A Rochester man will stand trial on charges he lied on applications used to obtain a concealed carry permit and to purchase a handgun.

Magisterial District Judge Janet Swihart ordered Larry A. Hicks to court on 6 misdemeanor counts of unsworn falsification to authorities, and 5 felony counts of making a materially false written statement to authorities, following a preliminary hearing held yesterday.

Beaver County Detectives say that in 2010, Hicks knowingly provided false information on forms used by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office and John Brown’s Armory to conduct background checks. Detective Timothy Staub told the court that Hicks had two prior convictions, including conspiracy to commit robbery in 1989, and simple assault in 1992, that he failed to disclose on the applications. A system administered by the Pennsylvania State Police to perform background checks failed in independently finding those convictions, erroneously clearing Hicks to obtain the gun and permit.

Hicks will face two separate trials on the incidents, one for the permit application and one for the handgun application. He is scheduled to face a third trial in July on charges of carrying a firearm concealed without a permit, stemming from an alleged incident in January at Friendship Ridge.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. No mention of Larry Hicks being falsely accused and arrested at Friendship Ridge or why the detectives were investigating him in the first place because charges had to be dropped that were filed by the Sheriff’s Office? I guess John Paul gave up.

    • it has been considered Mr. Hicks has been falsely accused on the issue at Friendship Ridge but that has nothing to do with him illegally obtaining a permit from lieing on the application. He did things that would not allow him to own a firearm let alone a concealed permit. Keeping guns out of the hands of convicted criminals needs to happen. Dennis McKee

      • I agree. This is a separate issue. The alleged FR false accusations and purported foolish actions by the Sheriff’s office will be addressed later in court, when they are investigated, and I support that. But he should not have now or have been carrying concealed weapon(s) or making false statements to obtain them, regardless of the botched paperwork and confusion. It was sloppy on both sides.

    • Even if that were the case and he was falsely accused at some point in time, HE FALSIFIED INFORMATION on a legal document. Um…I don’t believe I have anything else to say. Sounds like a straight shooter to me! Pardon the pun.

      • :think: I wonder if there was ever another person that ever put false information and got charged or is it this is an excuse to make the man a example?

      • @Duke, I have heard of the state police charging for people falsifying information on the PICS forms. I am not aware of any particular cases of a Sheriff filing charges for falsifying information on a PA LTCF application. What is strange about Mr.Hicks is that PICS system approved him for both a purchase and his license to carry firearms. The way the PICS system (supposedly) works is that if any record comes up for an applicant it is researched to determine if it is a prohibiting offense. If a determination cannot be made immediately, the PICS folks will put an application into “research” for up to 15 (I may be off on that number) days, while they investigate the records and either approve or deny the application. If PICS cannot determine for certain whether a person has prohibiting offenses, they seem to error on the side of caution and deny the application and providing a form to the applicant to appeal the decision and provide additional information.

  2. Yet another waste of our tax dollars….there’s no good reason why Hicks should be facing seperate trials. All of these charges could easily be tried in a single trial.

  3. Finally, it seems that someone is doing the right thing by going after the people who falsify information get firearms, instead of blaming and punishing people who are law-abiding owners and firearm retailers.

    • I know he may of lied but is there has to be more than him that did this are they going to go back and arest them also? :think:

  4. I lied on my Application n said I don’t have a criminal background now cops got ahold on me today n I am scared as shit I hope they don’t charge me for it da reason I wanted a gun was for protection cuz of all da bullshit going on in da world

    • If you truly lied on your application, then you deserve to be arrested. When you lie on that app, YOU’RE LYING UNDER OATH. You deserve to be arrested and charged. Good luck with that….

    • Karma’s a bitch, Carlos. Did you ever think that you are part “of all da bullshit going on in da world?” Do the crime, do the time.



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