Monaca Police Chief David Piuri / photo via Monaca Borough

Monaca Borough’s Police Chief has resigned from his position as President of the Beaver Valley Lodge of the Fraternal Order Of Police.

Chief David Piuri announced his resignation as part of a newsletter sent to local law enforcement officers this month.

“As many of you may already know, I was fortunate enough to be appointed as the Chief of Police in Monaca,” wrote Piuri to his members. “After giving it much thought, I have decided to resign my position as President of the Beaver Valley FOP, and focus my efforts on my new position as Chief.”

FOP Vice President Jon Hall, who serves as a Captain with the Center Township Police Department, will take over as acting President of the lodge.

“Brother Hall was a mentor to me when I first came on the job, and has always been someone who I go to for advice,” wrote Piuri. “Four years ago, brother Hall and I sat down together and decided to run for offices in the lodge, and to put a team together to help accomplish our goals. Either one of us would have been happy to serve as President or Vice President. Brother Hall shares the same vision as I do for our lodge, and I am certain that he will represent our members with honor and integrity. I look forward to providing him with the same support and allegiance as he has given to me.”

The Beaver Valley Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police will be holding their annual summer picnic later this month.


  1. Wondering if the Federal Civil suit against JW-R has anything to do with his resignation from that position. Going to be hard to defend JW-R.

  2. Jon Hall? I thought he retired in 1995 from Monaca..haha. Well there goes the FOP. Since he was handed a Captain position, he doesn’t have the concerns of people beneath him in their interest. Not to mention, he’s management and is also a member of the Beaver Valley Chiefs of Police. Hopefully a election is sooner than later, because he will singlehandedly ruin this just like everything he’s involved in. He’s too condescending and arrogant to carry on the public relations that Piuri worked so hard to establish. Just like he’s ruining Kramer’s employees, the swat team and every other person he comes in contact with. At least a lot of people know the real him and won’t elect him in a vote.

  3. Bella B? You sure do claim to know a whole lot about him; after thinking he retired in 95 from Monaca… or was that just sarcasm? Perhaps a cute little joke to lighten the mood before you publicly bashed him? I can’t figure out if you’re totally moronic or just bad at jokes. Well at least you made yourself laugh… haha.

  4. Jon Hall is one of the most moral and intelligent people that I know. His large size and voice might give the impression that he is condescending but in my opinion he is an outstanding and intelligent guy. I have a lot of respect for him.



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