Beaver County Times Reporter JD Prose said he was told to leave the scene of a shooting yesterday by Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker, even though other bystanders were allowed to remain at the location.

Prose made posts to Twitter yesterday afternoon about a shooting that took place outside of 136 Third Ave in Aliquippa. “Man shot in Aliquippa. I’m heading there now” he wrote.

A short time later, Prose tweeted about an encounter he had at the scene with Mayor Walker. “Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker yelling at me to leave the shooting scene then walked up to me saying, “You tough?” […] Aliquippa cop then told me to leave b/c mayor wanted me to as if that matters. Talked to officer in charge briefly and left.”

Former independent candidate for Commissioner Jack Manning asked Prose about the incident, tweeting “WTH is that all about?” Prose replied “Apparently, Dwan is unhappy w/our coverage of Aliquippa. He was ranting about us ignoring positive events.”

Mayor Dwan Walker also responded to Manning on Twitter, writing he was upset the Beaver County Times failed to provide coverage of him throwing the first pitch at a Pirates game.

The Times has covered Mayor Dwan Walker extensively, publishing articles about him with titles including “One Aliquippa slate surprises incumbents”, “First black mayor vows to bring change to Aliquippa”, and “Walker receives Jefferson Award for Public Service.”

Mayor Walker tweeted an apology to Prose, writing simply “sorry about the rant.”

Courts have repeatedly ruled it unconstitutional for government officials to bar the press from locations otherwise open to the general public.

Update 7/9/2012 6:30am – Mayor Walker has responded to this article by sending the following series of tweets to the Beaver Countian:

Dwan B. Walker
first shall be last and last shall be first

Dwan B. Walker
this to shall pass

Dwan B. Walker
By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life. (Proverbs 22:4 KJV)


  1. This is what happens when you have the wrong people running Cities and Boroughs, and they think there above the law!

    • this is what happens when u talk horrifically about a certain race of people, responsible journalism is a waste with the man, i used to live in quip and it bothers me when i read the beaver county times, how racist, ignorant and unprofessional they are

    • Can’t do no worse than those already having run our resources in the ground. at least of the people by the people might like the people and try somethng different–like protect the people, the best they can. write on!

    • you got that right. Beaver County times has a mindset that needs readjusting, from kneejerk racism to fact finding before hand. getting facts straight, stories that make sense require common sense, very little written straying from the norm–good guys in white, bad guys in black. Black is classical and goes with everything can’t be all that bad–unless written up in BC Times written by Prose at B Countian?

    • political enties need to google: how trying to control everything will make you loose control. got to get a grip on yourself before you can grasp control everybody else–all these inappropriate impulses instead of kind acts–BC political entity altruism has to extend to more than just themselves

  2. Way to go Mayor Walker !!!! I am SO jealous. That must have been amazing to tell Prose to get lost. We all want to do it and many of us have by CANCELLING our Times subscription.

    • we need the Beaver County Times to print, cover entire Beaver County stories that affect, effect, two sides to every story, respect NOUNS by using objecive vocabulary for proper verbs, por favor

  3. so mayor is pissed the times didnt write about him throwing out a pitch at a pirates game then starts quoting bible verses on humility? funny shit.

    • had to quote Bible versus to ward off demonic influences. What else can one do with the father of the lie’s children? Taking the high road, walking on a typerope requires superpower balance

  4. Prose is a hack for sure. And shame on the rag he works for, how can you ignore a bible quoting mayor of the great town of Aliquippa? I mean the first pitch at a Pirate game, come on! They deserve each other

  5. J.D. Prose… The name is synonymous with intentional, twisted trouble. Why would anyone be surprised by this? People are standing up to a bully and, unfairly, being punished themselves. Eventually, he will self-destruct, or, someone won’t care about losing a reputation and will even the score with this instigating journalistic hack. Don’t ever apologize to this guy. How much worse can it get, until people realize that he is the cause of problems, and not just the “reporter” of them? This just goes on…and on…and on… and he just keeps poking lions in their cages with his stick. Thank God for the BC and other news sources with principles.

  6. Matthew 7

    1Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    3And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    *bc Party, this one is for you.

  7. I wonder, if Georgie David order the mayor to do that ? Prose is a dick but don’t hate the man ,hate the game ! Politics and media ! It all has it’s ups and downs ! Just ask the great john Paul ! He does a great job and look what he had to go through ,because he found the truth !

  8. As a Aliquippa resident I fail to see how the Mayor throwing out the first pitch at a Pirate game makes this town any better. Start with something a little simpler such as telling the guy that drives the street sweeper that he is supposed to sweep not drive around any trash in the street.

