The Beaver Countian has obtained what purport to be several internal emails from the Ohioville Borough Police Department. The emails appear to be from the department’s CrimeStar Records Management System, a law enforcement software package used to compile incident reports and criminal complaints. The messages were reportedly sent from Ohioville Chief Ronald Lutton to other officers in the department.

The Beaver Countian has been unable to independently verify the authenticity of the communications, but several sources within Ohioville Borough have identified them as being legitimate. Those sources spoke on condition they not be identified by name, due to the sensitive nature of the system the emails were sent through. Other sources in the Borough have independently attested to the validity of the information contained within the emails.

One of the emails appears to show Chief Lutton threatening his officers after someone allegedly reported irregularities with his time sheets, all the way back in 2010.

02/28/2010 19:57:59

Law Enforcement sources have told the Beaver Countian that Chief Ronald Lutton is currently under investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police. Those sources say Lutton has been accused of falsifying time sheets and altering hearing notices.

The Beaver Countian has been investigating allegations that several officials within Ohioville Borough have been retaliating against Officer Nevin Beatty, who sparked the public corruption probe. Beatty was recently removed from the schedule after a citizen he pulled over on a traffic stop, William C. Pittser, filed a private criminal complaint against the officer. Pitter has told the Beaver Countian that he was encouraged to file those charges by Ohioville Mayor John Szatkiewicz. Mayor Szatkiewicz has denied those assertions, and has categorized the criminal investigation into Chief Lutton as a “witch hunt”

09/03/2011 12:33:02


  1. What is the probable cause to stop someone unless they commit some sort of traffic violation? A fun stop? Seems to me to be a violation of our free will to move about without being harassed. I don’t want to be pulled over for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It is possible for an officer to work a shift and not see a darn thing out of line. I know as I’m a retired Pa State Trooper.

    • Seems hard to imagine going an entire shift without seeing something out of line. IF they aren’t busy with other more important things. I see people blow stop signs, speed, and drive unsafely on a daily basis when I am driving. The police know where the dangerous spots are and where people brake rules. If they are trying to find someone breaking rules I am certain they can. I wouldn’t want to be pulled over for nothing but I don’t think they would need to make things up in order to hit the quota.

  2. I wonder what officer or person leaked this out. Seems like it could be a departmental rule violation. Who could it be now ?

  3. It seems to me like PA needs to have more regional policing to eliminate these “one car wonders” of a police dept.

    Would it be better to have Sheriff’s do the policing? In PA all they can do is warrants and court security.

    • Yes, it seems like every borough could contract out with the Beaver County Sheriff. I think he would be happy with the extra income.

  4. Here’s a novel idea, before any elected official can take office they must prove they can read and write proper English. Someone took the “No Child Left Behind” money and ran.

  5. This issue was brought to the attention of Council and the borough attorney in 2010? The investigation didn’t start until 2012. Seems like the borough attorney and certain members of Council either turned a blind eye or covered it up. I’m not an attorney, but to me it may seem that more people other than Chief Lutton are going down. I hate to see people get in trouble, but if you’re guilty…..oh well. They stole from all Ohioville residents.

  6. When Beaver County decides to hire someone to police the Police, I vote for John Paul. It’s mind blowing the information he’s uncovered and reported. With any luck his efforts will rid the scum we have in uniform, and those that really do their job and have some realistic level of morality will continue to wear the badge. Keep up the good work JP!

  7. I don’t see how this Chief ever gets a conviction in court if his police reports are written as horrible as his emails are. One would think that in order to be a police cheif, you would have to be able to spell and write gramatically correct sentences. Based on the leakage of this evidence, Beatty isn’t the only officer in Ohioville fed up with their “alleged” criminal chief and his “homie” the mayor.

    • Agreed……why has this been dragging on for so long. Tax payers already lost who knows how much money over the years, and now they are losing it as Council is still paying the Chief. Just convict the Chief, convict whomever else is involved, and put this behind the borough. Maybe the net is larger than everyone believes, and they’re going to catch a lot of rats?

  8. I leave in Ohioville, I am currently doing a lot of research on my own, mostly with the help of MADD on laws and issues with the process followed on DUI cases. But there is DUI cases that are also entangled within this whole mess. I am also wanting for Mrs. Kathleen Kane to settle into office as our new Attorney General. Which i have every intention of speaking directly with her on numerous DUI laws and the process that the State of PA follows. But since i am and have been a resident of Ohioville for over 40 years i am really concerned over this entire problem with our community. I will be attending the meeting on the first Tuesday of Feburary, and if i do not get escorted out, which i heard happens a lot, i will be asking a lot of tough questions that i believe all residence deserve answers too. Including the DUI case that is pending on Frank Harper, inform them that Charles David Nolan has 5 pending DUI’s, two which Officer Beatty also issued, and that all this DUI’s have been continued to March 4th and if Officer Beatty is not returned to duty before this fate the cases could be dismissed. I will also ask questions about the Mayor, Ron Lutton, and the entire counsel. I ask you, if you live in Ohioville to please make this meeting standing room only, please attented and support me and ask some tough question too. Or if you would like me to ask anything please let me know. Again you are all tax payers and deserve answer. I know everyone has a fear of police retaliation however this can not just be swept under the rug like so many other times. If we stand together we can make a change. Again the meeting is the first Tuesday of February. Hope there is a large turn out.

  9. I am shocked at everyone here who will sit here and bad mouth the chief behind a screen name and not to his face. I personally know the chief and his family having gone to school with both his sons. when i lived in the borough i had seen chief Lutton on numerous occasions come out from his home or address people and there problems and complains even though he was in an off duty capacity. I have also seen him personally come from home to assist his officers when ever they needed him. To all of you who want to belittle and bad mouth the chief and council when all you can do is draw assumptions from tiny pieces of information found from people that don’t even have the brass tacks to name themselves out of fear that should tell you something about there character and how much to believe in itself.
    As for the officer beatty maybe they should investigate his background a little further to find out his skeletons before trusting his word over a 30 year untarnished record veteran of law enforcement.

    • I don’t care what this guy does, did, or will do in the future. None of that matters when he is stealing money he didn’t earn by doctoring time sheets. I won’t even call it allegedly anymore because his emails incriminate him. This stupid man thought he was so teflon that he actually put it in writing over email for everyone to see. You would think that a police chief would know rule #1 of the work place. NEVER put anything in writing that can come back to bite you in the butt. Hopefully, he’ll be made to pay the piper, and one day regret that he blew a long career over something so stupid as money.

    • Working outside of your working hours does not entitle you to pay yourself as you see fit! I can not wait to see the total amount taken. Do you think he just gave himself a few bucks here or there? You are all dumb! Rumor is that he did not steal ten of thousands of dollar but HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, closer to half a million!!!! All we can do is sit back and wait for correct final numbers to come out but all of you Lutton supporters are going to be eating your words! What is the going rate a good guy should be paying himself? I know lots of good guys out there who work their butts off, maybe we should take a collection for them! Why do you think this investigation is taking so long…..because it is huge!

