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The Beaver Countian has obtained a copy of a confidential internal memo written to the Board of Commissioners by County Solicitors concerning an ongoing dispute between Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services and the County over payments for the sale of Friendship Ridge.

The memorandum was presented to the Board of Commissioners by Chief County Solicitor Garen Fedeles and Assistant Solicitor Nathan Morgan, and has been the subject of closed-door discussions by the Board during executive sessions following public meetings.

As the public controversy involving the sale of Friendship Ridge has been ongoing for nearly two years, and as very little information has been provided to the general public about the matter outside of investigative reporting by the Beaver Countian, this publication has made a decision to release the memorandum in full.

The May 30th memo predates an investigative report published by the Beaver Countian on June 2nd, which revealed that former Chief County Solicitor Joseph Askar had been working as an attorney for Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services starting shortly after the sale of Friendship Ridge in 2014 but while still employed as an attorney for the county. Askar had attempted to collect well over $1 million in payments from Medicaid on behalf of Comprehensive Healthcare following the sale of Friendship Ridge — monies for services provided to patients while the facility was still owned by Beaver County but inexplicably never billed for at the time.

(Note: The following document was formatted by the Beaver Countian for publication.)



TO: Board of Commissioners
FROM: Law Department
DATE: May 30, 2017
RE: Propriety of Comprehensive’s $4.2 Million Demand

Following our recent meeting with Comprehensive, we have reached a point where we need to determine how to move forward. As such, the following memorandum is an analysis of the basis for, and legal validity of, Comprehensive’s assertion the County owes it $4 million.


In late 2012, the County contracted to sell Friendship Ridge to Comprehensive HealthCare Management Services (“Comprehensive”). This highly technical and multi-faceted contract was closed in March of 2014. Around August of 2015, questions began to arise as to whether Comprehensive still owed the County monies relative to the sale of Friendship Ridge. The County employed a forensic accountant to conduct an independent audit of the transaction. As you are aware, the Nottingham Group, LLC, provided the County with a copy of its audit dated September 26, 2016, which concludes Beaver County is owed the sum total of $1,275,979.26 from Comprehensive. This audit, along with supporting documentation, was provided to Comprehensive. Comprehensive’s responsive letter denied the conclusion of the audit; and further asserted that it was actually the County that owed Comprehensive over $4 million. As its responsive letter provided little detail as to how the $4 million was calculated, representatives of Comprehensive and the County met in early May 2017 to discuss the competing claims.


Comprehensive’s argument can really be broken down into two categories: (1) areas in which they disagree with some conclusions reached in the County’s forensic audit; and (2) the amount of Comprehensive’s assumption of liabilities.

A. Disagreements with the County’s Forensic Audit

1. Late Deposits – $143,000

One area in which the forensic audit determined that Comprehensive “owed” the County monies is with respect to “late deposits.” Specifically, the County’s forensic audit concludes a “substantial number of checks which had dates as early as October of 2013” had not been deposited into the relevant bank account as of the March 1, 2014 Operations Closing Date. The reason this is significant is because these monies would have been County property should they have been deposited prior to the closing; however, as they were not deposited prior to the closing they became the property of Comprehensive. In other words, Comprehensive gained $143,000 by simply not depositing checks until after the closing. The audit concludes that “since CHM co-managed the facility during this period, it should have been incumbent upon them to ensure that all funds on hand as of the Operations Closing Date were properly deposited into the Friendship Ridge Bank Account.”

The further the checks are dated from the closing date (i.e. a check dated in October compared to a check dated a day before the closing) the stronger the County’s position on this matter. Without seeing exactly when all the checks were dated, there is some uncertainty as to how a Judge would handle this issue.

2. Cost Savings Payment – $300,000

The County’s audit also states “a former employee of Beaver County directed that an even $300,000 payment be made to Comprehensive shortly after the Operations Closing.” The audit explains:

This provision for a savings incentive was apparently included in the Operations Transfer Agreement to provide a financial incentive for Comprehensive to cut costs during the period in which they co-managed Friendship Ridge, while it was still owned by Beaver County. Thus, Beaver County would realize a cost savings and Comprehensive would share in on-half the benefits of its cost saving efforts for Beaver County.

