Attorney John McCreary / file photo by John Paul

An interim Solicitor named by County Commissioners on Friday resigned today before ever officially getting started on the job.

Attorney John McCreary was appointed by Commissioners Tony Amadio and Sandie Egley to serve as the county’s top attorney until a new Chief County Solicitor could be found. Amadio and Egley had terminated the employment of former Chief Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi last Wednesday, leaving the county’s Law Department essentially unstaffed.

McCreary’s tenure faced problems before it began, when Controller David Rossi announced to the Beaver Countian that his office would refuse to release county funds to the attorney because he believed the man’s appointment was done improperly. Commissioners Amadio and Egley were attempting to contract the attorney at an hourly billable rate to serve as Interim Solicitor; Rossi asserted that the Pennsylvania County Code demands solicitors be county employees that are paid a fixed salary.

The Beaver Countian published an article the day after attorney McCreary was named Interim Solicitor, detailing controversies that saw signed paperwork related to the appointment being removed from the courthouse late at night by Commissioner Sandie Egley, who admitted she was keeping it at her home without the knowledge of the other two Commissioners. Egley had become concerned about her role in the appointment of McCreary after learning Controller Rossi had raised questions about its legality. Commissioner Dan Camp had refused to signed the paperwork because he similarly believed the appointment was not being done in a lawful manner.

Commissioner Tony Amadio has maintained that he believes Controller Rossi is incorrect and that it is lawful to retain an outside attorney to act as solicitor on an hourly basis, telling the Beaver Countian on Saturday that, “all we have to do is sign a contract and pass a resolution.”

In the wake of the chaos, Attorney McCreary sent an email to the Board of Commissioners today notifying them he was no longer interested in serving as Interim Solicitor, wanting to remain only in his current capacity as an independently retained labor law attorney for the county. McCreary’s resignation came as Controller David Rossi sent a letter of his own to the Board of Commissioners today, hoping to help educate them on state laws governing county solicitorships.

“In light of the termination of the Chief County Solicitor and her staff, and the upcoming need for the county to timely fill these important positions, my office wants to insure that all legal requirements in filling the positions are met,” wrote Controller Rossi to Commissioners. “Likewise, my office is available to assist you in any way in this process, including meeting with the Board to further discuss the process of hiring a new Chief County Solicitor if you believe that would be helpful. As you know, our offices have had occasion to address the legal requirements that must be observed in hiring a solicitor. It is with this in mind that I offer the following.”

Rossi’s seven-page letter goes on to cite state statutes and case law governing the hiring of county solicitors.

“In summary, it is the position of my office that the new county solicitor is to be paid a fixed salary as determined by the salary board,” concluded Rossi. “Moreover, once hired the solicitor is limited to his salary only, and can be paid no other compensation by the county from any other source. Thank you again and I wish you best in your search for a new county solicitor.”

Commissioners Amadio, Egley, and Camp are currently in Harrisburg attending the spring conference of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. They are expected to return to work at the courthouse on Wednesday.

Read Controller David Rossi’s Letter To The Commissioners In Full


  1. Why am I not surprised by the circus that is our county government? As a tax payer I am appalled. Yet it makes me wonder what are these politicians thinking

    • I doubt they are thinking… There apparently wasn’t much thought put into this rash decision to just fire someone and leave the county without anyone in the law office. If they thought things through, they would at least have had another person lined up for the job. Or some kind of idea of who would be eligible. This whole situation is so unprofessional, it’s just unbelievable!

    • What I want to know is what’s in it for him? I’m sure he has one of his crew he would like to slide in there. Thank goodness he knows something about the law because he know nothing about his job. Hiring outside to find the millions stolen from the taxpayers of this county slipped right past his nose.

      • I agree, lost dollars, who’s Rossi pushing for county solicitor? If he knows the laws, why didn’t he speak up when Friendship Ridge put their money in the county’s account? If he was at the closing, he should have opened his mouth and spoke up against that move. Where was his knowledge about the laws then?? We didnt hear about the Friendship Ridge issue for 2 years after the closing!!

