Treasurer Connie Javens violated state law when she unilaterally disbursed millions of dollars to the new owners of Friendship Ridge, but will not be charged for doing so because she lacked criminal intent, caused no harm to the county, and her violations of law were technicalities too trivial to warrant prosecution — so-called “de minimis” offenses that did not amount to a crime — according to District Attorney David Lozier.

For the second time this year, District Attorney Lozier used the Commissioners’ public work session today to defend his decision not to file criminal charges against Treasurer Javens for her role in unilaterally disbursing public funds to Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services in 2014 through 2015 in a manner that violated the Pennsylvania County Code.

Under state law, funds disbursed from county accounts are to be signed by the County Commissioners and the County Controller before then being signed and released by the Treasurer. Javens instead went down to a local bank where county funds were held and withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time by herself — using those monies to purchase money orders which she handed over to executives at Comprehensive. According to the County Controller, Javens did not subsequently record any of her transactions in the county’s financial management system, leaving officials in the dark about her actions.

Although Javens did not follow the obligations of her office in the manner in which she distributed public funds, District Attorney Lozier said that all of the monies paid to Comprehensive were owed to them.

Lozier had previously said that his office found no correlation between Treasurer Javens’ violations of disbursement procedures and the lucrative contracts her adult children received from Comprehensive following their acquisition of Friendship Ridge.

In the following recording, concerned citizen Carl Hughes of Hopewell Twp. can be heard asking questions of Assistant County Solicitor Nate Morgan, before confronting District Attorney David Lozier about his decision not to file charges; Lozier can be heard responding in detail about his rationale.

The Beaver Countian’s John Paul can then be heard asking a few questions of the Board about the matter.

Listen To The Discussion:

Note: Following the meeting, Assistant Solicitor Nate Morgan clarified that he is unsure what the exact economic impact of the investigations into Javens’ actions has been on the county.

Section 1751 of the Pennsylvania County Code:

“If the county commissioners approve payment of a bill, claim or demand, at least two commissioners shall sign the check as properly drawn upon the county treasury […] The bill, claim or demand shall be returned to the controller for filing in his office and the check shall be forwarded to the county treasurer. The county treasurer shall sign the check as his draft upon the county treasury, but he shall not sign any check not already signed, as herein provided, by the commissioners and the controller.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Must be a closet kin of killiary. Beaver County is a crooked, corrupt, politically driven area. Sad there is no justice anywhere around here.

    • hundreds of thousands of dollars of MONEY ORDERS paid re friendship ridge?? all issued by the same bank?? i recall that you must fill out all sorts of stuff when purchasing money orders. and no large amount of $$. this was to keep track of the money-laundering, terrorism, etc..funders. this should in and of itself raised a big red flag at that bank, supervisors should have been notified, and a call made to the Courthouse. some one did not practice due diligence..

    • Don’t worry, what is she about 150? She can’t live that much longer………………See, there is a bright side.

    • Martocci isn’t even going to be a contender. He’s a bigger joke than Lozier. If anyone wants another incompetent DA, vote for Martocci. Then you can see what really ” FUCKED UP ” is.

    • Frank “Bowtie” Martocci couldn’t cream a cup of coffee even if he was a bottle of coffee creamer!

    • She’s a lifelong Democrat, as is Wolf. If you haven’t noticed by now, Democrats do not turn in other Democrats in Pennsylvania. This shit has been happening for decades here, and it is 100% politically driven.

  2. How can you violate a law, and not be guilty of a crime????
    OMG!! the ASSCLOWNS running county goverment are almost as corrupt and moronic as the orange skidmark in DC! WE ARE ALL DOOMED

    • That was my first question. How can you break a law, but not be guilty, Larry Headland. We have Comey and Hillary in the Beaver County Court House.

  3. Unbelievable that they can say no county money ended up in the wrong hands when they don’t even know how much we owe or do they owe us?
    Nothing is a big deal to county officials, nothing is a conflict of interest, nothing is a crime, FOR THEM!

    There are some instances where a missing signature might be de minimis, but withdrawing money from a bank account that is not yours would never be de minimis. That is theft, and the amounts stolen were far from de minimis.

