Borough Solicitor Paul Steff in Executive Session / photo by John Paul
Borough Solicitor Paul Steff in Executive Session / photo by John Paul
Borough Solicitor Paul Steff in Executive Session / photo by John Paul

The Beaver Countian was at a meeting of Ohioville Borough Council last night to watch as members voted to promote their Assistant Chief and suspend a whistleblower who uncovered alleged corruption in the town.

Council suspended part-time Officer Nevin Beatty from duty last night pending further action towards his termination before promoting Acting Chief Mark Smilek to Chief.

Officer Beatty has lawsuits pending in state and federal court against Ohioville Borough and several of its officials, alleging he was retaliated against after going to the Pennsylvania State Police with evidence Chief Ronald Lutton had been stealing from taxpayers by falsifying time sheets and hearing notices.

Council met in executive session before the vote last night to talk about a list of alleged policy violations compiled by Assistant Chief Mark Smilek, Mayor Karl Anthony, and Borough Solicitor Paul Steff. While the list of alleged policy violations is considered confidential and has not been publicly released, the Beaver Countian was able to obtain the information from its sources. Among the alleged wrongdoings that Ohioville Borough intends to terminate Officer Beatty over include:

1. On August 9th, 2012 he failed to appear for a nonjury trial in a DUI case
2. On November 29, 2012 he was observed by Acting Chief Mark Smilek at central court wearing jeans in violation of policy
3. On March 6th, 2013 he failed to log expired inspection stickers into evidence as directed by Acting Chief Mark Smilek
4. On March 18, 2013 he failed to appear at taser training as directed by Acting Chief Mark Smilek
5. On May 17th, 2013 he failed to obtain a stolen property list from a burglary victim as directed by Acting Chief Mark Smilek
6. In late August 2013 he refused to provide Acting Chief Mark Smilek with the name or additional information about a confidential informant
7. The part-time officer failed to interview potential juvenile witnesses in a sexual assault case before September 30th as directed by Acting Chief Mark Smilek
8. On December 16th 2013 he failed to follow orders by Acting Chief Smilek to file burglary charges against two suspects

The alleged wrongdoings by Officer Beatty date back to 2012 and 2013; a list of incidents which he was not disciplined or reprimanded for at the time they allegedly occurred. The list does not contain any incidents from this year.

Officer Beatty was notified last Friday afternoon that there would be a hearing with the Mayor and Acting Chief Mark Smilek on Monday, although he was not provided with the specifics of the wrongdoing being alleged. Mayor Karl Anthony denied a request by Officer Beatty to continue the hearing to allow enough notice for his attorney to be present and was not permitted to record the proceeding.

Assistant Chief Mark Smilek went into Executive Session with Borough Council last night to discuss the results of that hearing and the disciplinary actions taken against Officer Beatty. Councilman Jackson left the executive session after just minutes, saying he did not want to be part of the discussions taking place.

Council was in executive session for 25 minutes before returning to vote.

Councilpersons Denise Cox, Robert Ward, Richard Decker, and Robert Ours voted to uphold Officer Beatty’s suspension pending further action. Councilmen Lucas Hill and Richard Jackson voted no. Councilman Kenneth Doughty was not present.

Ohioville Borough Council then voted unanimously to promote Assistant Chief Mark Smilek to the position of Chief.

In January, Council voted unanimously to allow former Chief Ronald Lutton to retire. Lutton tentatively accepted a plea deal in his case, although a hearing date has been repeatedly delayed. Court dockets show Lutton is currently scheduled for trial in September on 64 felony counts.

Story Updated 3/19/2014 @ 9:50pm: The Beaver Countian originally reported Mayor Anthony’s first name as being “Paul,” when it is in fact “Karl.” The Beaver Countian regrets this error and has corrected the story accordingly.


  1. The mayor is Karl Anthony not Paul …… Paul Anthony Sr is the drunk on Midland Council that is anti police.

    • I double checked this and you are correct about the Mayor’s first name being Karl not Paul.  The Beaver Countian regrets this error and has corrected the story accordingly.

