Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

The Board of Commissioners and Chief County Assessor have been ordered by two county judges to conduct a tax reassessment of every property in Beaver County — some 96,000 individual tax parcels.

The joint order by Common Pleas Judges John McBride and Dale Fouse comes as a result of a lawsuit filed in 2015 against the county by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters.

Beaver County currently assesses properties for tax purposes based on a base-year valuation from 1982, the last time a county-wide reassessment was performed. In its 31-page decision, the court outlined facts about the county’s current taxing scheme that were presented in the case:

“There has not been an application of, or change to, new construction tables or property characteristics to account for modern construction techniques or new building types/uses for assessment valuation and taxation purposed since 1982. Beaver County operates under a base-year assessment program, under which no changes have been made to its valuation rate tables since 1982. Property values in various neighborhoods within a county can change at different rates. Properties in higher value neighborhoods can appreciate at higher rates than property values in low value neighborhoods.”

Judges McBride and Fouse determined that the county’s current taxing scheme has now reached a point of inequity that violates provisions of the Pennsylvania Constitution, “While the Plaintiffs have not provided evidence that they are paying more than they should be, they have provided more than enough evidence and testimony to show that across Beaver County there are numerous citizens paying more and numerous citizens paying less than their share, thereby overwhelmingly proving the issue of non-uniformity and that the scheme of valuation used in Beaver County is causing mass misassessment.”

The court ordered the county remedy the problems by conducting a reassessment of all tax parcels, “On or before June 15, 2018, the Chief Assessor of Beaver County together with the County Board of Commissioners, shall submit to the Court for approval a written contract entered into by the County with an independent contractor to provide services to the County in preparation for and completion of a computer assisted reassessment of all tax parcels in Beaver County by June 15, 2020.”

Commissioner Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian that the Board will be meeting to discuss their options.

“Our Law Department just received the court’s order for reassessment,” said Camp. “Once our Law Department reviews the court’s order and meets with the Board of Commissioners we will then decide what our next course of action will be.”

County officials have previously said a county-wide reassessment will cost taxpayers an estimated $10 million to have performed and would require the Board of Commissioners to issue another debt bond to cover the expense. Although the Board has not yet made a formal decision on how to proceed, all three Commissioners have previously said they expected the county would appeal any order requiring a reassessment.

The complete memorandum opinion and order by Judges John McBride and Dale Fouse can be read in full here.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


      • Phil and Dan….just how do you propose to pay for the services provided by government agencies….safety and security, highways, air traffic control, etc, etc, etc. ?

    • My husband and I have lived in our home in Economy Boro for 36 years paying a huge amount of taxes. We are now retired and can’t afford another increase. If Beaver County goes through this reasessment and my taxes are increased, we will certainly be moving. I am quite sure that in other states, people are fleeing to other states where taxes are much lower. If you think Beaver County has problems now, wait until the population decreases to the point where they won’t have enough to exist as a county. So so sad for seniors.

  1. Betters has new buildings on his property and the value of land has gone up since the Cracker plant deal also. He may be sorry he opened up this can of worms. No longer will an acre of riverfront property be taxed at $1500 .

    • don’t be so fn naive as to think betters will be paying a lot more taxes on HIS properties. his lawyers will find a way out for HIM , i am sure..

    • Yes, exactly. These politicians, ALL politicians are crooked and greedy, and all they want is to put their forefinger and thumb onto and into your wallet and take your money off of you, they like to rob you legally. I hate politicians.

      • Dan, you are a retard.
        Taxes are a zero sum game – what one property owner doesn’t pay will be picked up by someone else. So, if one property or one neighborhood is significantly under-assessed, not only are they paying too little in taxes, but other property owners are subsidizing that taxpayer’s or neighborhood’s share of the bill.

    • Oooo! I know this one! You say Lorene Harris three times and she haunts your house!

      Lorene Harris

      Lorene Harris

      Lorene Harris

  2. But they all turn a blind eye to certain people who owe and have owed Beaver County hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

    • By not reassessing, they are turning a blind eye. The old homes in Beaver that are worth a fortune are undervalued on the books while the new home in Brighton Township are subsidizing the old Beaver money. Betters has a valid complaint. His new property is assessed at current market value while the older houses aren’t.

  3. I would say he is probably the most hated man in Beaver County, looks like his money even reached as far as the courts.

    • After i seen the video of better trying to kick out a renter, i was so upset on how this guy operates and how he treats people. I have no respect. He wants everything for nothing but top money for his crap. I had a experience with him.

  4. Wait a minute… weren’t people on here a few stories ago praying for a reassessment? You now got your wishes and will pay more taxes. How many wrote letters or showed any support for NOT doing a reassessment. Shut up and pay up!

  5. Who is paying for the 10 million of debt. This county is already so far i debt. How much more are they going to bring in from doing this. Just need to do away with propety tax. Fire all these crooks. And let people like betters step up and pay his share

    • Yeah, however that makes to much sense. Politicians never make any sense. All they know and all they want to do is charge more money for taxes so they can pocket the money and live a rich, lavish lifestyle.

