The Pennsylvania State Police conducted a major traffic patrol operation in the town of Midland today. The saturation patrols come as PSP is engaged in an ongoing criminal investigation into the town’s Police Chief after he issued a controversial memorandum directing his officers to cease doing most traffic stops.

The Beaver Countian published a copy of Midland Police Chief Keith McCarthy’s memorandum last month, directing his officers to take a “seen but not heard from” approach due to “a rash of citizen complaints” he and the town’s Mayor had been receiving.

Approximately six State Police patrol units were on and around the main street of Midland for about two hours today, pulling over dozens of vehicles for traffic and equipment violations.

When asked about the saturation patrol, State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick told the Beaver Countian his agency is committed to keeping the roadways safe for the citizens of Pennsylvania, and that his men and women will continue to focus their efforts on problem areas.

“The Pennsylvania State Police is committed to protecting the residents of the Commonwealth and abroad,” said Hermick. “We will continue our relentless enforcement efforts to remove impaired and dangerous drivers from roadways, educate the motoring public relevant to vehicle equipment laws and requirements, and to target drug traffickers. The State Police have executive law enforcement authority throughout this great Commonwealth, therefore they can go to the problematic areas.”

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    • I seriously hope you get pulled over and ticketed for something stupid. Take money out of your pocket. You think that these are criminals that they are targeting??? It’s hard working people that are suffering. No victim no crime. Stop revenue generating.

      • They give you tickets for doing nothing and have lost in court. So no, you don’t have to break the law in this town to get pulled over, just catch them on a bad day and you’ll be sure to earn yourself a ticket.

    • If you lived in midland you’d understand why they did this. It’s a fishing party with the midland police and the way they pull people over

      • Some laws they do and some no BUT we all had to a driving test and we all are suppose to obey traffic laws. If you don’t you get a ticket. That is the law of the land. Believe me I speak from experience. I’ve had my share of tickets and hated to pay them BUT I was speeding.

      • It is your responsibility to check that your vehicle conforms to the state’s vehicle code including functioning lighting. Don’t like it? Don’t drive. It’s a privilege, not a right…

      • Respect does tend to beget respect however, we are talking about society in 2017 and we all know it’s not cool to respect the police so…

    • Drew Figas my point is, if a bulb burnt out over night and I don’t notice it on my way to work sort of situation. It’s pretty messed up if the police are more interested in giving a ticket instead of letting the driver know. A $100 fine is really messed up when a helpful office could have given a heads up. In my experience, if a warning was given, the driver had a certain amount of days to correct the issue.

      • Let me give you a scenario here no light on a plate…..”Amber Alert” child abducted by armed man in green late model sedan….with license plate xo22pd but your late model green sedan has no light. Should the officer approach with a weapon engaged?? Or will you bi_ch if he does?

      • It is a fix it ticket. You fix the light, the ticket is dismissed. All equipment violations are fix it tickets.

    • Anthony Treviño II of that was the case ….. it would not be a findable offense lol …. most officers do give warnings …. I can count on one hand the actual tickets I’ve received and I’m 44 yrs old ….. I’ve received a lot of warnings …. but I can assure you if you start rolling your eyes and huffing and puffing with an attitude that they will gladly write the ticket …. moral of the story here is check your vehicle …. it’s your responsibility….. and don’t cry when you get a ticket 🙄🙄🙄🙄 it’s a shame we even have to have conversation …. it’s called adulting

    • I’ve gotten pulled over and I’ve always been able to go fix the light and show the officer later at the station or the chief and they don’t fine you. If you’re not a jerk and make it a point to fix the light it’s not a big deal. Show a bit of respect and actually use the manners your momma taught you and you get a completely different outcome from being a smart assed jerk.

      • It is actually stated in the drivers hand book that YOU are responsible to make sure your car is road worthy each and every time you get in it to drive. Which means checking your lights. I have never been given a fine for a light bulb burnt out. Always had 5 days to fix it. Never a problem. You can also be fined for not removing snow and ice from your vehicle, so no responsibility in Midland? lol

    • I have never see a bigger bunch of cry babies in all my years than I have on this issue …. good grief kids ….. time to adult and take responsibility for your mistakes …. laws are in place for a reason …. if you break them it’s nobody’s fault but your own …. and these traffic stops not always but sometimes fry some big fish …. the state police infact just pulled a guy over for a turn signal infraction and seized 8000 stamp bags of Heroin …. that’s a huge Win 👍🏻

      • I am glad you support all laws, and I am also happy to hear you support immigration laws also. Good for you! All illegals should be deported. It is the law.