    Keep explaining how nothing is wrong, we are not that stupid. You look like an ass Lozier.

    F’n GREAT job Carl Hughes!

  4. Ashame he will be a 1 term d.a. this is why the county is broke. Notice on your vehicle registration they are charging $5.00 for Beaver County Transportation. The county is trying to recover from this way. Talk to David Rossi and see what’s in the accounts. Ashame you vote these people in and they turn on us if, it was years ago they would be hung. Reality is God will be the final judge and this is reality for a 80 year old women and the d.a. the wing guy will be done 1 term!


    • Rossi’s the one who started all of these Friendship Ridge allegations! How much money have we paid in audits because of his allegations?? Thousands !! His office is the watchdog of the county, what does he say about this? Who owes who money? Will we ever know?

      • Rossi made these allegations against Javens back in December 2015. He didn’t even show up at the first meeting to discuss these allegations!!! What’s up with that? In this country the accused shall enjoy the right to be confronted with the witnesses against him, according to the 6th amendment! He keeps making allegations that cost our county thousands!

  5. This district attorney with no white hat expertise. Has become a debacle to legal system.

    He contradicted himself in his very own speech.

    Rumors must be true from her, that sheriff and coroner where putting him in his place.

    He lied about higher law enforcement looking into this…….Google this he bragged that he fired PSP from investigating it when he came to office.

    NO clue where to look and how to track the money…

    This guy is being political a true farse, focusing on wrong issues and wrong people preventing the trash from being taken out. These are the people that SCREWED taxpayers and frustrated voters that even got a chance to be in office.

    Enjoy the 4 years and pay…….

  6. Connie Javens gets away with it again! First of all, having dealt with public funds before myself, there are rules to follow. When it came to the disbursement of funds to Friendship Ridge, the DA might be correct on his statement but Connie had to know that the amount of money getting disbursed that she should darn well follow the rules/law this time. Then requiring a forensics audit because she would not answer questions as a public servant just shows once again her arrogance for any authority over her trying to get answers. She probably does not realize that she went from being someone respected to someone that is not when the word got out of how she runs her office. Connie – you are a public servant, not the Queen!

    • Joe Van Lear I live in Hopewell also have a house in NF Allegheny county which is worth more money. My township tax in hopewell 167.00 in NF 60.35. School tax hopewell 691.00 in NF 145.82. and county is even more of a joke do not have them off hand but county is under 28bucks in Allegheny and 321.00 in Beaver.

      • You may want to check and see if the assessment valuations are equally valued.
        In Beaver County your tax bill is based on 50% of your assessed value. Allegheny County may or may not be the same percentage ratio.

  7. This is complete and utter horse shit! Did she break the law? Then CHARGE HER MR D.A. If I broke the law I sure as hell would be charged so then why does this uneducated fossil get a free ride? Wake up Beaver County! She is laughing all day and all night thinking about how she screwed us all and no one WILL do anything about it!

  8. If the funds were already approved……..she may have violated the notification. But seriously are we trying to micro manage everything from the top? You liberal left wing control freaks…..I can see what you do. Thank Goodness you are no longer in control….because we were fiscally in the shitter….under your leadership.

    • Joe Van Lear her party had nothing to do with the story. The facts of why people want the charges to stay do. Liberals tend to be control freaks……where conservatives tend to just be about getting the job done. Even if the job is not perfect. She got the job done that had already been approved……she just failed to get authority to finish the job.

      The only way it would be a crime was if she double paid them.

      • @BillLeBlanc – What planet are you from? This has nothing to do with liberal or conservative but since you seem to want to make it germane to this situation the fact of the matter is she’s a liberal democrat so there goes your theory. As far as her getting the job done, one only has to look as far as the antlerless deer licenses that she didn’t process to see that she’s about enriching herself and her family members…not about “getting the job done.”

        Perhaps when you need to have your appendix or gallbladder removed you can find yourself a good conservative doctor who will get the job done for you but not in a perfect manner by removing them from your rectum. Even though your sphincter won’t stay closed after that at least he will have gotten the job done which according to you is all that matters.