According to the County’s audit there were not savings and so Comprehensive was not owed any money relative to the “cost saving” provision. In fact, the audit states “expenses were not reduced during the Closing Period, but rather they increased.” As such, no payment was due under the Cost Savings provision, and the payment of $300,000 to Comprehensive was in error.

Here again, Comprehensive disagrees. They purport a verbal agreement was reached between them and County employee(s), whereby the County acknowledged that it owed Comprehensive $300,000 pursuant to the cost saving provision.

This office believes the County will likely prevail on this issue. A written contract can only be amended in writing. Although Comprehensive alleges an agreement was signed for this $300,000 payment, they readily admit they are unable to locate a signed copy of this agreement. As such, they are unlikely to succeed on this issue.

B. Comprehensive’s Assumed Liabilities Exceed the Liabilities Disclosed by the County prior to Closing

The overwhelming majority of Comprehensive’s entire request (in terms of dollars) is based upon one theory: the liabilities actually assumed by Comprehensive grossly exceed what was disclosed to Comprehensive prior to the closing. Comprehensive states that it has assumed liabilities in the amount of $4,939,671.35 after the transfer. However, Comprehensive argues pursuant to the balance sheet and disclosures associated therewith it was only required to assume liabilities totaling $1,583,523.36.

Comprehensive’s entire argument rests upon language in the contracts such as Section 2.4(A) of the Installment Land Contract, which states in pertinent part:

The purchase Price includes the assumption of liabilities from the operation of the nursing home as set and to the extent set forth on Seller’s Financials and disclosed to Purchaser.

Another example of this language can be found in Section 2.4(B)iii, which states in pertinent part:

On the operations closing date, Purchaser or its designee will assume the liability to pay the payables accrued in the ordinary course of business… all to the extent that the same are set forth on Seller’s Financials in the ordinary course of business and consistent with past practices and as are disclosed to Purchaser.

In short, Comprehensive’s argument is that it assumed liabilities in the amount of $4.9 million; however, only $1.5 million of these liabilities were disclosed to them in the Seller’s “Financials.”


One of the difficulties that we run into in attempting to determine the legal validity or the likelihood of success in defending Comprehensive’s claims is that the terms “Financials” and “disclosed” are not defined clearly within the contract documents. Should this matter proceed to trial, the County’s argument will be that the entirety of the $4.9 million at issue was disclosed in the Financials of the County to Comprehensive by way of Comprehensive’s co-management of the facility for nearly one-half a year. In short, Comprehensive had complete access to the financial obligations of Friendship Ridge during the 5 months it co-managed the facility. Further, Comprehensive was provided with everything they requested.

Conversely, Comprehensive’s counter-argument to this position appears to be that the “disclosure” of “Financials” was to be a formal undertaking. Beaver County (under Comprehensive’s theory) had an obligation to formally submit to Comprehensive financial statements setting forth any and all liabilities. The only item (as far as this office is aware) that was formally provided to Comprehensive was access to New World. Due to the nature of New World, all of the County’s liabilities relative to Friendship Ridge are not captured on that program; and thus, Comprehensive’s position.

Under Pennsylvania law, contract interpretation starts with the intent of the parties as their intent “is contained in the writing itself.” If a contract is ambiguous, the court may consider extrinsic evidence to determine the meaning of the contract. Bohler-Uddeholm Am.; Inc. v. Ellwood Grp., Inc,. 247 F.3d 79 (3rd Cir. 2001). This would include pre-contract negotiations and the parties’ actual performance.

In this case, a strong argument can be made the contract is ambiguous as to its use of the terms “Financials” and “Disclosure.” As such, the Court would likely consider extrinsic evidence, in the form of emails from each side during the drafting of the contract, verbal communications, drafts of the contracts, etc. in order to try and define those terms.

One other long-standing and highly relevant principal of contract interpretation is that “if a contract term is found to have more than one meaning the rule of contra proferentem generally requires the language to be construed against the drafter and in favor of the other party if the other party’s interpretation is reasonable. J.D. Eckman, Inc. v. Pa. Turnpike Comm’n, 2012 WL 8667896, at 9 (Pa. Commw. Ct. May 21, 2012). Unfortunately, the County (through its attorneys, Clark Hill), prepared the contract documents. However, it can certainly be argued that both parties drafted the contract as multiple revisions and drafts were circulated prior to the final draft.