    • Hauser Christian you should be ashamed. Cause your really a bitch.. I mean a pussy in the flesh.. if you really bout that talk go to the wunder bar and announce yourself I know you a bitch and you only road thru Midland never just been in it. You can get you ass beat before you get shot. And if you go to the wunder bar right now ima be the first to stand up and knock you the fuck out trap house.. your momma house was a trap house sucka… Come to Midland and see how you can get that ass beat real good. And give the police something to do. Midland is a great place to raise kids ain’t no drugs. That heroin is on Ohio and up the valley.. only thing here in Midland is a good ole fashion ads whooping.. bark pussy I know you very well also

    • Amillion Jacksons yes another internet tough guy. I see you clearly get empowered by typing on your phone or whatever electronic device you type on. lol its quite amusing. I’ll come through midland and laugh at you and nothing will happen, I can guarantee that. You state one thing I agree with. Midland is a great town. However, people are mad because officers write tickets. Here is something better, don’t commit traffic infractions, make sure your car or whatever piece of shit you use for transportation can pass inspection. No Chief in a million year did what this fool did. It’s kind of illegal what he did along with the mayor. If you have a problem with it, go run for Mayor, write the governor a letter, and tell him to change some things.

    • Hauser Christian. Stop copping please. I know I have a great town were everyone knows everyone with respect to the elders. Tho the young boys wear tight jeans and let them sag.. they are kids and Midland is a family. If you come to the bar. I will he the first to knock you on your ass for bashing my Midland family. You sir are a pussy and you wouldn’t dare step foot in Midland and run your mouth for fear of the police pulling you over. Or getting laid out at the bar.. I promise you if you come to the bar.
      I will personally put on on your back. Yes my name is amillion.. lol. Check my stats

    • Amillion Jacksons lol another internet tough guy. Man beat it. You are acting like a 7th grade school girl that got hurt by their first boyfriend. Acting like a hoe over traffic tickets. Lame

  1. John, your just doing your job and I respect that because you’ve broken a ton of stories and have been on top of other huge stories around the area but this time is different. I live in midland and the way the police act sometimes is ridiculous. They’ll pull you over for no reason sometimes, give you a horrible reason or lie about why they are doing it or make something up. I’ve encountered all of these situations first hand. Every night you will hear them pull someone over every 30-40 minutes on the Main Street. This is a regular occurrence with them. Anybody who knows about midland, know not to drive down the Main Street at night because of the amount of times they themselves have been pulled over or because of the amount of time they have heard people being pulled over. For instance, one of my friends got pulled over, I was with him and the officer said it was because he couldn’t read what state his license plate had. he asked us to step out of the car and when he did we both walked around to see the plate. Is was clearly showing Pennsylvania, not obstructed or anything but he still gave my friend a ticket and made him fight it in court, which he won. It’s a well known fact that if you aren’t from town you’ll most likely get pulled over for some technical reason. They fish for these kinds of things and is why people have been complaining so much recently. It’s frustrating and at times annoying when you have to do something at a certain time and end up getting pulled over for no reason. Midland is a small community, shouldn’t the police spend their time protecting it instead of using it on pulling people over? In my eyes, I think they did the right thing but that’s only because I live here and have to deal with it on a regular basis.

    • Really, Chad, you apparently do not know the Mayor. Are you an adult name calling? Shame on you, you would think people would set an example. This is definitely a form of bullying which we are encouraging our youth and children not to do! Grow up!

      • Mayor Poobie has been a awesome mayor she has done a lot for Midland she cares about Midland and she works hard for the youth in the town. Hats off to to Mayor Angela Poobie Adkins. Job well done.