      • Key word glenna……..RUMOR!!!! Thats what everything that we hear right now is! NOBODY knows what he did. We will eventually find out the truth. Until then people need to STFU!!!

  10. There is no proof that lutton even did anything. That email says nothing. You people are reading too much into it just By going off of other peoples Comments. If they had any hard evidence on lutton don’t you think charges would have been filed? It has been 6 months already.

    • I agree with you that he has the right to be innocent until proven guilty but don’t think just because it has been 6 months that he has to be innocent. The amount of time proves nothing.

    • It has been a long time. That leads me to believe that either they have nothing, or there are more people than Lutton involved and they are getting all their ducks in a row before dropping the hammer on these crooks.

    • You are yet another dumb one…..the investigation is taking this long because it is HUGE!!!! Waitt until the final numbers come out….every Lutton supporter will change their minds! Why do you think the mayor is trying so hard to cover this up???? A LARGE LARGE LARGE amount of money was stolen and people are going to jail!

      • Yet glenna….Another rumor. Nobody knows what is going on. People on here are just creating rumors. You really need not be calling people DUMB. You think you know all of what is going on well unless you are lutton or a member of the board you have no clue of what the truth is. So why don’t you just stop starting rumors and let people have their own oppinion without being called dumb by you.

  11. Charges are not usually filed until an investigation is complete. This one is ongoing. How do you not know that? Also, how dare someone talk about hiding behind screen names when you don’t even put your own name on the comment. It also looks like an illegal quota was instituted by the chief. And what does knowing someones sons or anyones sons have to do with the corruption of another. Maybe the mayor’s kid is allowed to get away with driving drunk in that case? Come on.

    • @ Tony, I agree with you that Ticket quota’s are illegal, however the chief wanted 2 traffic “contact’s” per shift, doesn’t mean they had to write a citation. If they are not busy the whole shift with calls, two traffic contacts is very easy to complete.

  12. adam careful what you wish for! Lutton has done so much to help people in our community. He had gone out of his way to help people. This is a good man, and helped make ohioville the greatest place to live in the county. You lose him and have state police or someone else patrolling, things aren’t going to be the same. The ones complaining will be the ones complaining when things change.

    • Ummmm…..I doubt the state police will take over policing Ohioville. They will just hire a new chief when this one is gone just like they would do if he retired. Actually, if he was smart, he would retire instead of allowing himself to be fired.

    • I love how people continue to defend Lutton because he is a “good man”! What is the going rate of a good man? You wait until that final number comes out and then you tell me what a good guy he is!

  13. This is all bulllshit. Beatty did the same thing in south heights to the police chief. He is power hungry, end of story. Chief Lutton worked alot more that 40 hrs a week. He worked off the clock many times. He never went on a family vacation. He lived for ohioville and what does he get in return? Shit on, by the very officer no one wanted to hire. As for the emails, isnt that private police business? I know if i lived in that town i would worry about my private info. Whose to say the person that leaked the emails wont show crime scene photos, or release witness statements to the person they are againts? What about undercover informant names and addresses? What about a victim of rape? No one is supposed to know their names just like no one is supposed to read department email….. glad i dont live in that town.

    • There are plenty of teachers, police officers, and volunteer firefighters that work more than 40 hours a week. Doesn’t mean they get to doctor time sheets to get paid an extra $20,000 a year. Try living within your means Lutton, and then you won’t have to worry about ending a long career disgraced.

      Crime scene photos in Ohioville? Stop watching CSI. Don’t you think corruption should be leaked or do you condone it?

  14. Wow, someone is illiterate as hell in their emails. Or, should I spell it as they would? “Someone is illitirrate as hell in there email’s?” Wow. Stupid.

  15. Personally, I say F the Ohioville borough….Chieg Lutton was here when my Dad passed away so I always have allegiance for him, so the rest of the force can go get F’d.

  16. Yeah, knowingtheside way to go. Sources say a certain person was let go from every job he has worked, and has lots of skeletons in his closet. Sources say a certain officer is friends with the trooper who took this case on in the first place. Sources say a certain officer gambles with a trooper who are investigating this case. Sources say a certian officer wants full time and will harm anyone to get it. Sources say a certain officer needs medical care. Sources say a certain person was sued in Ohioville over his poor work. Sources say a certain officer pulls people over for bullshit until he gets a DUI and it all stopped when cameras were put in the police cars. What is going on, sources said ?

  17. Tony, don’t be such a tool. Illegal quota?! Reread the memo, it says 2 “contacts” per shift. Not 2 citations or arrests. A “contact” can be a verbal or written warning. A memo like that is what gets officers out on the street, being visible and doing they’re job. You’d be the first to complain if you saw their cruiser parked at the station all night or god forbid parked at a convenience store for 10 minutes. People complain when cops do their jobs and enforce laws. Those same people complain if a cop has a coffee break and deem him lazy. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

      • John Paul……I don’t know where you get your information, but great job. It’s nice to see someone that is willing to investigate and hold people responsible. In your investigations, do you have any sense of timing for when this circus may come to an end?

  18. what would you do in his situation probably the same thing and now you complain about a good man that has kept the peace and made the community probably one of the nicest places to live and what justifies all the off duty non pay but yet he stole tax dollar money look whos spending your money now wastefully the officer that filed the complaint and this investigation really people you all need to get a grip on reailty this man has put his life in danger all his life and you let one power trip officer ruin it all and spend your money instead of putting it back into the community to me that officer that filed should never be allowed to work in the law enforcement environment again stand and back our police chief which has donated so much to his community over the years and those against you make me sick and are the reason the country is the way it is i call you all idiots you know like when you get your order screwed up at mcdonalds all the time how hard is that common sense people good luck in the investigation police chief and i hope all they do is waste our tax dollars in investigating you look who is really the bad person then that officer i could see if he took 5000 from a fund but he didnt so shame on you haters all you want is to stir up trouble leave it alone and get a life find a hobby and do something worth doing instead of prying into other peoples business that donate free time to their community you should be bashing the officer that started this man this pisses me off i could go on and on but i will leave it at here before i lose my cool on this computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Would’nt it be nice if the chief never did anything wrong, then nobody would have anything to bitch about. But since he did do something, now we can see how incompetent our local yolcals shine in a public forum (elected and residents). No-matter what happens Ohioville get’s the black eye. IF ONLY HE DIDN”T GET CAUGHT!

  19. So if Beatty was right and did the right thing, he’s still wrong? That seems to be the concensus. Does anyone really know what exactly has happened? Maybe we shouldn’t all be so jumpy until the evidence has been compiled. Slow down and don’t hasten to a conclusion until the piper comes calling. No matter what the outcome may be, Beatty’s career is over. He has become the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.