        For the record, you, sir, are an idiot and clearly live in a world of ignorant bias.

  9. The Killary defense! Got to love it! You just CANNOT fix STUPID and/or government corruption.

    As a side note-Connie “The Con” said out of her own pie hole that she WILL NOT be running again after this term. Sooooo……This is nothing more than to let this evil corrupt…….subhuman ride off into the sunset laughing all the way with all our money. No big loss……just raise our taxes! Oh, wait…..These fuckers DID RAISE OUR TAXES!!!! AND…put a extortion tax on our vehicle registration and trailer registration! Hope they ALL burn in HELL! FUCK YOU LOSER LOZIER!



  10. New defense for DUI!
    Honest officer! I DID NOT have the INTENT to drive drunk, so therefor, I can just drive off into the sunset and go home! Thank you officer! Have a nice day!

  11. glad most of them never showed up for the parade this year. so tired of corrupt politicians. local and government agencies and level. it’s all about how to get one over with out being caught. how can they live bext to someone knowing they are ripping their own people and neighbors off. I couldn’t sleep at night. they must dream in allabies rather than lullabies

  12. Rumor has it that Javens is NOT running for re-election. Looks like Con the Con probably pulled off the biggest Con in County history. Enjoy your retirement while you can Queeny; at your age you probably don’t have that much time left. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

    Davie Looser – What’s YOUR story? Judging from your convoluted excuses for side-stepping your job, I can only imagine that you got your Law Degree from some cereal box. You’d make a good Trump lawyer, you’re so full of shit.

    Sandie Egley – I supported you 100% percent, even after you accepted that Trump thing. IF YOU ARE FOR THE TAX-PAYERS, PLEASE MAKE SOME PUBLIC STATEMENT ABOUT THIS 6 MILLION DOLLAR FIASCO.


    • Sandie is in a delicate position right now. The meeting with Comprehensive is next week. Let the meeting take place, see whey Comprehensive has to say, then comment on the whole ball of wax. Until then, I would keep quiet.

  13. No sense at all of right or wrong. No rule of law. How can anyone even pretend that Beaver County government and law enforcement is a functioning entity serving the people of Beaver County..

  14. I personally disagree with the decision not to file criminal charges.

    The process the VETERAN Treasurer was required to follow was clear and known to her without any doubt as she has been the Treasurer for decades. As far as the public knows this entity who reportedly hired multiple family members of the Treasurer with lucrative contracts was the only entity that was paid personally by the Treasurer from county bank accounts outside the legally established system of county disbursements with MONEY ORDERS not checks.

    The Treasurer appears to have made a conscious unilateral decision not to follow the law and disbursed millions to a single entity and hide those disbursements from other county officials according to news reports.

    An Audit was done by the county at an expense of $25,000 that has not been contradicted which found county monies were disbursed improperly by the Treasurer to the tune of over a million dollars.

    When Egley and Camp requested answers as to why monies were disbursed and why the Treasurer did so secretly, the Treasurer reportedly showed up with lawyers and refused to answer or provide any explanation.


    The county (meaning the taxpayers) now needs to spend money to litigate with the private entity to get back over a million of county money the Audit shows was improperly disbursed.

    Criminal charges needed to be filed against the Treasurer to determine her guilt or innocence. The criminal process would have afforded the Treasurer every opportunity to explain and defend her actions and the public would have been able to judge her guilt or innocence. After a tax increase to cover a budget deficit, the public would have been able to make the decision on whether the Treasurer’s actions in improperly disbursing millions of county dollars was criminally “de minimus” or of no consequence.

    As a veteran attorney with over 22 years experience litigating criminal cases in 17 county criminal court systems of Western Pennsylvania, I cannot understand the District Attorney’s decision.

    When it appears thst a violation of the criminal law occurs (particularly involving elected officials and mishandling taxpayer monies or lying under oath to the public), criminal charges must be filed to insure the integrity of government – a base concept that both prior DA Berosh and present DA Lozier have demonstrated that they do not agree with based upon their performance as the highest elected law enforcement persons in Beaver County.

