A Monaca woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after she allegedly lied to police about the whereabouts of a man who was dying in her apartment from a suspected heroin overdose.

Monaca Sgt. Patrick Young wrote in an affidavit that officers were dispatched to 1999 Marshall Road Apartment 704 today at approximately 1:20am. A man named Leslie Lechman reportedly told officers that another man had overdosed at the location. When officers and EMS arrived on scene, Traci Croxton told the first responders that there had been an intoxicated man at the residence earlier, but he had left and she was now home alone.

Monaca police left the scene and attempted to locate the whereabouts of the man. Officers eventually returned to the residence but this time received no response when they knocked on the door.

At 8:35am Monaca police were again dispatched for reports of an unresponsive man at the residence. Officers found an “obviously deceased” man at the location, who has been identified as Darnell Harris.

Officers interviewed Traci Croxton who reportedly told them Harris had been at the residence but left before returning sometime around 6:30am. Croxton was placed into a patrol car where she was allegedly found to have several stamp bags of suspected heroin.

After reviewing her initial statement to police, authorities say Croxton admitted to them that she had lied and that Harris had been there the entire night; laying on a couch groaning the first time officers showed up to her door.

Police say the woman told them she had lied about Harris’ whereabouts because she was afraid of getting into trouble.

Traci Anne Croxton, 43 of Monaca, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, making false reports to police, hindering apprehension or prosecution, and possession of a controlled substance. Croxton is currently being housed at the Beaver County Jail after failing to post a $200,000 bail set by Magisterial District Judge Joseph Schafer. A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for May 1st.


  1. Why was this woman even out on the streets? She has a record a mile long. I won’t judge anyone’s drug use because addiction is such a tough beast to battle and I’m so sorry that someone lost his life. She is a disgusting POS.

  2. Wait a black man dies from heroin over dose and a white women is arrested..

    Wait fucking pig just flew over my house I needed to take a picture.

    This takes place in monaca heights?

    Maybe quit worrying about watering flowers and doing infomercials and boost the narcotic patrols….

  3. This story is upsetting.Regardless of what happened all parties involved have family members,kids an loved ones that have to read these comments.I wish people would act like adults an respect others feelings.I never understand why people make negative comments on a sad post.Maybe it makes them feel superior, but the lack of sympathy an compassion actually displays their maturity level. So sorry for all involved in this horrible event.Prayer to the families of all involved!

  4. This man dont even do herion!!! Wat a shame this is and she sat there while he died!!! Rest well peanut u will be missed!!!

  5. Tracy is a POS ..this just shows how selfish addiction can make u…u rather watch a man die bc ur scared to get in trouble this disgust me. Someone’s life is worth more then u getting in trouble …Tracy U r exactly where u need to b and it’s so sad that a life was lost b4 u ended up where u belong. Peanut may u rest in paradise and my heart goes out to the family who is suffering.

  6. Shit like this is why we NEED “Good Samaritan” laws. It could have potentially saved his life. But no, we’re too busy treating this in all the wrong ways….

  7. This is what happens when u let scummmmmmm move to monaca. That town never was like that when pat ran spring run we didnt have trash up there like there is now.

    • Bullshit. I spent enough time up there when Pat “ran” that place, if you wanted it, you could find it there.

  8. Seems like death follows Leslie Lechman. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first overdose death he has been around.

  9. Death doesn’t follow Leslie Leachman Brenda Lamb died of a brain aneurysm and peanut he died because of Tracy and a friend of Tracy called Leslie and asked him what to do and he called 911

  10. This is so sad my heart goes out to his family as I have been apart of for 10yrs it is so sad that that animal could sit there and watch him die and do nothing she didn’t deserve to see him take his last breath she is a pos there are other words I could use to describe her that I won’t even bring out right now I sit back and watch a good friend cry and go through the pain and loss of peanut I watch a daughter that has been crying non stop since she got the news a brother n law that has to bury his child which is just not right may that bitch get everything she deserves and more and he never used herion that I don’t understand

  11. This whole situation is so sad. I knew the deceased. He was trying to get his life together. It’s the disease of addiction that killed him. I know his whole family and they are torn apart. I will be going to the funeral. Such a young life taken away. Please say a prayer for his family. Also pray for those who were involved. You can blame the disease of addiction for this mess. R.I.P Peanut. Much love to the Harris family. Stay strong.