    • Really?? Where the hell was he when Queen Connie was plundering the coffers unsupervised? Get a grip nitwit.

      • Mr. Rossi didn’t know Ms. Havens was signing checks that he did not authorize to be released. The big words here are did not authorize.

    • Rossi should have known. He should have been at closing to stop those funds from being deposited in county account. Two years later, he wakes up and says something. Tom Leydig for Controller!

  2. All I can ask, is why? I understand that these commissioners don’t have much of a background in law, actually I really don’t know if they have any back! But why don’t they just ask? This entire situation makes our local government look asinine! I have worked in business for 30 years, I have been in situations that I was not sure of all the laws and or procedures involved, so what does I normal person do, ask and research. Maybe it is time we vote in individuals that have common sense, it’s that simple. These Officials make to much money, and hold to many decisions in their hands to be completely stupid, a word I don’t like using, I just couldn’t find a better word that fit.

  3. Once again ROSSI Is RIGHT. IT’S LIKE MYRON SAINOVICH ALL OVER AGAIN. When he tried to do the very same.

    John McCreary I’ve worked with through the years, he knows not to give up labor work for these lunatics. And it’s obvious you can’t do both with having a contract.

  4. “all we have to do is sign a contract and pass a resolution.” This is what is wrong in the county. This from a guy who has been earning a comfortable living at the expense of taxpayers, and doing an incredibly half ass job.

  5. Rossi better go back to the code and read it again. The solicitor’s position is not required to be a salaried position. Just sayin….

    • Hey Rebecca…Since you seem so knowledgeable in Beaver County government, why don’t you run for Commissioner, because the ones we have now are totally useless and unprofessional, especially Egley!!… Smart move Mr. McCreary, you don’t want in the middle of that debacle!!! :/ ….All of a sudden, Rossi is concerned, give me a break!!

  6. The whole county is in meltdown mode and these three assholes are off playing with their buddies in Harrisburg?!#?!?@#$

  7. Maybe Sandie should have taken a copy of the Pennsylvania County Code home for an evening of reading along with the other papers.

    Rossi is right regardless. I thought I saw $200 an hour for this arrangement. In just 300 hours, that would be $60k. How quickly would he have reached 300 hours with that set of kooks going at each other in the Courthouse?

  8. Is anyone else starting to think REBECCA DEITER , is either beyond related to CONNIE JAVENS or potentially blowing BERNIE RABIK?????

    Just saying obviously she has a failed consulting business really doesn’t know how to interpret the code of law. Just seems strange all of sudden, like being programmed with bull shit, maybe that’s the consulting she does.

    • @ Baba – you’re an amateur. Trying to belittle me or anyone else is a mistake so let’s see just what kind of balls you really have. I don’t care how much of a lumbering diatribe Rossi wrote, he’s wrong about the solicitor’s FTE salaried position, and CTJ is NEVER going to be convicted of any crime, regardless of what you or anyone else on this blog thinks.

      • @Rebecca…..Pay no attention to negativity regarding professional careers and such because none of that nonsense is important…The making of an absolute awesome sandwich is key to the overall success of an individual! So by Mungo’s logic how one stacks it, what particular varieties of contents are chosen and really really important whether it’s served hot or cold is paramount! Stick to the basics and you will certainly persevere in at least that task. Oh and Connie is referred here most often as the Con, or Con meister, or …..well you get Mungo’s drift!

      • If you believe this blog is “fake news”, just for the lack of a better term. Then why do you even read it? That would be like me watching CNN, ABC, NCB, CBS, etc then bitching cause they lied to me, then actually taking they time to write the owner of the station to inform him and others that it is “fake news”. The only person wasting their time would be the person wasting hours every day, then to bitch about it. Don’t you control your own life, if so just don’t read this blog, problem over.
        It would be like me going out buying the Beaver County Times everyday, I believe it is fake news. Only if I were crazy would I waste my time and money with the BC times just to tell others it’s not true. Lol

  9. If Rossi knew his ass from a hole in the ground we would not be in the predicament with Friendship etc. Another court house whore stealing a paycheck for absolutely no oversight or financial background, We now have a melt down going on at the courthouse. Every man/woman for themselves! Darwin is working his magic. Notice how the usual court house whores and thieves are staying below the radar! True political hacks.