    • Really, Lorraine, the mayor, an adult, goes by some ridiculous nickname and wants to be taken seriously? Tells her Police Department to in effect stand down and do not enforce the laws and wants to be taken seriously? Sorry, Mayor Dookie or whatever the hell she calls herself… Oh, wait, here you go, Lorraine. Straight from the original article, Angela “Poobie” Adkins, Poobie, not Poopie. SMH…

    • Her nickname was given to her as a child, her Mother, ( God Bless her Soul) had one of the best pizza shops in town called Poobie’s. When you speak and know nothing, this is exactly what people resort to name calling. I hope you are proud that everyone that reads this knows you are a bully. End of conversation. I will not resort to name calling you back, I am so much better than that. And if you know anything about Midland, most of the folks there have nicknames. We are Proud Former Midlanders! Have a blessed nite!

    • Yawn… I believe the bully tag fits your tactics much better than it does my post. But then again, you’re the Christian so I’ll just assume the role of bully, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe, etc so you can feel better about yourself…

    • Chill the fuck out she’s a nice lady to everyone that’s why she’s mayor. You all took this out of context. She didn’t say don t pull over or don my enforce they simply meant just relax a lil. But don’t be so strict have some restraint unless it’s that’s serious. You people read and believe what you want bit if you knokw there people its clear what they meant. If anything ask Cheif and Mayor who taught them English/grammar lessons. You should condemn that you people hear what you want but even a text message can be taken out of context. Chill the fuck out. Your making Midland relevant again suckas

    • For the record, I couldn’t care less what you or anyone else think I sound “like”. Am I from Midland? No, I never lived there but, my Grandfather was raised there. My Great Grandmother died there and regardless of what you think, I am, as is everyone else, entitled to my opinion.

  2. I DO live in midland and I’m happy this is happening. We have cars speeding through stop signs and children riding bikes and playing near by. This has been a LONG time coming.

  3. The state police pulled over a car today in Hempfield Township for a turn signal violation.
    A turn signal violation.
    They found 8,000 stamp bags of heroin.

    Stop whining

    • That is why most, if not all of the complainers on here are drug users or small time drug dealers. Guaranteed.

      • The order that Keith and the Mayor posted was dumb. Keith next time make the Mayor post it. However another item people are upset about, you do not shit where you eat. Never have a relationship with one of your officers, that looks bad. The state police got a huge drug bust off of someone not using a turn signal, let your officers do their jobs, tell the whiners to shut the hell and get their god damn cars fixed. You wanted to be the Chief, stand up for yourself and your officers. That department has come a long way from the Vaughn and Matthews era, that was a mess and kept quiet. I do not know how, but it was hushed up. There are tons of good police officers in this county. One Aliquippa officer was arrested, and the guy that got that officer in trouble should’nt be too far behind in catching a case. Get rid of him and his right hand man and the bad cops are gone

  4. To those who think this is a bad idea you are dumb as hell and are probably part of the problem. If you don’t break the law then there’s nothing to worry about simple as that

  5. This was on the news tonight!! Wow! He was pulled over for a violation that people are bitching about.
    A traffic stop for a turn signal violation landed a man in jail when a Pennsylvania State Police trooper discovered 8,000 stamp bags of heroin in the car.

  6. I have lived in Midland for many years & grew up in ohioville which is right up the hill. #1 Midland is NOT a drug infested shit hole! Unfortunately there are drugs in EVERY town, that’s not going to stop as long as there are drugs & dealers. #2 I’ve know Chief McCarthy for years & he is a very good man & I’m sure there is much more to this story that not everyone knows. Yet everyone wants to judge. There are an excessive amount of people breeding through stop signs, speeding down back streets & just plain people who can be a nuisance. However I’ve seen officers patrolling my street & others quite frequently to ensure the safety of the town. Chief McCarthy was instructed by his superior to do something in his job & did it, just as any other employee would have to do. However, he does care a great deal.for this community & its unfair to bash him!

  7. Guess my only problem I have with this is, THEY WANT US, WHO ONLY HAVE PSP COVERAGE, TO BE TAXED TO PAY FOR IT!
    No way, not when they’re doing this in an area that has their own police coverage.

  8. This will last a day or 2 and that will be the end of it . My question is why take it out on people driving to work and paying taxes ? We didn’t tell the police force to do nothing , Midlands Mayor told them to stop pulling people over . Why don’t the state police investigate that issue ?Seems kind of shady .

  9. Its funny to me how its about traffic stops nd it goes to midland is a shit hole. Trap houses on fourth street. There are a few apartments on fourth street nd a few newer houses. Midland gets a bad reputation. The only people you see on fourth are under 10 yrs old lol are these the thugs we are talkin about lol.

