going to say the secretary was sleeping with with lutton. Doesn’t matter. Lutton cheated the taxpayers and needs to be punished. People talk about Beatty making false claims and smashing someone’s window in… you have been proven wrong. Beatty was in the right. Lutton deserves much more than he will get. The end. Facts and charges are facts abd charges. Good won. Goodbye.

    • You are absolutely right. Beatty has been vindicated. His “alleged” past is irrelevant in this. He saw a transgression and did the right thing by speaking up. Period.

  4. Officer Beatty & everyone else need to look at the policy & procedure for Ohioville Borough. He was & is hired as a “Part-Time” empoloyee for the borough. There is no guarentee of time or hours to p/t employee’s. Why can’t people understand this as it is written policy. Second to that how is he the “Whistle blower?” The secretary is this in the case. He just took guidance from others, many others. Maybe now that he is a “Trusted Friend” she can get him his hours back. Tammy please you need to really think of what you are saying. How soon you have forgotten all the times the Chief was there for you. Watch out Ohioville this only gets worse with each day Beatty is on the job.

  5. Dang nabit Tammy I did not know we needed a new Cheif, maybe Nevin can come cook for you. Give you the extra attention you got before. Sources wonder what the calls were that required extra care for. HHmm drunks, maybe. And you say return him to fulltime, was he ever fulltime here? I think not. And what about the lawsuit against him, do you want to have our borough pay out in more lawsuits for his sub-par police work?

  6. @ Why the truth and Roscoe Rules: I am fully aware that Officer Beatty was not full time, there is not any full time officers in Ohioville, except the Chief’s position. However, Officer Beatty worked full time plus hours for numerous weeks in a row prior to August 2012, which I have been an HR Director for 20 years, with any position if an employee works full-time hours on a consistent basis or even inconsisent, depends, they legally should be changed from P/T to F/T in every way including benefits. Just another instance that Ohioville broke the law! As far as special treatment, I never received any special treatment. I received what I would expect from any officer and should be given to any resident, so get your mind back in your head, in seems that whenever someone’s opinion is different then theirs, then they are sleeping together, so let me be very clear, I have NEVER HAD ANY PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, I have not seen or spoken to Officer Beatty since the middle of last year. But I appreciate how he has alway handled all issues that I have had. And yes, my problems was due to a drunk that use to live with me, I have never denied that. And what has Chief Lutton done for me? Was you alway there? This drunk that use to live with me has caused me and my children more problems then you will ever know and he is still out on the streets, drinking, hit and runs, leaving the seen, had broke into my house numerous times, tried to run me over with his car, broke a PHA three times, etc. What has Chief Lutton Done? Please let me know? The last few years this drunk has not even leaved with me, the last time he broke into my home, he did over $15,000 in damage, I had to do my own investigation and found someone, that is not a friend of mine (because someone will say that) that this drunk had called them to see if they would lie to police and say that he was near my home on that day/time because they had invited them over plus some more details, this was a few months after that break-in that I was told this, and I went and found Chief Lutton and informed him and gave him names. His exact words was “to bad they did not come forward sooner, then I would have done something”. So again, please tell me what did he do for me, beside show up when police was called, sometimes? And, I liked Chief Lutton, and I still do as an person, that I really don’t know well. However, the fact is he is charged with a taking from the people of Ohioville, and he needs to pay the price “IF” proven guilty. Which I hate to see anyone face that, and hate that his family and friends has to go through that. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Please don’t try to say what has happen in my life, you don’t know, only myself and the drunk knows. So unless you lived with me, you can keep your opinions about my personal life out of your comments. So again, please inform me as to what Chief Lutton did for me? Because it appears, that you ROSCOE RULES has been hiding under my bed the last 20 years!

  7. Punk with badge and gun…..Probably making up for something small,if you know what I mean.Maybe it doesn’t work at all.

  8. @ DR. Phil. I hope you are referring to my ex drunk! My problem is I trusted people at one time, and I don’t like to give up. I believed at one time, if you are a good person and treat people good there is no reason to get that in return, I also know that no one is perfect. For numerous years I never believed I could pick them either, but currently I am with someone that is so supportive of me and has showed me I was wrong and that if you treat someone good and give them support also that you both change together for the better. I have never been happier in my life, I don’t have a perfect man, but he is perfect for me. And I thank god every day that I have him in my life. He has taught me to trust again and that I am worth more to him then anything else in life and I tell him all the time he is my world. So currently I do know how to pick them.

  9. People really dislike this Dude. Of all the cop stories in Beaver County lately this is one where the guy did the right thing for once.

    • I agree. If you are a cop and you see a cop breaking the law, you have a sworn duty to report it. No one is above the law, including cops. BTW, the further west you go on Tusca, the more redneck it gets.

  10. Geez Tammy sources say your new boyfriend also has an alcohol related past, is that true ? Way to go wet noodle, why the truth and Dr. Phil. Beaty as fulltime and Assistant Chief, he better get some time under his belt. I believe most most of us taxpayers here want him to just go away. Don’t go away mad, just go away, isn’t that what happened to all his other jobs? And I do stand for rights for part time police officers but, part time is part time, you have no rights, you are at will employees. And the only reason Beatty may have worked 40 hours, it was not consistent, it was because the Chief gave him his time to help him out. And Tammy you mouthed Mark before I bet all the officers in the department do not have a problem working for him. So if you have no concept about public service, shut your mouth.

