Officers with the Monaca Borough Police Department have made an arrest in connection with a brutal beating outside of the Blue Steel that was caught on tape.

Larance Armoni Lowe, 22 of Aliquippa, was arrested at his home earlier today. Lowe has been charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and disorderly conduct for his alleged role in an attack on 32 year old Patrick Castellano of Industry.

A cellphone video provided to the Beaver Countian by a witness of the assault shows Castellano being drop kicked in the head, and a second video taken moments later shows the man laying unconscious and bloody while a group of people continue to violently attack him. Castellano was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he was admitted. The man was released yesterday morning and is expected to make a full recovery.

The incident occurred early Thanksgiving morning outside of the Blue Steel, which has come under heavy criticism by members of the community due to a string of incidents originating from the club.

Along with Larance Lowe, court records show that Magisterial District Judge Dale Nicholson has also signed arrest warrants for Craig Rawl Jr., 21 of New Brighton, and Marlo Dame Cleckley Jr., 21 of Beaver Falls, for their alleged involvement in the attack.

Readers of the Beaver Countian helped to identify some of the suspects and witnesses to the assault after video of the attack was released by this publication.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • not even close to a dump!!! in this shithole called Beaver county Monaca is one of the safest place here, it’s onley become a dump because of street rats coming to fucked up bars and cant act like humans. That’s why Monaca is going to shit because of assholes fro Aliquppa, Beaver Falls and shitholes like that moving into the area. Stay in your own sewers and stop stinking up one of the last decent towns around!

  1. Are you all being that selfish and rude? There is plenty of good in Monaca and I was born and raised in center and I can tell you it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be either. Violence drugs senseless acts happen anywhere anytime anyplace with anyone of any color. Status. Class. Socioeconomic rank…. Means nothing when it comes to Hatred or stupidity. So sad that people still think this way. There should just be thoughts of well wishes to the gentleman that beaten. Last I read and I stress read this happened outside the bar not in the bar so it really doesn’t pertain to blue steel…. It is very sad to see such separation in 2013 and people who live in different communities look down on those that are smaller and more blue collar… That’s terrible. Grow up.

  2. I agree Sabrina Leigh are they even from Monaca? Close the bars get rid of the garbage that follows! To many damn bars in one small town anyway!! People in Monaca need to petition for a change Monaca isn’t bad it’s the bars they keep open and the riff raff that follows!!

    • You got that right. Remember just a year ago that piece of Cleckley scum ( just 14 years old ) was involved in the murder of that poor Kayla Peterson girl in Beaver Falls.

      • thanks for remembering our daughter. we are still waiting for justice if we get it for kayla we love and miss her very much.RIP KAYLA

  3. I agree Angela Kase. So sick of everyone stereotyping Aliquippa. Yes there are some bad people (just like in other towns) and there are definitely good people as well. All I’ve seen on the countian page was rude and racist remarks. Seriously it’s 2013. Learn to love everyone even with their differences, whether they are white, black, hispanic, asian, straight, gay, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim ect…This is why I fear for my child growing up in this world. Sending recovery prayers to the victim and to prayers for you all to stop the hate and your ignorance.

  4. Wow the old bronze eagle. Bunch of wanna be’s, drop these dudes off in the hill district 5th ave. and they wouldn’t last one minute. Anyone who jumps someone is a puss.

  5. Monaca’s not bad at all. It’s mostly the out of towners that cause all of the trouble. I have lived in Monaca since I was 5 years old and nowhere else besides the bars do u ever see any type of violence. Just like any other town, bars create problems. I go to bars occasionally and I always go to Monaca bars but I’ve become smart about it. If u want to avoid the riff raff, go early like I do and leave early. When I go to have a drink it’s usually at 4-5pm when it’s peaceful and I’m gone by 7-8pm. If Monaca was such a shit hole town, ppl wouldn’t want to be here or they wouldn’t come here…… It’s a pretty peaceful town unless ur an idiot and cause trouble.