  10. This was not law enforcement. This was people who deserve to lose their badges harassing the residents of Midland in an act of political thuggery.

  11. Yet the State Police wont go deal accordingly to harassment calls in areas that is only their jurisdiction, nor will they go deal with drug dealers or drugs in these areas!!! Way to make a stand State Boys!!! I stand with McCarthy, there are MUCH BIGGER issues that need delt with that the state police would obviously still rather ignore. Quote from a State police at one point “Im the only one on duty, I dont have time for this” but you can put together a full force to do a 6 block trap.

    • Myself , I was the caller being harassed to the point I called, they told me they were tired of responding to these types of calls he was currently the only one on duty and it was a waste of his time, if he had to respond again I would also be arrested and he would let the courts figure it out… They’re a fucking joke, they just want to look good. He told me if it became that big of a problem that I needed to move, so as I was moving, my house was ransacked by the harassers so I called again… This time they tried to pull their gun because I was getting very upset until someone ended up confessing and his only response was “oh sorry”.. they are a joke!!! There are bigger fish to fry, they just want the lime light in the heat of the moment. I dont remember the officers name. I even asked to file a report and he wouldnt do it either. I am by far a cop basher but the state police do not police or care about safety, they just want to look good.

    • Brian Petroff, idc what they did, but its funny how they didnt have the man power or time to deal with their own jurisdiction but dont hesitate to get a force together to jump into someone elses.

    • Bridget Petroff you know how I feel about cops in Pennsylvania. If they’re not a bunch of womanizers then they’re crooks. Oh sure you might have wanted 100 it’s good. And at one point I thought there would be more, until I moved to Florida. That’s when I found cops are cops. Yes there are a few down here that should not be but it is certainly not like they’re weather are a few that are.
      When’s the last time you can talk to a cop joke with them and they actually listen. You can’t do that up there they’re all irrigate sons of bitches. 99% of them or Bews did high school came police officers and I use that term softly to enact revenge.
      I agree drugs or a big problem, there a big problem everywhere. Performing a traffic stop program doesn’t work. It never did. Oh sure you’ll get one or two maybe a half a dozen that are stupid. But they have phones, they’re going to call their friends while they’re being pulled over.
      If they want to stop drugs do the detective work. Quit looking for the easy route. “Becoming fat and obese sitting around eating donuts talking about how are you going to take the easy way out. I am not a cop and I could probably find more drug dealers get any two cops even when they are told about them.

      Once again I’m damn glad I moved out of Beaver County. It is crooked from the top all the way down to the bottom.

    • I too heard that with my very own ears. I also reported it to the state police on a recorded line. If anyone wants proof go to the state police barracks in Brighton Township and asked to hear the recordings they are all public information.

    • Bridget Petroff i’m not even sure about that. Maybe good on the surface. Once you get to know them you’ll find something. You always will.. like for example: oh he’s a good cop let me go once. That’s not a good cop.. nor is the cop that drinks and drives and you know if they were a bunch of them.

      • Bridget and Brian, why are you having this stupid fuckingpersonal conversation here. You appear to be related so text or email your babble between yourselves. And if you are related why on earth do you address the other by using their full name. Instead of Petroff it should be Jagoff

  12. I love how some people use this as an opportunity to express their ignorance and Biggotry I’ve lived in this town 36 years my ENTIRE life, there is good and bad in EVERY place around the world. We have a chief that actually gives a damn about this town and the people who live here, shame on anyone who tries to discredit all the good this YOUNG CHEIF does for this community!!

  13. And if you don’t / haven’t lived here in the past 5 years your opinion is really irrelevant, I would never speak on a town where I’ve had zero interaction concerning the matter at hand!

  14. It’s amazing to see the comments about the State Police saturation in Midland looking for traffic violations. It’s also amazing the way the comments have turned to bashing certain people. If you have a sec. here is something you should wrap your head around. Timothy McVeigh was caught just hours after his truck bomb exploded outside the Oklahoma federal building by being pulled over for not having a licence plate and after being pulled over was found to have no insurance and no bill of sale for the vehicle he was driving. Anthony Garcia caught by driving on a suspended license. Ted Bundy was caught just by looking out of place in a quiet neighborhood. Traffic laws might be petty but if you have nothing to worrie about why are you complaining.

