Editor’s Note: This article contains strong and disturbing language. The Beaver Countian made a decision against redacting quotes provided by our sources, as we feel they are an integral part of this story.

A man from Aliquippa tells the Beaver Countian that a Candidate for City Council showed up to his house collecting signatures, and ended up flashing a handgun and making threats against the City’s Mayor and Manager.

Rex Trimm of Aliquippa said it was Tuesday of last week when Robert “Bobby” Williams came to his door. “There’s a knock at the door, and [my long-time girlfriend] answers it, and he just kind of barged in past her with his petition, and then he started talking,” said Trimm. “I was upstairs and I heard something about code enforcement, and as soon as I heard that I was very interested because we were working on a tree in my front yard. I thought we were getting busted for the limbs that were laying around.”

Trimm said it was the first time he had ever seen the man.

“I go downstairs to see what’s going on, and he said he’s running for council, and he knows that we’re registered Democrats,” continued Trimm. “We ask him if he is for or against drilling, he said he’s against it, and we asked him about a few other things, then signed his petition.”

He told the Beaver Countian that along with his long-time girlfriend, a contractor who was working to take down the tree, Brian Campbell, also witnessed the encounter. The Beaver Countian was able to independently confirm all three names appeared on Bobby Williams’ petition sheet, and has agreed not to publish the name of Trimm’s girlfriend as a condition of his interview.

“As soon as we sign, he’s lifting up his shirt showing us this pistol he’s got. He said it was a .45 caliber ACP semi-automatic, it was dull silver in color, he had it tucked in the back of his jeans in his belt,” said Trimm. “He said he never goes into a vacant building as Code Enforcer without being armed.”

“Then he went on to name a bunch of people, [Mayor] Dwan Walker, [City Manager] Sam Gill, anyone on City Council,” said Trimm. “He called them retarded niggers, and said that he would put them in the hospital… he showed us the gun two more times … He described a bunch of encounters he had with [City Manager] Sam Gill, and said he hopes that Sam never runs into him in public when no one’s there to witness it.”

Trimm said everyone present was shocked by Williams’ language and actions. “He doesn’t know us, he doesn’t know what kind of house he’s in, we don’t go around using that kind of language … We were embarrassed we had signed the petition, what did we just do?”

“I was cutting down an ash tree in the front yard, it was pretty eaten up with beatles, so it had to come down. I went into the house talking with Rex after I got done cutting down the tree, when [Williams] showed up at the door,” confirmed Campbell.

Like Trimm, Campbell said he had never met Bobby Williams before that day. “When he first came in, it sounded like he was for real, that he knew what he was talking about.” But after the three had signed his petition, Campbell said he noticed a dramatic change in the man.

“I saw him pulling up his shirt and showing the weapon, he was definitely brandishing it, and he was making very derogatory comments towards the staff here in Aliquippa,” Campbell told the Beaver Countian. “He was saying, screw them niggers, I’m the one that should be here. He said he didn’t care for any of them, he said he’d pretty much take care of them any way necessary … He just seemed really off the wall, more than off the wall, he was just off … Damn niggers this, damn niggers that, he was going to shoot this, he was going to shoot that … He was pretty set on what he was saying.”

“I think he is just extremely ignorant and was hoping because we are white we would agree with him,” said Trimm. “I got the impression he thinks people like that kind of banter thrown around … It just struck me as a really strange, surreal, and scary experience.”

Trimm said he called Mayor Dwan Walker to warn him.

“He told me Mayor, be careful, [Williams] said he was going to do something to you,” Mayor Walker told the Beaver Countian. “I told him I think [Williams] is just all talk. He said no, Mayor, you need to be careful, he was flashing his gun … I don’t know why, I would never do anything to Mr. Bobby Williams.”

Mayor Walker told the Beaver Countian that he’s been warned about Williams by others in the community as well. “His behavior is becoming a little erratic. I’ve heard the same thing from some business owners, that he was going to go after [City Manager] Sam Gill, and then get me and my brother.”

