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The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has denied an appeal by attorney Myron Sainovich, who must now pay back taxpayers for monies he effectively double billed while working as the Beaver County Solicitor.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Justices declined to hear an appeal of a ruling by Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza, previously upheld by the Commonwealth Court, that determined Sainovich violated the Pennsylvania County Code when he billed taxpayers to perform jail arbitration work in 2006, even though he was already being paid a salary as the county’s Solicitor. Sainovich and his law firm have been ordered to refund that money to taxpayers, along with costs and interest — an amount which may exceed $60,000.

Sainovich was fired as County Solicitor in June 2011 after he refused to pay back the money voluntarily and scoffed at a call by the Board of Commissioners to resign. Sheriff George David hired Sainovich to serve as his Solicitor a short time later. Controller Rossi and the Commissioners filed a lawsuit in October of that year to recoup the public funds.

“Even though I am no longer with the county I am pleased with the results, although not surprised by them,” said attorney Joe Askar, who served as County Solicitor when the lawsuit against Sainovich was first filed. “I am very happy for the Board of Commissioners and for Controller Rossi in their confidence in doing what was right, and for attorney Albert Torence in his litigation of this matter.”

Albert Torrence, Solicitor for County Controller David Rossi and a candidate for District Attorney, said he was pleased that taxpayers were going to be refunded the money illegally billed by Sainovich. “I never thought this was a complicated legal issue,” said Torrence, “but I understand Mr. Sainovich had the right to exhaust his appeals, and he did that; the end result is what was expected from my perspective.”

Beaver County Solicitor Bernie Rabik also said he was not surprised by the ruling. “Given the well reasoned opinion of Judge Bozza there was every expectation that the court would not disturb his original ruling,” said Rabik, who told the Beaver Countian that the County will soon be taking action to collect the taxpayer monies from attorney Myron Sainovich.

“I think we did what we were expected to do as public servants,” said Commissioner Tony Amadio, “and hopefully we will be recovering those monies soon.”

Myron Sainovich continues to receive a county salary as Solicitor of the Sheriff’s Office because County Commissioners do not have the power to remove him and Sheriff George David refuses to.


  1. Takes balls for Askar to have a quote like that…. He and Myron were spotted at breakfast together a couple weeks ago

  2. I just want to say, who is who in the courthouse…enough is enough..all you can do is change for the next election try not to go the easy way by pulling the D or R lever…Change is good as long as we can all CHANGE FOR THE GOOD…How about startting BY VOTING>> enough said.

  3. How about garnishing his pay for the amount owed if he doesn’t pay within a reasonable time? Does anyone at the county have the balls to do that?

  4. Just take a look at that payroll. Now that is a band of fucking thieves! Those fucking people are worse than bank robbers. Someone should investigate everything from who services the fire extinguishers to who mops the floors at night. Corruption and swag behind every contract, every purchase, every insurance policy, ALL OF IT TELLS A STORY!

  5. “Myron Sainovich continues to receive a county salary as Solicitor of the Sheriff’s Office because County Commissioners do not have the power to remove him and Sheriff George David refuses to.” What the fuck kind of bullshit is that? He already fucked the taxpayers out of 60K. JESUS CHRIST STOP WITING HIM CHECKS !!! Those people in the courthouse must be fucking idiots or else someone is getting juiced!

  6. What the fuck is going on here? The county is afraid to stop paying Myron Sainovich? You have got to be kidding me! He must know enough secret shit to put them all in jail. Is that it? IS ANYONE IN CONTROL OF THE COUNTY MONEY? SOUNDS TO ME LIKE THEY ARE ALL “OUT OF CONTROL” !

  7. I can already tell you how this thing ends up. Myron Sainovich will die of old age and Beaver County will still be fucked out of the money he stole. I hope he is considering being in a mausoleum, if not there will probably be a lot of taxpayers lining up to piss on his grave.

  8. Mr. Sainovich began his career in Beaver County as the first judicial law clerk for the Honorable Peter O. Steege, Judge. He then became an Assistant District Attorney for Beaver County under Edward Tocci. In 1989, Mr. Sainovich, resigned his position as an Assistant District Attorney, to enter into private practice with Damian & Amato, practicing in Allegheny, Beaver, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties. He is licensed to practice law in Federal Court, in the United States District Court, and for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Sainovich is a member of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and the Beaver County Bar Association. Mr. Sainovich is a member of the National Registry of Who’s Who in America, recognizing individuals who have made an impact in their profession and community.


  9. I just can’t stop looking at that county payroll. Talk about a fucking heist. Working for the county used to be a meager but honest job. These people working there now are ambushing us. There is not one of those jobs worth more than 50K a year except a Judge, and they get paid by the state. How about this Egley woman? She is an assistant to the president of a company in Pittsburgh and she wants to leave her job and work for the county? That tells me that she isn’t making 40K a year at the job she has now. This isn’t a county government,, THIS IS A STICK UP !

  10. We the people of Beaver County voted you into your office and entrusted you with our tax money and our government. In return for that, you have robbed us, you have mismanaged our funds, you have hired all of your family members and friends, which probably don’t show up for work and still get a paycheck, just like you. You people have kicked our ass, stole our money, treated like trash, and made fools of us. You all want re-elected? I hope you get voted out and you are no longer employable anywhere. Go scratch shit with the chickens.

  11. Wait , wait, wait. This story has so much hypocrisy in it that its hard to know where to start. Myron Sainovich is being criticized by Albert “Get Money” Torrence for over billing the county $60,000. He is pleased that the county will be getting its $60,000 back. Will Mr. “Get Money” be so pleased if the county has to pay back the $455,000 to HUD that he (Torrence) is currently in an investigation for a possible conflict of interest ??? Will he be jumping up and down to pay the county back if its found that the Beaver County should have refund HUD ???

  12. Penny wise and dollar foolish. They are a bunch of idiots, the reason. it’s not their own money they are wasting.

  13. CRIMINALS LIKE GEORGE DAVID TAKE CARE OF OTHER CRIMINALS LIKE MYRON SAINOVICH. THEY PROTECT EACH OTHER AND SURROUND THEMSELVES WITH OTHER SCUM. THEY ENDORSE CRIMINALS TO KEEP THINGS IN THEIR FAVOR – WHY DO YOU THINK DIRK GOODWALD IS AFFILIATED WITH THEM. What other county would tolerate their sheriff abusing his staff, committing crimes, abusing his authority, etc. What other county would allow the antics that go on in the court house to even evolve to the level it has. Jo Jo FRATANGELI arrested a man without authority to do so, put him in jail based upon a false affidavit of probable cause and lied under oath – that got him promoted in the sheriff’s department. He thinks the statute of limitation is up, he is in for a surprise……yet, George David keeps him……Another deputy took a prohibited offensive weapon, Brass Knuckles, off a bad person, then gave the illegal weapon back – George David did nothing to the deputy who committed the crime. Another Deputy was demoted from a Command spot to Sergeant when he should have been fired for what he got caught doing by his own deputies………Let him explain that one….George David protected this shitbag by just demoting him so he could show some action – his own deputies caught him during a surveillance detail……Yet this deputy is a loud mouth with an attitude..

  14. Does anyone wonder why Sainovich and George David are so tight??????????? Both are criminals………Proved time and time again..



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