  20. this is my opinion which everyone has a right too but for all you negative voters you should be working for obama if you disagree about the police chief no common sense and spend my tax dollar for nothing no support to our community you should be ashamed you feel this way you are what is causing the world to be this way not bashing just saying in opinon enough said!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @ knowingotherside: Do you work in a salay position, i have for 20 years and 90% of the time i worked 50-60 hours a week and would still get called all the time. But that would not give me the right to change my salary rate or turn in expenses that i did not incur. So “if” the cheif or others that work for our communty are stealing, regardless of how nice they are, or their family are, they needed to be prosecuted. I have heard a lot of people say of other people “he’s a nice guy”. I alway thought it was in bars that happen when guys get drunk, but i see it on the site a lot. And really, how can anyone really know, have you lived with the Chief the last 30 years? He seems nice to me too, but i do know if it comes out that he did all this then he needs to pay for it, along with anyone else involved. I however believe that out counsel or whoever has the facts needs to inform the tax payers, and if there is enough that they know he has been doing it, they need to stop paying him. If it is still on a on going investigation after six months, someone knows which way it is going to turn out. And as you can see, i for one use my name. I still want to see a turn out for the meeting and i hope someone can give us some answers.

  22. You know Tammy…I keep reading your comments in all of these articles…. And by using your name, which you mention in EVERY SINGLE POST…you are doing nothing but trying to provoke the police in retaliating against you so you can come on here with more of your babble and say I told you so….your hoping that you’ll be escorted out of the council meeting… nothing your doing or saying is productive … And let me enlighten you…you bring these people’s names up and mention their PENDING DUIs….IT’S NON OF YOUR BUSINESS. the case is pending and your tax money is being used exactly how it was intended…once the case is resolved then the freedom of information act allows you the privilege of finding out any and all the information your nosy little behind can handle…but putting these people’s private matters on blast and insulting our police officers like you have been doing is not helping matters… The investigation of chief Lutton is ongoing….he’s innocent until proven otherwise and until its concluded….It’s non of your business… Being a tax payer does in title you to questions but not about pending investigations that have nothing to do with you…. You seem to have a tremendous amount of time on your hands….there is an act 120 class in may….go attend become a police officer and make some changes….run for council or mayor…. Or is it just easier to insult and provoke our men and women in blue behind a computer screen….

  23. have to agree with tammy on some of this 6 months full pay and benefits I am sure that council was aware this has been going on most members have been there for years. Its a family thing if it is true then all council members and even the secratary will go down for this. It is hard to change things in ohioville because of the good Christian council members that only vote for what is good for them. If emails where leaked how is our personal information that the township has being protected like ssn# for taxes. you have a few people that own this boro there is no way dons auto wrecking should be in business but the township looks the other way dep would nail them oil, antifreeze and everything else on the ground getting into the water not to mention the water in ohioville sucks and has been in violation for at least 4 years shows how much council cares

  24. Quippian: You must not have anything better to do since you take the time to read all the comments! And i used the word “if” any of yhis is true. As far as the DUI’s, this is bending DUI’s, with blood test results that are already in. They just have inside help and an attorney to get these hearing continued until the time is right, or that they can fall under the Commonwealth v Haag Law. If you don’t know what that is you can look it up. And this is all public knowledge and you can look up and follow these two cases to see what happens. And i might run for a position in Ohioville, but i believe in a honest work environment, which in any town most people that would be working with me would not approve. As far as Chief Lutton, I do like him, just not what he did “if” he did do it. And i am not being noisy, i live in Ohioville and Beaver County and care about the people that live here. I also volunteer time with MADD, because i care about families that i have talked to that lost family and friends due to a person that had not just made a mistake and drove once drunk. I am talking about drunk drives that has more then one or many DUI’s that is out on our roads using their car as a weapon. So, it does not worry me if the police force retaliates, because it is freedom of speech, and if they are honest police and does not have anything to do with any of this, then it should not concern them. So why are you worried about showing your name? And do you even live here? What are you doing to make a change? And by the way, i had my act 120 for 10 years.

  25. Yeah great job dad you produced 2 adulterers……. One no more the other never quit

    Here is a clue. Salary give your chief salary not hourly, btwp salary, beaver salary, midland salary, chippewa salary Patterson salary monaca, Center,bf,,Rochester on and on salary only a few Podunk Towns give hourly blame council

    And hear is a clue obvious from what I have heard lutton is done, hear is a clue dint go to his underling the assistant, he is a bigger jack off than the current trust me. Oh and make it salary

  26. I only stated my opinion because he was on an hourly rate and not salary ,me personally would have not done the extra like he did on an hourly rate you should get paid for the time you put in based on an hourly rate so really he was losing money by doing extra because it would probably would have been overtime in which would have been time and a half so based on that what really is justification that is taking advantage of someone based on hourly rate so if he did do what they say is it really right or wrong innocent until proven guilty but who determines what is right and wrong under those circumstances if it is true and how do you determine if it was right or wrong i just cant believe a person would ruin there career of as many years as he has had with the department and now all of a sudden this is uncovered why wasnt this caught 25 years ago somethings fishy in my book but why so long to investigate spending our dollars for the peoples salary investigating get it over with or just say guilty or not wasting our money which time is money

  27. ..so Tammy read the other posts…I gave my name…and none of the police remember you and considering you have to recertify every year for your act120…I doubt your certified nor relevant….your talking about running in ohioville then bashing the very people that are supposed to vote..your a nut job…and please learn to spell before you run for any political position…your an internet creeper…you have no law ..political…law enforcement…actually let’s just simply say you have no experience in any level of society what so ever ….you get online and you write something in the subject line…copy paste WHALA…. Your an expert…and I actually read this website for entertainment but when goons like you insult or police and citizens…..actually….lol….u have your ACT 120….I’m a vet…and there is a thing called comrades…which you obviously know nothing about….otherwise you would have never accused these men and women of being corrupt…remember…Officer Beatty is the “ONLY” cop who didn’t accept bribes, pay offs, and is not corrupt…your full of Shit….so let the grown ups talk please…oh by the way…find the article about the mayor filing harassment charges and you’ll find my name

  28. Oh and Tammy one last thing….. And this is regarding those two gentlemen that you through under the bus with the pending DUIs…. Officer Beattys future will not compromise the pending DUI…if he doesn’t return to work it doesn’t get thrown out it gets passed on….with that 10 years of police work I thought you would have known that….and one last question …I’m certain there are more than two pending DUI cases in Ohioville…why are you so worried about these particular gentlemen and putting there business out there… Sounds to me like a lovers vendetta…. Like someone got dumped….Hell hath no fury like woman scorn huh….