“I found out he hasn’t been the Code Enforcer for I don’t know how long. His justification for having the pistol is that he’s the Code Enforcement Officer,” said Trimm. “What’s his justification for having one now?”

The Beaver Countian placed multiple calls to Bobby Williams, which went unanswered. Several voicemail messages seeking a response to the allegations were not returned. When previously reached by phone for a prior article, Williams told this reporter to “go fuck yourself” before hanging up. A series of investigative reports published by the Beaver Countian have raised questions about the candidate’s residency, and about the validity of his petition to appear on the primary ballot in May.

“I felt like this was a form of abuse, that we had to tolerate his ignorance, that we had to sit there and listen to him,” concluded Trimm.

Editorial Note: For clarification, the Bobby Williams mentioned in this article is not the same man who ran against Jim Christiana for state representative.


  1. Convicted FELONS are NOT allowed to own guns are even have one in their possession. Does this ass clown even have a CCW permit from the Sheriffs office? If he does, Georgie dropped the ball again! Typical Alighetto mentality.

  2. There was a similar incident at Friendship Ridge with a man flashing a fire arm at a man walking his dog. Remember? That guy is facing multiple charges along with a revoked CCW. Can someone tell me if Bobby Williams is caucasian? I guess my question is, when will Bobby Williams be charged?

  3. These asses need to be stopped! Williams must be crazy to push his way into somebody’s house and then proceed to flash a gun. Sure glad it wasn’t my home. If a stranger had come to my door like that, chances are I’d be unholstering my sidearm as well, but that’s a action I reserve for occasions when I intend to use it, not show it off. Williams should consider himself very fortunate that he didn’t leave there in a police car, ambulance, or the coroner’s van.

  4. Sounds like he’s been taking gun waving lessons from our favorite sheriff. Wow. Every time I think nothing else can surprise me, another nutcase comes out of the woodwork.

  5. Bobby Williams is George David’s best friend, they have been friends for years and years,he’s his number 1 supporter in every election. Sounds familiar with the gun, Sheriff pulls one out on a reporter and Bobby Williams pulls one out on anyone, and they do it because they can……NO ONE DOES ANYTHING BUT PASS IT OFF TO SOME ONE ELSE…

  6. This man thinks showing a handgun and using extremely offensive language is going to encourage people to vote for him……only if he’s running for mayor of Mars(the planet, not the boro in Butler County).

  7. WOW …WHAT HAPPENED …..lets see georgie and betters had it out for battttaliniiii, a personal vendettta to derail him, so they went all in (cash and supporters) backing dwan and now they used him and are done with him. I wonder WHY . its just begun, power, ego and cash ..The plotting has alrady began im sure for the next election…..

  8. I think it’s strange that everyone goes after Mr. Hicks, a black man, for similar behavior, but here we are still waiting for charges against Mr. Williams, a white man for brandishing a weapon. No one else finds that odd?

    • You have to think about the Mr Hicks case he was to make the sheriff the hero but it failed and showed what a JERK he was and thought that no one would care about him quess what there are nice people out ther.Georgie you need to sit down and tell him that you are a asshole and tell him you are sorry and not quite right in the head na just tell him are a :: asshole. AND ENJOY YOUR :coffee:

    • Why would anyone find this odd racism is alive and well and this says as much about the Sheriff as it does Mr. Williams. I would not have someone as a friend that used such language. Dennis McKee

    • For clarification, the Bobby Williams that is the subject of this article is not the same Bobby Williams who ran against Jim Christiana for state legislature.

  9. Is anyone really surprised by any of this ? This is how Aliquippa and Beaver County have always operated. The only difference is now you get to read about it on some guy’s website instead hearing about it at the local bar or corner store. Beaver County is corrupt. Nothing new there.

  10. I had no idea we had so many “10 cent gangsters” in Beaver County.Is it just me or are there a lot of people that want to be something they’re not?

