Thomas Suica / file photo by John Paul

Monaca Borough’s town slogan — “Leading The Way In Beaver County” — is proving to ring true this election season. The town quickly set itself apart from the rest of the pack during the Beaver Countian’s analysis of local primary elections in the county, with a number races that are sure to prove as contentious as they are controversial.

Note: Do not mistake the following for political satire, it is actual fact-verified reporting by the Beaver Countian about municipal primary elections taking place on May 16th.

The Democratic Primary For Mayor Includes A Candidate With Extensive Law Enforcement Experience

The town’s police department hangs in the balance as Thomas “Norm” Ely and Paul Miller III face off in the Democratic primary for Mayor.

Norm Ely / photo via Facebook

A former Monaca Borough Council President, Norm Ely currently works as the town manager for Rochester Township. Along with his day job, Ely also co-owns a Bruster’s Ice Cream franchise with Mario Leone — who has a day job of his own working as town manager for Monaca Borough.

Paul Miller III is the owner of P-Dubs Sports Bar & Grille in Monaca. Research by the Beaver Countian shows Miller has extensive experience dealing with police departments — primarily in his reoccurring role as a criminal defendant.

Miller is currently awaiting the entering of a plea on charges of Disorderly Conduct filed against him on March 2nd by Monaca Officer Rachel Dietz — according to online court dockets Miller’s record of arrests span years. In 2015, court records show Miller reached a plea deal with prosecutors that saw him pleading guilty to Disorderly Conduct following an arrest on charges of Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault, Stalking, and Harassment among other offenses.

Millers’ five page arrest summary is available on the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania’s website.

Voters in the Republican primary will be seeing just one name on their ballot for Mayor, Simon D Short. Short is a former laborer for the Monaca Public Works Department who now works as a Tattoo Artist in town.

County Commissioner Dan Camp’s Mancretary Making A Run For Treasurer

It will be Anthony Caltury vs Virginia Dibacco on the Democratic primary ballot for Monaca Borough Treasurer.

Caltury spends his days in the courthouse as the Administrative Assistant for County Commissioner Dan Camp, but promises he’ll still be able to keep Monaca Borough’s Tax Collection Office open more than incumbent Virginia Dibacco by hiring an assistant out of his own paycheck for evening and weekend hours.

With Camp backing Caltury and Dibacco having the support of Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens, it’s possible this race may create political ripples that will be felt back in the courthouse.

Teacher vs Teacher In 2nd Ward Council Race

Incumbent Brandy Rossi Tesnovich will face challenger James Blanarik on the Democratic ballot for Council out of Monaca’s 2nd Ward.

Brandy Tesnovich (sister of County Controller David Rossi) is currently a teacher in Rochester Area School District, James Blanarik recently retired from Monaca/Central Valley School District.

Democrats Will See Just One Name On The Ballot For 3rd Ward Council (Maybe)

Chad J McGown is the only Democrat in the 3rd Ward to get his name on to the ballot — that is if no one challenges his petition. McGown failed to file the mandated financial disclosure statements with the Borough by the deadline (oops).

Like all races for Monaca Council, the Republican primary ballot for the seat will be empty.

Internationally Renown Toilet Bowl Tricycle Inventor Running For 1st Ward Council Seat

Tom Suica’s toilet trikes / photo by John Paul

Former Monaca Councilman and internationally renown plumbing sensation Thomas Suica is on the Democratic ballot for a seat on council, facing off against Justin LaPearle.

Longtime readers of the Beaver Countian may remember Suica from previous articles about a row of toilets he has mounted to the peak of his garage, our coverage of the toilet bowl tricycles that he invented, or the physical altercation he got into with former Council President John DiMarzio about “a giant 5 foot long black dick” painted on Suica’s garage.

(Click here to listen to Australian radio broadcasters talk about shenanigans involving Monaca Borough’s Thomas Suica)


  1. So embarrassing for Beaver County but hey, there’s a clown sitting in the WH so why not Beaver County as well.

    • It’s a traveling bar stool. That way you don’t ever have to go to the disgusting men’s room to get hit on by a LGBTQRSTXYZ whatever.

  2. What a bunch of undesirables mother fuckers on that council. Nepotism, dirt bags, criminals.

    Feel bad for the certain few that are decent and haven’t been arrested, hired a family member ect. Can’t believe I live here anymore.

    • These people are ruining the town. Monaca is going in wrong direction. Look at Main Street, a disgrace. Town is not managed nor run properly. It’s doomed with these candidates too.

  3. All I know is that whoever wins I hope to God they do something for the good of Monaca. On all seats on the ballot. Monaca’s Main Street is an eyesore and it’s one of the most traveled roads in beaver county. With that new plant going in it will only get busier and much needed improvements need made to fit the new traffic coming their way. I may not live in monaca any longer but I still care about it, plus my mom still lives there.

  4. I know Tom Suica. Eccentric and rebellious. Hard worker. Hard NattyLite drinker. He’ll do Monaca a solid. Get rid of the crap with all of his toilets.

  5. Paul Miller can not run for mayor of Monaca. His address is not with borough limits it is a Center Township address.

    • Is this the business owner that was “Profiled” on that “The Dirty” website? Type in Beaver County on the search and look at the roster of losers we got running around among us.

  6. Monica/ Center…. the breeding ground for a run at a county political seat. They’re following in fine footsteps…. Rossi, Tatalovich, Amadio, Javens, Calhoon (Wannabe)

  7. The PA Liquor Control Board is showing that PDUBS liquor license expired June 30, 2016. It also has numerous violations listed against it. In addition to that if he has a criminal record, a liquor license would be revoked or prohibited.