    • GOING ON A LION HUNT is a children’s play that would bring the community together, but any type of unification is seen as instigation, organization is seen as provocation–what else can oppressed people do but be on the defensive… I say, offensively produce the children’s play and let everyone come and see what the children have to say–out of the mouth of babes (your teaching)

  9. DWAN needs to serve the city of ALIQUIPPA, not just be the public figure that always wants showered with ATTENTION, as a BLACK EDUCATED man also myself here is a piece of advice quit telling people your educated and the first black mayor of beaver county because your not that honor went to ROCHESTER a few years ago….

    It was no BIG upset beating the last MAYOR, it was a city in divide, a dwindling, crime ridden, and poor city in divide. And the last mayor barely beat a women who ran as a WRITE in candidate… What was special was a movement of people that cared and went a ticket of change, the verdict is still out if that was positive..

    As for not getting coverage for throwing out the first pitch at pirate game, thier was a nice turn out from the city with a lot of donations to provide ample attendance to the game which should be all that matters..

    This is becoming a SHARADE, first an INAUGRAL BALL in his honor which he went around trying to push tickets to it then a SWEARING in party that he wanted done at the school…. And now he and some other manipulating people wanted him to showered with other towns parades, and linked to BARACK OBAMA as a delagate….

    QUIT crying about not getting enough attention and serve the city, if it was about being BLACK, just remember 3 years comes fast and MANY MEN of COLOR in this CITY, that can move people and have support also…

  10. WHAT the HELL has he done as MAYOR??? Who cares about JD PROSE being at scene, LOL not enough attention are you tough he says?? NOW you got attention great JOB!

    For real, he and the rest of the crew are clueless on running things, wait they hired BOBBIE WILLIAMS as code enforcement officer at 40plus grand,8 years after being fired, WHY as a favor to GEORGIE DAVID, then williams quit after the fact. BEFORE that they brought in another FIRED figure, MYRON SAINOVICH as city lawyer as another favor to GEORGIE DAVID, this guy cost the city 100s of thousands before, he was fired and sued. What is going on at that place who is really running city??

    LOCAL coffee and breakfast shops say word is and has been for months its CHUCK BETTERS and GEORGE DAVID, CHUCK i COULD see he has business intrest,but GEORGE david, being listen to by DWAN are you KIDDING me, THATS LIKE JESSE JACKSON taking advice from DAVID DUKE of the CLAN. Wake up dummie

  11. HE wants attention? How about his domestic squabbles he had covered up, his ex speaks loudly about them. What firm handled the divorce process from the white girl, back in january word on the street was DWAN was an emotional wreck and MYRON SAINOVICH was giving him divorce advice and counseling him, also he was and easy buy took him to seven oaks contry club for a christmas dinner and cocktail party claims he won over easy. Oh and that word came straight from the horses mouth the very mouths my brothers keeper that DWAN trusted. Welcome to the show

  12. DWAN is a sell out and everyone is chirping about it. He sold out to the very man we had protest and marches about and called the naacp into the city years ago. And now we have sheriff cars driving around the city all the time like they own it. DWAN says are you tough to a midget reporter, hey prose check how tough he is dwan got a temper with women, he didnt have one on the football field he was lazy 6ft3 300 just a body couldnt even get through OKLAHOMA drills, and went to a non scholarship school. kids half his size ate him up. And his brother should of been the mayor he is more likeable,dwan was just a loud mouth. SO much so he even went to his TWITTER followers and said he needs more to follow him and asked them to go get him more so he had more people to listen to his bullshit.

  13. @just curious.. LOL LOL LOL so mother fucking true..

    HE THINKS HE THE MAYOR OF PHILLY, ITS LIKE 300 BUCKS a month, he eats that in wing dings from PLAN 12 market a week….

  14. Igor: “Frau Blücher!” (horses whinny)

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein: “Frau Blücher!” (horses whinny)

    John Paul: “J.D. Prose!” (readers whinny)

  15. HEY DWAN you tough? NO ! Can you lead? NO! YOU the new UNCLE TOM, YES.. Can you eat oh yes, can you block, NO! Could you ever BLOCK, nope! You a loud mouth ? DAMN right yoo!

  16. All I can say is that I am glad I don’t work for you.

    Don’t you have a policy against personal attacks on your web site?

    Don’t you care at all about the people who work for you?

    This is a total embarrassment, leaving up the comments attacking your reporter.

    I suppose some people will praise you for being “fair,” but not me.