An important point that would help the County is the fact Comprehensive actually did assume the full liabilities and continued to pay them without objection, until they were presented with our demand letter.


1. The County is in a fairly strong position on the legal arguments it has to back up the audit.

2. Comprehensive’s argument that it assumed more liabilities than were disclosed to it prior to closing is definitely not “frivolous” and it is not inconceivable a Court could ultimately agree with Comprehensive and require the County to repay $4 million to Comprehensive.

3. Our ability to successfully try this case is largely dependent upon a number of individuals that no longer work for the County and whose cooperation could be difficult to procure.

4. This will be a very costly and time consuming litigation for the County. Fees for audit reviews and expert fees are definite possibilities in this case that would run into the tens of thousands. Furthermore, the County may need to look at outside counsel to handle or assist in the case.

5. What are the County’s Options:

a. Drop it and walk away – Comprehensive seems to be ok with that
     i. Benefit – No risk (ie – no chance of being ordered to pay $4 million)
     ii. Drawback – County is out $1.2 million AND angry citizens(?)

b. Push forward toward trial
     i. Benefit – Plausibly recoup $1.2 million
     ii. Drawbacks – Costly (experts/attorneys) AND risk of losing $4 million

c. Attempt to settle for amount less than $1.2 Million
(this can take different forms, this can be as simple as negotiating or as complicated as bluffing that we are prepared to take to trial)
     i. Benefit – Less risk than trying case but less $ to be recovered
     ii. Drawback – Always a risk can’t agree on figure then back to other options (deadline to file suit is November)


  1. Is the county’s new attorney in bed with this company like the county’s old attorney was? Who can we trust?

    • What a mess! The attorneys who handled the closing should be responsible! Wasn’t it Clark Hill attorneys and our county attorney was Joe Askar?

  2. More amazing reporting by John Paul!
    Thank you!
    The Friendship Ridge sale smells like shit!

    • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. We don’t need no stinking F.B.I. Detectives Staub and Gall are all over this!!!! I’m also starting to become a fan of Benyo. I’ve been negative in the past however I don’t think this would go away if he were in office.

  3. 1. I just read that and it’s the biggest contradicting written thing I’ve read legal in a long time. ( hell they shouldn’t wasn’t that out for fear that we see how horrible of a legal opinion they wrote)

    2. It’s clear a forensic audit was done by independent firm hired by the current commissioners. It came back confirming.. So do your job and go after the money idiots, not what they say to scare.

    3. Simply put surcharge the prior administration for this blunder.

  4. How hard is it to sell an effing piece of property and collect the payment?!? Maybe the county should hire businessman Chuck Betters to handle future county property sales, as the county officials and lawyers obviously have no clue what they’re doing. This is, and has been a scam from the very start of the negotiations between the various parties, with too many solicitor/lawyer/treasurer hands in the cookie jar. Just imagine–with all that money, all these checks, all those funds, all of it in dispute or in limbo for years, a well-seasoned county official could’ve easily “misplaced” some funds into their own accounts, or done some fancy paperwork to divert a lot of payments elsewhere. And keep in mind these are all the same people dealing with Shell energy right now. Can you imagine what’s going on there? They can’t even sell a piece of property without screwing it up. It’s just funny to think that a prudent lawyer or official could’ve misdirected funds while working for the county, then jumped ship to the new owners under the premise of recovering those same “missing” funds for a percentage of the total, like say 25%. Lol. What a scam,,, what a brilliant scheme.

  5. It seems to me this is good work by the current solicitor. Hence, why the former solicitors aren’t there anymore

  6. “ii. Drawback – County is out $1.2 million AND angry citizens(?)”

    Angry don’t begin to describe it ASSHOLES!

  7. Hey JP when you gonna write about Dan Camp being close buddies with Joe Askar and all the other things Askar is involved in?

