The Lieutenant of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is being placed on an unpaid administrative suspension.

Lieutenant Deputy Thomas Ochs was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police this week and charged with multiple counts including Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, False Swearing, Obstructing Of Governmental Functions, and Hindering Apprehension/Prosecution.

The charges stem from an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter back on April 16th, 2012.

Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that the Sheriff’s Office attempted to have Ochs placed on a paid suspension pending the outcome of his criminal case. The county’s law department determined that Ochs should be placed on an unpaid suspension instead.

Ochs had 2 days of vacation left for this year which he used to finish out the week. His unpaid suspension from duty will begin on Monday and continue until the final disposition of his case.

If convicted of the charges filed against him, Ochs will be precluded from ever serving as a police officer or deputy.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police. Lieutenant Deputy Thomas Ochs was present during the incident which led to Sheriff David’s arrest.


  1. Nice to see that the law department decided to pull their heads out of their asses for a moment, and correctly choose to suspend without pay….

    • This one they got right, but why is George David still collecting a pay check and is sitting at home on house arrest?

  2. Ochs needs to take a serious look in the mirror and ask himself if throwing his career away was worth it? Will be interesting to see what they do with the pension.

  3. He should be forced to give up his right to own or possess firearms as well, that’s what would happen to one of us facing the same charges.

  4. Ok, now Ochs is going down with the ship. That’s on him. But, it was quick and legal. Now he’s without pay. Now, back to John Fratangeli. Why after all of these monts gone by hasn’t he been charged ? It’s in front of anybody interested in black and white! The D.A. stated several weeks ago that Fratangeli “came within a day” of being arrested. Well Berosh, whats up your ass now. Are you afraid that georgie david (no caps) will spill something concerning you ?Why are the residents of B.C. still paying a criminals wages ? Lets either SHIT or get off the pot. The P.S.P. would have done a long time ago. Perhaps one day they’ll visit your corrupt ass and take you out in hand cuffs like they did your idol, georgie david !

    • The political web protecting John Joe is BIG and strong! Hell, I believe he’s even related to one of the BC commissioners thru marriage. Amadio? It will take some strong will to put that deputy dog down. It will have to be the PSP or the AG office to put that dog down .

  5. Sadly YOU PEOPLE MAKE John Joe seem relevant

    He is low hanging fruit, on county level onlyreal juice is his mother in aliquippa, sisters lol I won’t go there, crew socks wearing Benny please, it’s Vicki and quip and only fragment which is majority, she would of been mayor if dumb ass could curl hair and not burn head at same time, if you don’t injure what I mean then please don’t rebut.

    John Joe for the bastard kids running around, parents live in basic type projects to give to children and have so for years, if his wife didn’t have do many kids to the piece of shit she would leave her was poor patrolman at best and would pay others to work his shift to ride motorcycle and bang skanks, wife was bread winner until mortgage Industy collapsed, only reason he got deputy job was mother and Georgie was Fucking stupid, and he should of been charged for his shenanigans doing security at mpi club luckily girth didn’t press charges,,,,,, but video doesn’t lie

    Other than that berosh would smack him in heartbeat but he got issues with a staffer and connections to the fucking troll, that he waited to clean up Tony B is wise and won’t do anything that could haunt himself.

    John Joe will be charged trust me, cause he should and cause Tony knows he should and would get cut by party if didn’t.

    John Joe isn’t the only one getting charged soon……………lol…….the chickens are coming home to roost

    • Sweet baby Jesus, what the hell are you on?? Trying to decipher what you’re talking about in that rambling, incoherent mess just gave me a migraine…..



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