    • Please explain this to Stonewall Loser. Wish you could have attended the meeting. My employment prevents me from attending, just here and there. My belief is that ALL parties concerned are counting down the days until the statue of limitations runs out. Then it goes to her grave with her. If this doesn’t wake up the voters in this county nothing will. Taxpayers funds are missing, taxes were raised partially as a result.

      • I think it would be a wise decision to be placed in a mausoleum to prevent people from pissing on a grave.

    • Gerald Benyo, you are a lock in the next election for District Attorney. The biggest culprits will be out of the courthouse and maybe gone from old age. My hope is that you can reopen some of this malfeasance.

      Gerald Benyo For District Attorney !

  15. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Can you imagine working for or with this buffoon??!! I know for a fact that Loser did not have the State Police look into this matter. He elected to use his top notch investigator, Detective Tim Staub, conduct the investigation. Tim Staub, the guy from Monaca investigating Connie Javens, who is also from Monaca. Those who are from outside of the county look at that and see no issue, but to those of us who live here, we know that it is a very big deal. Clean house and remove Loser and his Detectives if they cant find anything “criminal.” Also Loser, we don’t elect not to prosecute people because “they wont do any jail time.” A “low level misdemeanor” is still a crime dumb ass. Loser makes $172,271a year. Not bad for a Friggin Amateur.

  16. So, it’s official. We have a protection racket in the Courthouse.

    From a guy waving a gun and threatening someone, to a $100 fine for shooting a gun in a house, to hiding a dash cam from the public, to lying on the stand, to making false police reports, to attacking the public in phony traffic stops, to lying and subverting a candidate’s campaign, to saving the Treasurer embarrassment, and on and on for a hundred more…

    The message could not be clearer — if one works in that place or has close friends or relatives there, he/she will not, cannot, be charged for anything and certainly will not prosecuted for anything.

    If one works in that place, he/she is immune to charges and prosecution. The only threat is discovery by an investigative reporter and a harangue of commenters who will eventually just go away. Just embarrassment at getting caught. Then, business as usual.

    Not even a bad reputation to worry about. So, what’s a poor public to do?

    Surprise! Not a goddamned thing, because it won’t/cannot work. No one in that place has been convicted of anything in the past 5 years of the Beaver Countian exposing them. John Paul cannot arrest or convict them, and they won’t do that to themselves. They are home free.

    What to do? Speak badly of them, to their faces, cut them off in the Giant Eagle checkout line, do not stop to help if they have a flat tire. Make them pariahs, lepers of politics, but DO NOT MAKE THEIR CORRUPTION EASY FOR THEM.

    They are bottom feeders, and they deserve no more respect than a dung beetle rolling an ox turd along a dusty road. Treat them the same.

    • My apologies to the dung beetle. He is an honest worker, pushing balls of ox shit to feed his family. None of these people rise to that level of selfless diligence. He makes good use of offal. These humans just produce it.

  17. It’s clear now that Connie Javens has been given the authority and a free pass allowing her to operate with impunity. What about the bank employees that violated federal banking laws by allowing withdrawal of county funds without the required signatures?

    • She is not alone. Vince LaValle did the same exact thing plus loaned 1.8 Million of taxpayer money to CHC, which is illegal. We the taxpayers are paying a DA $175K a year to NOT prosecute county officials that skirt the law.

  18. Wow that’s crazy anybody else would go to prison 5 to 10 I said b 4 the people who work at the courthouse are worse criminals then the people in the beaver county jail

  19. The state police can only investigate this if they are invited by the county DA and as we know he UNinvited them very early into his “investigation.” The FBI plays under an entirely different set of rules (and they make the rules, not the local DA). I would really like to have the DA expound on how he determined that the treasurer lacked criminal intent since she purposely went around the commissioners and controller and then failed to record the transaction (failing to record it just reeks of intent in my amateur opinion). Even though the DA has determined that this case is closed, the FBI is able to open their own case and reach their own conclusions – as an added bonus if they determine that a crime did take place it will be tried in a federal court where the penalties are harsh and where the defendant has no influence.

    I would encourage each person who feels a sense of outrage to take three minutes out of your day and file an online tip to have another set of eyes look at this situation. NOTHING is going to change if the taxpayers of Beaver County just congregate here to complain…just MAYBE something will change if you actually participate in the process.

