Ohioville Mayor John Szatkiewicz has filed a harassment complaint against the Beaver Countian. The allegations came after this reporter left a single voice mail message today for Mayor Szatkiewicz at 5:26pm, respectfully requesting a comment for a story. The Beaver Countian was offering Szatkiewicz the opportunity to respond to statements made about him by William Pittser, before this site published an interview conducted with the man earlier in the day.

At 9:48pm tonight, part-time Ohioville Officer Douglas Edgell called the Beaver Countian, informing this reporter that Mayor Szatkiewicz had directed an incident report be generated alleging harassment. Officer Edgell instructed that Szatkiewicz wished to receive no further “harassing phone calls.”

This reporter agreed to make no further attempts to professionally request comment from the elected official. This reporter will not, however, cease investigations into allegations of public corruption in Ohioville Borough, nor will this publication cease writing about Mayor John Szatkiewicz.

The Beaver Countian has been investigating allegations that Szatkiewicz and other borough officials have been retaliating against Officer Nevin Beatty, who sparked a corruption investigation against Chief Ronald Lutton by the Pennsylvania State Police. Lutton has been accused of bilking taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars by falsifying time sheets and altering hearing notices.

On January 4th at 7:28pm, Mayor Szatkiewicz granted this reporter a 9 minute phone interview about actions taken against Officer Nevin Beatty.


  1. Funny, Always have that Aliquippa connection on here with rent a cop Edgell. Only time before Georgie and Myron (Ohioville’s own) are caught up in this mess! Remember, Sanovich’s dad was the Mayor in Ohioville.

  2. Sometimes you’ll annoyingly beat a dead horse into the ground, but then there are times like this when you come up with gold. I wonder if we can push for filing a false police report?

  3. making one phone call to a public offical requesting a comment for a news story is harassment? How dare you call me, “I’m involved with 8 veteran’s organizations”. What an idiot….

  4. Mayor, calling you to ask you your side of an alleged corruption issue is not harrassment. Do you think sicking the police on JP is going to stop him? This is not the elementary school playground, and your attempted bullying techniques won’t work on JP.

  5. Why is this mayor still mayor??? Makes you think…he is working very hard to stop JP and Beatty. Could something else be going on? Do we have all the pieces to this puzzle? Can you impeach a mayor? When does higher ranking government step in? Excellent reporting.

  6. Harassment? What a little pansy flower. Well John Paul, continue to state the facts as you uncover them. Now the mayor doesn’t have the opportunity to comment and defend himself. All the small town politics in Beaver County make me nauseous. With any luck, your reporting will force these folks to keep their noses clean.

  7. @ Justice for all. Why don’t you leave Officer Edgel alone! He was just doing his job. He is the most honest and hard working police officer you will ever meet!

  8. Believe me Doug Edgell didn’t want any part of that mess hes see enough i’m Aliquippa full time to worry about those characters he deal with in elected office, he probaly feel in the floor when he got the call

  9. Mayor Szatkiewicz – Congratulations! You won!

    The prize? 50 open records requests and a story on this blog every time you take a dump.

  10. Believe me doug edgell is no saint, he fits right in with them. He is nothing but a bully from what i understand so sure they would get him to do there dirty work. just another place for him to bully young kids and woman ask anyone. LOSER

  11. @ rochy…do you know him personally? Are you just 1 of the criminals that he has arrested? I have known him personally and professionally for about 12 years now. He is anything but a bully. He is one of the nicest most caring man that I have ever met. He is very good with kids and I have never seen him treat a woman badly. So unless you are a criminal you will be nothing but respected by this man.

  12. why would szatkiewick say that a phone call from a reporter is harassment? what do you have to hide and as far as edgell i used to live in his town and no i am not a criminal far from it i never heard him refered to as a nice guy….but we all know that as a matter a fact i never seen him be nice to anyone.i’v seen him in action and it wasn’t pretty the trueth is the trueth

  13. @rochy….”from what I understand”…..?……. So you have no idea apparently what your talking about…..Opinions are like assholes….and obviously the people you spoke to about Doug bhave broken the law and there for had a run in as a result. So keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about…. he’s a Tenured Police Officer and a Captain of the Aliquippa police force. Have some respect….. Or at least try…. And he is far from a rent a cop…. Another asshole opinion from someone who had a run in with him…. Now I have been reading these articles and opinions and I laugh because I realize that this is anonymous but if your going to insult these public officials put your names out there for the record or instead of hiding behind your computer screen and acting like you have no sense…. How about this…. These cops that everyone criticizes make no money….they work two or three municipalities to make a decent living and constantly have to second guess their actions due to bullshit frivolous lawsuits filed against them for doing their jobs…. Having to second guess their actions to protect themselves from lawsuits that can ruin there careers and destroy their lives but at the same time putting their lives at further risk…. And for what in some cases 8.00 and hour….veteran full time Cops making 15.00 dollars…. The Deputies make no money and have no arrest powers…. Ohioville has a Chief, 33 years, odds are probably worked as many hours off the clock than he did on thus saving tax payer money…. I say this because guess what people… The only people who know what happened are the investigators and the Ohioville police who signed agreements not to speak about it…. And wait better yet…THE INVESTIGATION IS STILL ONGOING!!! So right Chief Lutton is an innocent public servant who serve his county for 33 years and should be treated as such…. In other articles regarding this subject you people have criticized the Chiefs kids again veteran police officers risking there lives day in and day out….officer Edgell risking his life everyday… And even Beatty who for whatever reason no one likes….these councilman that someone mentioned needs replaced…do you realize that they put themselves into this position for FREE juggling jobs and families…. None of these jobs are easy….those who make the money it doesn’t equal the risk with absolutely no reward…. but they do it anyway… Dealing with the same bullshit day in and day out….the same assholes… The same situations from the same people… God Bless them…. In saying this instead of acting like children on a WEBSITE HIDDEN. Become a police officer…run for council or mayor… Show up at council meetings……. Be the advocate of change that you all so brazenly criticize…… Try to be productive members of society instead of again, senseless children…. Am I the only one ashamed and embarrassed as a result of these comments…. Grow up or at the very least act like adults and take responsibility and ownership of your comments…