    • I think one of the biggest problems with the Friendship Ridge fiasco is – How did Javens and LaValle get the banks to hand over the money without the proper signatures? Why weren’t bank employees ever held accountable?

      • Hard to say. Maybe the BIGGEST problem is that no one, apparently, went over the bank statements for quite awhile to have these withdrawals occur several times. No internal audits and, apparently, no timely bank reconciliations.

        Probably need to add some more staff to get that work done. LOL

  10. Queen, Stonewall, Squirmy and Midget, what say you? We haven’t forgotten you. You are next up in the three ring circus. Clowns one and all

  11. McCreary seems to be the only one with any sense. Going to stay out of this mess! Based on his potential foresight, he may have been someone actually qualified for the position. Damn shame it is amateur hour at the BC courthouse! Not to worry, the next scandal or instance of utter incompetence will recycle back to the Sheriff’s department, or Treasure’s office, or the courts, or the DA’s office, or just “pick your department!” Hate to say it, but it is actually disheartening.

    • @cap……Hell Yeah!!! And the fact that Mr Mcreary has an uncanny resemblance to the very cool Wilford Brimley! So theres that. Hang in there good fellow because it looks like Spring is upon us and if we let the usual antics from the Beaver County political hacks dishearten us then we lose in a way and they win, cuz once disheartened we start to lose focus. While we lose focus those political whores who many possess predatory instinct get even more drive and hungrier and ultimately more deviant and corrupt. All the while our chance for real change just slips away. Slippery slope my friend! Mungo stays focused and driven and refuses to be a victim to these blood sucking political turds!

      • Mungo – I agree. I will not stop working to hold all of our politicians accountable. I trust politicians about as much as I would trust Marion Barry with my grandmothers prescription of Vicodin! Keep up the good fight!

  12. It’s 11 PM. Do you know where your elected officials are? When all is said and done, above all else, REMEMBER to VOTE:


    • I personally think with Leydigs great financial resume, he’s better qualified for Controller! He would do a great job overseeing the county’s finances!

  13. Commissioners Tony amadio
    Joe spanik and Dennis Nichols at the time along with financial administrator Vince lavalle are the one that handled the sale of friendship ridge.

    Then Vince lavalle and connie javens removed money from an account that didn’t have anyone but her left on it but her how in the hell that isn’t chargeable is beyond me.

  14. Well folks we have the maple syrup festival this weekend. Every commissioner and even little Tony the pony we’ll be flipping flapjacks. Perfect opportunity to picket the whole bunch while you are waiting in line for two hours.

  15. Rebecca Deiter. Not sure which county code you are reading. It’s pretty clear about county solicitors. If you have something different please feel free to show us. On the Connie front, you are right. There will be no charges, the DA made that decision last fall. Even instructed his staff not to talk about it. “If we don’t say anything about it, then there’s nothing to talk about” I believe that’s how it was said.

    • @ RS – Well, it sounds like you can’t read what the code says and likely you skipped over some salient points but hey, that’s not my problem. I am quite certain that I am right and frankly, I don’t give anything away except my opinion. I learned a long time ago not to arm people with too much information as they will try to use it for their own personal gain and against you. Now what I just said is REALLY good advice…lol.

      • @Rebecca……Mungo is truly impressed with your style of writing! The way it seems to have an overall paranoid feel to it is really very cool. The way you know with obvious certainty that people “will” use your freely given information “for their own personal gain” is remarkabke! As a reader Mungo almost literally got paranoid himself when he thought of armed people acting against him simply because he may have gotten too much information off of the toothpaste instructions. So once again thatnks for bringing your style of writing here to this lowly ole blog. Mungo will be a better person today from your good advice….wait with all this writing Mungo has to go peek out the curtains….their always trying to get Mungo!