    • That would explain why the inaction by this board. Tony sure as hell doesn’t want a spotlight on the deal. I’d be willing to bet that Sandy is ready to sue, but if Dan is dragging his feet because he’s friends with Askar, then this thing is going nowhere. It didn’t take long for Dan to stop doing what’s good for the county and start doing what’s good for his friends.

      • You’re right @Checkers, Tony wants this to simply go away and so does Comprehensive. Seems odd they BOTH want to leave their millions on the table and WALK AWAY. Who does that? Criminals with something to hide?

        What we need to know is what our TWO new commissioners think. Their hands aren’t dirty…YET. I’d agree, Sandie would be most likely to move if she had another vote. So the question is… if Dan is tight is with Askar, he is in way over his head.. This could be the biggest decision of young Daniels polical career.

        So tell us Dan and Sandie…where do you stand?

  8. There’s 4-5 million of OUR taxpayer funds in question here people… I’m not saying we should “storm the Bastille”,,, but we should totally storm the Bastille.

  9. If Comprehensive believes it was owed 4 million dollars it would have made that claim very soon after the sale.

    Litigate the case and stop screwing around. Take depositions and have county employees and officials (both present and former) be placed under oath and asked questions about who did what when and for what reason.

    There is no legitimate reason why full disclosure of all matters related to Friendship Ridge (including bonus payments to county employees, withdrawals from county bank accounts by the Treasurer, loans not repaid and Medicare monies not billed) are not made to the public.

    Walk away from claims that may exceed 4.5 million just because Comprehensive sends a letter saying it will sue for 4 million if Beaver sues for 1.2 million – when it ran Friendship Ridge for 5 months before the final sale and had full access to the entire business???? Insane. Let a Jury decide.

    Hold those responsible for this mess accountable – otherwise someone will be unjustly and perhaps criminally enriched at the expense of the taxpayer.

    • I couldn’t agree more with attorney Benyo. However, it appears from the solicitors’ assessment that the root of some of the problems rest with the law firm Clark Hill who drew up the sales contract. A first year law student knows that contracts shouldn’t contain areas of ambiguity so I would trust that a boutique firm like this definitely ought to know better and that this wasn’t their first sales contract for the sale of a nursing home. The county should be pursuing a malpractice suit against this firm since their negligence is going to cost a minimum of attorney fees to pursue Comprehensive and could possibly cost all of the monies owed to the county from them.

      I’d also caution the commissioners that now that this memo has been published, the option of bluffing is now off the table. You’d think this would be obvious but we never really know if they are actually paying attention.

    • “Walk away from claims that may exceed 4.5 million” What am I missing here? I thought the County’s claims were 1.2 million?

  10. I smell a whole big rotten back door deal going bad. Greedy people don’t hold up their end. Next thing we will hear about is Renee Javens losing her hair-do contract with CHC. Come clean Connie! COME CLEAN I SAY!

      • And those ASSHOLES took money away from the humane society the fireman and the sheriff’s department there is a special place in hell for all of them.



  11. It’s been debated for years in the medical profession around the world, especially Switzerland. Now we are seeing the profound after-effects of over consumption of liquor and jazz. The upshot of that combination can stay dormant for years but is often re-ignited by thoughts of being cheated or the
    ” I should have gotten more” syndrome. Also known as the ” Fuck you, I don’t need you now ” syndrome. Come on Connie, you’ll be dead of old age soon, tell us what really goes on at the County Poor Farm.

  12. That’s the only good thing about you working to the old age that you are. Taxpayers rejoice! How many pension checks could you collect at that age?

    • Spot on Mr Taxpayer! For once you would think the old Con might attempt to clean up that disgraceful wannabe legacy she has glowing and emanating around her like a bad morning after pabst blue ribbon and chicken wing fart! But Noooo she won’t even think of the children?!? Come on Connie a fart is not a shart and in the annals of lifetime achievements the 2 sometimes get blurred. So look! In plain english tell us what really happened to all the money and shady backroom dealings during this colossal cluster puck that you appear to have been in balls deep…so to speak! Just. like the good police officers say to a suspect when trying to make their job easier…..the truth will set you free! Your Son had the cojones to speak with JP so why don’t you do the same?!? Look we taxpayers are a forgiving bunch, like the paddling scene from the movie animal house….We just take the ass paddling you blood suckers give us and we thank you and ask for another! Truly madness doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting the outcome to be different everytime! Come clean Connie……pardon the fart/shart pun……come clean, but please do it soon because the smell that is starting to come from your wing of the Courthouse is not getting any better and is really highlighting just how much shit is really housed in that office!

