A “wish list” for state funding developed by the new Beaver County Partnership For Community And Economic Development (also known as the BCP Economic Growth Council) contains millions of dollars in proposals that would benefit politically connected developers, including individuals who have donated administrative funds to help get the organization up and running.

The Beaver Countian has obtained a copy of approximately $145 million in project proposals the Partnership was seeking to fund through taxpayer subsidized grants and loans from the state. Among the projects include funding initiatives that would benefit brownfield development sites owned by local real estate tycoon C.J. Betters, and funding that would benefit properties located by the mall and on Rochester’s riverfront owned by Pat Nardelli’s Castlebrook Development Group (both Betters and Nardelli donated several thousand dollars in administrative seed monies to help with the formation of the Partnership), as well as millions of dollars to fund “studies” and “planning” by a multitude of independent advisory councils and authorities.

The “wish list” also includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for the Partnership itself.

The Beaver County Partnership For Community And Economic Development is a newly formed public/private partnership comprised of organizations including the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, Beaver County Board of Commissioners, Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development, and Beaver County Redevelopment Authority.

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners sent a Cease and Desist letter to the organization late yesterday afternoon, expressing concerns about the organization’s activities.

The Beaver Countian is publishing the Partnership’s “wish list” in full below, including project descriptions as written by the organization:

Beaver County Wish List Items – Main List

Study Restructuring of County Government
– County Commissioners and Good Government
Beaver County is struggling financially despite significant cost cutting by the County Commissioners. The County faces challenges in managing row office budgets, union contracts, and an historical legacy that makes meaningful administrative cultural change difficult.

Strategic Land Use Exercise (“Lego” exercise)
– BCP Economic Growth Council
Funding for a Study to Determine Strategic Land Use across the County, referred to within the Economic Growth and other Councils as a “Lego” Exercise: This concept grows out of the informal discussion that Lance Grable, Rebecca Matsco, and Tim Wetzel had with Mitchell Silver (past president of the American Planning Association) regarding strategic planning concepts in the context of Beaver County. Mr. Silver spoke to Beaver County Municipal officials at the invitation of the Beaver County COG in 2013, having done research into the County and its demographics prior to that event. This exercise engages the municipalities and others in an exercise looking at existing infrastructure and land use; and determining where additional growth of industry, commercial, retail, and various types of housing should be encouraged in order to be ready for coming needs indicated by demographic trends.

Riverfront Towns Master Plan
– County Planning Dept and Quality of Life Council
Beaver County has approximately 28 miles of river frontage. Historically, the rivers have been a major asset to development of industry in the County along this frontage. As a result, the County has several large river front brownfield sites. Several of the Partnership Councils have identified the river towns as important to reigniting interest and growth in the County; to creating a “sense of place” that makes Beaver County uniquely attractive to prospective residents and businesses; and as an asset where planned industrial access, mixed use, residential, and recreational access could successfully intertwine. This study seeks to provide the vision for strategically laying out such a plan.
(NOTE: The County owns some of the river front parcels; and developers have invested to remediate or otherwise prepare some of the others. This study needs to identify available parcels; ownership of them; access to them; and cooperative potential with PennDOT and CSX as a prerequisite.)

County Wide Infrastructure (Water/Sewer/Telecommunications) Plan
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
Beaver County’s utility infrastructure literally dates to the 1920’s if not before. There are areas (such as part of Aliquippa) where the water system loses as much through leaks as it delivers to customers. Parts of the sewer systems have failed and are temporarily patched, for example in Aliquippa’s former J&L brownfield site. In some areas, the power grid is too dated to handle modern loads properly. Internet delivery in parts of the County cripples attempts by businesses to employ web-based tools and resources. This study seeks to identify those areas where these conditions exist, and outline corrective recommendations as well as the associated costs.

Blight Reduction Program Startup including land banking
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
This program would dedicate funds to a strategic county-wide blight reduction program that would utilize the many different tools and funding streams that are available to implement a sustainable plan that empowers blight removal and seeks to keep the implemented areas from returning to a blighted condition.

Pictometry Data Acquisition, Storage, and related costs
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
Beaver County is one of relatively few Counties in the Commonwealth that does not utilize pictometry to assist in updating and maintaining its assessment data. Acquiring pictometry would not only facilitate updating of assessment by capturing new or expanded building footprints; but it would also provide additional revenue to the County by capturing these changes and getting them onto the tax roles in a much more timely manner than is possible using only traditional, manual assessment methods.

Develop GIS programming services beyond current contract
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
This item includes upgrading current subscriptions to enable development of more sophisticated analytical tools; development of tools; and training to enable more effective use of the tools and data.