  2. And Beatty being fired would be the best thing to happen to this county in years. He’s dirty to his core.

  3. You would think that if you were in Beatty’s position, where as you know there is gonna be heat coming down on you for the Lutton incident, that he would toe the line….

  4. What a bunch of backwoods jerks. One question; What was the point of advertising for a Police Chief Position, accepting resumes( Which were due March 12, 2014) then less than a week later promoting the Assistance Chief. You assholes failed to interview other candidates who took time to send in their credentials. Typical small town bullshit. The Ohioville Borough council is a bunch of pathetic shit heads

  5. Guess they haven’t learned anything in Ohioville yet? At this point, I hope Beatty kicks their ass on general principle. I’m so glad I’m not a taxpayer in Ohioville.

  6. Ohioville seems to have one problem swirling around it and all the leads to the problem point to the same person. Too bad they don’t have sewage so he’ll float down the river just like the career choice that was made when the decision was made to disobey orders from superiors.

  7. Ohioville should have at least interviewed other candidates for the position. What a waste of everyone who took the time to happy for the position. Things will never change!

  8. Can these guys make Nevin’s lawyer’s job any easier?  OMG…..they may as well ask him how much money he wants in order to go away.  These backwoods hillbillies are something.  I guess you have to look at the person advising them though…….Was Smilek really the best candidate?  Has anyone really looked into his past (hint JP)?  Did they interview anyone else for the job?  My borough has it’s share of winners, but Ohioville takes the cake.  Good luck to all its residents in the future with that bunch on council.

  9. Really ass chief Smalldick could not do his job when Lutton was chief, so promote him? That sounds reasonable, seems like Ward and these fellows have agendas. I mean come on chief steals money ass chief totally oblivious… That’s the guy we want to be chief. What a joke any more. It is a shame they suspended the guy but smith is right, they basically handed Beatty a blank check out, at the tax payers expense

  10. Wow our lol so called leadership here in ohioville toke over 6 years to figure out what to do w / the water think they can handle this sorry rest of beaver county

  11. WOW!!!!. I just learned of some of the names of people who responded to the AD that Ohioville ran for the position of police chief. Some of the names were impressive. What is wrong with the Borough Council? They must be drinking fracking water. My God. If the intent was to promote the worse person available, at least interview the candidates that took the time to apply. Then screw them over by appointing the worse candidate. The only question remaining is; DID THEY DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON THIS GUY FIRST? Then my understanding is they appoint an Assistant chief with 6 months in the procession. Hell the ink on his diploma is still wet. Awful example of government. They must be inbred

  12. The key to corruption is control. They wouldn’t be able to control an honest, educated person from the outside.

  13. I love reading all these comments , they are mostly from assholes that talked to a friend who heard it from a guy that heard it a guy that heard a rumor.I will bet that none of them have every been to a meeting. Come on up a join the six or seven of us that care and then you can have an educated opinion!

  14. @Ohioville, Are you claiming that the council interviewed all other candidates and selected the most qualified?

    stop crying like a little baby.

  15. Ok so Lutton has retired but has not gone to trial as of yet but I hear it is a plea deal so taking a plea deal means he is more than likely guilty or he is protecting someone or a bunch of someones. you mean to tell me the secratary that wrote his check did not see what was going on nor the council members that approved everything. I think there is more to this story than we will ever know. Ohioville will be called Bateyville in the end and maybe he will address the water issues and sewage issue out here. really starting to wonder about the people running this community.

  16. Ohioville your saying we did not get 6 years worth of poor water reports only answer working on it Brighton two ready long time ago to sell us water same thing aging w / this police used hide all the facts under the rug well rug has a big pile under it now sweep it clean voters get the claws of the corrupt out

  17. Really now that Ohioville dude really sounds like a voice of reason.  Gotta be a council member to know no one wants a part of the council meetings.  No number of people from Ohioville showing up would do diddily.  I mean Ward pulled that shady stuff to get where he is.  Smalldick as well pulled a lot of shady things in his career.  All the more reason to move outta this place   The entire council should be run outta the county.  It is obvious they are all trying to cover up something smelly.  Beatty was a threat to there scandals.



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