An officer with the Beaver Police Department has filed a lawsuit against the Borough and its Mayor, as Council prepares to hold a hearing to determine his future employment status with the town.

Sergeant Kenneth McCoy, 40 of Brighton Township, was suspended from the Beaver Police Department after a woman identified as one of his girlfriends, Christine Cilli, 43 of Beaver, filed for a Protection For Abuse Order (PFA) against the officer. Cilli alleged the married officer became suicidal and then began harassing her while on duty. McCoy later agreed to have the PFA Order issued by a judge extended for 30 days.

Text message allegedly sent by Sgt McCoy on Sept 11th to Christine Cilli from a Beaver Council Meeting while on duty. Provided to the Beaver Countian by Cilli.
McCoy was first suspended without pay on October 31st by Mayor Tom Hamilton, followed by an additional 20 day suspension by Council on November 14th. A hearing to determine his future employment status with the town is scheduled for 6:15pm on November 28th.

In the lawsuit filed today by Attorney Myron Sainovich on behalf of McCoy, the officer claims his suspensions were carried out improperly, and that the Borough violated the officer’s due process and property rights as a result. McCoy alleges the Borough failed to specifically notify him of the “borough ordinance, state law or police department rules and regulations” he was accused of violating. He also alleges it failed to advise him of the town’s appeals procedures, that actions taken by Mayor Hamilton were never subsequently ratified by Council, and that the town failed to provide him with notice and a hearing prior to imposing the additional 20 day suspension.

The lawsuit alleges that Council’s actions against McCoy were based on “salacious media coverage” in the Beaver Countian, and information “privately investigated” by Councilman J. Lauson Cashdollar.

McCoy is asking a judge to reinstate his position as Sergeant from suspension, prevent the Borough from taking additional action against him, award the officer back-pay, and order Beaver to pay attorney’s fees to Myron Sainovich.

Along with being a Sergeant for the Beaver Borough Police Department, Kenneth McCoy also serves as the local chapter President of the Fraternal Order of Police.

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  1. Salacious? JP had plenty of proof to back up this woman’s story. And this McCoy character wants re-instated with rank? Be a man, resign, and move out of Beaver County where people won’t recognize your name. He’s dragging it out, further embarrassing himself and his family, and clearly exhibiting histrionic behavior. Although most sociopaths do….

  2. This is ridiculous…. If this was any other community this would have been handled properly…. McCoy should have been suspended for an appropriate amount of time and it should have been done and over…. Had that been done everyone could have moved on to more important issues….. Instead the pain and suffering has to continue for everyone involved, and the community has to bear the cost of unnecessary litigation…. Really how hard is it to gather the facts in any given situation and make an appropriate decision? Instead everyone plays games or makes decisions based on what they heard or possibly even read…. I’m sorry John Paul, but I do believe how you are reporting this has effected Beaver Council and how they’ve approached this…. And one can only assume the purpose for posting the above text messages was to effect future decisions by Council….. Like you state…. It was a message sent from McCoy to Cilli…. A private communication…. It has no purpose in this story other than for sensationalism….

  3. I really hope Supernova is not in charge of making decisions for anyone other than himself/herself….. “Resign and move out of Beaver County”….. Maybe you would prefer the man really is suicidal and does kill himself…. That would be an appropriate resolution for a person who committed adultery….. Christ do you live in Puritan New England?

  4. Welcome, readers. We have just entered the realm of “wronger than wrong”.

    Allow me to reference a quote from Wikipedia:

    “Author Isaac Asimov…discussed the (“wrong”) issue in his book of essays, “The Relativity of Wrong” — writing, “A statement that equates two errors is wronger than wrong when one of the errors is clearly more wrong than the other.”

    Sainovich, in his contentions of technicality errors and reporting “salaciousness” in McCoy’s case handling by the Beaver Borough and press coverage, advances his own casuistry for McCoy’s defense. The original issues of the case are left in the verbal dust. So, we readers are told by different sources that McCoy might have wronged, but that the Borough, and press coverage, wronged as well. Therefore, our conclusions about one, both or all three being wrong become “wronger than wrong” when we think that one is wronger than the other.

    Who loses? McCoy. Because no matter which way this ends up, he can’t win — he is either unemployed or an invalidated cop or a target of the media and public.

    Good luck judge.

