Monaca Police Chief David Piuri / photo via Monaca Borough

Monaca Council has voted to promote long-time Borough Officer David Piuri to the position of Chief of Police. Council also voted to hire officers Jeff McConnell and James Ball as full-time patrolmen with the department.

Tonight’s Monaca Council vote to promote Sgt. David Piuri to Chief was unanimous. Piuri replaces William J. Petures, who retired from Monaca in January when he was hired as the Deputy Director of Beaver County Emergency Services.

Along with serving as Monaca’s new Police Chief, Piuri also serves as President of the Fraternal Order of Police Beaver Valley Lodge #4.


  1. Great hire, truly good guy.

    Jeffery McConnell good kid do the town right and I’m sure you will.

    The other are you kidding me, really !!!! Guess the vetting process took a nap on that one. Whewww

  2. Conflict of interest…..Don’t know you Chief, but you need to resign as F.O.P. President… can only create headaches down the road for you and Monaca.

  3. @ beaver county 2

    If I where MONACA, I would want my chief in that spot. That’s more for unfair labor practices and handled by attorneys.

    No conflict because I’m sure MONACA officers have there own collective bargaining association. And would only be a problem if they felt there chief shouldn’t be it.

    Council shouldn’t have a problem , the president of f.o.p is more geared to public awareness, community outreach and lobbying legislation for its members.

    Conflict of interest. Lol

    • @ Laws

      I understand your point. My assumption is just based on the management versus labor issues. The F.O.P. may not be the bargaining unit but they do offer Police Officer support in labor related issues. It could be difficult if one of his Officers needs to seek F.O.P. assistance at some future point. I agree that it would be Great to have the F.O.P. President in your rank and file, but not as the Chief.

      I may have drifted from the original purpose of this article, I apologize for that. 🙂

  4. CONFLICT OF INTEREST….( I will get to that) Hey all I know and it might be off point, I really have a concern about the leadership of the department on a GOVERNMENTAL LEVEL AS IN ELECTED.

    50 plus years I’ve watched some come and go on the board. Some good, some bad and some useless.

    Let’s see to my knowledge only two are running for MAYOR. ( not official)

    1. Candidate…Wants to lead police department because he loves bells and whistles, but voters rejected him numerous times, works at 911 center and has access to information if he’s MAYOR THAT WOULD BE CONFLICT OF INTEREST. AND MIXING OF DUTIES, THAT COULD CREATE FAVORITISM , also who you going to serve first? The town or Emergency management can’t serve two master’s . I would think 911 director would frown upon that. Not to mention hold multiple satellite offices in the local clubs and he didn’t drink pop all night.

    2. Aspiring candidate…. Has been arrested, charged numerous times , fighting, domestic violence ect. Owns an establishment that’s had fights, drug over doses, shootings. Hmmmm

    Call me crazy, but add that to a certain few with run ins with the law and being arrested that sit currently on council. I have a concern for community and public safety of residents and police officers.

    We need trust and transparency and our officers out cleaning up the filth, drug dealers and transient trouble that comes through, in order to provide our town residents safety, we don’t need them distracted.

    • As far as I know, being convicted of a felony prohibits a person to run for any elected government office along with owning any firearms. So if the one has a felony, it’s illegal to run for mayor.

    • the OBVIOUS choice to vote for is Simon Short – he is a level-headed young man, has never done drugs or abused his wife, is a very respected business man with great work ethics, admired and respected from most and would bring a wonderful change to the politics of this town!

  5. The more things change-The more they stay the same.
    Should have gone outside the area to replace the chief. IMO.

  6. Congratulations Dave.
    Why would Dave have to quit as President of the FOP?
    The FOP is a fraternal organization.
    They are not and never were a collective bargaining unit.
    Sure they support their members, but so do the Masons, Knights of Columbus, VFW, etc.
    It works, I did it for 20 years, was Chief of Police and a member of the FOP (Treasurer).