    • Its simple politican write the laws to benefit them and their pockets they dont make new laws to help or benefit the average American. This is why they know every loop hole abd ways to get around them and stick it to the people. Should make their positions non paid or min pay. Make them work a job just like average American family. Money seems to buy power and greed. They never want to take a cut ir give up pensions. So many retired people lost their pensions when companies left area. Yet these politician’s make more, have better benefits perks and have better pensions than 90 percent of people. Most people i know had to cash in their pensions they had hust to make ends meet with taxes abd basics needs

  6. then that would be a good time to expect all the non profits who own property, not being used for stated purpose, to pay taxes on the properties. For example, a church that rents out a vacant lot to be used for parking by a store. Or non profits that have moved away from stated purpose and use their profits merely to pay their officers.

    • Good points. Can you name any names they should investigate or that you think might be using their non-profit property for commerce?

  7. Watch and see that , even though the county has gone pretty much steadily downhill since the last assessment, THE GAME CHANGER!!! is in our midst and now your property is incrementally worth so much more because of the huge expected influx of new business and hundreds, no, THOUSANDS!, of new residents. And besides, we will have to build brand new schools and probably a courthouse, too, to “update our social infrastructure”. Step 1, long overdue raises and across the board hiring to make up for deficiencies in the county staffing!

  8. This was done in Allegheny Co. (one of the most mismanaged and corrupt Counties /Cities in America!!) it was a complete disaster and thousands left to move into Cranberry/Butler Co.. put out for sale sign soon!!!

    • They will never look at your home. they just go by what other houses in the same area go for. I spent 3000 on appraisals and attorney fees on my house in Allegheny county it was over appraised 45K. the county ripped thousands . But would not disclose the company that did the assessment I was going to go after them for theft by deception.and recover the money they stolen.

    • Right, Dale. And, in the next election, the spin will be how “we didn’t raise those tax millages any higher to be fair to the residents.” The truly useful idiots in the county will say , “Thank You! You are a great commissioner who works hard and does a great job”.

  9. Oh. Good..just the way to drive out more people..well Betters can use some of that big federal tax cut that he just got to pay his new tax increase..unless of course his tax experts find a way to make him exempt

    • Hopewell waste money anyway. If they can waste millions on a stupid ass football stadium They need audited . If US air as well as the steel companies can revoke pensions so should school districts.

  10. This was Bound to happen! It’s been Decades since there’s been a Countywide Reassessment. Huge development has come, there Is Housing Developments All Over Center, Hopewell.. Large hotel chains. How long do you think THEY want to Foot the Bill?? Not Saying I’m Happy, BUT that’s the FACTS!!

    • I guess they never heard of Depreciation. Buildings are like anything else. A home that is built 50 years ago are worn out. Lumber and materials are old. A new home is worth more because it is new. Politicians do not worry because they will just give themselves another raise. As well do not give a shit if people are in their homes or not. Some other sucker will pay the tax if you can’t. Maybe they will rip me off and make it look like the dump is worth more than it is,then I can sell it for 1/2 off and make the buyer think they are getting a deal LOL

    • I Agree with you Michael P. Goodman. There are Older Homes in areas that have been Redone, have Very High Market Values, and have Never seen Reassessment!! It has been Decades since the County has done this, Way Overdue!! Some of the Poorest areas Pay the Highest Tax’s!! Can’t Continue This Way!! Hopefully this will be done in a Fair Manor!! Beaver County has been dragging their feet for Years on This… This County’s Government are the Ones To Blame!!

      • The word you are looking for is……”Fair Manner”.
        Unless you are playing word games with “Manor”.

        a large country house with lands; the principal house of a landed estate.
        (especially in England and Wales) a unit of land, originally a feudal lordship, consisting of a lord’s demesne and lands rented to tenants.
        (in North America) an estate or district leased to tenants, especially one granted by royal charter in a British colony or by the Dutch governors of what is now New York.

    • and after that cracker plant is built and the workers all leave their hotels and rental properties [ hell, do you think they will actually wanna STAY HERE? ] we will be stuck with empty hotels, empty houses, and empty stores and restaurants..losing even MORE tax dollars and falling ever deeper into that big ol’ hole..

  11. He fucked Alighetto residents not once this year, but TWICE!!!!!
    60% water rate increase and now this……..!!! WTF??!!


  12. I’d like to know how Betters was essentially given legal standing in this case to represent all of the property owners of Beaver County rather than just himself and the properties that he owns. If he didn’t successfully prove that his taxes were being calculated incorrectly because of the model being used then how did a judgement get filed basically saying that he lost his particular case but on behalf of all of the other residents that he doesn’t have the legal standing to be speaking for because this wasn’t a certified class action suit we’re going to find in his favor anyway.

    Furthermore, since when does any body of legal adjudication purposely judge a case with an even number of jurists? Two judges?? What if they disagreed? That’s why when an appelate court hears a case the panel of judges or the entirety of judges en banc is purposely designed to be an odd number; their verdict can’t be a tie.