  12. Peanut was a good dude, very sad, another person bites the dust in this hellhole…

    Hey Traci, karmas a real b¡tch… And it’s sooooo like you to say “I was afraid of getting in trouble” always worried only about yourself, it doesn’t surprise me you took the low road…. Oh, and let’s see how much clout you get with your $100K breast enlargement job in holding…. HA…

  13. Listen, do you all not realize traci may have a sickness/ disease and she can’t help herself? No, that man was doing heroin and knew what he was doing. Traci might not of even known he was dead on the couch. Why blame someone else for what HE DID?! HE CHOSE TO DO THAT DRUG, HE DID IT TO HIMSELF. drug addiction is a sickness, stop hating &’ open your eyes a little. Imagine what her kids are going through, how they feel. Such a shame. Pieces of shit you all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. It saddens me how much people talk and have no clue. She let my brother sit there for hours. He could’ve been saved. Life takes you through so many changes. Don’t anyone sit here and judge my brother on anything. She watched him die and groan for help. To know my brother, you would know how much he cared for people. I pray for my family we lost a someone who was struggling to turn his life around, who wrote and drew his ass off. Big Brother I love you and miss you so much!

  15. How can yoy say she didnt know he was dying she lyed to the cops she knew something was wrong fuck that bitch shes a pos now i gotta comfort my cousins because they dad was taken from them by a pos that deserves to be where she is… that bitch knew wat she was doing she was only worried bout herself… cops wouldnt charge her if she wasnt wrong so for those on tracis side eat a dick and choke on it slowly cause you dont have to see peanuts family aka daughters go thru this tradgity… idgaf wat anyone says clearly the cops agree with me and shes gon rought in jail before he go to hell…. fuck dat bitch..rwg peanut your beautiful children will always remember you for the loving guy you was and they will always carry yout legacy…

  16. This is sad but why ain’t he call 911 I’m sure he had a phone and obviously he was getting high right with her if he was changing his life why he at some junkys house selling or getting high don’t get me wrong this girl should be charged and locked away she could of saved this mans life addiction is a powerful and this dumb ass girl got it all twisted nobody’s perfect but if u know someone sick help them even if they don’t want the help I’m sure he was rmbrassed since he don’t get high but rot in jail u truly deserve it

  17. I guess it’s karma,  when you beat the crap out of all your girlfriends and baby mommas in and out if jail robbing and stealing and getting high off of your own supply you overdose and die. Can’t blame traci she didn’t make him overdose. 

  18. This whole situation is very sad. All the works of the devil. He is pleased with himself. His plan to kill, steal and destroy families has been accomplished. Where is the boyfriend of this lady?? The one who feeds heroin to his women and gets them strung out on this drug. Furthermore, Did she really watch a man die or was her decision influenced in some way?? I have a lot of questions because I feel there is more to this story. I want to know what part did he play in all of this, also.

  19. She did not make him take the drugs. He obviously OVERDOSED so he isn’t such a good person you all think. And right, maybe he or somebody else had threatened her to not call anybody because does anybody know who else was involved? No. Nobody knows the whole story. It seems like it’s all traci’s fault, maybe she jus thought ” yea we are all fucked up and high he’s fine I’m tripping he just needs to rest” maybe he told her not to call nobody ?! NONE OF YOU KNOW THIS. And for his family, yes that sad but he chose to take thhose drugs himself he’s a grown man. His fault in the end.

  20. What a bitch you are to worry about that drug addicts kids when the man died what about his kids…..

  21. Pnut was a drug pusher.  Those of you saying he was a great man are full of it. he did the drugs, he paid the price.  collins was involved and he will meet his maker in the same manner. The trash always ends up in the ground

  22. How bouts you don’t do the drugs to begins with? That’s you own dumb fault and you gets what you deserves!

  23. Both families lives are changed forever……….so STOP blaming and start praying for those they both left behind! !!!!! To lives are gone!!!

  24. I think everyone should pray for both victims and there families. Traci has 3 beautiful children and they don’t deserve what every one is putting out there.  I didn’t know Harris but I’m sure he did not deserve to die. They both obviously had a drug problem. Think of there families before you open your mouths. Prayers for both families .

  25. To all who blame the deceased…do you know this man? I do. He is my cousin. The only thing you can blame this on is the disease of addiction. How do I know? I am a recovering addict. So please don’t blame him.

