A newly hired part-time officer with the Ohioville Borough Police Department has been suspended from duty after he discharged his firearm inside of the police station, according to multiple sources.

Several officials in Ohioville Borough, who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name while discussing personnel matters, say Officer Andrew Krawchyk accidentally discharged his firearm in the station earlier this month.

Krawchyk is a recent graduate of the Community College Of Beaver County Police Academy.

The officer was reportedly attempting to clear the gun when it fired. Officials for the Borough were told a round went through a wall of the police station towards a nearby house. Officers reportedly checked with neighboring households at the time to ensure no one was injured.

No injuries resulted from the discharge and no other structures are believed to have been hit by the stray bullet.

Mayor Karl Anthony placed Officer Krawchyk on administrative suspension on July 14th until the next council meeting, scheduled for August 5th. Borough Council is expected to hold an executive session to make a final determination on what further disciplinary action should be taken against the officer if any.

Officials say the Ohioville Borough Police Department is now considering the purchase of a “firearm clearing station” to prevent such mishaps from reoccurring in the future.


  1. Why suspend him? In any occupation that requires you to carry a firearm, firearm safety is the number one priority. If you can’t safely handle a firearm, especially after extensive training, then you should not be carrying one.

  2. Not as bad as discharging your firearm in a building full of kids. Remember when the guy shot the wall while teaching gun safety at the YMCA?

  3. Always point a gun to the ground. .. especially if it is jammed… guess he didn’t pay attention in class that day. .. thank goodness no one was in front of him. .. they could have been shot.

  4. I love how everyone is joking about it. It wouldn’t be so bad, had he just shot his desk. Noooo, the idiot shot through the wall INTO A NEIGHBORING HOUSE. Yeah, no big deal. They could be digging a bullet out of someone skull right now, so that maybe they could give him an open casket funeral, but by all means, let joke about it. Let’s just suspend him.

    If you can’t handle your weapon, YOU HAVE NO BUISNESS CARRYING ONE.

    Also, when did Ohioville hire a new officer? Did they ever clear up the “permanent suspension” of the other one?
    Damn, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore….

    • I think popo around here are a bunch of young kids that got picked on in school that are trying to get revenge well guess what ur not cool never will be

  5. Fire him. If you can’t even unload your firearm safely you have no business being a police officer. If I did that I would be charged with discharging a firearm. Where’s his charge?

  6. Apparently, he should not be waiving his gun around at reporters and threatening to kill them because there are definitely bullets in this clown’s gun. Makes the other verdict look even more ridiculous than it already did.

  7. The direction of the barrel I’m not as concerned with as much as I’m wondering why his trigger finger was on the trigger and not in the registered position. On target on trigger off target off trigger

  8. “Officials are considering purchasing a firearm discharge station” Are you kidding Mungo? 55 gallon steel drum filled with sand! Uh yes that should require a handful of meetings between all parties involved and should certainly warrant a series of sealed bids be submitted to get said work done! 55 gallon steel drum filled with sand= ” firearm discharge station” see class this is NOT rocket science!

  9. So there is a cop on the streets that don’t even know how to clear a gun without his finger on the trigger. Damn that makes me feel safe! Haha

  10. I don’t know this officer. But I’ve seen a lot of recent grads from ccbc. A ton of them are in their early 20’s. Not saying it ok by any means. Honestly feel the age for officers should be higher. That being said, if he’s the normal age for grads he’s just a kid. I’ve heard countless stories of veteran officers doing similar accidents. More training, yes! I just hope this young man does not loose his career before it gets started. I’m sure he is more torn up about this then anyone.

  11. So, you are going to spend thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars because one (new) officer is too stupid to remove a clip and un-chamber a round properly?!? Why don’t you have him attend a basic firearms safety course, at his own expense, before he is permitted to carry a loaded gun again. Or you could give him a revolver and one bullet that he is only allowed to load in an emergency. It (sort of) worked for Deputy Fife in Mayberry RFD.

  12. Accidents happen, should have been pointed downward and in control of the weapon though. No one was hurt, no harm no foul. Count it as a valuable lesson learned. He is going to have enough punishment living the incident down in the law enforcement and emergency community.

    • This is very true you can’t throw this kid’s entire career away over one mistake. I am sure Hogan is right and this kid learned a valuable lesson.



  13. I’m in agreement with Drew Snyder i couldn’t have said it any better … There is no excuse for your finger being on the trigger unless your pointed at your intended target …. Shit happens though lol PAY ATTENTION !!! Now i agree move along …. Lesson learned i’m sure …. I’m willing to bet firearm safety will be the first thing on this young mans mind from now on through his career , and not taken lightly …



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