  13. It’s a good thing for all you crooked bastards that the Beaver County Law Dept ain’t all that bright. A first grader could have come up with those same options on their own. I guess buying county officials don’t always work out. Mostly because they are not trustworthy. But hell, they get a trip to the White House.

  14. No one wins except the attorneys if you go with b). The county will spend a lot of time, money and resources and likely gain nothing because they wrote the contract. You could have tried c) first as the discussions could have yielded some benefit even though I think that publishing this confidential memo will be known to “someone” in Comprehensive’s organization and will work against the County’s position. Truthfully, a) is the only option. It depends on what hill you want to die on. The math doesn’t net when one considers the $$$ implications of the contract language on liabilities. The contract language is a HUGE risk and the summary pretty much points that out. Cut your losses and move on. If you wanted to go with c), you pretty much blew it by publishing this memo. Yes, people will be angry that the county did not realize a net gain but the math is not in the county’s favor.

    • The county already paid for a forensic audit by a highly reputable and objective professional firm. Their findings are the only actual math that exist. Comprehensive is bluffing and trying to scare the Commissioners off. To Mr. Benyo’s point, if the county owed money to Comprehensive, there would have already been a trial. They aren’t in the business of philanthropy, they are in the business of making money. This is a massive cover up and seeing it through will result in jail time for some on both sides of the deal. Anyone who calls for letting this die on the vine is probably in on it.

      • Chess not checkers – assignment of “highly reputable” is a matter of opinion. And you are wrong. The “math that exists” is really unknown BECAUSE at the point of sale, Beaver County DID NOT CONFIRM the ACTUAL financial condition of FR. The forensic audit was a superficial exercise that only looked at the financial transactions that occurred BASED on limited information (i.e. see above). I love you conspiracy nut jobs. Look at the FACTS. And once again, I have nothing to do with Beaver County government nor do I know anyone. I just use my very wide and deep experience to advise where I can. No emotion…just the facts.

      • “An important point that would help the County is the fact Comprehensive actually did assume the full liabilities and continued to pay them without objection, until they were presented with our demand letter.”

        Quality Queen, your point is invalid. I don’t love conspiracy theory. I hate conspiracy fact.

        If the auditors audited the financial transactions against the contract language, what would you suggest needs to be considered beyond that?

      • Checkers – I can understand your confusion as most people on this page are not in business and don’t understand accounting beyond balancing their checkbooks. You are pre-supposing that the assigned auditors were a) qualified to comprehend a contract; and b) actually looked at the contract when auditing the financial transactions which is a joke, right? ALL of my post points are valid. All of the huffing and puffing on this page on this topic is nothing more than rhetoric and wishful thinking. I do understand people being upset but any decision to further challenge the results is an insanely costly undertaking that will yield nothing positive. Now this is the end of my posts on this topic and common sense hopefully will prevail.

      • ‘Convincing yourself doesn’t win an argument’ – Robert Half, founder of Robert Half Finance and Accounting

      • Here’s a really recent ruling on “accounting” and liabilities that may hit home as it is the very topic we are discussing. This is more in line with the circumstances around the current FR situation than what was cited in the ECF case.

        No need to convince myself. I have laid out my reasons quite succinctly. Throwing worn-out slogans at an opponent always amuses me. Here you go…see what the court ruled. And may I just say, CB&I should never have won this reversal but they did.

      • You’re comparing apples and toasters. The County isn’t making any claim that Comprehensive doesn’t do their accounting correctly. They’re claiming that Comprehensive still owes them $1.2M. Period. Where that does or does not appear on Comprehensive’s balance sheet is not the county’s problem. It’s Comprehensive dangling the GAAP dingle berry. Comprehensive threatened to seek restitution by arguing that the liabilities were not set correctly (a GAAP argument exactly like Westinghouse tried to make) if the Commissioners push the issue. In fact, you made my point for me with this article. Westinghouse lost the case. Similarly, Comprehensive clearly accepted the liabilities and now they are threatening to retroactively not accept them (even though they have already paid them presumably) if the county asks for the rest of its money.