  11. The local police dept. now should file terroristic threat charges on information recieved on Bobby Williams. Can sheriff asshole cover this one up. What can’t these assholes get away with. Why, oh why can’t there be something done with these drugstore cowboys ?

  12. They “threw the book” at Mr. Hicks. Are they going to “throw the book” at this gentleman? If not, why?

  13. Bobby Williams is a bully!! ..So is Georgie going to stick his neck out for his “bud” Bobby and help him get on Council??? Anymore, nothing surprises me… just another day in screwed up Beaver County and it’s politics!!

  14. Is this the same Williams that does the car cruses? Wonder if Center Twp is going to be excited to let him do it again this year?
    I would have a hard time describing him as a bully. All 5″5″, 165lbs dripping wet and what is he 80 or something. Someone needs to check and see if both paddles are in the water, somehow I doubt it. He is the poster boy for the democraps, the “do as I say not as I do” party. Keep up the good work JP, you have only scratched the surface. Don’t give up and don’t give in.

    • These older THUDS got to relalize this isn’t the1960 / 1970 they aren’t as young as they use to be I’ve always respect my elders but this is hard to believe they think waveing a gun is how to do things till someone takes their gun and shoves it up there ass.

  15. As the people in Hopewell and Center Townships beg and plead with the post office to give them their own zip code so that they don’t have to write they are from Aliquippa 15001 as their return address.

  16. Here we go again. Who’sgoing to file these charges? God forbid that I ever get charged with one of the offences . My attorney (along with Mr. Hick”s attorney) will have a ball with the local police or the D.A.. Crimes are being commited here and thanks to J.P. we, the public are aware of it. What the fuck does David have on everybody? Mr. D.A.You look as dirty as David, Betters and the rest (Includind the PSP). have going for him. What a disgrace. !

  17. “What is the Chief’s reaction” I read the entire article, it does not mention this incident being reported to the police at all. Why were they not called in the first place?, So they could arrest this man!

  18. No victim no crime…..

    Unless the alleged victim files a complaint sorry to say its a un reported crime but nothing will be done.

    Pssssst. Hey Dewan over here , you think they your friends now? Not following suit on everything, starting to see true colors of the crew of characters, hard to reach out for help when you can’t trust your new found friends.. Ask your counsel got legal advice opps he with the guy trying to hang your nuts and get it a3 to2 vote so they can override you, think he thinks one of your guys will flip to his side for the third vote..

    You been to all the parties and hoopla and took the political tour ate some good meals and bad ones played guest of honor and token brother invite, now the nostalgia is wearing off, you got to clean up a mess and right the ship before they own your soul.

    • Your right !!!! But you failed to mention that they are sitting at there desks laughing because they knew they could USE YOU AND NOW ITS TIME TO GET RID OF YOU, THUS THE NEW DEMOCRATIC MAN, they even let you think you were going to get salts dem spot and then flipped on you there……..


    • I’m just wondering what I can post about J.P. without him censoring it? If this site is all about free speech why can’t I speak freely about him? If I had made the exact same comment about George David or Bobby Williams I’ll bet the comment wouldn’t of been removed. Is it different when somebody knows about J.P.’S “on-goings” as a youth?

      If you wanna make a buck off of exposing people, then you shouldn’t be so ashamed when somebody exposes you…

      • I know J.P. from back in the day when he would frequent the back rooms of the adult bookstore on rt 18. waving his “gun” around to anybody who came in there. I don’t know why he feels such shame over it. If you’re a dirty whore J.P., own it. Don’t be like all the people you write about & try to hide your past.

        P.S., How’s that art gallery in Beaver going?

      • Not that I think this needs said, but I have never even been inside of the adult bookstore on Route 18, must less exposed myself there. As a matter of fact, I would have no problem attesting to those facts under oath.

        You were insistent that I publish your libelous statements, so I have. Let’s see how much you accomplish with them.

