Monaca Officer David Piuri
Monaca Officer David Piuri
Monaca Officer David Piuri

Monaca Police Officer David Piuri has defeated Beaver Officer Ken McCoy to become the new President of the Beaver Valley Fraternal Order of Police.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that today’s FOP election had the largest turnout in memory.

Along with McCoy’s removal from office, the rest of FOP’s leadership was also ousted in favor of Officer Piuri’s ticket, with the exception of the group’s incumbent Treasurer. Newly elected along with Piuri as President were Officer Jonathan Hall as Vice President, Ron Walton as Secretary, David Mosura as Guard and Gregory Nicol as Conductor. Trustees elected were Anthony Zarillo, John Leitschaft, and Eugene St. Clair. Elected Delegates were Jonathan Hall, Ron Walton, Dan Swab, and David Mosura.

Piuri’s campaign against incumbent FOP President McCoy highlighted some of the turmoil existing in Beaver County’s law enforcement community over the past few years.

McCoy’s tenure as leadership within the organization had been a controversial one. The officer rebuffed open calls for his resignation as FOP President shortly after his election when Christine Cilli, one of the married man’s girlfriends, was granted a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order against him back in October of 2012. The woman alleged McCoy had become suicidal and began stalking her while he was on duty. Beaver Borough suspended McCoy from duty and stripped him of his sergeant’s stripes as a result of the incidents. McCoy admitted no wrongdoing at the time but agreed not to challenge the Borough’s disciplinary actions against him.

In a campaign brochure mailed out to local FOP members leading up to the election, Officer Piuri vowed to rebuild public trust in Beaver County’s law enforcement community. “I promise that I will serve the lodge with honor and integrity […] The FOP is supposed to be the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities, yet our lodge has been silent while important decisions that affect our members have been made, and while law enforcement officers have been unfairly represented in the local media,” he wrote. “I will increase community involvement of our lodge, thus building a better relationship with the people we are sworn to protect.”


  1. SpeakTheTruthToo. So you are without sin. Been over a year and I have not heard of Ken doing wrong again. Forgive and Forget. We all fall short of HIM. Not our place to judge. We all will be judged in the end. Just not on an internet blog under a fake name.

  2. Words got you elected you’re actions will get you respected the citizens of Beaver County are watching!  Good luck!

  3. Yes a person may not carry or possess a firearm while under a PFA order this is a copy and paste of the law:•Order the abuser to turn any of his/her firearms, other weapons, and ammunition to the sheriff or police, if s/he used them or threatened to use them during the abuse, and prohibit him/her from getting additional firearms;



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