A memorial plaque dedicating the Juror's Lounge to former Court Administrator has since been removed / photo by John Paul

Beaver County’s judges have removed a memorial plaque dedicated to former Court Administrator Richard DeFilippi.

The Beaver County Court of Common Pleas held a ceremony at the end of December dedicating the Jurors’ Lounge on the second floor of the courthouse to DeFilippi, who died last year of cancer. The Board of Commissioners expressed no objection to the memorial, although never brought the matter up in a public meeting or held a public vote ratifying the dedication.

Several women who work in the courthouse subsequently expressed their opposition to the memorial, feeling that during his tenure DeFilippi had failed to ensure court employees conducted themselves professionally or that female employees were being treated with due respect.

Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp refused to comment about the controversy when the Beaver Countian asked about it during a public work session this month — Commissioner Sandie Egley said she wanted to have discussions about the matter with the county’s Law Department in light of concerns being raised.

County Commissioners were notified on Friday that the judges had made a decision to remove the memorial on their own. The plaque has been replaced with a framed proclamation by the Board of Commissioners from 1995 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Proclamation from 1995 replaces memorial plaque to DeFilippi / photo by John Paul


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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Thank-you judges. There is no shame in making a mistake as long as you do what you can to fix it. I respect that.

  2. Here’s a thought; Hang it on the back of the chair where Joe Signore sits at Mountaineer Casino.
    I wonder who he travels with now? On our time, too.

  3. The courthouse women must have been truly outraged to take time away from decorating their desks and yapping about the grandbabies to speak out about this.

  4. Nice that its gone, Don’t need to celebrate that legacy. But its the live ones in that courthouse people gotta worry about. Not the dead ones.

  5. I believe the Judges read the comments on the Beaver Countian an seen the out cry from the Citizens , thus making this decision to remove the memorial on their own.
    the Detective in me can read between the lines, the Judges in the Court House read the Beaver Countian !!


  6. Received my county tax bill today, instructed to make the check out to the Treasurer. I wonder if they will accept a check made out to Beaver County rather than the name of the Treasurer.

      • My Dog license renewal also says to make the check out to Connie Javens…NOPE…its made out to Beaver County Treasurer.

    • And be certain to document what your paying in the memo line, “2018 BEAVER COUNTY, PA PROPERTY TAX” with the Parcel Number listed on the check, so that no one confuses it with a “gift” or “donation”.

    • I wonder how much money is wasted putting the Javens name on Beaver County property…i.e. envelopes , dog licenses …..

      • Remember that, this past spring, Javens spent $6k on envelopes at a private printer in Rochester, which was in violation of county code. It was a unilateral attempt at self-aggrandizement.

      • Yep, the Con does like to see her name on everything she can get it on at the taxpayers expense.

    • Last year, I made my check payable to The County of Beaver, it was taken as payment, receipt return and check cashed. It did take about a month and a half for it to be cashed, but it was cashed.

  7. Refreshing to see that the holier than thou judges realize what a creep that dude was. And they did the RIGHT thing for once. Thanks JP & power to the people!

  8. The only time I’d write a check to Connie is on toilet paper. I’d use the stuff with her mugshot emblazoned on it too!



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