  29. Quippian: if you read it says i “has” my act 120. This was years ago. I never worked as a police officer. And, please don’t ack as if you know me. As far as having respect for our men in blue, fire dept, etc., i have respect for them and the law, but i have a right to my opinion. And once again, my comments concerning any of these people has alway said “if” they committed a crime, then they need to pay for it. And if i know a fact, as if who has gotten DUI’s or have pending DUI’s i state it as a fact. As far as “copy and paste” i don’t even know what you are talking about. As far as the people of Ohioville, i have alway loved living in Ohioville, and the people that live here. I just believe that the people deserve the truth, and honesty from elected officials. And i true believe that the people of this small town would feel the same way. And please, don’t act like you know my background, you don’t know anything about me. I have plenty of education, and plenty of passion, that i could run for these positions. As far as you being a Vet, not sure why you felt the need to tell me that. But thank you for your service to this country. I don’t understand, how you can or would “if” someone in one of these position was guilty of a crime of supporting them regardless just because they are the men in blue.

  30. Instead of posting people’s name Tammy for DUI, maybe people who really cared could look it up themselves, since it is public record. You think you mAy want to run for something, but as of now u are nothing. Maybe keep that in mind. EVERBODY is innocent until proven guilty. Including Mr. Lutton, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Harper, and the mayor!

  31. Sounds like quippian has some passed issues and needs to get a life…your a complete asshole that is just mad because you can’t shower with jerry Sandusky anymore…..so get a life and stop worrying about what’s going on here

  32. Annoyed: i never claimed to be anything. Just giving my opinion. I realize that the mayor and the chief is innocent until proven guilty. I never said they were guilty. However, when one of these innocent until proven guilty, pending DUI drivers kills someone in our town i want to hear you say that for years while their attorney’s keep getting it continued. And these two are not first time offenders. One of them worked for the state for years, during that time he was stopped 17 times for DUI, totaled 3 cars in 2010, and has numerous other accidents and because he worked for the state he got off all of them. Finally getting let go last year, but had six pending since then. Got out of one already. Currently because of commonwealth and Haag law his attorney can keep continuing them, have them all heard at one hearing and they will “IF” found guilty they will all count as one DUI. Do you want to be the road with this person or any other “”innocent until proven guilty” person when people like this our protected by PA laws, an attorney or inside help because you know someone or where you work. I really don’t understand people that would protect people like this. As far as the chief and mayor, i alway want to believe in the good in everyone, so i hope they are innocent, but it does not look good at this point and time. So you can have your opinion, let me have mine. It is funny that i have never said anything about anyone’s comment, even if i don’t agree, but there is a couple people out there really trying to defend people no matter how much evidence keeps coming out, people that believes it is easier to leave things as they are then to get to the truth. I will keep fighting for the safety and protection of the residence of Beaver County, but as far as going back and forth with some of the people on here i have better things to do.

  33. Bye bye mayor lol….hit a sore spot…. Have you been arrested by one of these gentlemen or is Tammy your girlfriend… Either way keep hiding behind your computer screen

  34. I think it is so funny how people say things until it happens to them then it is a whole different ball game, they change their whole outlook on the situation like if your house was being broke into and the chief was the first to respond even though he was off duty you would look at him in a totally different matter the rest of your life but since nothing bad has happened to you ,you view him totally different and the things that take place were there is money there is corruption its just a fact but under the circumanstances of this case what justifys based on an hourly rate and for dui what about those driving on drugs and prescribed drugs if you knew how many where driving like that you wouldn’t even get behind a wheel because they drive like a dui would, so if you got pulled over while on prescribed drugs because you was all over the road what is that considered a dui i dont know and would like to know does the officer let you go by law and if he does do you want to be on the same road because the law states it is legal as long as you have a dr’s approval.there is more driving like that un-noticed then a dui and each person is different with tolerance why not a complaint about how many wrecks with a deer involved dont get me wrong i would like dui’s prosecuted but there are so many out there that are on5 and 6th that what took plkace is so bad and those actually went thru the whole judical system we worry about this and there are bigger fish then just our little boro to worry about what about are government and all the corruption that gets swept under the carpet i dont see a big stink from anyone about that i mean if he did do something wrong then prosecute but he was there at the time and made decisions based on him being in charge of the situation nobody knows unless you are there i also thought the motto for police was protect and serve not write tickets yeah if your all over the road is one thing but if your driving good but get pulled over for a light out and get a dui what is justification in the term protect and serve just my opinion

  35. And Tammy….for the love of God go back to school and learn grammar, spelling, and sentence structure… And start proof reading your posts… You said what you said and most of its legible ….don’t try to change your story now….what did you finally realize how insulting you are…. Realize that on Tuesday your going to see the everyone you have been insulting…. You have no respect and its clear by your posts….and you “HAS” your act 120… You do know there is is a 5 grade level reading comp test you have to take to get accepted…and who would pay 5000 dollars for a certification and not use it…. You have quite the resume for your run for mayor…you should invite your boyfriend bye bye mayor…if he has a valid drivers license…all the DUIs going around….and figure out a new game plan because everyone’s on to your bullshit…. Peace….

  36. quippian: Spending $5000+ and what a officer is paid, or accepting a position that makes 100k plus, which would you do? And the mistakes are called typo’s by texting from my cell, i can type just fine. And since this seems to be the only thank you can find to pick on me for you better start reading your comments because there is typo’s on yours too. But that is no reason to down someone, but i understand when that is all you have.
    Idiots Against: yes driving under prescription drugs, you can be prosecuted in court. The officer would put you through the normal test after they stopped you if you fail the test you would be taken to the hospital for blood test. And you are right, there are more prescription drugs that can effect your driving then are drunk, and it is scary. No one can stop everyone from driving like that but if i can stop one person from killing someone, that is at lease one! Or if i can help change a law that actually is in favor of the driver that is drunk or on drugs then i will feel better.

  37. BREAKING NEWS…..there is a certain female on here that mentioned a couple of pending DUIs….a a result of further investigation it has been discovered that she has dated one of these individuals,. And actually is dating someone who has a recent DUI, please stay tuned for further information information as it is discovered….

    • BREAKING NEWS! If it doesn’t have anything to do with this particular news story, we don’t give a shit!