  14. I hate to tell you quippian but these are peoples opinions like it or not, everyone has one who do you think you are insulting everyone, they have as much right to say what ever they want not just you, and no i’m not a criminal or ever had a run in with EDGELL but it’s true 90% of the people don’t like him and the other 10% don’t know him but it sounds like your in love. you can have him.

  15. Never once did I ever say people weren’t entitled to their opinions….I’m simply stating have respect for the people that you will one day need… Beatty supposed to be a very disliked cop and based of my customer base who the majority are from ohioville, Midland, and bt….I still have respect for him and his position…..you know why….because I abide by the law and don’t have to worry about these bully cops one day I may be in ohioville and something happens and he may save mine or my families life as Edgell could potentially save you and yours in aliquippa…I’m not going around and around with people I don’t know but I’ll end by saying that in MY HUMBLE OPINION….A real man or woman doesn’t judge someone by the opinions of others….

  16. @quiplan: so why are you hiding your name? I support Officer Beatty! I don’t care who knows that. Yes he might be considered a “hardass cop”. However, if you are a law abidding, you don’t need to worry about the one and only police officer that i know that sticks by book, and will not cover up, take bribs, or do favors. I do how ever have a problem paying a chief, that by the way i always liked, that is under investigation for stealing tax payers money, reportedly since 1990. And yes, he might have, once in a while put in extra hours, who, in any salery position doesn’t? It does not give anyone the right to steal. Also, this Chief has another full-time position for Brighton Twp, so “if” you are scheduled 80 hours a week, how many people would be able to give much more. I believe the Chief should be suspended WITHOUT PAY, until the investigation is over. If he is not guilty then back pay him, because if he if guilty, who will make sure all the money is paid back. And why should the Chief be suspended with pay and Officer Beatty who worked for years for Ohioville 40+ hours be suspended without pay? The Whistle Blowers Law at least protects Officer Beatty, i really dont think there is a law that protects someone that steals from tax payers? I at least put my name out there, but i can understand the people that don’t, could it be that they fear retaliation? I never been pulled over by Ohioville, or been any kind of trouble maker in Ohioville. I guess i will see if that changes, if it does, it will not be because i broke the law, it will because someone ordered that i be put on the “list”.

  17. To all the police haters, walk a day in a police officers shoes, better yet walk in them for a year. If Chief Lutton stole money, shame on him. I know he puts in tons of time out in
    Ohioville and does not mark time down. Asst. Chief Smilek good guy. All the guys out there work several jobs because they all care !! Lutton and Smilek both put in extra time and were probably not paid, nor do they put in time for some of the things they do. You need to get out and check out a couple of other places where tax payer money is foolishly and wasted on certian “privileges” do we need to name

  18. Well said Roscoe….and Tammy my name is Mark Eichler and I don’t have anything to hide because I don’t care…. Well let me rephrase….I care enough about our police officers to rebutt an ignorant post like yours…. Officer Beatty is the “ONLY” (your words) police officer that hasn’t covered up, taked bribes and favors….really…So your saying that our honorable men and woman in all of Beaver County are corrupt… Tammy I’m sorry break this to you but that is simply not true shame on you and if your trying to illicit retaliation from the police in order to prove your point I believe that your are going to be very disappointed….they are better than that. And never once did I insult Officer Beatty I respect his position as a police officer. However being a 10 ear veteran of the armed forces I believe in a chain of command and I don’t believe that chain of command was used…now again I say Chief Lutton is a very respected member of the police force and did wonders for the community and is innocent until proven otherwise….are you a member of the PA State Police or Ohioville police dept… Or even on council….if the answer is no then you are speculating on things you know nothing about …walk a mile in these men and women’s shoes…. Most people can’t that’s why it takes a special person to do this job….or everyone would do it… I’m ashamed to read these posts bashing all these police officers, Sherriff David for trying to keep our citizens safe. Contrary to popular opinion not everyone has an agenda perhaps …Maybe they truly care and want to help