Process Technology Program Expansion*
– Community College of Beaver County
Expanded Process Technology Training Equipment and Facilities to Address Shell and Related Petrochemicals Workforce Needs: Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) has developed a Process Technology Associate Degree program to specifically address a primary workforce need of Royal Dutch Shell. The program is operational and growing, but available equipment and lab space is inadequate to meet the capacity need to train this future workforce. CCBC has developed a $4 million plan to expand the current Process Technology lab facility and acquire state-of-the art training equipment based upon the input of Shell and other regional petrochemicals industry leaders. Shell has recently committed $150,000 to this project and local entrepreneur C.J. Betters, CEO of C.J. Betters Enterprises, has contributed $100,000. Two major foundations have met recently with CCBC faculty and staff and toured the campus and site of the facility. These foundations are entertaining proposals for additional funding that will be considered in spring 2017. We are requesting $1 million from DCED, which is expected to complete the campaign when current proposals are acted upon. The funds will be used immediately upon receipt to purchase equipment regardless of the status of other project funding requests.
(NOTE that some funding has already been pledged and contributed.)

Workforce “Fast Track” Funding
– Community College of Beaver County
Funds Dedicated for Educational Institutions that Provide Non-credit and/or Workforce Training Programs that “Fast Track” Individuals into Occupations in the Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Business Sectors or Other High Demand Occupations: Typically, these funds are historically limited to the populations that they best serve. Students who are accepted into more traditional (credit/degree) programs have access to financial aid, scholarship dollars, or self-pay. Individuals seeking non-credit or workforce training programs are not eligible for the same type of financial aid and/or may be limited by other types of education program funding provided for workforce training that does not align with the costs associated with that training. This funding would also allow these educational institutions to respond in real time to develop or maintain relevant workforce training programs in response industry demand and job seeker needs.

Funding to Promote Beaver County Schools, Housing, Employment to Prospective Employers
– Community College of Beaver County
Marketing Funds to Promote Beaver County Schools, Housing, and Employment to Shell and Other Prospective New Workforce Members: As construction of the Shell ethane cracker plant moves forward and the project impacts every area of the Beaver County and regional economy over the next five years and beyond, there is a new and growing need to effectively promote Beaver County schools, housing and other community assets to prospective new county residents and workforce members. These funds would enable Beaver County leaders to use the latest marketing technology to reach prospective new consumers through an organized and effective ongoing outreach campaign. The project will be focused on realizing the fullest possible local impact of the economic benefits of the new and emerging regional manufacturing and industrial growth.

Final funding to enable mixed use development behind Beaver Valley Mall*
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
Castlebrook Development is working on plans for mixed use development in the area between the Mall and Target. Final funding is needed to facilitate completion of a roadway which is the catalyst for this concept.
(NOTE: Castlebrook Development has some funding already in place.)

Route 51 Improvements between Monaca and Aliquippa*
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
This stretch of Route 51 is expected to be an alternate, if not primary, route for truck traffic between Shell’s laydown yard for their petrochemical facility and that facility itself. The announced primary route for this truck traffic involves steep grades and safety concerns. Improvements to Route 51, if expedited to meet the Shell construction schedule, would allow use of this route; and this item will also improve traffic flow through Monaca at the 17th street intersection in anticipation of the Crows Run project developing additional traffic.
(NOTE that this is partial funding; this is on PennDOT and SPC lists but needs funding.)

Beaver County Wish List – Additional Items

Implementable Planning Consultation, County-Wide
– County Planning and Good Government Council
Funding for a beginning the Implementable Planning Process as described by Jim Pashek and Denny Puko, as an update to the County’s pre-cracker plant Comprehensive Plan. This process would include surveying the needs of the municipalities and communities within the County, and would include cultural and systemic concerns.

Rochester Riverfront Redevelopment Planning and Implementation*
– County Redevelopment Authority
The Rochester Riverfront is the logical cornerstone for river town revitalization to create a sense of place. Discussions are underway regarding a strip district style market possibly having food service on an upper level on the river front; potential adaptive reuse of an existing riverfront structure; the possibility of a riverfront amphitheater; revitalized retail along two blocks of Brighton Avenue; housing at the upper end of this mixed use, walkable district; and possible re-use of an adjacent old hotel into mixed use.
(NOTE that some of this property is owned by developers whose willingness to put up funding is expected to be positively impacted by a cohesive plan.)

Study Feasibility of Light Rail Transit between Beaver County and Pittsburgh
– County Planning Department and County Transit Authority
Often discussed but never implemented, this item addresses the difficulty of access to downtown Pittsburgh via the Greentree Hill and Fort Pitt Tunnels. This concept envisions commuter rail from Beaver County to the Pittsburgh Airport, continuing into downtown Pittsburgh.

Study Viability of a Center for Excellence for Customer Service
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
Beaver County has an opportunity to improve the manner in which services are delivered. County employers report marked differences in service delivery between facilities located in and staffed by Beaver County residents as opposed to facilities in other areas. Creating a Center for Excellence of this type would constructively impact retail, hospitality, commercial, government; really all sectors in the region and would present a more positive experience in all facets of life in the County.