    Submit a tip at It won’t take more than a few minutes of your time to explain the unilateral withdrawal and subsequent failure to record over a million dollars of county funds and the possible conspiracy by one (or more) other elected officials. If the DA feels confident in his conclusion then don’t you think he should openly welcome another agency in order to confirm his findings?

    If you are unwilling to get involved in this matter what exactly will it take for you to get involved? Perhaps if you get involved now you can help to prevent whatever it is that you think is a bigger matter in the future.

    • Please reply back and let others here know that you cared enough to fill out the form. It would be great if by the end of the day we could have 50+ concerned citizens get involved!!

      • I’m in. Notify the FBI. Maybe they’ll find a nice cell for Stonewall too for obstruction of justice.

    • Just submitted my tip to FBI to investigate RICO violations in BC Out House. laid it all out for them to follow. JP has already done most of the work for them. I urge all others to take a minute and send an email or submit a tip charge sheet. Strength in numbers. If you want to air your bitch you can also do it anonymously!

  20. There is so much corruption it doesn’t stop here. From judges to attorneys to CYS the sheriffs, etc Instead of targeting one or two issues look at it as a whole. Not many if any are being held accountable for the HUGE waste of taxpayer money and taxpayer money that others get because of nepotism. Like programs in CYS that are unsubstantial and contracts are given to the company a persons husband is in…

  21. She is very aware of the rules regarding the handling of the county’s finances. How is this not a major violation of the rules? And we get our taxes raised, a new $5.00 tax stuck on all your car(s) registrations and a few other price increases on businesses in the county and services we have to do through the courthouse. I am sick of them all. It is, and has always been, who you know and one hand washes the other. Good old boys (both male and female)

  22. At the end of his term, David Lozier walks away with his fortune we have paid him. He is set for life. Then we can elect Gerald Benyo who will be a real District Attorney.

  23. ” Javens instead went down to a local bank where county funds were held, withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time by herself, and then used those monies to purchase money orders which she handed over to executives at Comprehensive. ”

    Enough said! Goodbye Lozier … you and Connie will be leaving together and not soon enough!

  24. I wonder how many people hypocritically smile at or shake the hands of Stonewall or the Con, or even exchange pleasantries when passing them in the Courthouse halls or aisles at the store? That’s where it starts, folks. The personal level. They don’t deserve your sycophancy or smile or your goodwill. No, silence, ignoring or withdrawing a hand would be more appropriate and honest.

    • We can only publically humiliate them if they have any pride and decency. May as well forget that. They are not fit to be called citizens. Scum of the earth and that’s really low by court house standards.

  25. The word around the water cooler is that Ashley Elias is going to make a run for DA. Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend.

    • In my opinion Jennifer Popovich would be a better candidate if someone from the DA’s office is going to run. I really hope the voters in this county have learned a very painful lesson after the results of the last election and won’t repeat their prior mistakes. It really isn’t of question of who the next DA is going to be, it’s just a question of how many more days to go until Gerry Benyo moves his stuff into Lozier’s old office!

  26. Look, this probably is not a chargeable offense or crime, BUT……

    Look at what this says about internal control and management of that sale. How long were those transactions out there and the principals involved weren’t sure what was going on? The County is now looking to recoup money from Comprehensive, well… if you don’t give them this money upfront, you don’t have to try and recoup it. You lost your position of strength in that dispute. And… the fact that internal controls aren’t followed or even understood by all those involved in the Courthouse makes it very realistic to assume that the County is very vulnerable to a true act of embezzlement, theft, etc.

    Don’t put this shit out there that “Nobody worry, we are on top of this!” Because they were not. And probably still are not.

  27. Reading the story in the Times, I am mystified about something which the DA does not explain. The Treasurer was following procedures for bank withdrawals, getting all the required signatures..That ended in October 2015 when she and LaValle started the withdrawals. Why the change in her procedure? Has anyone in the courthouse finally instituted audits…quarterly, mid-year, annual.. I would be glad to give them a copy of the detailed audit our company uses…Semi-Annual with in-house auditors and yearly with a contracted CPA firm. I firmly believe we will see another tax hike in 2018.