  6. I use to hang out in Monaca about ten years ago. Not going to mention the name of the establishment but it was always a lot of thugs drugs an drunks. Needless to say I didn’t go there for very long

  7. I think it definitely has to do with the blue steel they were in the bar before I am sure and the only reason they are in the streets jumping each other…that bar has been nothing but trouble and I don’t even live there anymore and know that. Monaca needs to go back to its small “hometown” bars and keep the trash in their own towns! Monaca and Center are prime examples of the spread of disease they need to kick it way out and take back their small towns, make them a place where you can raise a family and not worry about some thug kicking your head in when you walk down the street to have a beer with your neighbors…what happened to our town!!??! We never had to lock our doors or worry about this shit!!

  8. The people who trash talk monaca are obviously the ones from out of town who’ve only been to Pennsylvania ave. to go to a bar. Does anybody from monaca even go to this bar? Why is it still here? Out of town owner, out of town customers. Shut it down. Not one person from monaca was even involved.

  9. I’ve lived here 12 years in Monaca. It’s a great town with a lot of pride. The Blue Steel bar is a shithole that attracts garbage from out of town. Doze it and put up a park…

  10. I still go here yes but only to see the few regulars that have been there from the start when I started going there over 10 years ago. Again that’s why I go early. I avoid problematic situations.

  11. 10 years ago that area was nice and enjoyable . Problem Is all these free Houses were Bought Up and gave away. And now the towns have less and less incoming tax money . So more more trash will give moving in on free Housing and living .

    And they don’t pay taxes that’s why those towns look they way they do . And the cancer Is spreading unfortunately .

    Rochy and Monaca used To be decent places to live

  12. It dont matter that they are not from Monaca what matters is it stated inside the bar and carried outside it is up to the bar to take control of their inviorment what was securiry doing or did they even have any If you cant keep your patrons safe then you may not have any in the near future

  13. I hate all bars anywhere. Drink at home with close friends or don’t drink. And comments about how great center is. Full of middle aged people with drug addicted kids. Just saying. No town is better then other.

  14. Sounds like those who live in Monaca need to take action. All you have to do is create an online petition and take it to the next town meeting or to who ever runs your town. Monaca isn’t a bad place it is just those few bars. They will be shut down. If you guys rally up as a town I garuntee you’ll be heard.

  15. And with all the incidents that have occurred over the years , shootings stabbing and beatings. Car tires slashed etc, the mayor won’t have a hard decision to make . It’s making your town very unsafe for families. Don’t just sit back and put up with these thugs ruining your town

  16. I can believe my eyes. The town of Monaca and Beaver County area hasn’t been the same in almost 20 years. I go back to the area for visits with family. If it weren’t for them, I would never come back.

  17. The place is trash , most of the customers are trash . Like every other hip hop bar in beaver county … It’s a breeding ground for trouble


  19. Of course these people are not from monaca. These names Lowe,rawl and cleckley are bums from bf, NB,and quip. These crowds have destroyed all the bars in their own towns now they are moving into bars in monaca and center. I hate to stereotype but if u google each name it will show endless amount of crimes and violence. Beaver county is getting filled with low life scum bags.this bar is known for a gathering place pushers,users and biracial relationships


  21. The kid didn’t die. Was on the news yesterday. Oh and it wasn’t a restaurant. It used to be a mini-mart or little grocery store. Penn Super. Don’t remember it ever being a restaurant between Penn Super and Graystone Tavern which is what it was called before the Bronze Eagle

  22. the newest owners ruined that place. i wont go anywhere i have to be checked with a metal detector to drink….just sayin. its all about the demographic your trying to draw in. be careful what you wish for.

  23. Amen to Indian 1999 on the biracial comment!! Generally speaking, interracial doesn’t bother me, but what happens there is unreal. White girls go there specifically in pursuit of a black man. Not just any normal black guy, but thug wannabes who are going to use them for money and baby breeding. Then leave them high and dry.. A black woman doesn’t stand a chance of getting laid in that place!!

    • Any SELF RESPECTING woman (white OR black) wouldn’t be trying to get laid in that place.

      You’re gonna put down white girls for tryin to hookup with black men there, then bitch that a black woman can’t get laid there??

      Bullshit. You can’t play both sides of that game.
      Oh, btw, any “thug wannabe” is gonna use a woman, be they white OR black, and leave them high and dry.

  24. The bronze is not a bad bar, this is the first actuall bad thing thats happened for a while, its the crowd of people that come from other places to a certain bar jus to look for a fight or cause problems, its immature people

  25. @Craig. The bronze eagle restaurant was opened by a dude name Shawn Priest. It was connected to the Bronze(blue steel) on the Main Street. It opened and closed within the past year or so. I thought she mighta been talkin bout that. Not sure, though.