  8. Hilarious! What a great picture for a mayorial campaign button! Norm in all his glory! Well you can best be sure that he will get in if David Rossi has anything to do with it. Old friends right along with Willie Calhoun. What about the other Rossi on Monaca Council is he related to David as well?

    • Oh yes Gary Rossi right he is related oh wait and yes so is Derek Wilson. My my a table full of Rossis no wonder the town can’t move ahead. Do they wait for word from David to decide anything? You bet your bottom dollar they do! Monaca is a family run town with the name Rossi plastered all over it!

      • You people sit on your ass and talk shit ..Run for office …or keep your stupid comments to yourself…

  9. @demopub

    YOU forgot others from MONACA center

    Recorder of deeds.. Jan beall
    Registrar of wills…. Tracy Antoline patton
    Both jury commissioners.. Golletti and blythe
    Judges fouse and kunselman
    Senior judge dohanich

    If spanik didn’t move it he would still be in to

    Current judge candidates Shaheen and decostro.. Yep center

  10. The guy running in the 4th ward of Monaca, Dan Zigerelli, is a habitual drunk who often shows up late to his teaching job at Central Valley High School (who was only hired because his dad was the elementary school principal many years ago) and once sung the national anthem at a Pirates game and skipped two lines. Another complete joke running for office.

  11. Seriously, how would like to be the person marketing Beaver County to outside companies and have some loon sitting on a toilet bike, next to his toilet fence, in front of his cock silhouette garage door and making the national news as an elected official in your area? Because this will get us the kind of attention that we receive all too often around here.

  12. Oh, man, I thought that Monaca profile on the kids football show last year was pretty unflattering toward the town. That was whimsically cute compared to this story. :O hahahaha

  13. Come on not Norm Ely you mean the guy in my opinion and rumors have it . Also, facts. The guy that works at S.O.I. after hours door but, calls the cops and marks tires to arrest people for d.u.i.’s while working there. You mean the guy that was on Monaca council got the boot from that job, then to patterson twp. got booted from that job, then to Rochester lol… Definitely, a shady guy for years can’t wait to screw another guy over every one knows Norm thats why he didn’t get re-elected ……

  14. To all democrats and republicans, need serious input, if an independent ran, who is a true family man, moved back to Monaca when was given the opportunity and wants to continue to raise his family here, philanthropic (has done over 10 years of community service working in Special Olympics for Beaver County, supports small businesses throughout Monaca, gives back to the community along with his entire family including grandparents, aunts and uncles, and wants to see change in the town he grew up in, would you support this candidate for mayor?

    • Well in monaca, people will want to know if your last name ends with a vowel. One more thing, maybe an endorsement from the matriarch, you know, the one with the view of her kingdom.

  15. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Monaca is not the town of its heyday. You drive though downtown and you see sights that are right out of Alawhippy. There is a reason that “Friday Night Tykes” has focused on the community and it’s not a badge of honor. Monaca used to be full of “homegrown and raised” folks however a large number of rental properties has brought in outsiders that have brought their issues from the surrounding communities. I feel for the Police Department because they have to take direction/orders from these slack jawed mouth breathers. . Good luck because you are going to need it. Friggin Amateurs.

  16. What a wonderful write up John Paul! I’m assuming that there will be much more to talk about over the next few weeks, especially with this group from Monaca. I’m at a loss for words of how disturbing it is that some of these individuals even have the audacity to run for public office. For instance, let’s all sit back and imprint the images in our heads of what each individual’s campaign commercial would look like for the Democratic Mayor run:

    Norm Ely -Commercial begins with Norm taking a nap in his SUV in downtown Monaca. People robbing and burning the town down while Norm is passed out sleeping in his vehicle “snore snore”. The commercial then shifts to Norm sitting at the SOI taking phone pictures of all of the 21 year old females. “snap snap”. Lastly the commercial ends with Norm sleeping again in his SUV “snore snore”.
    Slogan: “Snore Snore Snap Snap”

    Paul Miller III – Commercial begins with Paul getting pulled out of his beat up red Chevy Cobalt in downtown Monaca and put in handcuffs getting arrested for the 27th time. The commercial then migrates to P-Dubs Sports Bar & Grill where there is an abundance of drugs being dealt and people who are on drugs hanging out. In the background Paul fills up the liquor bottles with half liquor and half water and opens the door to his kitchen where cats and cockroaches are nibbling on the food “meow meow”. Lastly the commercial ends with Paul giving a speech to all of the patrons in his bar of what he plans to do for Monaca. The patrons consist of drug addicts, low life’s, and underage girls who get served.
    Slogan: “I get arrested at least three times a year, but even in the summer I wear a tossle cap and I will make Monaca great again “meow meow”.

    This town is a complete joke. I hate to even tell people that I live in Monaca. If this is the most qualified candidates we have for all of these open positions, our town is in some major trouble.

  17. And people wonder why I moved across country to get away from this shit hole. It’s nothing but a two mile by two mile town that has nothing interesting but bars. Which turns out more and more alcoholics every year because that’s the only way to socialize there. And it’s sad because most of the drinkers are good hard working people that just can’t get out of the Monaca Rut. They work and drink, retire and drink, than die broke without seeing anything of the world. Add in the amount of drug abuse and drug related deaths and it’s insane. My family still lives there and none of them partied so they never believed me when I said it just wasn’t a good place to live or raise kids anymore. It’s a dead end town. I went back last year to visit and I realized that place just isn’t home. Damn shame.



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