  38. I appoligize and am in the wrong and take back some of what i said because in reality falseifying documents no matter how is still against the law so if he did then he should be punished under that law i still back him because he has been a good police chief for our boro probably the best becaused he worked like the motto says protect and serve not just write tickets and he is in charge to make lawful decisions i hope he did not do what they say but if so take it like a man be responsible for your actions i wasnt there so i dont know nor does anyone else making statements i know this country use to live on the barter system you do for me i do for you until someone finally got money and lazy and stopped that now the country is that way no more barter but since he is in charge of fial decision on a ticket he may have made a bad decision nobody is perfect but yes he did extra on hourly rate and yes he should have been reinburst for that and not done it thru documents because falseifying no matter how much exta you do off the schedule is still falsefying which is unlawful but that goes into that oldschool bartering that, that generation grew up with how many tickets turn into a warning from him because of how he felt the situation was he was there not me i just feel under the hourly rate barter on falseifying documents should be taken into a consideration and changes should be made for going beyond the call of duty but i know it is still wrong but the circumstances if he did what they say all that extra time he gave to the community should be taken into consideration give him a punishment change the way things are run and still keep him as our chief he has provided this community with anice and safe environment for my kids to grow up in sorry i was wrong on info should not say something i have no actual facts just pissed all this come about to a good man who has helped me in occasions i was wrong and appoligze to all just my opinion

  39. Tammy. Why does someone who is so concerned with drunks and the dangers of drunk driving let one (b.e.z.) live with her and drive him around while he waits to get his suspended license back, which he lost after his second DUI?

  40. TAMMY- I don’t understand why you would be putting people’s names out there. You have no business doing it, none of your business neither. Innocent until proven guilty for everyone I agree.. It’s not your job to decide what happens to anyone in there cases. Expressing your opinions shouldn’t involve their names, how would you feel. Your telling the quippian that he must not have nothing better to do but read all the posts.. Obviously that’s all your doing to write your novels on here. There’s always going to be drunk drivers, you expressing everyone’s business isn’t going to stop it. Your telling everyone on here you just want the community to know the “truth”. The truth, is that your dating a person that has previous DUI’s.. That doesn’t show a good sign for running for any position and running everyone’s name into the dirt like their a piece of shit, and your sitting back with someone who was in the same position. I don’t believe your supporting your community at all, you just want to be an instigator, and have something to fulfill your day by doing this.

  41. It is true, almost everyone i know has a DUI, in their past, and the law should prosecute and provided good though treatment. And yes i currently to live with some that has a DUI, he also stopped drinking completely and also supports my fight with MADD, and even helps now because he learner from a mistake. And i am very proud of him for admitting what he did, changed, and now willing to try and change the laws that help the repeat offenders that has numerous DUI’s and don’t learn from it. What mu boyfriend did prior me is not concern of mine, if the behavior continued we would not be together, because i am concerned when someone with numerous DUI’s pending, are out there every night, out of control and pushing more then a ton of steel. Until one day they ruin lives. In my past comments i was alway talking about the grossly repeat drunk driver and the loop holes in the laws and the attorneys that use these laws to keep them on the road. So as far as me living with someone that has a prior DUI, yes I Do, does most of my friends have a prior DUI, yes they do. When i was younger have i ever drove after drinking to much, sure i did, i was just one of the lucky ones that did not get caught, but i also stopped doing it when i started realizing how i was putting others at risk. Never said i was perfect, dont expect others to be perfect, but if someone does get a DUI, and pays for what they did wrong, and changes their habits and not only sttops drinking and driving but stops drinking all together, i have a lot of respect for them. My boyfriend, i respect him, i am proud of him, and if it was not for his support and standing beside me i would not be trying to go up against the supreme court to change the Commonwealth v Haag law. Currently, i am against the law and people that go out and get 5 or 6 a year and either gets out of them or a law can let 3 years of pending DUI’s pile up and when it finally goes to a hearing all of them counts as a first offense. Or people that gets charged that just keeps going out there and doing it again. And i am really against police or public officials that gets them out of it because of who they are or who they work for. I can’t believe the people out there that does not know the difference or don’t think there is a difference. In ending this, i have the greatest guy in the world in my life.

  42. I can’t believe how many jerks there are in Ohiovile. How can people defend these people that is lying and stealing, and saying, well it is OK because the Chief was one of the good old boys. Let him steal all he wants. LOL. And yes Tammy is right, there are pending DUI’s that has the Mayor digging himself into a bigger hole because without Beatty in the way, a few guys that the Mayor owes one too, will be getting off. Plus, his own son is one of them. And Tammy is not hiding who she is, and she lives in a small town. I don’t really know her, but i do know who her boyfriend is and apparently since she gave her name she was not worried about people knowing it. BREAKING NEWS, NOT. And the fact that she is giving names, once you get a DUI, you loss your rights, it is in the news paper and details of hearing are on line, she is not giving out any information that anyone can’t easily find. And i am sure if she is working with MADD to change a law, then she has a lot more information on people, because they do investigate into these people with DUI’s and the police departments that let them walk. Quippian, you are the one with nothing better to do, and never provide useful information. You just come on this site to slam peoples opinion, but you have a opinion about anyone that says anything about police officers, sorry to inform you, there are a lot of police that are corrupt. I know, i have been in trouble and paid my way right out of it, including DUI’s. i am thankful that i grew up. And Quipian, or should i call you Mike. Don’t know if it is you or maybe your son, whoever it is they like love driving with expired inspection stickers. Soworry about yourself and family. Stay out of Ohioville, why don’t you try to make some changes in your own town, lord knows someone needs to take a stand against drugs there, at lease Tammy is trying to make it a safer place to live, but people can come down on her while protecting people that may not deserve it. I can’t wait for all this to come out, then i believe a lot of you needs to learn how to say “I am Sorry” you were right in your opinions. I will pray for the people that is in the fog, and also Tammy, keep your chin up, i know the person you are talking about, he drives mote drunk then not, and goes around telling people he has all these public officials in his back pocket. I am sure there is a lot more like that. And if everyone said “it’s none of my bisiness” it would even be a more dangerous world.

  43. Remember the part of this story where the origin of this email can’t be proven….everything based in this story is hearsay….this writes these stories for reaction…and everyone is giving it undue attention….instead of trashing a man from a story with out facts, how about not responding till you know the facts 100% are true.

  44. Lolol….so a “corrupt” cop gave you and your friend DUIs…..that’s a shocker….that’s the story of most repeated offenders…… my names not mike learn to read…and considering my son is 3….wait your right I never got his Big Wheel inspected…. Man your investigating is on point…now can the grown ups talk now please…. And again genius….now read slow…..THE DUI’S THAT ARE PENDING…WILLL…NOT…BE…THROWN…OUT….IF….OFFICER….BEATTY…DOES….NOT …RETURN….TO….DUTY…..they get delegated out. And what she did bagging on people based off of hearsay is not right regardless of your personal feelings….it’s childish…. Now had you come on here and not mentioned that your friends with her boyfriend your comment might have held some weight….. She’s a hypocrite…she comes on here talking about Chief Lutton like a dog….only after I said something did she change her story to “if” he’s guilty….talking about him needing to pay for his..actually .just read her post….then throw to people under the bus who’s DUI status is pending…..like Chief Lutton….INOCCENT…..than has the audacity to mention all the ” convicted” offenders that she dates or happens to be friends with as martyred examples because the regret their actions and learned their lessons…. I would to if I lost my license for 2 years and had to pay thousands of dollars…..give me a break…. Then talks about running for mayor after mentioning all the drunk driving she has done….trying to provoke the police into retaliating… My man seriously….I do contribute to my town and county…you know how…..BY NOT COMITTING CRIMES AND DRIVING DRUNK….the best way any of us can…. And finally I know the majority of the police officers and sorry to once again disagree but your comments are simply not true…..don’t let you dislike cloud your thinking friend….it makes people simple

