Sheriff George David has been underbilling corporations for private security work performed by his Deputies, an audit by Beaver County Controller David Rossi has determined. The finding comes after an investigative report by the Beaver Countian first revealed the private security services being conducted by the Sheriff’s Office, in apparent violation of state law.

“A review of invoices to outside third-party entities for security services rendered by sheriff’s deputies revealed that such services generated an estimated deficit of $47,845” the audit concludes. “Likewise, a review of certain internal invoices for security services provided by sheriff’s deputies generated an approximate $44,315 deficit.”

The audit confirms that under Sheriff David, taxpayers have effectively been subsidizing security for private corporations including Walmart, Boscovs, Toys R Us, Target, and Cinemark.

Sheriff David has previously claimed in a series of interviews that 100% of the costs for private security work performed by his deputies was reimbursed.

Controller Rossi’s audit has also confirmed that Sheriff David is having Deputies perform private security services for some third-party organizations without any reimbursement to taxpayers. “Certain services are provided by the Sheriff and his deputies to outside, third-party organizations at no charge. Since documentation of these types of services either does not exist or is poorly maintained, determining the exact amount provided may not be possible. As in the case of under-billed services, any potential losses resulting from the provision of these services are absorbed by tax and/or fee revenues, which could otherwise have been used for other purposes. We are proceeding to further research this matter.”

In September, Beaver County Commissioners filed a lawsuit against Sheriff David attempting to stop him from having his deputies provide private security work. That lawsuit remains ongoing.

“Services by sheriffs and their deputies to parties outside of county government are apparently not allowed by Pennsylvania statutes” concludes the audit. “Additionally, the services rendered by the Beaver County Sheriff’s deputies are not provided under any type of written agreement. This combination of un-allowed and undocumented activity puts Beaver County at a severely high risk of financial loss and negative legal consequences.”

Sheriff David has said he would not be stopped from performing private security services, reportedly saying that “no commissioner, no judge, no one’s going to tell me that I can’t do it.”

“It’s all in front of a judge right now” Beaver County Commissioner Joe Spanik told the Beaver Countian. “The judge needs to make a decision, because we need to stop this. Georgie does what he wants, that’s how he does things, and the judge needs to make his decision because this all has to stop.”

Under Pennsylvania County Code, the performance of private security work by the Sheriff’s Office could constitute criminal misdemeanors.

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Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Bingo bingo sheriff caught LYING, let me guess his stealth lawyer is going tangle up his version of a spin off… Spanik hit the nail on the head …. But why did you let him get this far to begin with…just glad some people are going to hold that old creeps hands over the fire finally…..

    What is next he going to have his 3 amigos , blog everyone is wrong…he protects football games (cough cough

  2. So let’s see what reasons would the sherrif provide security for walmart or boscovs…etc…..Black Friday? To control the morons that think they can do whatever they want…..its not like the sherrif contracted his deputies out to police a birthday party for his kids…its not like he paid them to wash his car. He provided services where beaver county NEEDED security and might not have otherwise had it! In doing so he also put food on his deputies tables where they wouldn’t have been able to find the work elsewhere. ….think people…..nothing he has done was “in his own interest” change the law to allow private security and enforce it to be rembursed and leave the man alone!

  3. GREAT JOB DAVID ROSSI…You make us proud that we voted for you. Keep up the good work wtching over our money. I gotta give credit where it is due. GREAT JOB by you and your staff. I’ll be voting for YOU again next election…..

