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A New Brighton man who had his concealed carry gun permit unlawfully revoked by Sheriff George David has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against him.

Dennis McKee had a concealed carry permit for over 30 years before Sheriff David revoked it last February after a manager for the building he lived in filed a harassment complaint against him. No charges were brought against McKee as a result of the complaint, but Sheriff David subsequently revoked his permit without a hearing and without providing specific reasons for the revocation.

McKee, acting as his own attorney, filed a lawsuit against Sheriff David in county court alleging violations of his due process rights.

After a series of hearings, Beaver County Judge Kim Tesla determined that David had violated a state law requiring Sheriffs to provide a written revocation notice that included “the specific reason for revocation.” Judge Tesla later found that Sheriff David’s investigation of McKee was faulty, and issued a blistering 33 page opinion last November ordering Sheriff David to return the man’s concealed carry permit.

“The Court finds that the Sheriff’s conclusion that McKee has a reputation and character that is likely that he will act in a manner dangerous to the public is based solely on incorrect information, hearsay and speculation,” wrote Judge Tesla in his opinion.

Now Dennis McKee has filed a federal action against Sheriff David, alleging the Sheriff engaged in “willful misconduct” by violating his due process rights when revoking his permit, and by publicly declaring him a danger to society without having conducted a proper investigation. McKee is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages in the case.

Dennis McKee is acting as his own attorney in the matter.

An investigative report by the Beaver Countian previously revealed that Sheriff David had unlawfully denied or revoked gun permits from at least 300 individuals since taking office.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. The real crime is, that all these criminal activities this man has been a part of are being brought out in to the public and nobody is doing anything about it! My question is, if our officals are going to just sit back and watch, what is our (the public’s) recourse? How can WE THE PEOPLE get rid of this cancer to our county? I know people are going to say vote this or that but this man still has the potential to do damage to the county for the remainder of his term in the mean time. How do we get him out NOW?

    • @megan Brunner carpenter Thats the easy way waiting for legal course to run If our party didn’t waste time and money going after other seats that couldn’t be obtained, this guy wouldn’t have won he had the tightest race against PICCINNI and he had no help. Few thousand dollars on some mailings the current sheriff wouldn’t be the current clown.Just saying its 3 to 1 in this county REPUBLICANS don’t get elected if democrats don’t cross over and vote..But women, gun rights and good citizens that pay taxes could attend meetings and apply pressure ,caused he has violated all of them with his actions.But its the good old boy network in this county same players that ran democrats are running the republican state officials now… I dont think i need to go further about , homes , offices, hirings…. 

    • The mindset that there is “nothing” we can do is not quite accurate. Where it stands right now, you can write your elected officials to start drafting legislation to allow for recall elections here in PA. As it stands, the only way of removing an elected official from office is by impeachment, a process that is not only lengthy, but rarely followed-through with. If enough people come forward to our representatives in Congress from both the House and Senate, they will hopefully begin to feel the pressure we put on them and, at the very least, draft something up to allow recalls. The thing that you, I, and every resident of both Beaver County, and PA as a whole, have to keep in mind is that everything starts with you. If you stand idly by, no change will occur. If you don’t like the way our officials are acting, stand up and let your voice be heard. So whether you want to push for recalls or impeachment, either way you have to let our officials know.

    • Truly he could be un seated already by the state ethics commission without,  waiting on the outcome of the criminal end of the investigation. Why won’t one of our commissioner or anybody in official capacity bring the ethics commission down on him and hard !!!!!

      • Could it possibly be because the commissioners might be afraid of what the state ethics commission might find out if they were to go nosing around, after they were done the with the sheriff? Quite possibly….

    • @Megan Brenner Carpenter : You can go to the Discussion section, where I have posted some information on current recall and accountability legislation. The numbers of the state representatives and sponsors of the bills are there. It’s very easy to call them and tell them that you support the bill(s). I have called and have received call backs from them. They need to know that people back their efforts. So, something can be done, and it requires minimal effort and time. 

  2. everyday with this idiot it is something new when will the county wake up and get him out of office. he is doing nothing but costing us taxpayers money . I don’t know who is more messed up the sheriff or the conty commissioners they all have to go soon

  3. As crazy as McKee is, he is going to win this. Trying to put my personal feelings for both aside and focus on the Constitutionality of the issue.

    • Yeah, that’s kinda why I’ve been staying silent on it. It’s rather difficult seeing as they both are batshit crazy, and I’ve made no effort to conceal I can’t stand either of them. But, all that aside, he has a winnable case.

  4. Better watch out, so that McKee sues those that call him crazy, etc, as you may tarnish his sterling reputation.

  5. He HAD a winnable case. The SO screed up by not giving this goon a hearing. He could have sat there and consumed a cheese sandwich during The court proceedings and the result would have been the same. To take it a step further hypothetically, had there been a different sheriff, someone more popular and not under so much scrutiny, I believe that the judge would have allowed the hearing instead of just giving this lunatic back his CWP. But obviously I’m speculating. Returning to the point I was trying to make, he might have won this had he hired a reputable attorney for a FEDERAL CASE. Apparently he has momentum coming off of his historic (sarcasm) “ass handling” (very sarcastic) of Sheriff’s office. Make no mistake, he should not have a weapon, let alone concealed. As much as people loathe the sheriff and want to see him removed, he got this right. Most Upper level Courthouse workers know him well. He’s a jest.

    • I’m thinking with this one, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Not only is he suing David, but he also has a civil rights suit filled against the housing authority, Mrs. Musser, and Pittsburgh National Bank…all for civil rights violations, and requested jury trials with all of them. I think he just fucked himself. Also, from what I can see, he has the same judge for all the cases. We’ll just have to see how that goes…..

  6. He better hope that he doesn’t lose Internet access with these storms. Without Wikipedia, his case is over.



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