  45. Oh and lastly ….what ever happens happens….but it will never take away from what Chief Lutton and his “good ol boys” have sacrificed for that town…. He is respected by most of them…. His sacrifice and the sacrifice of all the police is why that town is a safe and nice place to live…. And while yes I don’t live in Ohioville I have friends and family who work and live there and while I did lower my standards enough to argue with a few mushroom heads on here I’m still afforded the privilege to be a voice and advocate for these men and woman who really can’t post on here to defend themselves from the likes of you and your mayoral counterpart over there…

  46. Tammy please run for mayor we need a hot ass chick as mayor. At your swearing in we could even have a kegger

  47. Quippian: Never did i say that i was friends with Tammy’s boyfriend! I just know who he is, but nothing about him. And Tammy never said she had any DUI’s. she said sure she might have drove after drinking when SHE WAS YOUNGER. Everyone has done things when they were younger that they are not proud of, at lease she is honest. And if everyone out there never fought for what they believed in when they got older because of something they did as a young person we would never have good honest police officers, good firemen, medics, or people like Tammy working with MADD, free. Which i am sure she is giving a lot of support to people in Beaver County that has lost family to a drunk driver. And again, she does this free, she has to have a good heart. And at lease see is not stealing donation that MADD receives to pay herself for the time she puts into this. So you are also judging people that you don’t know. And i, like you is just stating my opinion. And because i do not agree with you, you are going to find something to bad mouth me about too. And i did read all the past post and comments, she did not list a position she MIGHT run for. And you down her and others that has typos, however most of your comments do too. You just sound like a disgruntled bully that will intimidate anyone that does not think like you. I know for a fact that there are bad cops still currently working in Ohioville, and there was a bad chief in Industry! I have been stopped when i was YOUNGER, by police in both those towns and bribed them so i never even got charged, they actually just took me home or let me find a ride. So it is people like i use to be that wants to keep The Good Ol Boys around. Then to say Chief Lutton sacrificed a lot, i guess he had the right to steal from tax payers? And i don’t believe there is as many supporters as you think, and when the truth comes out and how much was stolen and how many was involved we will see how many supporters there are. Because i know one of the investigators and it is going to happen. So for you just to trust someone because they wear BLUE, makes you a complete ASS. @ Tammy For Mayor, i agree she should run for mayor, i believe she would be straight up and honest, and not let anyone bully her. P.S. and i seen a picture of her, she is a hot chick, but don’t believe she would permit a kegger unless she had everyones keys, which i would be cool with that. If she runs and wins we would have something to celebrate, our community might actually be a place to be proud to live in, knowing if anything happen or a crime that she would stay on top of it. There are a lot of crimes that has happen in Ohioville, that the information never gets released to the public, and our mighty police force never even follows up on, like Tammy my house was broke into and it took the police over two hours to show up, and then they waited over a week to try and take fingerprints, which they did not know what they were doing, and yes i know how and have done fingerprints, there was a lot of leads but not one was followed up on. So, Quippian, you just keep making comments, we will see who the really ASS is in the end.

  48. Oh Quippian, one last thing. Tammy said if Officer Beatty does not return that these pending DUI’s “COULD” be dismissed. And don’t even say that is not how it works. I have seen them drop charges many times because the assistant DA normally agrees with the defendants attorney to throw it out, that is one more that does not need handled at a later date. And yes, i was stopped twice by corrupt cops, i got out of both of them. And i NEVER said ALL cops are corrupt, and do know people that was convicted of a DUI, and here is news for you, if the blood test shows a high rate of alcohol, they smell like alcohol, can’t talk or drive properly, then they are drunk. If they get out of it or reduced charges, there must be corruption in the system somewhere along the way. There is known cases the person was stopped in a car and failed all aspects of the tests given and in the end get charged with public intoxication. Now tell me why? And Quippian, that is a fact! Lets see what your comment is going to be, and how you can turn this around to try and make me look bad too.

  49. First of all I didn’t make anyone look bad they did that themselves…second looks like someone knows how to use google justnas well as she does …third a police officer allowing a reduced charge or a bit of amnesty isn’t corrupt….like a 110 lb school teacher having 2 drinks and her blood alcohol level raised…having never caused nor been in trouble… Or kid about to leave for the service in a couple of days who gets and under age because of his going away party… Or a service member returning home from his second tour in Iraq and hasnt seen his family and friends for 18 months….my hypocracy only goes so far but there it is….but lets ruin these people’s lives or reputations? No I’m talking about habitual offenders….like Tammy who who admitted frequently driving drunk and I don’t know you or care to but let’s be realistic….your not being harassed you probably got out of it because these corrupt cops you speak of decided to give you a little amnesty….after all its at the police officers discretion…that is a priviledge afforded to the police from the judge…oh and please LEARN TO READ…HOLY SHIT… I never said Tammy had a DUI…I said she admitted to drunk driving multiple times…. And she does not work for MADD….my lol sources…told me that on her Facebook page, she posted a lengthy message about her ex boyfriend..around the Dec 31 and mentioned that she called MADD 4 times and they never returned her phone calls….and is the investigation on Chief Lutton over….No dude…he’s innocent….believe me I’ve forgotten more than you know…I’m figuring the only fingerprints you helped with are your own by placing your hand where you were told…. And how many times have you been arrested homie….first of all you said DUI’s…apostrophe s…meaning multiple…strike one… Your first post said that you have ” been in trouble and paid your way out of THEM…. MEANING MULTIPLE… than your second post you stated that you have stopped twice and gotten out of them…. R..E..A..P..E..A..T…….O..F..F..E..N..D..E..R…. my advice from one of my favorite movies which is appropriate for this friendly conversation…..”STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE”….. And lastly I respect people’s opinions and quite frankly get a kick out of them…. But I won’t sit here and let people bash people who have risked their lives for 35 years or more…. Who risk their lives everyday….and if I can expose you for the bullshitters that you are which I’m clearly doing….than I feel I’ve done some justice….Just stop posting….why are you putting yourself through this….

