Nurses At Heritage Valley Beaver Agree To Contract

Nurses At Heritage Valley Beaver Agree To Contract


Nurses at Heritage Valley Beaver have ratified a new contract, according to a press release sent out by their union late Monday night.

“We believe we’ve come away with a fair contract,” said Molly Romigh, at registered nurse at Heritage Valley. “We gained additional safety measures in some areas, which will benefit patients and nurses alike.”

The new contract maintains current staffing levels, will improve nurse-to-patient ratios in various departments including the Emergency Room, and will keep nurses in their specialized areas of expertise.

“Those better ratios mean nurses can spend more time with patients delivering that quality care,” continued Romigh. “Getting them treated and on their way in a timely manner will also improve patient satisfaction.”

The nurses agreed to some concessions as part of the contract, including a one-year wage freeze, but will otherwise keep their current wage structure intact.

“Nurses with experience will be rewarded for that experience,” said Jill Richner, an emergency room nurse. “That structure is so important to be able to recruit and retain the very best nurses.”

A crowd of nearly 200 nurses and their supporters took the streets of Beaver last week in a rally to bring attention to their contract negotiations. The nurses had authorized a strike if an agreement wasn’t reached by this week.

Approximately 500 registered nurses at Heritage Valley Beaver are members of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania.

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  1. SpeakTheTruthToo

    See Union Haters… isn’t always about money. Sometimes, it is about safe working conditions.

    1. a real regular guy

      The Union haters will still hate…and still yell Union—-NO. The nurses took a freeze… the haters will be crying that they should have taken a cut….And we wonder how an elitist like Rothfus was elected.

    2. T

      Notice they didn’t mention the healthcare benefits they were concerned about originally. Please it was always about money!!!

    1. T

      Depends on the care. You need your appendix out or some other “basic” care done, you can get it there fairly safely, but if I have a heart problem or some other serious issue..please drive me to the city. My father-in-law died in that hospital and I can’t prove it, but I truly believe if he would have been at one of the city hospitals he would still be alive today.

      1. Profile photo of arealregularguy

        I underwent a triple bypass 9 years ago at HVHS-Beaver…I am still alive to talk about it. I had the option of a Pittsburgh hospital,but my cardiologist assured me that the Doctor he recommended at Beaver was a student of Dr. Magovern, the chief of CardioThoracic Surgery at AGH. Dr. Alex Vasilakis was his name, and I flew through the surgery and am talking about it today. I wholeheartedly recommend this man for any cardiac surgery…Also, the nursing care on the Cardiac wing was excellent, and my wife and daughter will confirm that, as a patient, I’m a real sonofabitch to take care of. Don’t believe the crap that you have to go to Pittsburgh to receive good medical care.

  2. medinfo2000

    “T” – what healthcare benefits are you talking about? Their concerns involved PATIENT health care, which they “won” (and rightfully so). Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there will be a change to their own health care coverage.

    “a real regular guy” is right – “The Union haters will still hate…and still yell Union-No”.
    “speakTheTruthToo” is also correct when (he or she) says “ isn’t always about money”.

    So, please inform me how you can say “Please it was always about money!!!”

  3. Profile photo of willy

    T… i’m truly sorry to hear of your loss, reread 4x’s, is your belief ? based on he said that she said that….. FACT…. drs. savage/mcgovern did the 1st. human,’donated’, aortic valve replacement in beaver on me. add that when they cracked me open, there was an aneurysm at the base of valve. i died. sorry, no i’m not. my wife had quadruple by pass (widow maker) surgery,no problems or jokes. the care, pre & post i can not say enough about. i firmly believe that drs. are only as good as their nurses. i hope you have less than usual traffic, no accidents or change your mind

  4. Profile photo of ahudontnoshit


    The Medical Center Butcher Shop (Heritage Valley) only PRACTICES their medicine. You go to UPMC or AGH to get HEALED and HEALTHY again! Tonsils, Appendix, Broken bone, Belly ache, Flu… you go to the Medical Center. Cancer, Heart surgery, Brain Surgery, and ANY major surgery that impacts your lifetime health- Go to Pittsburgh to get it done right. That is why they are RANKED HIGHLY IN THE NATION for those procedures… and the Butcher Shop is…not.

    You’re Welcome FOR BECOMING SMARTER TODAY BY READING MY POST!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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