    • This is actually one of my favorites that I think back to often. I remember Michael Shermer of the Skeptic’s Society once wrote about it in Scientific American. I had to look up his exact quote, describing what he dubbed “Asimov’s axiom”, which reads:

      “When people thought the earth was flat, they were wrong. When people thought the earth was spherical, they were wrong. But if you think that thinking the earth is spherical is just as wrong as thinking the earth is flat, then your view is wronger than both of them put together.”

  5. Attack McCoy for his decision making and what you think he may have done. It’s also fair to attack Cilli for her decision making. She participated in the affair with him. Obviously knowing that he was married, and everything that comes along with that. He could have walked away, and she could have as well. She chose to make a spectacle of McCoy and her relationship with him. I just wonder where her outrage was prior to the two of them breaking up, or whatever actually happened between the two of them. However (Cascade) I don’t think it is fair or appropriate to attack McCoy’s wife. If she did reconcile with him. She must have her reasons, and there must be more to this story.

  6. Poor McCoy he got Myron Sickovich to file a lawsuit , he claims his rights were violated. What a joke, The town of Beaver should file one on him for all the money they payed him while on duty at his girlfriends house. (fact) NEIGHBORS made plenty of phone calls to his boss, text messages don’t lie, the whole police department knew what was going on… give me a break and give the taxpayers of Beaver there money back… I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT ANY ONE WOULD CONDONE THIS….McCoy take your punishment like a man like the saying goes YOU PLAYED , YOU PAY…

  7. @REALLY Will you quit blaming the woman, don’t know her but I give her alot of credit he is the one who is married theres too much evidence, and I believe there’s more woman out there and I’m sure we’ll find out. he also agreed to a PFA so what innocent man do you know that does that? More woman should do that to all the lying cheaters.

  8. Mr. McCoy needs to cut it loose, get counseling and find a new profession. Stop embarrassing yourself and your family, take responsibility for your actions. You got caught with your pants down, shit happens. A badge doesn’t make you answering for your piss poor behavior, lousy judgement, and adulterous behavior.

    As for passing out text messages to the media — Ms. Cilli needs to get counseling and a life, she’s no saint in this mess either. She certainly wasn’t forced into the relationship.

    This is an embarrassment to men and women who are sworn to protect, defend and uphold the law, as well as any rational adult reading it.

    She filed a Protection From Abuse, he was intimidating. He was (screwing) around on the municipality’s time clock and shirking his duties, putting the municipality at risk for a law suit and endangering his position as a law enforcement officer. Too bad. So sad. Sucks to be him. Nuff said.

    As for a council person instigating/or privately investigating an employee of their municipality — that’s another jackass that needs to seek counseling and get a life. But, violation of civil rights might be your lottery ticket Mr. McCoy.

  9. Albatross: Very good points. But beware of being around the neck, figuratively, of this Ancient Mariner of a Councilman. It’s time to end the suffering. When professionals in the field see a problem, it might be a technical infraction; but when the general public sees a problem, the likelihood of it being real dramatically increases. Consensual validation is not proof, but it at least justifies an alarm. Village idiots are not all fools. And this is not the first time. Counseling? Get a life? Ain’t gonna happen. Get rid of him from Council or spend the next three years until his term expires victimized by the same egotistical crap that drives his actions and thinking. But don’t worry, he’ll “pop up” and get a community job somewhere else, as he has in the past, and he will be someone else’s problem. I hope.

  10. Really: affect, not effect. In this case, it makes a difference. And it’s not sensationalism. It’s an insight into the thinking of the defendant, a public figure, used sparingly, as an example. Also, Council agreed last year that emails and other e-communications among them and by other borough employees regarding borough matters are public domain. If they are not, they can be subpoenaed.

  11. I like your style, Albatross. I hope you will bring us more insightful news. In the meantime, though, we at times still put up with

    Bullshit, bullshit everywhere,
    And all the minds did shrink.
    Bullshit, bullshit everywhere,
    Nor but a thought to think.

  12. @Really – Due to the nature of my job, I make decisions everyday that AFFECT peoples lives. As for preferring McCoy to actually commit suicide, that is not something I would wish on anyone. Suicide has directly impacted my family. And in case you haven’t read JP’s in depth story on this situation, his actions go much further then just adultery. Just like the rest of the world, I’m about as “pure” as the driven snow.



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