    • @ Harry Never said he had to quit, I suggested he should. Maybe your Lodge didn’t represent you or your Department. Have you ever attended the yearly F.O.P. Labor Seminars? They take place each year to educated the rank and file. Case law that pits municipality and Police are often a topic of review. You should not have your management conflicting with your rank and file. Fraternal yes, but way more than just Fraternal. The Chief can’t be management and rank and file at the same time. Yes he can be a F.O.P. member, but should not be the President and Chief too.
      Again, I apologize for leaving the original subject of this article.

    • Harry, you know that the organizations you mention are stronger than any bargaining unit. Actually, those organizations are the glue that hold most of the cops together. Around here, for the most part, they are Catholic and Italian. And, there is a strong argument that they work against the separation of church and state. All are church-based. The rest of the organizing is a convenience. Tread lightly here, for the same could be said of the basis of organized corruption, with the same players, friends and families, from cops to judges.

      • I’ll go one further, Harry. If protestants and non-believers voted non-Catholic — if that were possible — in the next election, most of the corruption would be stopped dead in its tracks. It’s not bias. It is just where the people who are doing the most of it are found. It’s not a R or D thing. Gradually, that is changing, though, and that portion of the population is in a decline, and others are increasing. We are fighting 100+ years of history, not politics.

    • Perhaps lend some wisdom to the fiasco that led to Dan Madgar being both Chief and Manager. Of course, you would have to unelect the sycophants and deadhead newbies that did it. Two-job arrangements are about as reliable as Putin and Trump playing golf tigether.

  7. Isn’t it amazing that people that know nothing about a subject have an opinion about it.
    But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink.

    • Protect that “Thin Blue Line” at all costs, right?! Yep, your right, your opinion does stink like BULLSHIT!

      • It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that’s not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything.

        Stephen Colbert

    • @ Harry, Certainly Sir….you do not know me, nor what I know or don’t know about this or any other subject. That’s your opinion….and you know what you wrote about opinions.

      Again, this article is about a new Chief of Police in the Borough of Monaca ……not a former Chief turned School Board Politician.

  8. Actually, Harry, opinions are innocuous. When they become lies, that’s a problem. Tweet that to Trump and save us from another day of alternate facts, lying and delusional thinking.

    • “Isn’t it amazing that people that know nothing about a subject have an opinion about it.”

      Simply put, if all were known, there would be no need for opinions. We would live in the boring world of facts. Everyone would always be right. Wow!

      Every scientific inquiry starts out with a hunch, a guess, an opinion — an hypothesis, if you will. So, put Stephen Hawking, Neil degrasse Tyson and Einstein on your list of assholes. The Pope too, each time he reverses course on policies. Even Jesus had some second thoughts. What an asshole? Throw the search for natural laws away, or demand scientific precision for religion and other faith-based systems of belief. Trouble there.

      No, things don’t work that way. And digging up pithy quotes to make things seem so is an opinion too. A very superficial endeavor.

      The only asshole here is you, passing judgment upon judgments to make yourself into some kind of fact guru. Spend less time with Bartlett’s Quotations and more time here with the rest of us guessing opinions to figure out why local politics is so fucked up.

      Sometimes, it works.

  9. Consider, Harry Beighley, that language makes us uniquely human. A dog, Fido, has no language. Fido is stuck in the “now” object world of his senses. He sees a “bone”, and that’s it. He does not call it a “bone”. He eats it. Simple. No past, no future, just now. Crunch Crunch. Yum Yum. So too with words. Each and every word is one level removed from the object it represents. It is not the reality it is assigned to. And words that represent that first word are further removed — also abstractions. And on and on into the higher general abstractions that represent reality. You can never directly interact with reality with words.

    The point is that you could not be totally objective and fact-based if you wanted to and still use language. You would have to shut up and just listen to the “wind”, taste “water”, see “clouds.” But when a “politician” does something “wrong” that doesn’t fit “reality” as it “should” be, we have to dig for some words to react to that. Unless the words are “are” the act itself, it will always be a guess, an opinion, a hunch about what we are observing. Some people are totally O.K. with using “God’ opinions to represent something that cannot be sensed. Why not give a little here and let people describe something much easier to swallow? In their own words. From their own guesses? Their own opinions?

    Yeh, I know. This isn’t in the cop field manuals. But maybe it should be.

  10. “At first, they’ll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they’ll dislike you.”
    ― Criss Jami, Killosophy



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