Create a Coordinated County-Wide Marketing Plan
– BCP and Chamber of Commerce
This item is intended to attract new businesses, residents, and developers to the County.

Additional Server Capacity to Support Municipal GIS Activity
Economies of Scale can be achieved by leveraging the County’s GIS platform to support municipalities’ GIS use, as opposed to the municipalities contracting for separate GIS service from an outside vendor. The County and the COG have met and studied the needs. Additional hardware and support are required. However, this cost is a fraction of the cost that will be incurred by the municipalities if they continue to procure separate GIS services.

Contract to Build a GIS Floorplan Model of Schools for First Responders
– County Planning Department
(self explanatory)

Feasibility Study on Center for the Trades or Workforce Development Training Complex
– County Planning and Redevelopment Authority
This concept involves creating a major “magnet” training facility, perhaps in Aliquippa and perhaps involving adaptive reuse of structures, to provide an upward career path for youth and retraining workers. One particular beauty of the Center for the Trades concept is the potential opportunity to redevelop parts of Aliquippa as training projects.

STEM Focused Technical Training Program
– County Planning Redevelopment Authority and Community College of Beaver County
This concept is intended to provide additional funding for STEM-related career path training for high school students, consistent with the Community College’s landmark College in High School Academies program.

Midland Brownfield Redevelopment
– County CED
This item is for redevelopment of river front property in Midland, surrounding the currently closed ATI plant. The municipality has interest in mixed use redevelopment; and this is one site available on the riverfront for redevelopment during the Shell facility construction which will utilize much of the County’s riverfront brownfield inventory.

Big Beaver Site Development
– County CED
(description needed)

Truckstop Plaza along 376 as Recommended by SPC
– County Planning Redevelopment Authority
This item is for development of a truck stop along I-376, most likely off of the Aliquippa or Hopewell exits. The need for this project has been identified by the SPC.

County Convention Center
– County Redevelopment Authority
There is a desire to locate a major convention center in Beaver County.

Identify and Develop a Mixed Use Complex
– County Redevelopment Authority
There is a desire to locate a mixed use complex along the lines of Southpointe in Beaver County.

Emergency Repairs to County Park Assets
– County Parks and Recreation
This item includes repairs to the ice arena, to Brady’s Run Beach and Bath House, and Sugar Shack repairs.

Items within 2008 Park Master Plans
– County Parks and Recreation
This item includes restrooms, shelter upgrades, etc.

Implement Ohio River Trail Segment from Monaca to Aliquippa
– BCP Quality of Life Council
(self explanatory).

Parks & Recreation, Current Needs
– County Parks and Recreation
See attached detail, tier 1.

Parks & Recreation, Future Small Projects
– County Parks and Recreation
See attached detail, tier 2.

Parks & Recreation, Future Large Projects
– County Parks and Recreation
See attached detail, tier 3.

Parks & Recreation, Unsure of Cost
– County Parks and Recreation
See attached detail, tier 4.

[Note: A list of founding board members for the Beaver County Partnership For Community And Economic Development aka the BCP Economic Growth Council includes: Charles “Skip” Homan (Larson Design), Valerie McElvy (Franklin Center), Tim Wetzel (Bridgeworks, LLC), John Hayward (Michael Baker/Robert Morris University (retired)), Rebecca Matsco (Leaders Serving Beaver County), Dr. Chris Reber (Community College of Beaver County), Jack Manning (Beaver County Chamber of Commerce), Norm Mitry (Heritage Valley Health System), Mario Leone (Monaca Borough Manager, Brusters), Jim Palmer (Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development), and Bethany Williams (City of Beaver Falls Community Development). Commissioner Sandie Egley serves as the Board of Commissioners’ representative to the Partnership.]


  1. I don’t remember seeing announcements by this partnership seeking proposals from business owners or the public?

    In Beaver County you have to own a seat at the table to get a seat at the table!

    • Republicans run on this platform throughout the country, the average (R) voter is in the lower middle class and will never see any of this-it goes to the ‘job creators’ who never create new jobs they move forward with their projects-why use your own money when you get it thrown at you from taxpayers-thats why they hate oversight-regulations-alot of republican voters make under 50k a year but they fall for this bs……SAD

  2. $10 million for Ratchester ? They will need $9,999,999 to get the mold stank out of Brighton Avenue. How about spending, say $500k, and get those 1-800-Got-Junk guys to haul that entire shit hole away?

    This sounds like the old TRID project where all these community people sat around with their dream list and a consultant drew pictures and it all just went away when the borough manager got caught gassing up his car on the borough pumps and was fired.