    • This sounds like an argument that Joe Askar would make hoping that nobody does anything, asks any questions and the whole thing just goes away…..

      …..or did he just make it?

  15. So the County did not know if their liabilities were 1 million or 4? Did we stop paying bills?

    What about the Medicaid money not billed? Surely that plays into the scenario. Whose fault is that?

    Bills weren’t paid, and accounts weren’t billed.

    Were they having a big party for 6 months?

    What happened to all the money we were going to save by selling Friendship Ridge- I remember they said we were losing so much every month.

    Strange how we always lose more money , no matter what

  16. When this sale of Friendship Ridge to a group of New Yorkers first came up, I wondered why on Earth a bunch of wheeling and dealing New York Jews would want to get involved in a deal in backwater Beaver County. Now we know exactly why.


  17. The bottom line is folks, that a court case would cost much more than the $1.25million the county MAY receive. Don’t be stupid, get out of this while you’re still behind.

      • No, I’m guessing it’s Connie…. she’d want depositions to take place less than anybody…. including Askar.

      • Hmm…who do we know with the initials JC (phonetically ‘jaacee’)? How about the illustrious James Christiana. Could it be? Let’s not forget the our diminutive legislator from district 15 pocketed a $5K campaign contribution from the CEO of Comprehensive (not from Comprehensive itself, mind you, but from the individual). How’s that for a huge F You to all the taxpayers? I’m sure he wants us all to just forget about it, as does everyone else who profited illegally.

    • Where was everyone when Askar stated that Comprehensive wasn’t even a company at time of the bidding? -Just a bunch of guys who formed the company. How about withholding the names of the bidders and right to know? How about Amadio basically stating “we just signed..we had a bunch of lawyers.” You pushed a “yes” vote for ignorance! BTW – this is all taken from newspaper articles in 2013 and 2014. So stop whining about justice and put your big boy pants on. The man that should have been looking over financial information and auditing FR prior to the sale is none other than the Controller. This was a sale of a Beaver County asset. Have you ever worked with an accountant of an LLC? How about an accountant, period? This is a math boondoggle and a contract language tug of war. Beaver County is going to spend money they don’t have to take it in the shorts. And guess what – Jews have pretty good legal minds and those who aren’t Jewish, find themselves really good Jewish attorneys. Want a pound of flesh? Remember Shylock? Even William Shakespeare knew the way the world works. I know it is disheartening but it is common sense at this point.

  18. The sale of Friendship Ridge was a joke from the beginning. Getting rid of this so-called albatross was supposed to save money for the County, so we were told. Now look at the mess they’ve gotten us in, and taxes were raised 17 mills!

    Forget all the legalese mumbo-jumbo about passing the buck. Show us the MONEY in dollars and cents. Who got how much and when, on BOTH sides. And, speaking of money, where does the MILLIONS that Connie and Vince ILLEGALLY withdrew come into play in this fiasco?

    Why do I have the suspicion that “someone” got rich at the expense of the taxpayers?

  19. Garen’s mother works at Friendship Ridge.
    Wonder if the commissioners and the public know that.
    Seems like a conflict of interest.

  20. These people allways getting over. Better to live under a bridge than to put a loved one or yourselfe in Friendship Ridge.

  21. People can sometimes have short memories. You all do remember that this guy Askar is the same guy that pled the 5th when questioned by the court about information obtained on wiretaps of the county solicitors in pretrial motions for Trombetta’s $8 million windfall from the Cyber School.

  22. There are going to be a lot of clinched sphincters until the statute of limitations is reached on the sale. I predict a huge ‘we got away with it’ party on that day, whenever that is.

  23. Is it too early to begin discussing drafting JP to be one of our next commissioners via a write in campaign? Probably, but at least the seed has been planted.

