In a candid interview with the Beaver Countian, the man who filed a private criminal complaint against Ohioville Officer Nevin Beatty admitted he didn’t notice a crack on his windshield until hours after his traffic stop, and said that Mayor John Szatkiewicz was the one who suggested he file charges against the officer.

William Pittser said that on July 17th he was pulled over by Officer Beatty for expired emissions and inspection stickers. He said Beatty came up to his car and rapped on his windshield where the stickers were. “He hit it with his knuckles,” said Pittser. The man said the officer didn’t hurt himself when he rapped on the window. Pittser said the officer issued him a citation, and he then went over to his father’s house.

“I didn’t see a crack until after I was leaving my dad’s house about two hours later […] Apparently there was a nick or ding in the window. When I put it in reverse it popped.” Pittser said he was sure the crack had to be from the traffic stop with Officer Beatty, because no one had gone near his vehicle while he was at his father’s house. In his complaint, the man said he subsequently had to replace his windshield which caused him to “incur more debts.”

William Pittser said he grew up in Ohioville, and holds no ill will toward any of the town’s other officers. “It kept me out of handcuffs on many occasions,” he noted. But the man said he did not believe Officer Beatty should be a police officer in the town. “I’m just trying to get him out of the police force,” said Pittser. “He’s not a local, he shouldn’t be a cop in a local community, he acts like some badass that can do anything he wants.”

The man said he got a phone call from Mayor John Szatkiewicz months after the incident, and he wasn’t sure how the Mayor found out about him or how he got his number. “The Mayor called me at my house when I was living in Hookstown. I stopped over his house a few times. He told me if I did it this way it would be in the courts.” He said the Mayor handed him a complaint form, which he later returned to the Mayor’s house.

Pittser said the Mayor was anxious to find out about others who may have gripes about Officer Beatty. “He asked me if I heard of any other problems he was causing.”

Pittser said additional time went by, and he had all but forgotten about the matter. “I was suppose to be moving to North Carolina, so I was going to let this all drop,” he said. “The mayor stopped in last Friday to let me know personally that the charge was picked up […] He told me they picked up Criminal Mischief and I was suppose to get a call from Detective [Joseph] Fennych.”

Officer Beatty is facing a hearing before District Judge Tim Finn on January 15th to answer Pittser’s private summary citation for Criminal Mischief. The officer has denied any wrongdoing, characterizing his encounter with William Pittser as a “routine traffic stop.”

Officials in Ohioville have said that Mayor Szatkiewicz has “wanted to get rid of” the officer since he sparked a public corruption investigation into Chief Ronald Lutton. Law enforcement sources say that investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police is still ongoing.

Mayor Szatkiewicz did not return a voicemail message left for him today, but in a previous interview with the Beaver Countian he denied having solicited complaints against Officer Beatty. Szatkiewicz has characterized the investigation into Chief Lutton as a “witch hunt.”


  1. This is ridiculous. Officer Beatty used to be an officer where I live and he went above and beyond for us. This guy is probably mad that he’s not a local because the local cops he has known forever let him get away with stuff. He probably broke the windshield on purpose so he could try to get the cop that did his job in trouble. Plain and simple he shouldn’t have been driving a car with everything expired on it. What if this idiot would have hit Somone. What a douchebag

  2. there you go Ohioville, get your checkbook out and just sign it and leave the number blank, Beatty can fill it in later.

  3. I have been in the windshield business for years, and I find it HIGHLY questionable that he could have caused a crack by knocking on it with his hand. There’s something wrong with this story.

  4. Looks like Ohioville will be looking for a new Police Chief and a Mayor! That Beatty must have some strong arms and hands.

  5. Rather than blame himself for his numerous encounters with the law, Mr. Pittser is upset that Officer Beatty is not a local, and not a friend to everyone he pulls over. That’s the problem with the idiots that think the Mayor and Chief are innocent…….they are upset that someone is finally doing the job that they were hired to do. If you don’t break the law, then you don’t have to worry about whether or not the policeman is friendly or not. How many more instances are needed for people to finally see that the Mayor has it in for Beatty?