    • Addiction is an evil disease, and that is exactly what it is, a DISEASE. Too many people look at it in the wrong way. This is why they NEED “Good Samaritan” laws, she could have called the cops and they wouldn’t have charged her because she was with him. That’s how they work. My condolences to your family, I know how hard it is to not go back out, I have plenty of my own family in recovery. Please stay strong, and don’t go back out there.

      • addiction is a behavior and choice not a disease. There is no known pathology, that causes the disease. Damage occurs to the brain because of addictions, but not the opposite. If you consider addiction a disease because of a chemical imbalance, then why would we also not consider any deviant actions a disease. Pedophilia, cleptomania, and serial killers, why do we not treat these people with some therapy and meds and feel sorry for themand let them out of jail?

      • @gringo….addiction has been shown to be a disease, due to the fact that the addicts brain is wired differently, and it has also been shown to be in a person’s genetic makeup. Basically, some people have a higher predisposition to become addicted to any substance that alters the brains chemistry. Also, you don’t really have an argument with your examples of deviant behavior. We DO treat people with certain behaviors, such as pedophilia and kleptomania with therapy, while incarcerated, and usually the conditions of their release from incarceration include continuing with therapy. You really cannot judge the serial killer example in there. You were already trying to compare apples and oranges with the first two examples, can’t really throw bananas in the mix there.

    • Addiction is a learned behavior. It becomes a disease once the person using it keeps wanting it. It is not hereditary. My mother was on crack for years but I never did a drug in my life because I chose not too. Peanuts own children didn’t like him he wasn’t a very good guy. Rip but we get to choose the life we want to live. 

      • It’s been proven that there is a genetic predisposition where addiction is concerned. It DOES NOT mean that just because a family member or two is an addict, you will be too. I come from a family with a very long history of drug/alcohol addiction. I know what my odds are. What it means is that a person may have an easier time becoming addicted to a certain substance. It’s all in how the brain is wired. You can take one person, who has a drink every day, for ten years, and just decides to stop, and does. Never picks it back up. Another person, same scenario, and they can’t quit. Addiction is a disease, plain and simple, and the longer people ignore that fact, more people will die. Sad truth. 

  26. Addiction is not now and never was a disease. Death is a very clear side effect of heroin use. I am sorry for his family’s loss, but if he’s been doing heroin, they lost him the moment he started using.

  27. One shot and your done.   It would be better for your family and friends if you would use a Gun instead of a needle, Quicker that way.

  28. Blame it on a disease if that helps you sleep at night. Bottom line is, freedom of choice makes you try it the first time…and with heroin, once is all it takes. After that, if you are surprised that you’re suddenly addicted to a dangerous drug, then you’re an idiot and you get what you deserve. Natural selection…another non-contributing member of society off of my tax money.

    • Ok then, but what you are failing to take into consideration is that most heroin addicts didn’t just pick it up one day, and think “Hey I don’t have anything better to do, lets stick this shit in my system and see what happens…”NO. Most of the problem of addiction happens when pill happy doctors (sorta like Dr. Simmon Wilcox, who has a few articles of his own on here), just prescribe whatever they want, and then when they feel the DEA breathing down their necks, they cut them off. And right there is the problem. Oxy’s, Percocet, ANYTHING like that is a narcotic, and an opiate narcotic at that. At first, most people will hit up their friends, and see what pills they can find, but that shit gets EXPENSIVE FAST. Why would someone pay 80 dollars PER PILL when they can buy 8 stamp bags for the same amount. And right there, is where it happens. WHAT YOU DON’T TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION ALSO IS THIS: 99% of addicts are NOT taking this shit to get high. They are doing it to not get sick. Have you even gone through withdrawls? No? Then shut your mouth, because you have no idea what it’s like. Most people, if they had the choice between being dope sick and death, they’d choose death, because it is that horrific. Get educated, before you start shooting of your mouth about shit that you have no fucking idea about, ok? Or, keep your head in the sand, keep telling yourself that “It’ll never touch me or my family”, and wait. BECAUSE IT WILL. And then, and only then, will you truly understand.

  29. You’re correct when you say that I have no idea about what withdrawal pain and fighting addiction is like….that’s because I’m not a crack-whore druggie hoe-bag like you. And guess what? Neither is anyone in my family. You know why? Because we know right from wrong and we make our decisions based upon those values. I’m not going to apologize for knowing less about addiction than a skank like you…you should be very proud of yourself. I’ve had plenty of pain killers prescribed to me in my time and when the pain is gone, so are the pills. Justifying someone making the leap from Vicodin to heroin by blaming it on the doctor is the very lack of personal responsibility that is so evident in people like you and typical of apologists everywhere.