  28. Mr. Lozier, In Law School I’m sure there was a section where the words “may” and “shall” were discussed. You know, like a “may” bill ‘vs’ “shall” bill.

    Section 1751 of the Pennsylvania Code clearly states what “SHALL” be done. The movement of funds was clearly was done intentionally and contrary to Section 1751. Criminal intent should be left up to the courts.

    There is also a section somewhere about “neglect of duty”…..

  29. Ok, so if I don’t intend to speed, and I don’t harm anyone that means I won’t get a ticket right? Oh I didn’t intend to do it… It’s cool, officer!
    So if she caused no harm, then why are we in a pickle because the people she ILLEGALLY dispersed funds to now owes the county money? How does that work? And why would we pay millions to a company we are SELLING to, not BUYING from?!

  30. A good example of Stonewall’s ineptitude as a wannabe courtroom lawyer was seen in his court “defense” against releasing the Cicco case dashcam video. It was embarrassing — unschooled, inept, illogical. When he lifts his coat and places his hand on his hip to make a “presentation,” it is a comical stance of sissy buffoonery to match the foolishness he is about to squeak about. The guy should not be a law clerk, let alone DA.

  31. John Q.: Newly minted lawyer Ashley Marie Elias? Someone with even less experience than Stonewall? Say it ain’t so!

  32. Withdrawal slips from Javens and LaValle, LaValles loaning of public tax money, Zuk’s hair contract, Javens walking CHC to secure a tax break, Javens son supplying county office equipment and everthing else is all evidence. This should have went to a Grand Jury and subpoenas issued for finances of everyone involved. Let the Grand Jury decide to indict or not so a Judge can rule on it.

  33. Federal Grand Jury is the ONLY way to fix Beaver County. Indict them all and let the fed sort out who goes to what jail or prison. Never get an impartial jury in this county. All family and friends. grand juries can also prove innocence if that is the findings.

  34. Loser, you are so done! What a major disappointment you are and I am so sorry I believed your lies and voted for you! It’s sickening, just sickening that you are wrapped up in the same old garbage we’d hoped you’d stop! I hope your underwear begin to itch, the next time you stand up to lie!

  35. 130 posts???? Relax , Beaver County! Stillers in Latrobe, high school football just around the corner and the Buccos are still in the pennant chase! Just wash your mind out with that, like we do EVERY year. When do the Pens start training? #Sports

  36. I am not surprised by this outcome, I am surprised that it took the DA almost 2 years to reach his conclusion that absolutely nothing wrong was done, overlooking the fact she hired an attorney and refuses to answer any questions, except to state “People are jealous of the Javen’s family.” I am extremely disappointed in the DA, and he certainly will not receive my vote.

  37. “Lacked criminal intent, caused no harm to the county, and her violations of law were technicalities too trivial to warrant prosecution.”

    Wow, too bad us peasants can’t use this defense.

    • She did do harm to the county by handing over money to CHC with money orders instead of a county check for some reason. Cover up maybe. Vince LaValle intentionally loaned county taxpayer money to CHC and he also did not get the proper signatures. In my opinion, Connie Javens, Vince LaValle and David Lozier are the most hated county officials by the public in Beaver County history. They have done nothing except served themselves, their families and protected each other. The only thing they have done for the hard working citizens of this county is put a broomstick up our ass and laughed about it.

  38. Sandie Egley WENT TO THE STATE POLICE!!! She handed over all of the documentation necessary to prosecute Connie!

    Lozier stopped them.

  39. Rarely has there been such a contradiction between saying and doing:

    David J. Lozier for District Attorney – 2015 RCBC Lincoln Day Dinner

    “For far too long in Beaver County the elected officials of the County have been immune to prosecution and have felt an entitlement with their jobs as elected government officials. I am going to rebalance the scales of justice in Beaver County. I’m running for District Attorney, because integrity matters. I’m running for District Attorney to impose a strong code of ethics and to restore anti nepotism, and anti conflicts of interest policies in the office of District Attorney.”



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