  50. I’ll finish this award winning dissertation ( google the word) and announce my retirement from the BEAVER COUNTIAN with this…..I have never committed a crime or did a drug….I served my country honorably for 10 years and always stayed on the right side of the law because I have a father who was a police officer…I have many family member who are police officers and very many friends who are retired police and current…. I might mention I served on a tactical law enforcement unit for 8 of my 10 years…. So not only…to an extent because we didn’t have to deal with drunks and domestics…only drugs and immigration…I have an idea of what these brave men and women deal with…you don’t go to work every day not knowing if your going to DIE!!!! I don’t care how safe you think a certain area is… It takes one nut job from another state running from the law to get pulled over in Ohioville…and what should be a routine traffic stop turns into a homicide…. Now pay attention….and let me make this clear…your not being harassed by corrupt cops….your being watched a little more frequently due to your past transgressions.. If you are caught cheating in school several times than the teacher may be a little skeptical and hesitant to give you that A…. If you have been caught stealing at work and something else comes up missing then your going to be the first person questioned…. If you beat your wife and she turns up dead…guess what….and if you are convicted of drunk driving and/or other crimes than you are going to be watched…. if you commit a crime once…then you do it again…what’s stopping you from your third…. Its like Bernie Madoff getting pissed because they wont issue him credit in prison cuz …come on….They are not harassing you they are ensuring that you are staying straight….helping you along your path to reconciliation so to speak…

  51. Quippian; learn to read, not once did i say i was harassed by police, i was never harassed by police, and if you read you will will see i said when i was younger, by that let me be clear, it was over 28 years ago. Since adulthood i have never been in any trouble. Yes, like Tammy i admit what i did in the past., why because it is not who i am today. And the officer’s that let me off way back then, it was not out of the kindest of their heart, industry chief at the time i had to get a large money order made out to him personally. The first DUI,my parents know the officer and good ol chief Lutton and they worked out a financial deal. So is that corrupt? I think so. But let me get this straight, you are saying under the right conditions it is ok to drink and drive, then you must be saying if the conditions are right on those days and they happen to go out that night ad kill a family that they should be get get off, because it was a one thing time. You are something else, talking to you, you ate right, and the men and wan in blue never do any wrong. People in this small town, are starting to see through you and what few supporters that are actually willing to post on this web site. Start reading them, there doe hard support is slowly changing that IF this is true then then the Chief and others involved needs to pay the price. And for you to say that i just get me information is a lye. And why can you go on and one about how good the cops are why didn’t you ever commented about the drink driver, which this is just one, having the charges deduced, all the facts showed he was drink behind the wheel. So what is your excuse for this one? Tammy nor myself makes out self look bad, i believe the locals can see that any bad behavior from het,myself was almost 30 plus years ago and we have both taken are past and tired to make it positive in the live of others. And Tammy was stopped TWICE For DUI’ LATE TEENS AND YEAR 20th, is mot 20 years to let it go. Let the say, those without quilt quilt cast the first stone! I know sim daily, we were all born into sin. So go head pick up that first store. I can almost promise you that Tammy will not even do that? She will try t to help hime home in someway.. Tammy have NEVER admitted to driving drink except a time almost 30 years ago. I have talked to one of her good friend and she has not see you out drinking in years and she talks to us all the time about it, she don’t just walk away and forget is. but when there are times we going anyway she drinks soda. And just so you know? She is a fighter, i spoke to she school official she had two children that are special needs, this informant said she never fount so hard to get the correct program. If she believed in something it looks like she never gives up, thank god there is people out there like that.
    And once again, you are not only calling me a lying, buy you acting like you know me. I did FBI fingerprints in my past for over 10 years. And anyone knows you can’t wait weeks to pul pints, that day they finally showed up after the report two hours later? And then over two weeks later to pull prints (lol). End ending this, i really believe you me need to mean Tammy Belich, toe she is drive, not anything quippian fast to say out his butt. If after all these, if she is still planing on the next meeting,why not go and as her question and see what see is all about. And as far as the DUI’s they are tingled up in this case, and ad gar as DUI pending and every transaction that happen, the court docket sheets are there for everyone see, so people saying to her it is nome of her business, tell our government that they are making it easily available. I hope you are telling the truth and we will not have to your one sided comments anymore. And i will ask residence to attend the nest meeting and hear want is said, if Tammy would run for Major or counsel, them i believe with residents help she may be a benefit to use, it has to be better then now just think about jt.

  52. I will attending the meeting on the first Tuesday o f February. Don’t expect a show, i just want to ask questions that will not interfere with the on going investigation. And to the people that are supporting me thank you. And Quippiam, what you say is slanderous, because you dont read every word, you need to start ofer from the beginning and see how many tomes you twisted my words and bashed me for typos’ when you have them too, and also said i was lying about a comment in December on Facebook, a week after that the Butler Office of MADD contacted me and we have been helping each other since so if you dont know the truth don’t slander me ad a person. And don’t turn this around to say that is what i am doing to Ohioville policy, mayor and counsel . What i have wrote came from the horses mouth. So is it facts? Cant see someone tell lies about them self. So go take care of your town of Aliquippa, or better yet John Paul needs to investigate Aliquippa to take up some of your time. Would love to see that fall out on thay one.

  53. To both of you….did you write this in crayon first ….jackass in Ohioville….I couldn’t even finish reading yours because it made no sense….. And Tammy no words have been twisted your just to illiterate to reread what you wrote….stop humiliating yourselves

  54. Keep your word, RETIRE! every is tired of your holier then now, perfect attitude. I have only seen one person say they enjoy your comments, and that could be one of your men in blue that is going down. So say what you do and do want you say retire. Myself nor JerksinOhioville, we never ask you to read our post, nor do i believe that we were the first ones to slam you because are opinions are different and like me he must believe in letting people have there opinions. So, i for one will not be commenting on this site again. I will read it to keep up on it. I will continue to work with MADD, and to monitor DUI’s in Beaver County, or where ever life may take me. I hope i can make a difference someday. I will also be shitting down my facebook because there seems to be people on there that i don’t want on there. Also, some changes has happen in my live, i will be moving out of Ohioville, so i will still attend the meetings but will not be running for anything. I will be praying you good people of Ohioville get a mayor you deserve. And believe me, Officer Beatty is a officer that any honest law abidding citizen would love to have around. One last thing, thank you for the people that did support me on this site, and the 100’s of personal comments of support. And i have also noticed some die hard supporters of the chief, Lutton and other officials have slowly been changing, not so sure you are fighting the right fight are you. I do pray that “IF” anyone gets in trouble for any of this that they receive fair treatment, and made to refund the borough. But i do hate to see anyone at that age go to jail, and i believe community serves are a better punishment, and it helps other people too. So good bye to all friends and foes.

  55. It’s “holier than thou”, retard. Typos are one thing. A total misuse and disregard for the English language is the problem you have. Using a smart phone instead of a computer is no excuse. Quippian is spot on.