    That Riverfront plan does have some merit. We have all that waterway and don’t do anything with it except pipe in runoff and trash. They should look to use that better to attract water activities and destination
    points for people. People fly down to that Riverwalk in San Antonio, they could come up this way for a day or a weekend if we have something attractive to offer.


  3. Most of those are just ridiculous. A truck stop? Just put in an emergency pull off for sleeping- or just use the mall parking lot. $10 million for Rochester? You’re joking, right? The whole place is a mess.

    We need a STEM training center for kids through adults- programming and robotics. The area is desperate for it. We need back to work training for women who take breaks from work to care for kids and the elderly. We need welding, construction, and heavy equipment operator training for displaced industrial workers.

    We don’t need more empty light industrial and industrial complex office space in the area. That doesn’t create business.

    • DISPLACED industrial workers? Industry left here in the 1970’s, those displaced guys are in their late 60’s by now.

      Any money we possibly get will go to CCBC or Midland or Aliquippa, which means that it will essentially go towards nothing like the last 10 times we poured money into job training, Midland and Aliquippa.

  4. Folks- why the angst, instead of tax abatements and forgiveness (Shell Cracker Plant). Just use tax dollars to fund private industry more directly. It will bring jobs.

  5. TAX RELIEF first and foremost, so residents of the county don’t have to save up for their semi annual Big Night Out, at Texas Roadhouse.
    Tourism, what a F’n joke.

  6. From experience this on it’s face is a typical wish list developed planners. Who it is intended to benefit is left to ones imagination. The facts are Mr. betters owns what he owns which is prime development property the same to a lesser extent Mr. Nardelli. Their successful development serves to benefit the County as a whole. There has to be a vision for development or we end up with pizza shops and auto parts stores. It costs money to make money , as long as the County plays it’s oversight role.
    By the way were not millions just spent on rt 51 between aliquippa and monaca 2 years ago? I would be more concerned about 51 between South Heights and 5 points in Hopewell which is going to be destroyed by the shell construction trucks. But as far as I can tell Mr. Betters owns property between monaca and aliquippa but not between south heights and hopewell.

    • raven i thought youwere smarter.guys like CJB know how to bury the details so deep even Indiana Jones couldn’t dig them up. he is just another donald trump. just tinier.

  7. There is “75$ million in funding that is being made available for projects in the region”. What constitutes “the region”? Are Allegheny, Washington or Westmoreland counties included? How about Mercer, Lawrence or Butler counties? Are THEY included “in the region”?

    $75 million, or a smaller portion, won’t go very far towards these $145 million lunatic plans these fat cats have drawn up, probably on land THEY own, which coincidentally will fill THEIR pockets further, at the expense of the tax-payers, draining THEIR pockets of their last nickel or dime. Where is the remainder of the $145 million supposed to come from? HIGHER TAXES you can bet!

    Riverfront Towns Master Plan – $250,000? THEY can plan it. Final funding to enable mixed use development behind Beaver Valley Mall – $1,000,000? THEY can fund it. Rochester Riverfront Redevelopment Planning and Implementation – $10,000,000? THEY can plan it and THEY can implement it. $16,000 for a skate sharpener and $4,000 for tennis divider curtains? Seriously?

    Thank God the Commissioners refused to sign on with this joke, and thank you JP for publicizing this “leak”. Yes, Mr. Trump,”leaks” ARE good and the press/media is NOT MY enemy!

    • The Beaver Valley Mall is all played out, they just don’t know it yet. It will never rise again. Turn it back into a golf course or a big flee market. Throwing money at it is a waste.

  8. That is a hell of a lot of fancy talk and a hell of a lot more money. Take some of that money and help some of the less fortunate in this county.
    Take some money and fix RT 65 at Crows Run and across the river on RT 51 where rain water has been pooling on the roadway and causing a driving hazard for 50 years despite the buffoons at PennDot having it resurfaced many times over.
    Are they talking about an employment fast track system like the county employees have? The relative hook system seems to work pretty good for them.
    In my opinion the BCP Economic Growth Council is nothing more than BIG was and an organization to acquire monies that some will benefit personally. That is in fact ” organized crime”.

  9. Well, don’t dwell on it too long. As if our half-assed “representatives” are going to get $145 million of funding for the county. Sure, that will happen. They stood down there in East Crotchester and stared into the sinkhole for over two years before finally going after some poor old Greek who’s restaurant happened to be on the site to pay for it.

  10. Another operation that smacks of self interest and forcing taxpayers to pay for fat cats pet projects. Christ, CJB you got a “steal” on the Bridgewater property thanks to your ties. Buy for 1 MILLION, get county DCED TO REMEDIATE IT for 3 million , THEN buy it back FOR 1 MILLION. What a SWEETHEART DEAL. You may bullshit and buy the local yokels& political hacks but you will surely rot in hell for your crimes against the taxpayers. If CJB was so damn concerned why did he bail out of the hometown Quip water authority so fast. Just a ploy to line up his ducks for HIS development which we taxpayers will be saddled with the bill for. Why choose 5 points for trucking when they just built a new Kennedy Blvd that is excellent for trucking without the steep hills and hairpin turns. Then all the truckers and auxiliary workers will stop at the numerous dining establishments along Franklin Ave. NOT! Like everyone else who speaks the truth, this county is dying rapidly due to corruption at both the business and political levels. Dreamers think their is a way to revitalize this county but the core issue is the apathy, laziness and lack of values in the local communities.

