A trial for former Center Township Doctor Simmon Lee Wilcox is now scheduled for November after his defense attorney asked for a second delay in a case involving accusations he was illegally distributing pain medications to drug dealers.

Dr. Simmon Lee Wilcox is facing charges in the Central Division of the United States District Court of Utah with two counts of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and four counts of possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. Alleged co-conspirators are also facing additional charges of identification document fraud. Each count against Wilcox carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

The jury trial for Dr. Wilcox, which is expected to last 5 days, is now scheduled for November 10th.

Assistant Federal Defender Vanessa Ramos told the court she needed more time to review discovery materials and “discuss potential options with the defendant.” Evidence provided to the defense as part of discovery in the case included some 15 audio cds of recorded conversations.

Dr. Wilcox received special court approval to travel between Nevada, California, Utah and Arizona pending his trial.

The former offices of S.L. Wilcox Health Services at 3428 Brodhead Road in Center Township were raided by DEA Agents on February 28th of last year. Agents were seen by the Beaver Countian at the time carrying boxes from the building during the several hours they spent at the facility. Other offices operated by Wilcox, including the CTR Health Group in St George, Utah, were raided simultaneously. Wilcox also ran the Rock Star Medical Institute in Henderson, NV.

Federal agents alleged Dr. Wilcox was working with multiple accomplices, including ID forgers, to “engaged in the illegal distribution of controlled substances, including Oxycodone, Lortab, Testosterone, Adderall, and Alprazolam (Xanax), outside the ordinary course of professional practice and not for legitimate medical purposes…”

Wilcox allegedly created fictitious patient charts for his accomplices and their aliases.

The case against Dr. Wilcox is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Vernon Stejskal before Federal District Judge Ted Stewart.

Morry David (in truck) watches the raid with an unidentified African American man / photo by John Paul
Center Township Police assisted with the raid / photo by John Paul
Federal agents removing boxes from location / photo by John Paul


  1. About time this Dr gets in trouble! All he did was write scripts for pain meds constantly and suboxone! ! Always knew he was just a drug dealer!!!!!

    • Nah Mungo advises holding out for jury nullification! Hey it’s Utah! Surely they’ll get him a jury of his peers! There’s lotsa Doctors in Utah….haha

  2. I guess I’ll never understand why a guy who had to fight and overcome so many obstacles to achieve success is willing to throw it all away over some get rich quick scheme like this one. But the most troubling aspect of this whole fiasco is that Simmon Wilcox was a physician before he was a drug dealer. And as such, he saw first hand what drug addiction can do to its victims. Left unchecked it completely devastates ones life and the lives of the addicts loved ones. Knowing this, he still completely ignored his conscience and decided to further the misery of known addicts just to line his pockets. And if you will notice, when I referred to him earlier in this post I omitted the title of “Doctor.” As far as I’m concerned he lost the privilege of that title after his first illegal drug deal. I don’t know what they will do with him after the trial. But God only knows how many people he might have killed indirectly through these back door drug deals. Who knows how many users could have overdosed and died. I think it’s safe to say that at least 1 person died as a result of putting these drugs on the streets. Can I prove this? No I can’t. And you can’t charge a man with a crime that can’t be proven. But I do know this much, even if there was just 1 person that died indirectly as a result of Wilcox’s alleged crimes, then he should never see the light of day again.

  3. Remember, every class has it’s anchor student, your graduating class, the police academy, the barber college and the most frightening of all, medical school. A friend of mine broke his hand in a traffic accident, he was seen by a local doctor, a hand surgeon, rated number three or four in the country. His mother fell not to long ago, broke her hip, was seen by an orthopedist, ranked number two or three in the country doing hip replacements, again a local doc.
    There are bottom feeders in every aspect of life, county sheriffs, mayors, cops and doctors. What I keep wondering is why they gravitate to Beaver County, or is it something in the water?



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