    • You know, there’s a common bank scam some REITs participate in where they over- value a property, take out a loan for the excessive value, and have the seller funnel back cash from the sale to the buyer for working capital/kick backs. The only one usually scammed is the bank, as they are putting more money at risk than they should. I don’t know if it’s illegal, but it’s definitely shady and would make the county look like it’s getting much more money than it actually did. Anyone?

  16. I find it amusing, those who try to out-lawyer one another. Commenters who feel the answer lies with their opinion. An opinion is all it actually is, until people have had enough of this BS, and attend the commissioners meetings. The backlash at town hall meetings, (in the news) if civil, and purpose driven will get results. I love this forum, and truly feel JP is a valuable asset to any one person concerned about county government. The BC does not go unread by those we elect to represent us, however please attend the commissioner’s meeting’s.
    Every Wednesday at 10:00 am. The two armed guards at the courthouse door(who’s salary you pay) may seem alittle put out but will direct you to the meeting. I also suggest that, this is your courthouse, you may want to take a peek at Connie’s Throne.

    • Great point MMV. People got to show up at meetings and ask their questions of the actors involved instead of us dividing and conquering each other to the delight of the whores at the court house hiding in their offices waiting for the shit storm to subside.

    • Do you know what I find even more amusing? a) Rossi is still the Controller and has gone unscathed in this whole mess when he clearly was / is responsible for oversight of ALL financial matters in the county: b) Luckow was employed by the county and in Rossi’s office while FR was going on and was then hired by the new commissioners to do what? – give them inside knowledge on the job he and Rossi failed to do? Repeat after me – BAD DECISION! and c) the “mistakes” made by ALL of these commissioners can only die down when they stop playing political games and making knee-jerk reactions. As for attending meetings, it is clear to me that it isn’t what goes on in these meetings that determines what actions will be taken – it’s the political maneuvering outside of these meetings where the decisions are being made. And as a final note – who can the commissioners rely on when they need to have someone provide advice within the parameters of the PA code and on other county legal and financial matters? They now have no legal team and the person who was their legal team was incapable of managing her time or the solicitor’s office, in general. On financial matters, what do they have? Please see a) and b) above – not good. I’m out – Paranoia will destroy ya…lmao

      • Quitting is so easy! Making an effort for change is so tough> Quit posting if you aren’t in for change. Otherwise you are wasting your obvious intelligent contributions. You can make a difference if you choose to get involved.

  17. Can we not get through just one week of no stupidity, shenanigans, corruptness, sneakiness, etc. going on at the courthouse– embarrassment dfor human beings to act this way, let alone people in elected official capacity… Beaver County’s Finest–NOT!!!!

  18. Keep your eyes on the big prize, the large sum owed to the county from Comprehensive and the criminal element that perpetrated this ouright fraud and theft. Smoke and inexperience are causing people to lose focus on the criminals, Queen, LaValle, bank operatives & Amadio, Spanik, and Nichols. Don’t forget “newcomer to actually doing his job, Rossi. If he had been doing his job NONE of this criminal operation could have been successful. Go to the meetings and see if we get a reasonable explanation. JP will get to the bottom of this. This culture of corruption and deliberate criminal coverups will not be dissmantled in a year. So many are involved, whether through stupidity, naivete or are eager and willing participants. Thye never expected to see and public unrest. Business as usual! Until the whore house of cards collapses. Court house has more leaks thant a submarine screen door. Stay tuned, this circus is still in the first act.

  19. Rossi is the one that called it out on comprehensive…… Read the past articles he wasn’t allowed in interface with sell, NICHOLS WE DECIDE THE SELL. So afterwards he audits and reviewed the sell and found the offer MILLION DOLLARS that they owed and ummmmmmmmm CONNIE with just one signature taking millions to allegedly give to comprehensive. His office found it. But LOZIER ISN’T DOING SHIT IT’S BEEN SO LONG I THINK SOME FORGET….