    • You can bet when that sweetheart deal in Bridgewater happened there where some county officials that enjoyed some appreciation. Just like the “Friendship Ridge Rip Off”

    • You mean that Kennedy Blvd. that the Aliquippa Water Auth fucked up just after 3 days after its completion? So much for a 60% rate increase. Could not even fix the road properly. But CJB got his water and sewer infrastructure on his J&L/LTV property. And the people of that town didn’t even get a thank you from that tax money grabbing POS.

  11. they probably have to do what CJB wants since he owns the D.A. and the treasurer and who knows who else he owns
    no doubt he is at the center of all the corruption

  12. CJB will host a meet and greet…. throws in a few more bucks toward an election and his profits are in the millions.

  13. oh yeah i forgot to add we all know he owns the sheriff
    dont matter who they put in the sheriffs office he has owned the last 2
    also dont forget that the new sheriff is actually the old sheriff in different clothes
    CJB and his questionable ties are most definitely at the heart of the problem
    i hope one of his workers backs over him with a bulldozer
    i would actually piss myself laughing
    what a crocked piece of shit he is

    • penndot was contacted a few years ago about this need, and we were told
      “sorry, no can do”. they would not even shave that weird jutting-out piece of curb,on the turn up the monaca rd from the blvd. maybe CJB will fix it . ha

  14. This is one piece of a much bigger puzzle. The Commissioners, being pushed along my Sandi, are distancing themselves from others in the county. Rightfully so and the timing is impeccable. You have one case of conspiracy to commit fraud against the US govt involving county hud housing and health services that is scheduled for sentencing on March 6th. The co-conspirators are unnamed and court documents have been sealed by the judge.

    You have another that was also to be sentenced in Federal Court in early March that now has been rescheduled to April that also has documents sealed by the court.

    “The cyberschool hired Pascal “Pat” Nardelli of Castlebrook Development “to oversee construction of the arts center, and paid him in excess of $120,000 to undertake the same work on behalf of the school that he was already performing and being paid for on behalf of the arts center.” No contract or description of these services has ever been produced, the letter alleged. Further, the arts center made an additional $48,000 payment to Nardelli on Dec. 23, 2004, but Trombetta “has not yet provided an invoice or business reason for this suspect payment.”

  15. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. What a bunch of pork waste. What’s next, $1000.00 toilet seats? Just think, in every county in the Commonwealth there are similar “wish lists”. It’s no wonder our taxes are out of control. Our infrastructure is failing rapidly so address that. The other nonsense is just mind-blowing.

    • I don’t know. It is only my opinion that certain county officials benefit personally in dealings with real estate, rental property, rental contracts, and so on and so forth,not only with him but others as well. My comment was not aimed at Mr. Betters, it was out of concern that somebody or maybe many are benefitting from their political office.

      • In addition, I largely based my comment on the assumption that equalizer13 is providing correct information regarding property in Bridgewater. We already know some of the people that reaped the benefits of county office connections with Friendship Ridge while it was owned by the county and after the sale of that facility. As far as I know, no one has been held accountable for anything that transpired or benefitted personally, directly resulting from misuse or unjust influence from any county official or officials who now hold office or has in the past.

  16. Raven, no one in their right mind will spill the beans on CJB. Unless you have a desire to bob up and down in the Ohio until they find you at Montgomery Locks! There is very deep rooted corruption in this county and the usual suspects are the keys. No one will do a damn thing until the Feds clean out all the rats. Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant but it’s always cloudy in Beaver, especially Quiptown. Like the old southern sheriff’s and politicians we got the very best money can buy!

  17. Success buys cash which buys access which permits corruption/cronyism. Like a previous writer stated you have to be rich to get a seat at the table. Do any of you get inside information on land deals, etc? hell no!

  18. Favoring relatives (nepotism) or personal friends (cronyism) of an official is a form of illegitimate private gain. This may be combined with bribery, for example demanding that a business should employ a relative of an official controlling regulations affecting the business.

    Embezzlement is the theft of entrusted funds. It is political when it involves public money taken by a public official for use by anyone not specified by the public. A common type of embezzlement is that of personal use of entrusted government resources; for example, when an official assigns public employees to renovate his own house.