  17. Regulation of comments is controversial, Bill, 1st Ammendment and all. Much has to do with the levels of sophistication of those who comment: malcontent high school dropouts to college professors. . They span the full spectrum. Part of it is the birth of the medium itself; it will grow up eventually. These comments don’t represent the full demographic of Beaver Valley. The fools eventually run out of blabbering and drop out. The quality commenters ride the waves and occasionally straighten things out with well-researched insights. Attacking this particular reporter (Prose) is an historic diversion; he has brought it upon himself and his paper, and no one need apologize for the disdain of him and his wreckless reporting. Sensationalism sells, but he makes a sport of it and misinforms — not a newspaper’s purpose. Keep contributing here; you sound level-headed. People need indignation at times to reestablish values.

  18. Positive Activities in Aliquippa??? I never knew heroin, prostitution and shooting each other were positive activities! Instead of yelling at the newspapers reporter, Maybe Mayor McCheese should try and rein his legion of crooked citizens and cops.

  19. Reading the comments, very interesting. Yes, it is hard to defend JD sometimes but the way the mayor came at him was inapproiate. It would be inapproiate if any elected official did it, its just as wrong as the commissioners getting badges. Its just not needed.
    @scott kuhn I agree, not much positive coming out of aliquippa, I personally do not think taking 460 people to a baseball game to throw out a first pitch is newsworthy and I am glad the Times didn’t think so either. Now to the numbers part of this post, I know Mr. Walker is looking for positive things to be reported about Aliquippa but when you have the crime stats that the town is boasting from last year to this year, it shows a problem. Here is the website where to find those stats:
    I hope Mr. Walker can do something about this or he can see the numbers for himself.

  20. Hate hate and more hate. Most of you wish you had the chance to be mayor. Some of you would have killed yourselves already. It’s been 6 months. Do you think the town of Aliquippa was going to change over night? If so then your the stupid one. Who cares about what he eats or makes as being Mayor? He is not sitting at your dinner table! He is running a city! When your sleeping! He’s running a city! While your on vacation he is running a city! There is positive in Aliquippa. People always pick the negative things to talk about. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.

  21. Hate all you want on the public figures, but if you rub them the wrong way, all the stories you need them for are going to end with “…but they could not be reached for comment.” This is of course assuming you’ll actually act like a journalist once in a while and work to get the whole story.

  22. Joshua: That’s why we have a legal system. Public officials are legally obligated to follow the rules. Otherwise, we face anarchy. Did the Penn State administration have a right to “not be reached for further comment”? That’s an extreme example, but no one is exempt from the law — they just manage not to get caught, remain passive, or put obstacles in the way. And that leads to the value of news sources. Go to a real extreme: Can Syria’s president just be “not available for comment” and go on killing civilians? Of course not.

  23. People want to comment that our great Mayor is not doing his job. Okay, we had a mayor for years and no one knew who he was. There were incidents and he never showed up. But we are not here to tear Quip down. We are suppose to come together and build up Aliquippa. It did not take 6 months for Aliquippa to get this way and it’s not going to take 6 months to make it better. You were okay with the previous years lack of support. Let’s stop complaining and start doing what we need to make it better. By the way, the only reason you hear all the negativity in Quip is because they refuse to report all the positive activities that go on, I called to ask them to report on some positive things the kids were doing and they refuse to come. Is this the only way you can sell papers. Keep on doing what you are doing, you must be doing something right, the natives are getting restless!

  24. 1st Amendment only restricts the government there scholar. if your teacher tell you to shut up in math class its not against the law. if a cop tells you to quit protesting he has violated your rights. there you go

  25. did you read the part where he called someone a female (as an insult) so they didn’t mean squat to him? enjoy your GREAT mayor, sounds like he’d make a GREAT pimp

  26. What the hell is happening to Aliquippa???? All these shootings, now there are chases in West Aliquippa, a fight that led to having Life Flight come.. What is happening to this town!!!!! Where is the mayor??? He needs to step up and take some kind of action.. Aliquippa ia falling apart and fast and it is sad….

  27. You guys want tk come to aliquippa when bad stuff happen but you never come when good things happen so i boycott you guys you talk down on our city but if you checked all the people who do the shpoting arent from aliquippa i lost 13 friends to these streets im 22 none of them made it to be 26 so f all yall when yall tucked away in you nice area all yall do is take away from aliquippa all these nfl starts aint worth a shit they build shit in other states never in the home town yall can all go to hell

    • gang task force necessary! grant writers for my children’s tool play, where are you? much love, peace, and soul to Aliquippa. Write on.

  28. You would think the Times are all for censorship. Try leaving a thought provocative comment on a story on line not in line with BCT ways of thinking. Your comment will be censored and you will be banned from posting! So much for freedom of speech.

  29. We cannot use the bad behavior of the Times or their reporters as an excuse for our own. The media should never be denied access no matter what they write. The solution is support those that tell the truth and don’t buy the Times.

  30. I am ashamed that residents of Center and Hopewell Townships have the Aliquippa address on our mail. I certainly do NOT want to be associated with Little Africa.



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