    • “A crack whore druggie hoe bag”….well, that right there is funny as fuck. Really it is, considering that NONE of your carefully worded adjectives apply to me, but thanks for your effort, albeit in vain. Obviously, I’ve touched a nerve, seeing as you couldn’t wait to whip the nastiest adjectives you could possible come up with to describe someone whom you don’t even know. GOOD. I know about addiction, considering that I’ve educated myself, through the pain and knowledge of others, so that I may be a better person than you, and be able to help someone else someday. Addiction runs in my family, and I didn’t want to fall to the same demons, so I educated myself. Seriously, the fact that you try to say that I’m trying to justify someone jumping from pills to heroin because of a doctor is wrong, tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about you. Please, go look in ANY online medical journal, and you WILL find numerous studies and articles stating the facts that most addictions started with the MASSIVE OVERPRESCRIBING OF OPIATES. Did you know that when the makers of Oxycontin were pushing to get their product onto pharmacy shelves, they FLAT OUT LIED to the FDA and DEA about the addictive qualities of the drug? NO? You didn’t? Of course not, because you’d rather live with your head in the sand. Oh yeah, a few years after Oxycontin came out, the makers said “Ooops, yeah, we understated the addiction possibilities…” You sir, are an ignorant human being if you THINK for ONE SECOND that addiction cannot touch you or your family or someone you love. Addiction in ALL FORMS has proven time and time again, that it cares not for color, sex, creed, religion, you fucking name it. ADDICTION IS AN ALL CONSUMING BASTARD. It doesn’t care if you’re rich, poor, black, white, red, purple, or fucking rainbow colored, IT’LL TAKE YOU IN.  Nobody has said that I’m trying to shirk personal responsibility, but there are others who are responsible too. Please, for the love of whatever invisible sky god you worship, get educated, before it touches you or your family. Seriously. Or don’t, and the next story here might be written about someone you love, and you screaming and crying “Why didn’t anyone warn us???” Your call.

      • what you say about over prescribed drugs is true but people can choose to get help or give in and go to a drug that ruins and kills you like heroin..

  30. Tracy you must be scum leslie was in bed when he got a phone call to call the paramedic’s cause Traci and Megan wouldn’t call leslie payed his dues in life he tries to help addicts get clean do you help people Tracy? You sound like scum

  31. He could have been saved!!! But no they aint give a fuck about him.. I still cant believe this??? Why?? Why peanut?? I miss you djh

  32. at the end of the day Darnell is to blame. He did the heroin he payed the price, like the comments above heroin is very dangerous & death is something that happens whenever your doing that shit.

  33. Ten kids with a two-page rap sheet and doing what?  Out on the town shooting up dope.  Some people are simply hell bent to lay out a path of destruction.

  34. First off, Traci (Fabyanic) Croxton is and has been out of control for sometime. Selfish drug addict with no consideration for anyone, but her own self. The guy that crock, same thing. Dealer of death and he dies on his own poison. So how about the outcome of the May 1st hearing JP? 🙂

  35. This Issas but happens far too often.  P nut wasn’t exactly Mr. Fucking Rogers, but he didn’t deserve to die. Addiction puts another one in the books. This disease does not discriminate.       To cracka jack and the all the other in bred fuck tards who feel the need to place their idiocy on display: IF you don’t know anything about addiction and the pain and misery it causes, please go spread your ignorant hill billy hate somewhere else. No one gives two shits about the opinion of a fucking imbecile like yourself. YOU are what’s wrong with the world. Please DO NOT PROCREATE!! The world doesn’t need any more mutant, in bred cretins with no empathy, sympathy or heart.            The world needs more people with the capacity to read, write and actually care about their fellow human beings.              YOU, Cracka Jack, and all the other little fucks spewing hate on this forum are part of a dying breed. Get educated! Read a fucking book for gods sale. Or get fucked!!! Your opinion means less than nothing. This disease has taken far too many good people. It’s sad anytime it devours another soul. Some people pull themselves thru hell to overcome this disease. But sadly, many people do not make it. I am part of the former category so I can empathize. If you can’t please shut the fuck up!!! 

    • THANK YOU! Thankyouthankyouthankyou…. It is a rare thing to see another person who actually has intelligence when speaking about this horrific disease, so I cannot say thank you enough. At least I know that I am not alone in my line of thinking…..



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