    A kickback is an official’s share of misappropriated funds allocated from his or her organization to an organization involved in corrupt bidding. For example, suppose that a politician is in charge of choosing how to spend some public funds. He can give a contract to a company that is not the best bidder, or allocate more than they deserve. In this case, the company benefits, and in exchange for betraying the public, the official receives a kickback payment, which is a portion of the sum the company received. This sum itself may be all or a portion of the difference between the actual (inflated) payment to the company and the (lower) market-based price that would have been paid had the bidding been competitive.

    Another example of a kickback would be if a judge receives a portion of the profits that a business makes in exchange for his judicial decisions.

    Kickbacks are not limited to government officials; any situation in which people are entrusted to spend funds that do not belong to them are susceptible to this kind of corruption.

    Patronage refers to favoring supporters, for example with government employment. This may be legitimate, as when a newly elected government changes the top officials in the administration in order to effectively implement its policy. It can be seen as corruption if this means that incompetent persons, as a payment for supporting the regime, are selected before more able ones.

  19. I think at times that the pedestrianism of a small county or a group of small towns shows through some comments here. Every small town has its rich man. Every small town makes that rich man’s life into a melodramatic episode to be aired on the Hallmark Channel — exaggerated shock and awe, plenty of tears, corny smiles, abject apologies, making up, message of goodness at the end. But, no one gets laid until the wedding is over. That’s right. Just like real life.

    What exactly is a LOT of money? Around here, a few million qualify for a hefty piece of change. Homes that go for a million are rare. But go 30 miles south to Pittsburgh, and you will find people and deals that make this local matter seem like chump change and amateurism. Big deals are made by handshakes at the Duquesne Club, the Chartiers Valley Golf Club, the Fox Chapel Golf Club and the Ligoneer Country Club, among other places. If you don’t have an old money name, or new money to qualify you, it gets difficult to make deals or even be invited. And for now, most, with some exceptions, are WASPS. That could impact Beaver County big time.

    Homes of Fox Chapel go for about $875,000 and up. Ligoneer, more than that. Fox Chapel newer homes, like the O’Reiley’s (former Heinz president), go for 5 to 10 million. The owners guide Pittsburgh politics and businesses. Chuck Betters would be a small player there and probably have limited influence on anything. And, Betters’ place on El Shaddai Drive would not be unusual in those places, just a typical mansion.

    The point is one of PERSPECTIVE. Sure, 145 million dollars is a nice piece of change. But in the course of a week, at most, that could change hands at the Duquesne Club. And, no one would know the difference or say “Oh Gee.”

    These local people can have their wish list, but they are small potatoes, relatively. If one does something wrong with the money, jail him/her. But don’t get all starry eyed over the amounts. I don’t think that a damn thing can be done about their trying to grab some money and bleed it onto themselves. We can’t even get past the DA.

    Instead, stay on Stonewall’s ass and make him produce results of his current Treasurer “investigation.” That is something that has some reality of changing. This is a small county and a smaller town. Don’t confuse them with Washington D.C. That place is Trumped up enough.

    • I love reading your comments Raven. You are truly intelligent and top notch. In reference to Loziers investigation, Javens, LaValle, Rabick, DeFlipp, Signore and others have all made a clean getaway, riding off into the sunset packing a golden parachute. Lozier will end up doing the same. The investigation is over, after a big waste of time and taxpayer monies that went towards a bogus investigation that was meant to appear to be true and just. We have been duped. THE END

      • You better believe that John Q. The county will be offering the early retirement package again this year. Rumor has it Signore and Defillipi will be taking advantage of it. Sorry JP. Beat you to the scoop lol

    • Yes but, in my opinion
      The Shell cracker is not located in Fox Chapel nor would it ever have been.
      Don’t compare apples and oranges.
      In my opinion Shell is locating here because we need jobs and will accept ANY risk.

      One study I saw from 1986, Penn State research showed chromium distribution throughout Beaver County via air particulate spread by the wind, from the old St Joe / Horse Head plant in Potter Twp. The BV mall area had 4 pounds of chromium per acre, Beaver in sections had 50 pounds of chromium per acre. That was 1986, the zinc plant ran another 25+ years. The Penn State study could also be used to indicate long term air patterns. BV Mall area 4 pounds per acre in 1986, Beaver 50 pounds per acre in 1986. Guess who is going to get the brunt of what is discharged from the Shell cracker plant.

      We live in the middle of a Federal Hazardous Waste zone that would require 8 feet of dirt over most of the county for remediation to the new environmental standards allowed at Shell cracker property.

      Is funding the community college for classes to teach 300 people to work at the cracker plant realistic. If past practice is followed 150 of the “New” workers will be transferred from some other facility.

      Before wasting $145 million investing in Beaver County, wait a few years and see if investing in relocation may be a better option, especially if more plants will be built.

      BTW Here are the health affects of chromium. How many of you have similar symptoms? Could it be from chromium?????? Who knows, will just cutting grass in these areas hurt you???? Is cut grass a hazardous waste??? How about your garden???

      • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. “Yes But”, you have hit the nail on the head. Are 300 jobs really worth the risks and hazards of having a cracker plant in this county? Absolutely not. You are right, they would never build such a thing in an affluent area because those folks are educated. Beaver Countians are viewed as slack jawed mouth breathers. They dangled a few jobs in front of us and we jumped through hoops and hurdles to get them here. WE have threatened the futures of our children and grandchildren. Friggin Amateurs.

  20. I think that John Paul put a large amount of time and work into this story. And it is indeed valuable to know. This information will go onto the corruption back burner until one of the people fucks up by not being careful about how he/she skims off a certain percentage for the “effort” put into it. Then, we can all get pissed off and call on the DA to charge someone. That of course will not happen, and the corruption will just have some new key players to screw the public and make the news.

    • The corruption potential, with this amount of money, the phony recipients, and this many greedy people spread so wide, is so great, that it is like an Alien Being laying eggs in a warm, cozy nest and just waiting for a suitable gestation time, before the hatchlings slither out and emerge screaming from the stomach of the host public.

      It won’t go right. It can’t go right. The only unknowns are the dates the people in charge will appear in articles in the Beaver Countian.






    THOUGHT HE WAS WORKING FOR MEMBERS OF THE CHAMBER???? Not just the select few????

    A lot of these request where good but didn’t need done under that umbrella, absolutely ridiculous

    • My company is a member of the Chamber and we design & build many of the items on the “wish list” but Jack Manning didn’t tell us about this list. It’s a club and you buy a seat at the table …I get it now and I’m not at the table..even though I paid my dues. Sounds like THAT seat would cost me 5k. Silly me, we just paid the annual Chamber dues @ $250 year.
      Sounds to me like The Commissioners did the right thing.

  22. 50 million to “parks and recreation projects” I think is way too much. Got to be a better use for that amount of money. I can understand 5 or 10 million, but 50 million for trails and picnic shelters? No way.

  23. One million to renovate the barn at Old Economy Park ??? You could build several of those barns for one million dollars.

  24. The feds will bust this thing wide open when the time is right. There are a lot of loose ends in unresolved Federal Audits and cases already in the court system. What i find most interesting about this particular piece is that this is the first time that public information has come out with this action by the Board of Commissioners that identifies those that are and have been at the top of the food chain in what has gone on in Beaver County for decades. The feds thought they would get them all when the state representative was facing jail time and he didn’t talk.

  25. Invest 40 or 50 million in downtowntown Aliquippa the crack houses and whorehouses would make a great tourist attraction The Aliquippa police Dept, can conduct the tours after all its all just a stones throw away from the police station. Charge a nominal fee $5 a head to see the most perverse county in the country.

  26. Sadly this is same old same old in Beaver County! Follow the money$ lots of cash poured into this county. What’s changed? What’s improved? What’s different? The same few keep getting dirty rich while the middle class has been wiped out! BC is a two class county in 2017. Government strings keep pockets of the rich and famous greased and the rest of the population gets thrown in the Ohio River. The politicians, and btw, both sides of the isle keep getting elected because they’re bought and paid for by the same old – same old. Clean house in Harrisburg with no political influence. Good job John Paul for exposing this. I’m not sure tho if it’s going to change too much. This stronghold has been cement in this county as it continues to sink with lots of money tied to it shamefully! Who the hell is for the people anymore? Answer – nobody!

  27. @yes but:

    “Yes but, in my opinion
    The Shell cracker is not located in Fox Chapel nor would it ever have been.
    Don’t compare apples and oranges.
    In my opinion Shell is locating here because we need jobs and will accept ANY risk.”

    Gas wells are already being worked in O’Hara Township, including and adjacent to Fox Chapel. Even though they melt road snow and ice with warm quarters, they are dealing with similar problems to we poor here.

    The Shell people don’t give two shits about jobs and the people here. Talk about thousands, not a few hundred, jobs, and I will listen. It is not a long-term job maker, just a temporary construction project. The physical area is available here to exploit. That’s it. The secondary industries that profit will do absolutely nothing to significantly upgrade the economy. You are falling for one of the biggest sucker jobs since Donald Trump. The average person in Beaver County or even the surrounding towns will see NO personal profit.

    Take your car and sit with the windows open in the Burger King parking lot next to the mall at noon on a work day. THAT crap, and then much worse, in the prevailing northwest air is what you will be dealing with for years to come. The people visiting the medical center for a whole range of diseases will outnumer the actual people working the plant.

    We have sold our souls, my friend, and the Devil is laughing his ass off.

    • I would be willing to bet that after the Shell project is completed, the 600 permanent jobs are already promised and hand picked by county officials for family and friends that they didn’t have room for on the county payroll. Same at Friendship Ripoff.