      • To Avi88, Your postings call people names and that is what children do. You wouldn’t be one of those people that are not reponsible with their speech would you? If you want reasonable people to consider what you say I would recommend being reasonable and calling people names is hardly reasonable. If you have something to say you need to put it forth in a clear, concise, reasonable, and respectful manner that does not hurt your own credibility. Peoples personal behavior including yours is not relavant in a discussion regarding public entities and elected officials unless it is about them. You are trying to kill the messenger and you were not censored. These are serious issues and this is not the National Inquirer Web site. Dennis McKee

      • You sound like a completely loathsome individual with serious issues. Your self esteem is probably in the toilet as well.

      • I don’t think JP’s past is up for scrutiny here. Maybe if he was running for council or another official position I would say that it was relevant. That is not what this is about however. Just a word of advice, nobody cares about his past and you look bad for making these comments. If you know him so well and would like to have words with him do it like a man and not a coward behind a screen name on the internet. His past has nothing to do with his ability to let the residents of Beaver County know what is really going on behind these elections and what not. Great job Jp! I don’t care who you are or what you did for entertainment in the past, your articles are great. At least someone is trying to do something to help our residents.

      • He’s a dirty thief posting bias stories about the friends of the people he got over on just so he looks a little better. Truth be told…

        Go ahead J.P., censor that reply to, you snake…

  19. Pssst. Hey Dewan why don’t you and Sammy file the charges against Williams?

    You got multiple witnesses that heard threats, show how justice should be served and not feared for the good of Aliquippa

  20. Why didn’t the three people who came forward to tell about Bobby Williams call the police to make a complaint about the threats and the gun??????????? : Then it would have to be investigated.

  21. No victim no crime? Last time I checked waving a gun threatening people was illegal. Mr. Hicks and that sports figure guy who had his permit for 3 minutes, both charged for flashing their guns. What does Mr. Berosh have to say about this?

  22. Well you ask why no charges ? think about it …To file charges it has to be a true statement or you will be charged for filing a false statement, trimm is friends with walker so the games continues, back and forth, the state police or Attorney General needs to come in and start snooping around and then sweating like you never seen before will begin….that town has been a dump since the mill shut down, never will change, these people are in it for themselves, power, ego, cash, trips, dinners rubbbing elbows with big shots…….nothing but a bunch of phoneys. what a joke, no other town has these issues..please bring the bulldozers in !!

    • Hopewell is such a paradise since the mill closed right? Witness the beautiful shopping center and the drug filled high school. Hopewell…where 80 year old men get beaten to death and single women living alone get raped. Just ask any Realtor how many houses for sale in Hopewell right now, No, never any politics or in fighting with the Hopewell commissioners, right? If it wasn’t for the combined Aliquippa/Hopewell business district in New Sheffield, there wouldn’t be any business in Hopewell, other than the slave market they call Service Link. Oh and by the way doesn’t Sheriff David and Deputy Frantangelli live in the Hopewell School District? Once we start those bulldozers might as well keep them running up the hill into Hopewell.

      • I think there are so many houses for sale in Hopewell because they are scared to death of a forced state merge with the Aliquippa School District. With my cup is half-full attitude though, that would be one HELL of a football team they’d field.

  23. @avi88 I hate to inform you but what John Paul writes about Sheriff David is TRUE, TRUE, TRUE That’s the differance between you and him your’s are ALL LIES, MADE UP STORIES ,I got news for you the only person your fooling is YOURSELF, EVERY ONE ELSE KNOWS THE TRUTH…

  24. Personally, we both know what these people would think if they knew you were just a hacker finding stories, by breaking the law. Do you hack every e-mail that signs up for this site?

    You’d better Censor this comment.

    Side note, I’ll just take my comments over to the times cause 3/4’s of your readers hit that site up too.

