The Mayor of Ohioville Borough was arrested last night on allegations he assaulted his live-in girlfriend’s daughter, and then tried to prevent her from calling 911 for help.

John Szatkiewicz, of 6429 Tuscarawas Road, was charged by Officer Nevin Beatty with simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of an emergency call. He is currently being held in the Regional Booking Center at the Beaver County Jail as of the time of this report, and is expected to be arraigned later this morning.

The woman was taken to the hospital following the alleged altercation to be evaluated for injuries to her head. The Beaver Countian does not identify the alleged victims of domestic violence by name.

Mayor Szatkiewicz is currently a named defendant in a lawsuit filed by Officer Beatty, who accuses the man of retaliating against him after he sparked a criminal investigation into the town’s police chief. Chief Ronald Lutton was subsequently charged with 64 Felony counts by the Pennsylvania State Police on allegations he bilked Ohioville taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars by forging documents and falsifying time sheets. Szatkiewicz defended Chief Lutton at the time, and publicly lashed out at Officer Beatty insisting he was on a “witch hunt.” Ronald Lutton waived his preliminary hearing in July, and has tentatively agreed to a plea deal in the case which is said to include a long period of probation, restitution to the taxpayers of Ohioville, and a lifetime ban from law enforcement.

Mayor John Szatkiewicz previously filed a harassment complaint against the Beaver Countian with police, after this publication left a single voice mail message seeking comment for a story.



  2. Why wouldn’t the acting chief file the charges since Officer Beatty and the mayor already have conflict. I see this poor victim getting no justice because he’s going to play the victim role and cry harrassment by police. I hope their were other officers present to witness this and testify.

  3. Ohioville is a hot mess! Residents of Ohioville, you should be at your local government in droves today demanding this guy step down from his job as mayor while the investigation is pending. If found guilty, you all need to make sure he not only loses his job but gets a lifetime ban from running for public office.

    Donating to all those veteran organizations isn’t going to get you out of this one either mayor, is it?

    Maybe he and Lutton can share a cell?

  4. Wow small farm town what a shame all this bull maybe you need to read the ballot before you vote clean the slate all of them remind them the people of ohioville run it

    • What have all of the “officials” done that deserve such a comment? just because of the actions of 1person does not reflect on the entire Board. As for answers, Borough’s nor Townships should ever comment on personnel matters, or, you could ask the person involved in this mess, good luck there………………….GFTL.

    • I been saying that same thing about the government at the county level since I came here. After wallowing in it all your lives, it takes a George David incident for you people to see it. An outsider coming in can spot it from the gate. Beaver County is a troubled county.

    • That doesn’t make it ok for him to put his hands on her. EVER. If he can’t control his anger at a young girl who may or may not have been pushing his buttons, well, that’s never a good thing.

    • Again, what part of “IT’S NEVER OK TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON SOMEBODY ELSE” was so unclear? The ONLY time he should have EVER gotten physical with anyone is in the case of self defense. I don’t care if you like her or not, it’s still not ok. What if that was your daughter? I highly doubt that you would be taking the same stance.

  5. With all the crap that is going on in Ohioville, How is the ACTING chief going to be able to control the ANGRY VIOLENT Smurf that acts like he is a mayor! Can the Violent Smurf still participate in borough business? Will counsel be able to function with a Violent Smurf under indictment? Can a Violent Smurf still be in charge of the police dept.? Only the Monty Hall of solicitor’s who can charge the borough for this extreme circumstance answer these questions! Or can he? Should the Violent Angry Smurf of a mayor resign in disgrace? What will happen to the mouth piece of a fiancée/girl friend/common law/whatever who let her daughter face the ANGRY VIOLENT SMURF by herself?! This is a sad situation with a sorry outcome for all involved! The mayor really screwed up and should be held accountable for his actions! Is it to late for someone to run for mayor? Will anyone please step up and give this borough a mayor that we can respect! ANGRY VIOLENT SMUFR,S NEED NOT APPLY!

  6. Mayor is 5 foot nothing weighs 100# and is a 147 years old. Instigator has 8 inches in height and 12 inch reach 60# on him and is meaner than a rattlesnake. I am sure it was self defense stupid.

    • I don’t care if you’re 7’6″ 450lbs, or 3’0″120lbs, either way, THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO PHYSICALLY ASSAULT ANYONE. If you cannot manage your anger and you know it’s gonna blow up, then a SMART person would remove themselves from the situation. Maybe the mayor should have called the police to remove the girl from his home before the situation escladed to what it did.
      Certainly sounds to me like you have a personal issue with this girl. What’s the matter, she turn you down? Laugh at the size of your dick? Certainly sounds like “little man syndrome” here….

      • Vondell- I don’t have any issues. I’m good.
        Not so sure what you’re referencing, but whatever.

    • It’s still no reason to hit a woman, good or bad. Grow some balls and walk away from the situation. He is an elected official and in the position that is held higher than normal people and should know that everything he does is under a microscope. It’s NEVER ok to hit someone, woman or man. He should be punished for what he’s done. Is this the first time? Or at least the first time that we know of.

      • refer to the reply I made on nikkis rediculous post, and follow suit. she wanna stand toe to toe, whip her like shes a man, unless shes pregnant. You people took “don’t hit a pregnant woman” to a different level. Its God thats Holy, not women.

  7. Nikki P what a stupid person you truly are. Spouting off when you know absolutely nothing. I have never condoned hitting a woman and have lived that my whole life. The bitch is crazy and started the incident as she has done many times before. You just need to go away.