  28. I have to admit, that in the days John Paul was preparing this article, I thought that maybe he had found the Holy Grail of facts, documentation and applicable laws that would finally allow him to take the whole package and present it to D. A. David Lozier as an ironclad case to finally get Javens charged with something. I guess not.

    He has given the full stuff of cases to a D.A and others in the past, and his information might do what they are unwilling to do. (No, not unable.)

    I wanted to jump up and down and yell, “By God, he’s done it!”

    Perhaps another day.

    • Never going to happen. There is a whole motley crew he can proceed with charges, punishment, sanctions and reparations. He has been sucked in and has a Gold Card membership to The Club now.

  29. The money guys in Beaver County are just counting the days until the next round of elections, state and county. They have gotten everything they can out of Marshall and Christiana. They aren’t getting anywhere with Egley, Camp, or Amadio. They need new blood to suck. Tony Guy seems like he’s willing to be a conduit. Expect a lot of money spent on his campaign for Commissioner next time around. A LOT of money…

  30. After being told the BCP Economic Growth Council could not fulfill its promises to help fund him, because of graft, the Pope is forced to resort to Meals on Wheels.


  31. I’m afraid our last resort is to wait for the next election and vote against all those sons of bitches. Cast your vote for any name that is unrecognizable or any underdog. I would vote for any one who runs for office that is busting their ass at McDonalds or the Dollar Store to put food on the table and pay the light bill.

  32. Isn’t this a lesson in conflict of interest? You serve on a board. You donate personal funds to that board. You are making decisions say on the purchase of your personally owned land making a profit from the board you are serving on. I’m confused as to how this is allowed. Isn’t that conflict of interest with personal gain?

  33. Welcome to the REAL world What did you say.

    When I graduated from high school many years ago, I honestly believed everything I learned in school to be totally true without question. As the years passed I began to question some of those “facts” during the 60’s through the end of the century.

    Now, I realize many of those “facts” were outright lies (YES, we stole or forced the country from the Indians AND Mexicans) and most of the “Rights and Justices” of ALL humanity have morphed into “Me First, Fuck everybody else”, and GET OUT of MY country (like it was ours in the first place?).

    Conflict of interest? Personal gain? Yeah, you’re right, but don’t expect any investigations in THIS backwater borough. Hell, even the Chief Cheeto is doing it in the open and nothing is questioned.

  34. Not one dollar could be asked for and no wish list could exist if there were any fear of ACCOUNTABILITY for the use of the money. THERE IS NONE! Even if some of the money were stolen, diverted or hidden, NO ONE would face prosecution from the current DA or his counterparts. The money totals asked for are inflated ruses to purposely have scaled back to what they really want. Until there is a Samuel L. Jackson Department of Accountability, once they get their hands on it, it is gone.

  35. Stonewall, in his famous “quid pro quo” excuse for Javens, has guaranteed that no mismanagement of funds will ever be prosecuted under his watch. Thanks, Dave, because we got no quid pro quo for you either when you took office.

  36. I was with you guys on some of the problems with the county.But it seems no matter what goes on around here all you people do is bitch and moan.Why don’t you all get off your asses and do something about it, other than cry, if not, fucken move………I hear Europe a nice place to live these days.

  37. If nothing else JP has exposed the head scoundrels setting themselves up to enrich family and friends at taxpayers expense. I agree, only solution is to vote out every current department head in the courthouse. Sandie has got to stay the course and hope Danny Boy gets his head out of his political ass and cracks down on the problems with her. Tony’s time has gone because of his failure to protect the taxpayers but instead became a lap dog for fat cat business people and covered up for corruption in the row offices, especially impeding the investigation of the Queen before the election to rig the outcome of the election for her. The truth would have come out and the taxpayers would have buried her. That’s all on you Tony! You can take that to your grave when you meet the Man. Stonewall is one and done but Tony must look for a commissioner run since he is over his head at the Sheriff Department and all friends and family are either hired or in the pipeline. CJB will fill his coffers so he can try and take down Sandie especially. Maybe he and Georgie will run as the NEW QUIP gang! Truth, justice and the American way, Quip style. All for me and my family and f-ck the taxpayers. Keep paying attention to the shady players and keep a scorecard for the next election.

  38. Federal Judge grants a continuance for the sentencing of the guilty plea for Conspiracy to commit fraud against the US . The fraud occurred in county HUD funded properties, (that also has over $500k of HUD funds unaccounted for from a previous audit) and for those under the care of county health services, (who have over $66k of DOJ funds unaccounted for from a previous audit), from January 2009 to on or about August 21, 2013.

    The judge also issued an order to file a sealed motion and defer the decision to unseal earlier documents until further ordered by the court. Pfeiffer is the only one charged in the Conspiracy and her co-conspirators have not been identified, Drum Roll Please………..Yet




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