  56. Kilo 153, CAL, DUMMY AND QUIPPIAN. I am not someone that texts a lot., apparently like Tammy. I only do when I don’t have my computer, I will admit I am really bad at it. My cell auto corrects which is not the best thing in the world. I am sure I am more educated, i have a PHD, then most of you and I know Tammy has been in the positions as a director and CEO, and to use the word retard, shows what kind of person you are. I for one am not a hypocrite all of you pretend to have virtues ,morals, beliefs, principles, etc., but he or she that writes these text does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. I do have morals, virtues beliefs and principles. I fight for what I believe in, but most of the people on here are just ok with corruption as long as the people that is alway getting in trouble gets out of it. The truly uneducated criminals. So if you Don’t like me or Taamy, i am sure she would agree , we don’t wake up every single day to impress judgemental hypocrites like you. You know what ‘life’ is? Go get one. You really need it.
    And our politicians, NOT ALL BUT A LOT) Are hypocrites the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation. And still would not understand what they did wrong in Mayberry! So Tammy, keep speaking the truth; Why lie? I know you are not going to be a hypocrite and say the opposite of what I think, like some others do. Wish you where staying in Ohioville, I honest hot looking Mayor would do the town some good.

  57. Jerks. After reading your post, whoever awarded you a doctorate should lose their accreditation. The point is that your words are a representation of who you are. When you post your ramblings on a site for others to see and you either don’t double-check said ramblings, or you lack the knowledge to properly express yourself in English, you come off looking dumber than a bag of hair! Remember when you were in grade school learning to diagram sentences? The actual act of diagramming wasn’t something you would ever do as an adult, but it teaches the fundamentals of proper sentence structure, tense and grammar. Evidently, Tammy and yourself were off smoking doobies that day, or you were both raised by wolves.;)

  58. @tammy
    In regards to your perfect boyfriend and bashing someone’s certain name, when your boyfriend has two dui and not one and his first DUI involved him on a quad on the road with two of his kids on it and tried to out run the police and could have killed his own children because he ended up rolling the quad. And after he lossed his family and home over alcohol had another wreck involving him to wreck into a tree and then fled the scene. So lets concentrate on your x which has 5 DUIs and stop dragging the other persons name in the mud which you have no idea about the case or what happened!!!!!! And as officer Beatty stopping at your house to c if you were ok we all know what that meant cuz the lights ended up turning off. And no offense but as you having two special needs children now u have 3 (B.E.Z).

  59. Seems to me that laborers (regular officers on duty) would be eligible for overtime, if still on the clock, but management? Chief of Police, like President of the company/country/etc., should have a salary. Taking their work home with them,should be included in that salary. No overtime! Its public service. If he drew an extra penny above his salary, he is a thief, and should be dealt with accordingly. Soldiers don’t get overtime, neither should police Chiefs, Mayors, Council members, etc.

  60. Kilo 153, CAL, DUMMY AND QUIPPIAN. I am not someone that texts a lot., apparently like Tammy. I only do when I don’t have my computer, I will admit I am really bad at it. My cell auto corrects which is not the best thing in the world. I am sure I am more educated, i have a PHD, then most of you and I know Tammy has been in the positions as a director and CEO, and to use the word retard, shows what kind of person you are.”

    The author of the above comment is a complete idiot who must actually believe in his own mind that he/she/it earned and/or possesses a college education. There are spelling and grammatical errors in every sentence. If you are now using your computer instead of your phone, you may as well go back to using the phone, because your skills as a Phd holding comment typer SUCK! Better yet, don’t even comment any more. You’re either lying or don’t know what you’re talking about anyway.

    I’m with you Quippian. That lady (Tammy) is fake, but she is on the right track to realness. You are a suckbutt. Quit sucking butt. Your game is tight, but mine is tighter. I advise you to not try to analyze, berate or anything other than to agree with me, or keep your mouth shut. I really don’t care about any of this or any of you. I just want to be heard. Good evening all.

    • @JerksinOhiovile: A Ph.D.!? Bullshit. An example for you about telling tales: Military veterans, and the public, see acts of “stolen valor” frequently enough in the made-up stories they hear, some quite well researched and practiced, ready for eager ears, but usually quite obvious, and unfortunately, tolerated. Even with legislation against it. Simply getting drafted, or even enlisting to take a military “job”, is not enough to make one a boots-on-the-ground fighting combat soldier. It will get one at least a non-combat support role. And it certainly does not justify being called a ‘hero’ for not placing one’s life on the line. Perhaps you can understand that kind of thing, either personally or through local military people. The military around them know this all too well, but are either hoodwinked or tolerant.

      Analogously, academia sees its share of “stolen valor” phonies, too. But, it might even be more difficult, because one can’t rely upon phony stories. One is immediately discovered when he opens his mouth or makes an ill-conceived statement. All too often, people lie in these comments, but the worst lie is pretending to be something that one isn’t, pretending to be more able than one is. Throwing the term PhD around is risky, because it is a very difficult thing to obtain, and there are records of the process, from attendance in a valid program to the contents of the defended thesis. And, it materially changes a person, academically and behaviorally.

      If I am wrong, direct me to your name and dissertation title, and I’ll read it online at your sponsoring university or college. Very easy. If I am wrong, I’ll give you a full apology.

      Military or academic, don’t try to be something you are not.

  61. I’m not sure I fully understand what the big fuss is about ? I get that the boss might have altered time sheets which is wrong but not a proven fact But who the heck cares about a email ? I live in ohioville we moved here a little over a year ago and it’s really very small some farmers and regular families like myself though we did have a little streak of brake ins during the day two right down the road from me. Anyway I’m not sure I understand why everyone is going nuts over a couple snide emails ? I’m sure its not the first time a work place has has employees cluck at one another through email. Especially with such a small Amount of employees at some point people are going to disagree and some people work harder and take their jobs more seriously than others so of course everyone is going to reach a breaking point where they call someone out but how is that any of our business I mean unless every company in beaver co. Is going to scan through emails and texts and notes passed in the office to see if anyone is being a jerk then why should all this fuss be made over emails or whatever they were that no one is sure who wrote them if they were made up or real or whatever. Their is no way to know for sure right ? Are they even aloud to post this stuff to the public ? And these are questions I’m not trying to prove any point just to get a better understanding if the situation but how can you accuse someone. Of doing wring without proof unless they follow him around all day every day how do they know 100% what he is or isn’t doing ? We had a woman officer come to our house after someone clipped the mirror of our truck and tookoff and she was extremely nice it took her a while to get here but we told her it was no rush or emergency and she said aas soon as she was done with the other incident she was dealing with she would come. Which makes me believe that they are understaffed at times so I can see how they would have the need for overtime . it doesn’tseem like a lot hhappens in ohioville that’s one of the main reasons we moved here but like any job sometimes when it rains it pours

    • It wasn’t the snide emails, it was the fact that they were internal email, not meant for the public to see, due to the possible sensitive information it may contain. And also, the software program it goes through is not available to the public.



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