    @whoknows…….These people will get what they deserve. Beatty may not be getting paid for being a police officer now, but he will be getting much more money than people realize in the future. These ignorant people will soon realize that laws are meant to be followed…….thier beloved Mayor and police chief are going to be up the proverbial creek without a paddle, and Beatty is going to be rich. Maybe then they’ll get their heads out of their a**.

  6. Hey its this mayor getting advice from the sheriff and sainovich??? Sure seems like it

    This is coming close wait till you hear about the big DUI… Oh yeah this is what its all about

  7. This sounds a lot more like crooks trying to help crooks than anything else. The whole complaint made me laugh. Leno anyone?

  8. A few things to comment on here.

    1. Mr. Pittser-You are a grown damn man. Nobody makes you do anything. Especially a Mayor of Ohioville when you live in Hookstown. Do you really think this case has any merit at this point? The Beaver County DA should throw this case out first thing this morning.

    2. What your back Mr. Pittser. You just pissed off that crazy Mayor.

    3. If the alleged DUI allegations against your stepson are true, I hope this was worth throwing away your career and reputation over. In my eyes, I think having your stepson pay the piper for his DUI would have been cheaper and less taxing on your family and town in the long run.

    4. People of Ohioville, wake up, get angry, and come out in droves demanding that this Mayor be fired or resign his office. It is your town’s apathy that has allowed this man to abuse his power, and for your him to think he is teflon and can do whatever he wants.

    5. Officer Beatty-One of my favorite quotes is from Napoleon and it goes like this “Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.” You are living this quote right now. You have done the right thing by sitting back, keeping your mouth shut, and allowing this to play out. Continue the good work because you will be rewarded handsomely in the end.

  9. This is very simple. No one in ohioville likes beatty. So he ain’t a cop here anymore. If he wasn’t such a douche he would still have a job here. The people in ohioville love the mayor. They like lutton. So they still have jobs.

    • Interpretation of the above:

      Us backwoods hicks are used to begin able to drink and drive, speed all over town, and beat our wives when they don’t listen while the police turn the other way. Now that we have an officer in town that actually enforces the law, arrests us, and holds us accountable for our behavior, we don’t like him. Therefore, we’ll see to it that this officer that enforces the law goes away so that we can continue breaking it however we see fit out here. Hell, we’ll even allow the police chief to steal tens of thousands of our hard earned tax dollars to make this officer who kills our fun go away.

      • Beatty is a no good lying POS. He has verbally and physically abused residents of ohioville. OPD HAS BEEN SUED OVER THIS!!!! So mind your business! He has broken more laws then he has enforced! He is a lot like a wanna be Hitler. You obviously have no clue about some things that have gone in since he started working in ohioville. He made have made a lot of money for the borough from writing citations but he also has cost them a lot too. I am all for an officer doing his job but doing it in a professional and respectful way. Cops like him give officers a bad rap!

  10. You people who probably aren’t even from here defending this thug of a cop Beatty. I’ll admit the borough is a corrupt piece of crap. They wouldn’t even take complaints about thier officers before this now. I’ve tried to go to meetings and got kicked out as soon as I mentioned anything about the police force. Me and my friends have dealt with harassment from officer Beatty growing up here. No wonder that Thug got kicked off the Midland PD many years ago. He’s blown his cigar smoke into my face while accusing my friend of being a drug dealer and nearly conducting an illegal search of his truck before I told him I’d get my attorney involved. He’s pulled a friend of mine over for something that was nominal (exhasut leak which Beatty lied about) just to give him a field sobriety test. While also sticking his head in the window and sniffing like we where smoking weed or something. Also don’t forget the months that Beatty was pulling over people and giving them all speeding tickets of 59.5 MPH all of which got thrown out because the angry citizens went to fight them. They say he blew the whistle on Lutton and honestly he was a part of it himself. He’s a corrupt thug as well who wanted Lutton out of the way so he could progress even though Lutton was the one who vouched for him and got Beatty a job when he was down and out. I won’t rest till this supposed officer of the law no longer has the ability to harass the people of Ohioville anymore