  26. smh! I didnt know biracial relationships existed! I always thought biracial was a mix of two races within one person! Regardless, theres nothing wrong with INTERRACIAL relationships! Ive been in one for 11 years. And the Bronze Eagle/Blue Steel isnt a bad bar! For the most part its decent! There isnt really that much that goes on there besides the occasional fight which is going to happen from time to time regardless of which bar you go to!

  27. Okay here it is….. The guy that everyone sees in the film was in the bar all night long with his girlfriend. At the end of the night around 150 he walked on the dance floor and head butted another guy for dancing with his girlfriend and while arguing the man in the video was yelling racial slurs. We escorted him out of the bar at 150 am when he got outside he was with his girlfriend and no one else! He stayed outside obviously and continued to yell racial slurs because the police and ambulance got to the bar at 2 am. There was no fight in the bar. He head butted another patron and was taken outside. There was no getting thrown to the wolves he had more then enough time to go home. I do not think what happened to him is right in the least bit! The people the did that to him deserve to have charges brought up on them. For everyone saying the bar is this and that you’d be happy to know we all went and wrote statements for the police and have done everything they’ve asked of us. No matter where you put a bar if it’s the place people are going to go that’s it. Now the whole truthful story is out.

  28. Agreed if a bar is a problem, not just a dusturbance, i mean making a community unsafe, then by all means shut it done. But dont say its a problem because you dont like the riff raff, say you dont like it because of the color of their skin. If you honestly think that closing it down will keep people from otber towns out the youre just as nuts as you are ignorant and small minded. The younger kids of monaca are friends with kids from New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Aliquippa, and Coraopolis. who do you thinks invites them? Why do think they feel is ok to come here from out of town? You close it theyll just hang out at another one. And if they are bringing in $ no owner is going to tell these kids they cant be there. You close one for fighting close them ALL. Only keep the private clubs open.
    O wait, you get keys rammed into your skull at private clubs while inside. But they dont close.
    My point is its not going to stop when you more bars than stop signs in a town. The town is a great place. A great strong community. Always has been.
    As for the comment about public housing, dude you have no clue what youre talking about. Not eveeyone living in housing lives there for free. 85% Are working full time and pay taxes. Might full time at walmart but its honest work none the less. As for someone who was a young mom who lived in monaca all her life and lived in housing for a short time while working fulltime and going to school, i paid taxes from day one. Not everyone is working the system.

  29. @nikki, never said nor am I against interracial relationships. I’m quite liberal, for all I care interracial homosexuals should be allowed to marry. My comment is in regards to that place. I know for a fact that the white women go there in an effort to hook up with black men, not find a true relationship or love, merely to hook up. Tall, short, thin or fat, they don’t care. I’ve seen it and quite frankly have heard them say it aloud. And I never insinuated black women should be exposed to the thugs either, i was just pointing out that there’s not many men there for them to meet cuz the white women are like piranhas. Neither race of women should be exposed to what the guys there have to offer. It’s a dead end street.

  30. I was there that night and the bouncers in the bar handled everything properly. They kicked the people out and the people involved in the fight decided to continue the fight outside. Stuff like this could happen at any bar. It’s not the bar it’s the people. You close one bar down and the “bad crowd” that would go to that bar will just go to another one and can possibly cause the same drama there. I don’t live in Monaca and never did but I feel it’s a safe town. I never felt uncomfortable to be in Monaca.

  31. Grew up with Bear too. Was really hoping his business would’ve lasted. Nice dude, and got skills in the kitchen. Wasn’t really sure what she meant. Thought she got Priest mixed up with a Former Priest. Lol!

  32. see theres no other bar in monaca that the “riff raff” or colored or wanna be thugs could get away with this because the other bars are established and have home town regulars that take care of problems like this. plain and simple the only other bar in monaca that isnt run by or owned by someone from monaca is the draft house and vic does a very good job of keeping order in his bar the blue steels owners are trash. plain and simple

  33. i can bet ya these people are or were here for the thanksgiving holiday and left and want to leave this shit behind.i hope someone speaks up !! because this kind of behavior has to stop.

