The Patrolman who filed a Whistleblower lawsuit against Ohioville Borough and several of its officials after being removed from the town’s schedule, has now been fired from a second department.

Officer Nevin Beatty received a letter from South Heights Borough where he worked as a part-time officer, giving him until today to resign or be terminated from the town’s police force.

“As the duly appointed Solicitor for the Borough of South Heights, I have been directed by the Council to advise you of the official action taken during last night’s monthly meeting,” read the letter by attorney Jeff A. Hollowood. “Wherefore, please be advised that after a lengthy discussion regarding the Police Department’s operation over the last few months, Council has decided to provide you with the opportunity to turn in your resignation. In the event the Borough does not receive such a letter from you by February 18th, 2013, along with all Borough-issued property in your possession, please further be advised that your employment will then be considered terminated by final action of Council.”

The letter provided no explanation for the termination.

“The borough is offering [Officer Nevin Beatty] the opportunity to resign because he didn’t show up for work,” Council President Robert L. Schmetzer told the Beaver Countian. “He’s been a good officer down here, I have no complaints against him whatsoever. There’s certainly been no misconduct on his part, he’s just being terminated for not showing up to work.”

Officer Beatty told the Beaver Countian that he’s never had a problem with attendance, and that no one from South Heights had ever expressed any concerns to him, including his Chief. “I’ve never been disciplined, and I’ve been commended for my performance in the department. Now suddenly I’m some sort of Gollum,” said Beatty. “This is a part-time police department and the town is patrolled by the State Police most of the time, we don’t even have a schedule. The department is budgeted to work 175 hours per month, and officers pick our own days.”

South Heights Police Chief Ryan Pudik declined to answer any questions about Officer Beatty when reached by phone, saying he was directed by Borough Council to refer all press inquiries to the town’s Solicitor.

Nevin Beatty told the Beaver Countian he has no intention of resigning from South Heights. “They’re going to have to fire me,” he said.

Officer Beatty filed a lawsuit against Ohioville Borough back in January, alleging he was being retaliated against for sparking a public corruption investigation into his department’s chief by the Pennsylvania State Police. Ohioville Chief Ron Lutton has been on paid suspension for nearly six months as Troopers continue to investigate the case.

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  1. Since durp is posting peoples charges online, maybe if your going to call someone out at least have the balls to use your real name….coward, just like the guy who writes this blog.

    • Karma for what hrmmmmm?

      Defendant: Pavkovich, David M
      Arresting Officer: Beatty, Nevin Stuart

      DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely – 3rd Offense
      DUI: High Rte of Alc (BAC .10 – .16) – 3rd Offense
      Drg Lic Sus/Rev
      Disregard Traffic Lane (Single)

      GUILTY PLEA DUI: High Rte of Alc (BAC .10 – .16) 3rd Offense 10/05/2011
      Min of 90.00 Days
      Max of 90.00 Days


      • This Pavkovich guy seems like a bigger loser than Pittser, and is mad at beatty for doing his job. Maybe Pavkovich should be locked up before his stupidity kills someone. What a dumbass loser.

    • Defendant Biancucci, Adam
      Arresting Officer Beatty, Nevin Stuart

      Operation On Streets And Highways 05/20/2011 Guilty Plea


  2. @Adam: no Chief Lutton is not back on duty, but is still being paid with our tax dollars. A counsel member said that he will never work for Ohioville again. So I don’t understand if they have enough information from the investigation to make that comment, why is he still getting a paycheck. “IF” the comment by Durp is correct it amazes me how many police departments want to protect or support some people that receive DUI’s. How much corruption is in Beaver County? And now Pittsburgh? How high does it go?

  3. Wow Officer Beatty hope this was all worth it! No more Chiefs to borrow money from to cover your gambling debts to feed & diper your child. Hopefully Ohioville will send people to defend you at South Heights as they did for your hearing. The Leader of the Ohioville Police safety commitee & the secretary can provide some cover for you. As he said “I’ve never met a more professional officer.” Being late is just the norm for Beatty, lets show up late, unshaven with our mohawk now. Now lets see where you get a job in Law Enforecment!! Again the residents from Ohioville & South Heights need to keep on there elected officals on this matter. Thats what you put them in as officals of our communities, to answer questions & provide us with answers, not “Its a personel matter.”

  4. This doesn’t change anything that is going on in Ohioville. Your council needs to fire the corrupt police chief and whomever else was involved, get rid of the crazy mayor, and just pay Beatty the whistleblower money that he is going to get. While they’re at it, may as well get rid of the imcompetent solicitor as he doesn’t appear to know what he is doing by the way the whistleblower situation was handled. Glad it’s not my tax dollars being wasted.

  5. @durp and bsmith, Kudos.
    @Why The Truth ” Being late is just the norm for Beatty, lets show up late, unshaven with our mohawk now” um..was there any disciplinary action taken on him for being late or unshaven? I know of none, please advise if you have some information on this. Does the departments policy state no mohawks? And it is a personnel matter, not a personal matter.
    @ Joe15003, who is Ryan Pudik? Where did that info come from?

  6. Once again, if anyone has any more comments about Officer Beatty, I believe they need to do the following:

    1) State Your name, the date and place of the incident, what Officer Beatty said or done, what you did, the police report and any subsequent legal action taken. You have access to all of that. Post it here. If you can’t then it never happen.