    • Great idea; the election isn’t THAT far away. At this point in time the field of possible candidates looks empty. Based on his investigative works, JP would be an excellent choice for County Commissioner.

      However, a majority of two is required to accomplish anything. IN MY OPINION, Ms. Egley is the ONLY incumbent worth her salt deserving to be re-elected, although her silence on the Connie Fiasco is puzzling. Imagine the Courthouse Clean-up with JP and Ms. Egley.

      • Awesome idea but JP won’t drag himself down to that level. Politics is a blood sport for tough people that usually means shedding morals and ethics. Sandie is doing what the public voted her in to do. By opening the meetings to the public we now have an insight into the corruption and ineptitude witnessed every week by those able to attend. There is NO accountability for mistakes, just whitewash and spending more money after bad situations. PS, don’t rely on the BC Times for any info from meetings, it is usually edited to save face for the perpetrators of fraud and deceit. Prime example Queen Connie!

      • JP moved out of Beaver County after the gun got pulled on him. He lives an hour away and commutes back and forth so he couldn’t be Commissioner.

  24. Though the county stands to lose more money in pursuing the case it MUST be done. All parties need to be grille under oath as to their participation in this RICO violation. If the FBI doesn’t get involved we are so screwed. Name all the commissioners who were party to the sale, Connie, Joe Askar, Rossi, Clark Hill, and any other corrupt entity I missed. If nothing else we can pursue a RICO violation for conspiracy and misappropriation of government funds and Medicare/Medicaid fraud. If the county folds to save money the old adage applies; “Nobody talks and we all walk”. If Askar took the fifth over Trombetta and theft of millions he will do likewise in this case. Give him immunity to testify against the others. Drag that immunity deal and maybe Connie will take them all down with her. What the hell does she have to lose? her pride, dignity? Delusions of grandeur? After reading this memo I have utter contempt for Tony A as he CAN provide answers but chooses to dummy up. What is he hiding? A for Camp, if he doesn’t pursue this then remember that he backed his pal Askar instead of WE THE TAXPAYING PUBLIC. One and done for you Danny Boy. Sandie, pursue this mission to its reightful conclusion for the taxpayers. Even if you aren’t re-elected you will have done what is right and just for us taxpayers. We cannot keep raising taxes for this kind of ineptitude. Sue all the parties involved for incompetence (Clark Hill) to recoup the costs of this trial. Press on for us taxpayers. Let the chips fall where they may and maybe we can get a new honest government next time around. Sweep out the BC outhouse.

    • Being under “oath” means nothing-“I plead the fifth”. Case closed. The taxpayers are fucked no matter what…….and Connie laughs…….and Joe laughs….and (insert name here) laughs.

  25. BTW, be sure to say hi to our new readers from Comprehensive and their legal team. They will be very interested to read this article and comments.

  26. How many attorneys does Beaver County have on its payroll? Why would it require “tens of thousands” of dollars in attorney fees to move forward with this case? Does the county have to pay itself for the service of its own employees?

    It must be difficult to be Commissioner Egley, the only honest person in a building full of crooks.

  27. I think the taxpayers of Beaver County want to know why in GODS name hasn’t Connie Javens and Vince LaValle HAVE NOT ever been put in the hot seat and grilled over the 6 Million dollar they both handed over to Comp Heath Care.

      • The DA is gone when his term is over. He will go down in history as the most inefficient DA in Beaver County history, along with the detectives that supposedly investigated it.

      • Also busy wasting time and money trying to fry James Cicco instead of prosecuting the real criminal Robocop. He will realize that when he is ordered to bring out the counties checkbook.

  28. This handing over of money to Comp Heath Care is a direct result of the officials that could have questioned it and stopped it have sat back in their cushy chairs, collecting the same paychecks every week and DID NOTHING because they all want everyone else in the courthouse to like them.

  29. Everyone knows that the investigation of Javens was a half assed formality yielding nothing because they didn’t want to find anything. For some reason that investigation was tainted from the start in my opinion.

  30. It should have been investigated by the FEDS subpoenas to open the books of Comp Heath Care and Beaver County going back to when Comp Heath Care started co-managing Friendship Ridge to uncover just what the hell went on and who benefitted from all of this. We already know that Renee Javens contract with CHC to be true. In my opinion that is corruption. The big question is who else benefitted and what those benefits were.