  34. Too bad all you good for nothing people don’t know anything. maybe the other two are bad kids but Marlo is a good kid who got caught up in the moment.. how many of you can say your kid was chosen to play semi pro baseball out of the country/state. I bet not too many. you guys are some sick low life people. bashing people that you know nothing about, you blame the kids. how about blaming the white guy calling black kid niggers huh? it’s 2013 race shouldn’t be an issue.. but it still is, you live in a county that’s very well mixed with blacks and whites. why must it be so hard for those to just go out and not call names. that white man shouldn’t have gotten plastered and maybe this all could have been avoided. smh. look at both sides instead of being so one side. you are all simple minded people.

    • He was involved in beating someone to a pulp….good kid? Hardley. The idea that he was selected to play sports is completely irrelevant. Based on the video he should be in a jail cell with most of his other relatives.

    • And Marlo just had to feed into that racial slur stereotype that the man allegedly said to him instead of being the bigger person and walking away, right? Good kid my ass!

    • Umm, you say he got caught up in the moment. Well the moment was a god damn crime, so whats the reasoning to get “caught up” in it. Would you dare say that for something like a gang rape? Where the last dude sitting in the room just happens to jump in because of peer pressure. And to mention athletics is beyond reasoning. Has NOTHING to do with it. Professional athletes commit crimes, some major crimes, and I’ve never heard the defense of “Oh, but he’s so athletically gifted!!” And with the name of Kimbrough, I wouldn’t be too proud.

  35. Well said Hayden Kimbrough. It is ridiculous that in this day an age people are called racial slurs. People need to accept that they live in a very diverse community now. And the diversity doesnt make Monaca bad. And that man didnt deserve to get hurt the way he did, but im sure who ever he head butted in bar didnt deserve that or the other guy head butted outside the bar either. Im not trying to justify any of this but this could happen anywhere. And i grew up in the town and seen fights where it was 4,5,6 or more on one. Things get outta hand in the heat of the moment.

    As for the comment regarding are there any members of the cleckleys not in jail? why yes, yes there are. And they are good hard working people. Marlo is a good guy. Very good friends with my kids.Im not sure what happened to involve him, but totally out of character for him

  36. I have lived in Monaca all my life and its a good town and no worse than any other town around the county. Its not the Monaca people causing the trouble, its all the other dirt bags that come to the Blue Steel that cause everything. I had a friend who left a Christmas party at another place and was jumped by some thugs who were at the Blue Steel. Monaca people need to take their town back and close dirt holes like this up for good….WAKE UP MONACA :veryangry:

  37. @ the haters, just some facts

    monaca is a great town with lot of pride it’s just got its trouble like others some from with in but most are transient that come through.

    blue steel, is owned by out of towner, which brings this shit in with venue they create. just facts then large portion ate still running around at 1 am -3am at other bars for late night ie the soi, simple fix there has been enough incidents that LCB should close blue steel down which is 90 percent out of towners

    draft house use to be fight club but got a little quieter,

    pdubs is a shit hole with flat screens and wannabe gangsters after 9

    chips was good bar until the dirty fat cop started running it and it’s about closed down.

    sadly you got Celeste and dutches

    this attention by news and media will keep eyes on that bar but in the end, it’s going to fuck the other places in town cause microscope will be upon with state police and liquor control board

  38. There is fights at every bar u just don’t hear about them. It’s just the one that the paper and news want to target. I heard new people took over anyways and it going to be a country bar. Heard that before anything even happened.

  39. I have heard that three residents are stepping up and want to make a change.
    Change is coming folks change is coming!

  40. change my asss they tried before soon as few locals start getting pinched tired in to these monkeys all gets washed they are allowed in SOI at night the honor is gone, they bone the daughters while the sons emulate them and want to be friends..

  41. Aliquippa is 95% bad…why you think they built the jail there??? So the police didn’t have to drive far to drop them off!!

  42. I have friends and relatives in Monaca, Beaver Falls, New Brighton and Aliquippa. There are good people in all of these towns. A lot of bad ones too. I happen to live in Monaca and am proud of it. It is a good little town.

  43. Monaca: bars, run down houses, cheap rentals, section 8 housing complexes and the poor elderly people that have no other choice but to remain there. Your tax base is dwindling quickly. It’s like Midland part II.



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