    • Actually, he sounds like a shill for the BCT. Considering the shoddy reporting that has been going on over there as of lately, they need all they help they can get. Sadly, this guy isn’t helping. AT ALL. Don’t feed the trolls, that way they’ll starve.

  25. avi88 I’ve read your comments on the times, they are just as moronic. JP I know you are anti-censorship, but just for this wast of space pretty please. He ruins good intellectual conversations with his nonsensical bullshit. He/she has stolen multiple seconds of my life, please do it just to save your readers time and effort.

  26. @avi88 ….. Just read that you said back in the day you knew someone from the back rooms if the adult book store, so you must of been there hmmmm silly wabbit dix are for chix. Maybe you need to exposed

    • Yeah, I’m a dirty dirty man who likes dirty dirty sex, so what? There’s nothing to expose. Then again I don’t run a website exposing people & I’m not connected to anybody either, so it wouldn’t be juicy gossip.

      If I did, Then I wouldn’t censor the comments about who I am, because I don’t think we should limit free speech.

      Side note, Thanks for insulting me for being gay…

      • Actually, YOU opened that door to an insult by insulting the editor of this site. So basically, you FAIL AT TRYING TO START SHIT. Go back under your bridge. No one here will miss you one bit.

  27. We get it already you have an ax to grind with JP. Please continue your personal mission to destroy him else where, and we adults will continue to talk about the stories on the site. Good day

  28. With freedom should come discipline. Here, freedom of speech is being abused by irresponsible people. This is where I differ with JP’s not censoring extreme comments. The ignorant diatribe has no place in a civilized discussion. This site deserves better and is sustained in part by feedback. Keep it up, and even the most tolerant person would end it. You are hurting us all.

    • Of course with freedom should come disipline and freedom of speech has always been abused by irresponsible people. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. The very concept of freedom of speech is the support of all speech and our right to disagee. Volatre ” I disagree with everything you say but will fight to the death for your right to say it” Ignorant diatride in your opinion, in my opinion it tells us JP is a doer and not just a talker and on a personal level I feel better about him now than I did before he printed it. Kinda like the ACLU’s Jewish lawyers sueing so the Nazis could march in Skokie, Ill. Dennis McKee

      • Voltaire was speaking from within the context of the Enlightenment polemics when he penned those words. He did not speak them meaning an “absolute”, unfettered freedom of expression, as the quote in isolation suggests. He realized that what one says has CONSEQUENCES, and therefore, RESPONSIBILITIES, for what one says. Otherwise, anarchy would prevail. The Enlightenment was not the 21st century. It was “useful” in its time. Many seemingly self-evident absolutely “wise” quotes arose from it. But many have little practical value in today’s societal interactions. Verbal interactions with society and others carry consequences for the utterances. This does not limit free speech. It just induces reflection in oneself before he unthinkingly blurts out whatever he wishes to say.

        I rarely quote others, but I think an extracted quote fits here, if I may:

        “U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes stated: “Freedom of speech does not include the liberty to shout FIRE! in a crowded theater.” In other words, words have echoes: they carry consequences. And people are responsible for those consequences. Not to be allowed to cry FIRE! in a crowded theater, is that censorship? Not quite, although it does impose limitations on freedom.”

        “Freedom” does not mean an absolute lack of control. At its best, it is exercised when the individual has developed inner controls that recognize his audience that make outside controls unnecessary. He can still effect change, with great flexibility. It’s the essence of culture to regulate civilized behavior, and this allows it.

        The people who post ignorant, profane, untruthful, attacking, intentionally hurtful comments here are violating the “rules” of accepted decency and acceptable behavior in local society. They know it. It is intentional. And that is what invalidates accepting their venting when they are unable or unwilling to post responsibly.

        Voltaire would not have even entertained a discussion with any of them.

  29. The fiction of “free speech” is that words are abstracts, unlike concrete objects. They aren’t. They are internalized and effect physiological changes in the brain and body. Look up General Semantics, and you might understand what I am saying.