    • If anyone needs to go away, it’s you. You sir, are a piss poor excuse for a troll. You seriously suck at it.
      I love when ppl just assume what I do and do not know. If you have “never condoned hitting a woman”, THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NOW?? EXACTLY.
      I don’t give a flying squirrel fart if she is crazy and started it. He, as an elected official, is held to a higher standard than you or I. He should have either removed himself from the situation before it blew up like it did, or had the police remove her from the home earlier.

      • Just go away Nikki P. Youre the typical valleygirl blabbermouth, and most of your observations seem to be those of a real doodyhead.

      • WOW…..
        After reading your posts, I’ve come to a conclusion-you are doing nothing but tryin to stir shit up. Sorry, I ain’t spike, and I won’t respond in kind.
        Oh, and I am the FURTHEST thing from a “valley girl”.
        Have a good day.

  8. You are the one that should just give up you hag. You know nothing piece of trash. You really are completely ignorant of the facts up on your soapbox.

    • So, why don’t you be a big boy, and just call me a cunt instead, k?

      Again, if this is the best you have, don’t waste my time, and JP’s space. You SERIOUSLY are new here, aren’t you? You don’t know a whole lot about anything, do you?

      Sticks and stones lovey, sticks and stones…. :peace: :yawn:

  9. It just occurred to me that you and the blogger are 1 and the same idiot. No wonder you side with this yellow journalism at every turn. Can’t get a real job?

    • If you are insinuating that I am JP, I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m not.
      I can’t even say that I’ve ever met him. I don’t always agree with what he writes. There are times where I don’t even come close to agreeing with what he writes. I’ve made that known before.
      Last time I checked, I was a 30-something year old divorced mom…hang on, let me go check again…
      …yep, mirror doesn’t lie. And I haven’t grown any extra body parts.
      And what do you mean by “yellow journalism”?
      Do you mean because he’s reporting on stuff that the BCT won’t even touch, and things that the county should be aware of, and the dirty shit going on in the county, that makes him “yellow”?
      If you are using the term yellow in the old sense where it means “cowardly”, I will disagree with you, because cowards hide. They don’t present themselves out in the open. JP is the opposite. He’s very loud and outspoken with his articles, and he’s not hiding.
      Why do you think that the DA, sheriff, and pretty much anyone else in power positions in the county are not his biggest fans? Because he has no issue with exposing the corruption that is going on.
      It’s called “investigative journalism”.

      • Blah, blah, blah! It never ends… Who cares Nikki P.? Coulda kept all that flatulence to yourself.

      • Again, Vondell…you can keep tryin to stir, but I’m not biting.
        Anyone with half of a brain knows what you’re doing.
        I’ve watched what you do on the Beaver County Times comments section..well, that is until they started charging. THEN you shut up, cause obviously it cost to much to run your mouth.
        You did this same tired tactic there, just trying to pick a fight. Sorry, I saw thru you there, and I call you out on it now.
        I will not lower myself to your level, so I will bid you a good day.

      • No Nikki P. If you really knew me you would know that I hate it we have a know it all loudmouth on every topic who expresses only their opinion and stops there. If you wanna be productive, think out and include a possible solution to the problem we are discussing. Anything less than that is FLATULENCE. Thats all I’m saying. And also, I made a vow to not support the BCT. Most of the people who subscribe and read the stories and comments over there are suffering w/o my input. Valley people are sheep to whatever the BCT puts in the paper.

      • So, you are a pretty self loathing person now, aren’t ya? You seem to be runnin your mouth a whole lot, but not offering any solutions either.
        Yeah, your boycott of the BCT has to do with the fact that your broke ass can’t afford to pay to express your “opinion”.
        You accuse me of running my mouth with nothing behind it, but you haven’t looked in the mirror lately, have you?
        And I never said I knew you, I said I’ve seen what you did on the BCT, until they started charging.
        You are nothing but a shit starter. Next, you’ll be accusing me of racism or some other bullshit. Have at it.

  10. Can’t believe someone would let such a fine catch as yourself go. Must’ve been the charming personality that ran him off or maybe he just came to his senses. Good for him. On the brighter side of things it looks as if you have an admirer in Wally.

    • Because you seem to need to know, I kicked him to the curb. I wasn’t a big fan of his charming personality, nor his need to sleep with everything in a tri state radius.
      And that right there is where this convo ends, seeing as it doesn’t pertain to the article at hand. If you would like to continue that, I’m good with that. Otherwise, have a great day.

      • She makes a million off topic comments then decides the article all she can discuss. Nikki P, he didn’t seem to need or want to know. He seemed sarcastic, and he knew that you would answer that way. Youre like that friggin energizer rabbit when it comes to expressing yourself. You’re like a cup with a big hole in the bottom of it.

    • Just havin fun. Nikki, I’m not serious, just pokin at ya. How’d someone get the idea that we don’t like each other? We don’t know each other. But those who spoke mustve been entertained. Its what I do when I’m bored.

  11. Someone once said; You should never argue with a stupid person, They will bring you down to their level then beat you with experience! Comment’s should be directed toward the article. Dr Phil, Murry, Springer all need material for their show’s, that is where your audience wait’s with great anticipation.

    • And I have attempted MULTIPLE times to stay on topic. If there is something addressed to me, I will respond, and tell said poster to stay on topic. That is what pissed him off so much. He matters not to me.

      • From a follower of Phil, Maury and Springer? lol. The people on those shows are the same people who watch them. And you calling someone stupid and commenting about bringing someone DOWN to someones level? Funny. 🙂



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