  11. As I have indicated previously Roscoe, it’s odd you have the name of a corrupt tv show cop. I must have missed the sign for Hazzard County. Irony abounds.

  12. It is just a name, thats all. And was he really corrupt ?? If you think he was, well then the name fits with the officer involved. Could I use my real name, I think not, you think I want Beatty pulling me over for nothing, I think not. See now I find myself responding to posts that do not even deal with the real problem here. :surprised:

  13. Roscoe Rules: like is said, if you don’t live here then you don’t know anything about my life. And I have NEVER mouthed any police office, and I don’t know which Mark you are referring to, but I have always been nice to all police officers in Ohioville. They were here be caused I called. Unlike others on here that has problems with Officer Beatty I have never had an encounter with Ohioville police because I was in trouble. And what my current boyfriend in the PAST did, was in the past. I am sure we all have done things in our past that we are not proud of, but thank god there are good people out there that don’t hold my past against me. I have a wonderful man in my life. So like I ask before, it seems like you “think” you know a lot about me, and are very interested in my life, just because I support a law enforcement office that NO ONE has any proof that he has ever did anything except his job, are you a stocker? So if you can prove your version of Officer Beatty, please do so, I might change my mind about him. But so far it has only been people that Officer Beatty has ticketed or arrested and Officer Beatty would not let them out of it. Like I was told by many of the other officers in Ohioville, Beatty don’t play that, he is right by the book! Do you have a problem with that.

    • There you go again,Tammy.You sure can pick ’em.Next time you get a “bright idea”,do the opposite.

  14. Oh, P/T and “at will employee” does not go hand and hand. You act like a company can work you as many hours as they want and if you don’t like, oh well “it’s a at will state”. I don’t think you understand the law on these issues so it is better that you just don’t comment. Think about how many companies get sued for firing someone? Well, shoot, how can they do that? I hope you don’t own a company that employs people and “just fires employees because it is AT WILL” you might get your own little story in the BC. And it does not matter who or why he was scheduled 40 hours, all that matters is how many weeks over his time with Ohioville did he work 40 or more hours? And there are more then you know that does not mind Beatty work here, most are just scared at the bullies on here that can not take someone’s opinions that does not agree with theirs . But I don’t car, every should have freedom to have opinions and express them.

  15. Holy Shit, Tammy please, AND I’M WRITING THIS IN CAPITAL LETTERS SO THE SENTENCE IS EASIER TO SOUND OUT. PLEASE PROOF READ THESE POSTS, PLEASE, AND DON’T BLAME THE CELL PHONE OR A HACKED UP COMPUTER. second you’re fighting a losing battle. Your for the only cop that everyone seems to hate because he got sucked into your never ending dysfunction. You hate the drunks but from what people post your dating one and may very well be one yourself. These people obviously know you. Your not going to convince people otherwise and I’ve read your cop hating rants before. Just give it a rest. Sincerely
    All of us


  17. I also like Beatty. Never seen any proof that he has did any wrong. I have a large family that lives in Ohioville, over 50 and we all feel that a lot of these haters on here are other police men. In fact, BARNEY, my father-in-law said he knows for a fact Roscoe Rule is Mark. Told me not to tell, but that is what screen names are for, right Mark. What does worry my family is that other police hate Beatty for being honest, so that must make all of you dishonest. RUSCOE, IN PAST POST YOU WAS REALLY BACKING RONNIE, WAS YOU NOT. MAKES ME FILL GOOD THAT YOU ARE NOW THE TEMPORARY CHIEF. WOW, watch your ass Beatty, you are working with some winners. By the way, my family alone is more people that likes Beatty, then the small amount of haters on here that also hide behind screen names. And Tami, so happy to can say what you feel and support someone no matter how stupid these people are, that is something to be proud of, and you must make a great friend to people that you really know. And, really, we don’t believe what anyone says about you on here. Keep smiling

  18. Let me enlighten you few. Roscoe Rules isn’t the gentlemen you speak of because that person introduced me to this tabloid. But for the sake of argument let’s pretend it was, wouldn’t he know better then anyone about the actions of this police officer. I mean this site uses anonymous “sources” about court house activities and believe it to be factual reporting by a guy who cares about the citizens of beaver county (booooo). Couldn’t this guy care about Ohioville that he’s trying to inform you all about this person you so support so blindly. Just an observation. I don’t know the guy and don’t have an opinion either way but as I’ve read this article and many others about this topic there are many people that do not like this person. And I don’t believe they are all criminals. Oh and once again the brainless and tasteless are are exposed. It Is classless to accuse someone of beating a women when I’m confident that you have no idea what your talking about.

  19. Maybe Roscoe Rules can teach all his officers how to drive up behind someone with your headlights off to get PC to pull someone over, or run off and crash. Just saying!

  20. Barney and Jury !! You should be police officers, wait, no!!! you can not solve anything and you blindly say someone beats his girlfriends!! I am not Mark or Ron, but they have my support, as do all of the police officers. I do know all of the officers there, they are hard working, and care about the community. And look, Barney and Jury how many negative ratings you have, WOW popular !!! Bye………… :yawn:



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