Photo of candlight vigil held for Camp / photo submitted by Terry Griffith
Photo of candlight vigil held for Camp / photo submitted by Terry Griffith
Photo of candlight vigil held for Camp / photo submitted by Terry Griffith

Family and friends of James Camp IV gathered tonight for a candlelight vigil as their neighbors began raising funds to help with expenses.

Camp died on Saturday night after his motorcycle and a car collided in Beaver Falls.

Neighbors say a crowd of people gathered tonight to remember Camp in a spontaneous showing of love and support for his family, lighting candles and lanterns to honor his memory.

Friends and neighbors have established an account on the crowdfunding site GiveForward to help with the family’s immediate expenses.

“All donations are going straight to help support his wife Nikki and his son James,” said Terry Griffith, who lives next to the Camp family. “His family needs all the help they can get.”

Griffith sent the Beaver Countian photos of the candlelight vigil, including one of Camp’s young son illuminating a lantern for his father.

James Camp V illuminates a lantern for his father / photo submitted by Terry Griffith
James Camp V illuminates a lantern for his father / photo submitted by Terry Griffith
Photo of candlight vigil held for Camp / photo submitted by Terry Griffith
Photo of candlight vigil held for Camp / photo submitted by Terry Griffith


  1. If he was an employee of Friendship Ridge, wouldn’t he have paid into a pension that the family would receive a death benefit from?

    • Oops, commented on this story before I read the corrected version of last night’s story. So now I know it was his brother that is the Friendship Ridge employee. Now this makes sense.

  2. This is a sad reminder that life can be very short! All the fast pace and instant this and that. Everyone should take that extra minute and give hugs and kisses to their loved ones. Life is chock full of unexpected turns! Stay strong Camp family and best wishes during such sad times!

  3. This is sad and unfortunate, no doubt about it. When are people who have people that depend on them going to start doing the right thing and that is getting insurance. Whether it’s life insurance or renters insurance it seems every tragedy ends with a collection of some sort to pay for the expenses or dependent care or replacement of belongings. Some of us take our responsibilities seriously enough to do the right thing and that is to get insurance on the things that our families depend on…. Whether that be our lives, our houses or apartments. I’m so tired of people saying that they can’t afford it… They can afford it but it’s a matter of priorities and choosing to forego other things in order to pay for the insurance. It shouldn’t be up to the generosity of others to provide for your spouse or your children or to replace all of your belongings after a fire, it should be your responsibility…. Start taking it seriously. It’s apparently too late for this family but if you are reading this it isn’t too late for yours.

    • Maybe he did have life insurance. I don’t think anyone has said that he didn’t. It’s rare that people have enough to take care of their families from that age on.

      Good thoughts for his family and his extended family.

    • There’s a time and place for everything asshole, and apparently you’re too stupid to know that this is neither. What’s appropriate here is for good people to express their grief and offer condolences. After my initial shock of how callous and insensitive your comments were, I couldn’t help but wonder if you didn’t have some ulterior motive. Then it hit me, I wondered what company or insurance agency you work for.

      Insurance agents, lawyers, and used car salesmen are usually the 3 occupations that people have the most disdain for and the least trust in. Sometimes these feelings are warranted, sometimes they’re not, but that’s not the point here. The point here is that you just put insurance agents at the top of the list.

      I say this despite the fact that I have been a licensed agent for over 25 years. You’re still a dickhead either way.

    • Well buddy you need to mind your manners,its called humanity no matter what the situation is … keep your coments to your self a$$

    • hey im his son and are you seriously worried about insurance like we dont want money we want our father back so take your medical mean stuff outa here so getout of here stop taking crap on everyone hey mabey the cant afford it o well dosnt mean yell at em so leave

  4. WOW accordingtome. You are a real POS to post a comment like that when someone has lost their life. You have no clue surrounding the circumstances of this tragedy…maybe this family does and maybe it doesn’t. IN EITHER CASE…ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! If you are not gonna contribute that’s your choice…but leaving a comment like that is just plain atheist type. Get a life….im sure your living so well off right…bet your living in a tight a** apt struggling judging everyone else lives. Its ppl like you that SHOULD of been on that bike and not jimmy. A**hole

    • I agree with everything you said, Afriend, but please, leave the atheist bit out. Being atheist has nothing to do with being an asshole. They are two VERY separate things. I’m atheist, and I would NEVER post something so insensitive. I didn’t know the young man or his family, but I do feel very badly for them. Just because people are atheist, doesn’t mean we can’t feel badly. Thank you.

      • Good Morning Nikki, pretty sure that ‘afriends’ comment was prepared on a smart phone or other auto correct enabled
        device, as the word atheist doesn’t flow with the tone or intent of the post, and is not intended to villify what you believe or don’t believe. By the way, like the Avatar.

    • Spoken like a long term welfare recipient, afriend. Of course you find it insensitive because you see nothing wrong with accepting a handout.

      Incidentally, I never said that Jimmy didn’t have insurance nor did I insinuate it… I said people, not this particular person. But of course you get defensive at the notion that someone would suggest being responsible for yourself instead of expecting others to be responsible for you…. After all, that might mean that there are no more handouts for you.

  5. Accordingtome…I assure u I’m not a welfare recipient..matter fact I’m the person YOU call when your in need of help. Get the What I am though…is a friend of jimmy and didnt like your post. You have an opinion..that’s great..but there’s a time and place..and that particular comment was NOT the right comment for this article. Now an article that related to handouts I would of been in agreement with you and accepting handouts instead of working. An article about someone loosing a life and your posting anti handouts for a family that may need done assistance is wrong. If you don’t notice that then you may need some psychiatric help.



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