  19. You all are falling for the trap that the beaver countian is setting….you ever notice that every one of his stories are controversial, and spur a reaction. And by causing reaction, you cause problems. I have read some stories that are published here, and some are good. But to publish without cold hard facts is reckless and damaging. Example…in one story i read he started out by saying ” i can’t prove, but sources close say……” . Just be careful to what you’re buying into and be sure that if you want to have a opinion on a subject that you have all the facts, don’t let a site such as this get you fired up, cause most of what i read here are ” he said, she said”

  20. Just wondering about all of the police haters here. Chief Lutton innocent until proven guilty. Asst. Chief Smilek he sure has a mess on his hands, leaked emails, wow. All of the officers everyone has mentioned are all seasoned veterans, with multiple years of experience with multiple departments. Edgell hated by Central Valley, but never had a run in with him. Rochy-Edgell no saint, and he is a bully from what you HEAR, and who are the young kids and women he bullies? I have known all of these guys and many more officers in Beaver County. Yeah there are couple problem ones, and hopefully they get theirs (dui fixers, double dippers, free take home vehicles, and yes bullies) I would any officer come to my house if I had a problem because I know the job would get done, done right, and maybe not to my liking, BUT IT WOULD BE DONE CORRECTLY. JP go get the real croocked officers

  21. The definition of harassment is on the internet under Title 18. What was done is not even close. Actually, the mayor was given a courtesy call to speak on his own behalf and defend what was said about him. This would be called being fair and reasonable. Dennis McKee

  22. Had to post just for the record,,, guest2 you must be his family (edgell) sorry for luck,,, honest and hard-working my ass,,, one of the most corrupt officers I’ve ever come across!!! I agree 110% with rochy he is a BULLY ,,, and hides behind his badge,,, he is one of the most racist officers I’ve ever come across,, don’t believe me go check out his Facebook page,, where he says that we should not have a wiz Khalifa day in Pittsburgh and that if wiz came to quip he would pull him over for DUI and possession and in his own words the words of pos Racist Doug edgell whatever else I can think of wow really thought you were hired to protect and serve not hand out bogus charges ,,,

  23. Btw while you’re on that Facebook page check out the posts where he talks about being in Walmart and everyone’s eyeballing him while they are using their access cards,, or when he was at the courthouse and overheard a mother talking about her public defender calling her a piece of shit and for the record I am not a criminal I am a productive member of this county,,, as he would say rant over

    • @Quipper: Doug Edgell on Facebook — I followed your suggestion and visited his page — anger, hate, aggression, sadistic comments. It’s bad, really bad. I can’t think of a better example of a rogue cop mentality. To be honest, it’s very pathological thinking. The only thing that matches it are the “Likes” for his comments by many others who are a “Who’s Who” of local law enforcement and former military people. It’s one thing to see abusive cops in action, but to have the hateful, distorted reasons and motivations revealed out of the mouth and mind of one of them is horrific. For the public, visit the page, if it is still up, and you will see one reason why some cops are a real, persistent problem in this area. 

      • OMG…Raven, you’re not even joking right now. The page is still up as of 12:42pm on Sat, and I decided to go creep over for a minute, and all I could say is “holy shit”. His comments and rants are disturbing, to say the least, but what else troubles me, are the comments by his friends, one of which is a BCT reporter and a judge! His page gives a small glimpse into the twisted mind of a corrupt cop. Oh, and one of my personal favorites was his public backing of Sheriff David and Lutton. That, right there, shows how his thought process works, since he was backing them because they’d been friends for so long. Not taking into consideration what they had been charged with, or if it was possible that they were guilty, but publicly backing them because they were his friends. I’ve never really liked him much, but I like him now even less.  I also LOVED the fact that he made sure that he bitched about getting torn up on here, and called out specific names, and claiming that he was going to try to make their lives miserable.  That man needs some help for his unchecked anger and aggression issues. If you can’t do the job without hatred and anger, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing the job, period.

  24. @Nikki: He is not alone, is he? Many “Friends” and many “Likes” on his Facebook page. His support group validates him and enables him to continue, as do his employers. And they support each other and perpetuate the Culture of Hate. Many are veterans, him included, who have not left military training/indoctrination behind and now have the convenient public to substititute for the Viet Cong, Germans, Japanese and Al-Quaeda. The good cops — there are many — out there must cringe at these excesses. Who are these jack-booted, renegade cops? Watch the Veteran’s Day Parades on November 11 — the Parade of Hypocrisy for many of them — as they walk, ride and strut, with new hats straight from the Rogers Flea Market, in front of the public they despise. These Stolen Valor ones will march with the legitimate heroes and try to steal the show, as they shove the JROTC kids to the back of the line. This man, and his support group, will be there — count on it — and people will wave flags and throw kisses to this thug who does not deserve to walk behind the parade and scoop up the horse shit into a cart. 

  25. He removed it ,, if there is nothing to hide he wouldn’t have deactivated it speaks volumes about him and his colleagues,, but luckily I saved every single post,, like and comment I smell shit



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