  4. @ people really…. You Nimrod learn the full law… Just not outside work …what powers they have if something happen you are liable because they are not allowed to arrest unless they witness the crime no investigation powers ect. They are to protect county property and the courts also serve warrants ect, not police…. Trust me I know I work with guys that work as deputies and some are great at that job and being a police officer when working in that town preforming a function that’s with in there jurisdiction of the law,, others are not 120 certified and just have act2 and only work as deputy sheriff , and can’t go work and police something, You would be no different to go do it its the same

    You got guys that work full time for years at that department and also work as police officers in different

  5. Towns they know while serving as a deputy they can’t preform the same functions as they would officers

    Wait now this is open to public ask those traffic tickets citations and criminal arrest that they have done will be revoked and lead to criminal litigation all because of a sheriff that didn’t follow the law thought he was above the law and put idiots in charge of things they had no clue of and put innocent deputies in a bad predicament

  6. Yeah great job wow someone actually doing there job even though he’s a DEM, but yes I listen to Marty Matthews years ago to write him in and he’s done a good job since not the popular job got some but his job , Spanik had quote where is the chairmen or my fellow GOPer Dennis at??? Pouring to the Marcellus gods

  7. Id rather see ctpd at those places myself. Pretty decent department that knows their job and do it pretty damn good

  8. why don’t we all leave Sheriff David alone he is a good man one of honor and respect unlike this rude arrogant pompous officers we have running the streets who act as if their badges make them GOD why not pick on them. Pick on an officer of color who harasses white citizens. Pick on the cops out there who shouldn’t have a shield because they use it to be above the law. Leave men of Honor, Integrity, and Respect like Sheriff Georgie David Alone

    • Respect someone who is breaking the law..thats laughable. As far as I’m concerned he’s stealing from the tax payers of this county

  9. What kids, he doesn’t have any unless you are counting the one he denied years ago. Can’t anybody get it through their thick heads. He underbilled so the deficit has to be made up with tax dollars. David is not a nice guy, and he is not honest or a boy scout.

  10. @ people really… can you read? Do u not understand that according to the LAW the sheriffs dept. Is not allowed to “police” these private places BC they do not have arresting power? And also do you understand that the sheriff is elected into this position, so every event he and or his deputies agree to do isin his political personal interest and billed to you the tax payer

  11. And furthermore even if a private place pays for the service they aren’t paying things like liability insurance/social security/health insurance & ect that the county pays the deputy

  12. Lower taxes a deputy sheriff has arrest powers for any crime commiitted in their view if you don’t believe that go commite a crime in front of a deputy and see what happens yo you.

  13. at Joe 919 that is correctthey have arrestung powers if a crime is committed in their view only if they have their act 120 which only about 15 of the 60 deputies do

  14. If anyone is detained by a sheriff deputy that does not have act120 and the individual does not have an active warrant they can sue the county… That is why there is an issue check your facts Joe

  15. And Joe just for trying to correct me, read the next article written…the district attorney has launched an investigation

  16. Bottom line protect the courts, parks, county property, serve papers, transport prisoners and get warrants served…

    County has drug dogs why?? Its not for our tax dollars to serve that, fugitive tracking dogs ok…

    Its nit for county money to protect movie theater it high school games don’t let any one fool you, the school district has tax money to pay for local police or security, its been stated before its against the law for sheriff department to do that work

    Just do what your supposed to do and have jurisdiction with in the law to do and this wouldn’t be a problem but no…. Not the mighty midget sheriff he knows all…

    Hey let’s have the parks workers under bid grass cutting and county can do the med Center, or the DA can give discount legal advice for wills, power of attorney, have controllers and treasurer workers do tax returns on the side and just accept the check….. Come on fools, how about using the jails correction officers to do security privately they have uniforms like security guards and health insurance already no difference than having deputies..

    Why had local departments for most part given up keeping or holding people in there jail cells??? Its called liability, and sheriff had violated pretty much Egbert code of conduct so far and not just taxpayers, county insurance but his own men in liable position and at risk legally….

    The walls are caving in on operation, the band aid of doing it for kids, charity is running out no different than Veon ect, abuse of power, official oppression ect.

  17. @ coralcat…… Please you truly must nit have a clue of what integrity and the blue line is…. Not saying there isn’t shit with a Shields but this man isn’t a man he is a short fused Napoleon complex child, that has masked lied and manipulated petiole into thinking he was true blue 15% cop 85% as bad a what he should of been chasing

    Look at immediate circle if friends and family, its the for basic food groups of criminalist life style.. Drugs , racketeering, tax evasion, gambling what did he ever do to stop it at his front 40 , its all coming out..



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