  30. As to the allagations about JP I have no way of knowing but I do know this. True or not he printed it which tells me something important about him. Freedom of speech was designed to protect speech we don’t like and he is putting his money where his mouth is. I was elected to public office and some of the stories told about me were totally made up. I was accused of robbing a bank the year I was overseas serving our country. There are no perfect people except Jesus and my mother in law and along with great freedom goes great responsibility. Dennis McKee

  31. To Raven, I am impressed that you know what Voltare means when he speaks and we can’t take his words litterly. However, you keep leaving out the words “In your opinion” No one is advocating yelling fire in a theater so you are twisting my words. There is lots of regulation of improper speech in the law if you yell fire in a theater you can be prosacuted or you say something about someone that is not and opinion it is slander. Your quote was not appropriate as no reasonable person thinks its alright to yell fire in a theater and I never said that. I suggest you read Jefferson regarding opinion in speech. Below is what applies.
    At the heart of the first amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas. Freedom to speak ones mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty, but essential to the quest for the truth and the vitality of society of a whole. In the world of public affairs many things are done with motives that are less than admirable that are none the less protected by the first amendment.
    Supreme Court Justice
    William Renquist

  32. I stand by my accounts of events that happened. I’m not buddies with the Mayor, I’m just a citizen who heard some threats made. All three of us have cooperated in this investigation that witnessed the incident. I did not immediately file a police report, because I wasn’t sure if a law had been broken or not. But I knew it was a matter of safety and an interesting story that the Beaver County Times would never publish.

  33. Spikeonline1: Yes, “in my opinion”. We don’t differ much in our views. I just take issue with extreme comments that border on slander or libel or are profane. They are counterproductive.

    • Raven, Counter productive or not they are Constitutionally protected and as a Marine I took an oath to “protect our Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign with my life if necessary” Bordering on slander or liable is irrelavant until they cross the line. Profanity is always improper in my opinion and I don’t use it but it is not illegal and again protected. I think you are taking a moral view on a Constitutional question that is in fact a legal question. My belief is it can never be counter productive to learn how someone feels it can only be informative. When the Klan speaks we all learn how crazy their views are and I believe them speaking has cut their membership down to almost nothing. Dennis McKee

      • You commit the fallacy of “argument from authority”. Your being a Marine, although commendable, is irrelevant for argument purposes, regardless of what you swore to. Your use of this authority to validate your stance upon slander or libel is a non sequitur and begs the question. Also, the Constitution, through state and local laws, does not condone malicious slander or libel. Pennsylvania’s Purdon’s Statutes define these very clearly. In some cases, they are illegal and can be prosecuted if they are found to harm intentionally. In addition, the Constitution, from its beginning, has been a consensual, agreed-upon opinion-based document, relative to this society, not a neutral science applicable to all. It’s an excellent document. Buy there are frequent challenges and changes to it. It is not perfect. The Supreme Court has a valuable function in making it work. You say, “I think you are taking a moral view on a Constitutional question that is in fact a legal question.” Not true, because the two are inseparable; a legal question is an opinion-based value judgment, by a society, which has agreed upon legal consequences. If not, there would be no need for judges or juries. I don’t disagree with you on many points, just the manner in which you articulate them. It smacks of absolutism. I think you are misled by the contexts of your own experiences, and that they lead to unrelated digressions in thinking. There can be no free-for-all in a democratic society; there must be limits. Otherwise, we face anarchy, or at the other end of the spectrum, totalitarianism, which will step in to take up the slack.

  34. This two-bit punk is always running around saying he jacked this person up, he told this person to eff off. He tried telling people a number of years back that he jacked up a former Council member (Joe Piroli, 6ft tall and over 200lbs.) and former Police Chief Bill Alston (6’8, 375lbs). Either one of these guys would have cleaned the street with this little, gutless, gun carrying punk. Look into this guys past….what you are reporting is nothing compared to what this racist, female abusing coward is guilty of.



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