    FOR REAL… HISTORY LON’a’GO do your home work

  20. @ sand of truth, have to admit that’s pretty spot on, I was reading past articles IT’S been 2 plus years since initial sale.

    But….. More so you touched interesting topic. According to beaver county payroll ( thanks to this site) RICHARD urick works for district attorney office, so how wasn’t that a conflict to also be friendship ridge solicitor. Further more WHY isn’t it a conflict for DA office to investigate. Also what are the hours, days worked and cases that assistant district attorney Urick worked.

  21. Just wanted to leave you with something to noodle on in my absence since I won’t be around to absorb your insults.

    Here’s a descriptor of “services” from the BC Controller’s web-site: “The Controller is empowered to refuse to authorize any fiscal transaction where it appears that such transaction is not properly authorized; or desires upon reasonable grounds to investigate for, or has already discovered fraud, flagrant abuse of public office of any criminal act or neglect of any officer or other County employee.” This is after this service statement – “​The Controller keeps a full set of detailed books of the fiscal operations of the County.”

    And straight out of PA Code Section 405, the following on records: The county commissioners shall have the power to keep and maintain records and to contract with persons, for storage, retrieval, and transmission of county records within or outside the county except that no records shall be stored outside the county seat without the approval of the president judge and the officer in charge of the office to which the records belong. This is posted not to dis Egley since I don’t consider her taking an incomplete authorization home to fall into a permanent records category but just to help you for the future.

    And even though I admit I did not read Rossi’s letter, I stand by my opinion. In Westmoreland County, none of the solicitor’s including the Chief Solicitor, are full-time. Perhaps semantics became an issue around Full Time Employee (FTE) with benefits when I responded as I did. The solicitor(s) are required to be salaried but not an FTE. I have enclosed a link that explains the arrangement Westmoreland County has with their solicitors.

    So there you have it…now I am out….

    • If you quit now, shame on you! Stay involved and offer your expertise. The taxpayers being plundered deserve your help? You in or just a whiner?

      • OUT means out on this topic. BC has a backlog of legal work that needs attention so the commissioners need to make a decision very soon and it appears that their choices are limited. At least one other comment suggests that the work may be done by the DAs office which is in line with how Erie County is arranged.

  22. Thanks Becky Deiter. Maybe we will meet in court someday. For the rest of you here’s the real rub on the the county solicitor. Several attorneys in the beaver county bar association have been contacted by Sandy. All have declined. The commissioners have really painted themselves to a corner. I have been told that they wanted to replace Andrea after the primary election for judge. It was the hope that someone from the losers bracket would accept the county solicitors job as a consolation prize. And no Myron wasn’t one of them. No good attorney is going to give up their private practice and clients for a board that changes their mind on a whim. I’ve got some bad news for you. The attorney will be either from the DA’s or PD’s office that’s a part timer or a young attorney working for an established firm.

  23. Rebecca, you in to help or just bitching n passing thru? You are obviously intelligent and could be a great asset to the cause of sweeping the BC court house clean of whores, thieves, family n friends to aid your overburdened taxpayers. I appreciate your efforts. Stand up and be counted!

  24. Rossi gotta go! Leydig for Controller. Wasting his time at Queens outhouse. Any third grader can fix the problems in that office in about a week, then twiddle their thumbs for 3.5 years at a clip. Flush that Queens sewer once and for all!

  25. Beaver County is so corrupted that tax payers are blind to what the SO CALLED COMMISSIONERS do. They are out to get things done to benefit themselves not the tax payers that elected them. As for Connie Havens Please DON’T get me started, she is good for using the county for her own means. Thank God Rick Darbit is gone, all he was is the commissioner’s puppet with no THOUGHT of his own. You would think that a light would go off and wake them up .HEY COMMISSIONERS hire people that have the proper education and knowledge to get the work done. HR Director, CLERICAL STAFFING, ALL DEPARTPENT HEADS need rules that must be followed.



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