  11. Back woods,? All the lawyers and judges and doctors and such that live out here. Sounds like some people are offended for beatty, then go hire to work in your cummunity because and by my count a few cummunities don’t want him working in thiers. Sorry he was picked on and bullied in school but he shouldn’t let that spill over into his adulthood

    • Does anybody else find it funny that this clown spelled douche correctly in an above post, but can’t spell community? Your grammar and sentence structure sucks as bad as your spelling. Thank you for confirming that you are backwoods out there.

  12. Ok einstien ,no matter how deflective or hostile you try to be nothing changes the fact that officer beatty was blackballed out of more than a few camuniiities. People don’t like the guy. He is not a likable person. I’m glad..along with everyone else in ohioville that he is gone.

  13. I live in ohioville and i never had a problem with him. he is probably the most intelligent people i have ever met. If you call extreme or unfair “justice” and incorperate that into a free pass towards drunk driving then you need to move to another country because no borough, town, city, state, or country would tolerate that. At one point i even worked with the guy. In other words, Charles, you are an idiot. I despise the mayor and i despise people like your that stick their nose in every thing said while having the slightest clue of what is really going on. The mayor, and people like you are the reason the borough of Ohioville is on this sight every other day, so i want to congratulate you for being a blinded idiot and giving this borough a bad name. I also want to congratulate the mayor for trying to get everything pointed into different directions but himself, causing more drama.

  14. I am just annoyed that the majority of the people posting their comments on this sight are probably people who do not even live in ohioville. A so called reporter is posting these things about people and everyone wastes their time commenting on whatever he says is true. Just because he wrote this everyone assumes he is telling the truth. Nobody really knows the truth except the people involved. Everyone are leaving their comments and adding “more fuel to the fire”. My opinion, let the hire ups decide who are right and wrong. It is not right to gossip about all of these people especially when it can affect their lively hoods. The cop may or may not be an asshole. I have my own opinion, which I will keep to myself, the chief may or may not be shady…who cares about edgell. He really has nothing to do with the situation. Also the people bashing people’s families…what does that have to do with anything…also the person with the DUI, nobody knows what happened..y would someone actually ruin their reputation and career over that. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? And also someone stated that the mayor is causing ohioville to be on this site every other day. I feel the reAson ohioville is on here so much is from bored people loving to gossip and down talk people that they do not even know. Maybe everyone should actually try to mind their own business. The world would really be a better place.

  15. Then what may i ask are you doing right now? lol “Annoyed” Hypocrite. And how is he not the cause of the drama?! Look at the caption and look what word is in there “Mayor”, you wanna point your finger how about you point it at yourself for feeding it! The residents of ohioville will never stop amazing me.!

  16. Well chud muffin ,if the smartest man you ever met was nevin beatty I feel sorry for you. And it sill comes down to this, no one wants him working in their community. You can hire him to work security at your house ,he has got a lot of free time.

  17. Charles you are a complete asshole…since you love the mayor and lutton so much then why don’t you pay luttons wages while he’s suspended and the attorney fees the mayor is going to rack up once Beatty files a lawsuit against him instead of the tax payers. ..get a life and stop protecting the idiots that caused this whole mess and that would be john and his sidekick lutton

  18. I like Officer Beatty, i have lived in Ohioville my entire life. Officer Beatty has only been professional and helpfully anytime i have had contact with him. And since Charles supports two people that may be guilty of stealing, lying, corruption, protecting criminals, i could go on, but don’t need too. Anyways, Charles, are you willing to support the Chief and Mayor to the point of paying back everything the was stolen from the tax payers if they come back as guilty of the charges being investigated? I would say not, since you wont even give your name. And PS to the other comment, not everyone is “backwoods”.



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