  31. Stonewall has done a grave injustice to the taxpayers of this county by deliberately slow walking the “supposed” investigation of Comp and the County. Has one person even been deposed or questioned under oath. Hell no. They won’t be either because Stonewall is useless as teats on a bull. No scruples, not ethics and damn sure NO ability as a DA. A first year law student could’ve done a much better job than him. He is directly responsible for Connie, Askar, LaValle, Amadio, Nichols, Spanik, Rossi and every party to this sham sale going scot free. How do these inept, corrupt bastards walk among the public. They have no shame whatsoever. May they all burn in hell. Tax hike coming AGAIN next year to wall paper over more corruption, mismanagement and ineptitude. Bend way over taxpayers! Remember next election cycle. NO incumbents. DA Office so inept they’re lucky they can win a case on a dime bag bust. Laughing stock of the state.

  32. My theory is that Jim Christiana campaigned so hard for Lozier, opposed to Benyo, because he knew either A) he could control Lozier because he got him elected (which would not have flown with Benyo), or B) that Lozier would botch the Friendship Ridge/Javen/LaValle/Askar/prior board/etc. questions that were going to come up, which Christiana NEEDED to go nowhere. The $5K campaign contribution Christiana received from an executive at Comprehensive was made right around this timeframe. There are no coincidences. How much of that $5K contribution made it into Lozier’s coffers?

    If anyone bothered to follow the money (all of the money), I believe heads would roll. Christiana knew Lozier would block for him. Is it possible that Christiana is the one that told Lozier to send the PSP away when Egley tried to get them to investigate the illegally withdrawn funds? This is chess, not checkers.

    Even if Christiana is completely innocent of any wrongdoing, he shouldn’t be involved in county politics because this all just looks bad. Too much money, not enough oversight. That can be very tempting to people with weak morals.

  33. Corruption at it’s finest in BC. Never ending supply of greedy, dishonest ppl in line to get your money. Sad, pathetic. Remember when ppl had integrity, honesty, values, morals, manners? They must check all those boxes in the NONE box., on their vote for me applications.

  34. It’s going to be a new day in Beaver County with Benyo. Benyo can’t be bought and he can’t be corrupted.

  35. The Times and the idiots involved are howling about the leak. Who gives a damn? This is public information that directly affects each and every taxpayer. It DOES NOT jeopardize the lawsuit as I firmly believe that the “Stonewall” will let it die to save the asses of all involved. Greatest criminal conspiracy since the Kennedy assassination. Is there ONE political hack in this county that has any ethics or principles? Someone is going to have to bear the cost of this malfeasance and it is you and I, the TAXPAYERS again! Tax hike coming next year again.

    • Absolutely Mr. equalizer. The only thing we can do is vote all of these inept leeches out next election. Until then, they have us bent over the railing.

  36. “…that was leaked to and published by the Beaver Countian blog by someone with access to the document.” Well, I guess it would be kinda tough for someone without access to it to leak it. Duh.

    I find it hysterically funny that the Beaver County Times, which, by its own admission, is being sold because of its inability to keep up with electronic news media, should continue to refer to this publication as a “blog” and John Paul as a “blogger.” Maybe the new owners will replace the Calkins Media family print and startup online electronic media enterprise with something that can be competitive in the news marketplace. I believe its current daily distribution is less than the number of log-ins for the Beaver Countian. How do ya like them apples?

    Stop sending your reporters to review backyard vegetable gardens as a kind of “Hysterical Literature” exercise; stop starting all the articles with a local’s name for an attention grabber; stop downloading the majority of content from online news sources. And for God’s sake, stop thinking that your news is gold, available only from the locked news vaults that people have to pay to enter and drool at.

    You are your own detractors. You are your own reason for your decline. You are an historical atavism that has no relevance anymore.

    A “Blog” and a “Blogger”? You should be so lucky.

  37. Their news isn’t gold Raven, it’s old. I see their news on the BeaverCountian or the TV news 3 days before the BCT prints it.



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