    And, why is the state police investigating this? Should not the FBI be involved? Look, whenever a few days after the FBI came into the Pittsburgh Police Department the Chief was let go. It has been 7 months, it appears the state police either can’t handle it or chooses not too. Either the chief did it and needs to be removed from the payroll or he needs to start working for the paycheck that the taxpayers are responsible for. So can anyone tell us what is taking so long, it is a small town, I am sure if the mayor of Pittsburgh had enough information after a week to make a decision, seven months is plenty. This entire government is starting to look corrupt to me.

  7. Dear Tammy my name is Non O. Your Business. I live at 555 Go to hell Dr. in Get a Life PA. Because you request personal information does not mean anyone should provide it if they do not want to. This is still America last time I checked. Who do you think you are? It is great that you want to put your name out there, but if others choose not to that is their choice. Stop being rude and a bully.

  8. Oh Tammy for the love of all that’s holy. Your rediculous. Maybe the Ohioville investigation is taking time because in actuality nothing happened. Or they don’t really have anything to go on. What did they call it, a witch hunt. I don’t know. But either way they aren’t going to rush something like this for the sake of getting done and ruin a 34 year career. And your right, let’s pull the FBI off of the less important investigations like terrorism and RICO cases against organized crime to investigate someone’s time card. do you really believe that the Pittsburgh Chief was let go as a result of a “week” long investigation. And lastly I don’t know Beatty and with regards to you he did his job. But people have had inappropriate run ins with him and are entitled to voice their opinions. The

  9. @ NO AND SO TRUE….assholes, and maybe cops from BC. Tammy is correct, As I have said in the past:
    I have read numerous complains against this Officer Beatty in the comment on this site.
    If true:
    1.) why didn’t anyone file a complaint (tazing woman, blowing smoke in children’s faces) against Officer Beatty over the years, if it were my child or Aunt, I would file a complaint.

    2.) if a complaint was filed, I would love to see a copy. And why didn’t these people fight then until Officer Beatty was removed from schedule? If it were my child or aunt I would have.

    3.) if Chief Lutton and the Mayor was as great as other comments say, why didn’t one of these law abiding political figures take care of the people in Ohioville and terminate Officer Beatty years ago. I it were my child or aunt, or even if I were just a tax payer in Ohioville, this question would concern me even more.

  10. What in the hell? I only commented about her continued request that people on this site release personal information. I did not say anything about the case. My comments are about people being ignorant towards others (thank you for proving me correct).If JP wanted personal information displayed he would require it. Damn sir/ma’am get some anger management, and lay off the caffeine.

  11. I know I just mentioned that all of these people regardless of whether they report it or not, can’t be lying. And they believe it happened and are entitled to speak about it.

  12. Tammy you did not say anything with any sarcasm, I did. Are you calling yourself….ahh never mind. So True I have no problem with peoples opinions and never said anything to indicate as much. Just don’t like how Tammy always wants everyone to put out their personal info. But you still don’t seem to get it, no big deal. Good bye BC it was a fun little experiment. :yawn:

  13. Geez I wonder who will want to work with him ever again ? I know us citizens will not get his horrible habit of second hand smoke, real professional, smoking on traffic stops. As a taxpayer I do not want you showing up at my house with that stupid ass mohawk haircut, and your beard. Look like a professional police officer. Funny how all the complaints against you stopped when they put cameras in the police cars in Ohioville, explain ? Watch your back Chief Pudik, he will come after you !

  14. I have really changed my mind about everything that is happening in Ohioville or in Beaver County for that matter. Most politicians are corrupt, and most of the residences like it that way. All I wanted was the truth to come out about all of it. But I have found out there are more dishonest people then I thought, and somewhere that became the “norm”. I will live my life being honest, and care about the few people I trust and not worry about anything else because there is only a few people that really want change. Everyone has a right to there opinion, without being called names, most of the people that comment on this site act like they are in high school, I will continue reading JP’s story’s, but that is it. Most people’s comments are not worth the time. When all this investigations and lawsuits are done we will see who is still standing. I hate to see any of them in trouble or not having a job. So it would really be nice if none of it was true. It been fun, but I am so done caring about any of this.

  15. You matter, Tammy. That has to count for something. It takes a strong stomach, but it does have an impact upon people’s thinking, whether it seems like it or not. And, other people who don’t post here read it nevertheless. Don’t quit.

  16. I am amazed at some of the comments posted on here. Most of them are baseless opinions made by people that don’t have a clue what is really going on. When all is said and done and the ral truth comes out there will be lots of people with egg on their faces. Despite what you think of Beatty, just remember that he was doing exactly what is expected of an officer when this started. He was protecting the Borough taxpayers from a suspected theif. Does anyone think he should have just turned a blind eye to this ? Lutton was placed in a position that required the utmost level of trust and integrity, and unfortunatly he betrayed lots of our trusts. It doesn’t matter if its a dollar or thousands of dollars its still wrong.

  17. Tammy, no one cares what you want and are not going to post anything personal. I have dealt beatty on more than one occasion for him tresspassing and harassing people he pulled over in my front yard…i turned him in several times.he would be yelling and insulting people he pulled over at 2am in the morning in my yard, he also used to sit for speeders in my driveway after i told him it was private property. This beatty officer was and is not the upstanding officer everyone makes him out to be. After the confronting him at 245am one night for yelling and waking up evwryone in my house whole he had someone pulled over, he would drive by and spotlight my house. Glad he is gone. Hopfully all this mess will be done soon and we can move on. I know some new members of ohioville counsil are fighting for beatty, and i think that is appalling, so maybe we should be taking a closer look at some of the new young counsil members as well, the ones who let off illegal explosives at hawthorne golf course and cause the panic with the residents and farm animals. There is alot more illegal stuff going on with the counsil members as well….



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