  15. Apparently lost on 99% of the people commenting about their license plate lights being out is that there is a criminal investigation going on being conducted by the PSP. In all likelihood, it has something to do with mules passing through Midland with truckloads of H. Why are there no more traffic stops? So no one sees anything. It’s not a complicated puzzle here in front of us people.

    • i so agree about the mules. the heroin capital of the USA is a mere few miles away…looks like someone is leaning on/threatening the mayor to tell the cops to ” look the other way.” don’t mess with the “trade”, or you could end up dead..seriously.those state cops should also look at rt. 30….another pipeline to the burgh..

  16. I have lived in Midland for the majority of my life and I’m proud to call it home.

    Never once have I feared for my life walking the streets at any hour of the day or night.

    Counting both Beaver and Allegheny County, Midland is one of the nicest towns in the area.

    Our 4th of July Celebration is one of the best in Western Pa.

    Every town and city has drug issues. That includes Beaver.

    Chief Keith is a great officer and I applaud both he and the Mayor for protecting this small community.

    No one wants to live in fear of a Police State. No one wants to dread the mere sight of a police car.

    In a town such as ours, police should be part of the community. They should know everybody in town. People should feel safe around them, not in fear of seeing them.

    If a turn signal isn’t used at certain hours or a light is out, maybe let that person know to fix it. No need for tickets being handed out and people being needlessly harassed over a simple mistake they might not even realize.

    This isn’t Pittsburgh. This is a small town where everyone pretty much knows one another. It need not be policed like it’s South Central LA.

    The people of this town are good upstanding citizens.

    So all of you out-of-towners that don’t really know or have even been to Midland, can stick your negative opinions about my town up your ass.

    • for someone that calls himself a journalist your vocabulary or lack there of must really stifle your ability to write. It’s always fun to watch those who have no real leg to stand on resort to vulgarity in public forums. what’s next? invoking Godwin’s law???

  17. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I applaud the State Police for conducting their detail in Midland. I don’t agree with all of the Midland bashing that has occurred on this post. You can drive through Monaca and see far worse than in Midland. Hey Poobie, how’s it feel to know that this Police force doesn’t have to answer to your asinine directives? “Bad Mayor bad Chief, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when the Staties come for you”…

  18. I was originally critical of the CoP for putting the order in writing to stop the traffic stops per the Mayor. Actually, I think that was probably a smart move on his part. Yes, he could have ignored the request, it’s not up to the Mayor. However, by putting it in writing and getting this much attention, it’s focusing the attention on the request itself and making people question the underlying reason for the request. This story has just begun.

  19. So , explain to me. How does pulling over someone and giving them a citation fine for a broken tail light or burned out headlight or turn signal promote safety, IF………………….. you give them the fine and let them drive off after being cited? Hmmmm? The light is STILL out, the situation isn’t rectified. What’s to say that they live 5 miles away and “compromise safety” for another 5-10 cars that they might pass in that time.

    It’s a money grab. A revenue generator. And since Midland has a decent black population, it’s a chance to do an impromptu search while they have the car pulled over. Funny how you never see these traffic “safety” sweeps in Beaver, Chippewa, North Sewickley….

  20. The mayor of Baltimore told her officers to stand down too, and we all know what that shit hole has turned into as if it could have gotten any worse…….it did! Baltimore is now one step away from complete and total lawlessness.

  21. State Troopers should come to Quip town. The city of Aliquippa police ( some of them) like to speed and forget to use turn signals .

  22. Yes Midland is pretty nice now Mike and has a lot going for it …. a lot of that you can credit to the police doing thier job and cleaning the place up … sooooo that’s kinda the point here … let them continue to do a good job …..if you tie their hands they can no longer do that good job

  23. And in reality, the Citu Data crime stats are interesting. Midland has much less crime involving murder, rape,robbery, theft,auto theft assault and burglary than say for instance NEW BRIGHTON!!
    Significantly less my stocky friend (who is 6’3, 215, and can “bench” 350).

    Hey Amillion, let your buddy Drew know how much you “bench” so he can pimp around the gym grunting and telling everyone about all his feats of strength.
    By the way Amillion is a great name!!



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