    Something seems to be more than just a little odd about how this has all unfolded and I find it to be an awfully big conincidence that Dan Camp and Tony Amadio adopted the budget in the manner that they did. It sure seems to me that there is a group of people purposely trying to drive this county in bankruptcy. So the question becomes how do these folks benefit under a bankruptcy action or by having the state take over under Act 47?

    • Exactly. It is, sadly, so blatant that it can’t be seen for looking. It’s the giant elephant in the room.

    • The County will be facing bankruptcy within a year. The two commissioners who passed the 2018 budget knowingly sealed the bankruptcy deal. Now they need to find a bank to loan them 10M to pay for the reassessment. No bank in their right mind will take on this type of risk with a credit score that was downgraded twice in two years.

      • the 10 million that this re-assess will cost will be paid by the property tax money that will be generated because of it…so, it will EVEN OUt, and the county will not gain a thing from it, budget-wise,,

  13. Sq forage of my house and my neighbors is apx the same. Even down to an outside detached garage we both have.
    They pay $1600 in taxes
    I pay $3500
    And that’s just the school taxes we just paid !! We also all have well water .. how is that factored into any assessment..
    I’ll be anxiously awaiting my chance to talk…

    • Talk all you want, but the odds of them paying up to $3,500 are far better than the odds of you paying down to $1,600.

  14. Somebody should look into how Betters paid so little for the Willows motel. (Or did he?)

    Seems hypocritical that he wanted all of our properties to be reassessed and taxed while conjuring up the Willows deal.

    I can’t help but think a little villa in Italy or a beach home in Florida was also part of the exchange.

  15. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to have the properties reassessed, except having it done right after having a 17% increase seems like double dipping to me.

  16. I am hoping that the one egregious exception to tax collection — the uncollected $500,000 plus for the Unis properties — will be addressed as they are all assessed. There will be no excuse for not collecting them, as thousands of other properties are aligned and re-taxed. If not, it should be a major news story in Beaver County. Let me make a wild guess — are there Betters/Unis ties?

    • Clearly, they are leading a charmed life, and it likely (?) is not by accident. Who is protecting them? Not doing his/her job? Giving favors? Lazy? No one? Then collect the taxes and make us believe this whole reassessment thing is not one great big SCAM.

    • Instead of collecting taxes from the non payers, they resort to throwing a widow out of her house and Sheriff sale her property over a $6.00 tax bill. Now they are going to spend a million dollars just to pay people to go around and assessing property. They don’t know what the fuck they are doing. Every decision and every move they make cost us more money.

  17. If the “County” is going to perpetrate an expensive reassessment on this scale, then, by god, collect what is on the books as due. No, for once it is not the Treasurer’s job to do that, so don’t jump on her. Go to the person(s) responsible and charge them with the blame for non collection. Betters will now make out like a bandit, on your dime, for decades to come. The least that can be done is collecting what is due for County solvency.

  18. John Q Taxpayer: In my humble opinion, this is a perfectly opportune time to connect the dots and weed out who the members of the local “Cosa Nostra” are. The taxes connect us all, and separate us all, and they tell many stories that would explain much about what is happening. The final reassessment — in my opinion, as subjective and favoritism-based as a birthday invitation — will read like a Bible of who the movers and shakers are. Betters will win, but many tax dodgers will not, in an unexpected consequence of the reassessment. This will uncover much to write about, and could be a major news story of 2018-20 that even the Beaver County Times won’t be able to deny and hide.

    • AGREED!!!! There is a special place in hell for McBride. Not only a corrupt judge, but a complete piece of crap as a human being.

  19. Time to make your New Year’s plans and attend the Betters companies parties. With Trump’s corporate new 21 percent and business taxes even lower, they will be wildly dancing in the streets of soon-to-be-reassessed 1980’s houses on El Shaddai Drive. Add a reassessment to that, and every employee could go to Disneyland on the company dime. And federal corporate taxes will stay low, FOREVER, as the average Beaver County taxpayer eventually gets royally stiffed when the lower rates wear off. Yep, a banner year for Chucky, and a bust for years to come for BC readers. Happy New Year! Hell, do it up right and go to a Shell party as well. They don’t pay taxes now, and with that new tax gift, they can tell the County to go pound salt. Look for fireworks over the Ohio River.

    • and pretty soon, betters will play the same card as shell…” gimme a tax break , or i will take all of my million dollars in property developements AWAY from beaver county!” and the politicians know whose ass to kiss to keep him here. good fn riddance, i say.

    • All of the riverfront property on rt 51 sitting empty next to a large storage facility that also serves everyone their giant illegal fireworks year round……..hmm wonder who owns that…..everyone of the bars that contain everything from a $3 charge per use ATM to every cherry master game ……wow wonder who collects all that money from all those bar owners from all that illegal gambling…….hmmm….who was that now?!? 4 letter last name……nevermind Steelers are on and the beer is cold boys! Murica!!!!

  20. following Trumps rob from the poor and give to the rich agenda
    defend the constitution
    and all the other criminals putin put in the white house

  21. How’s all those Republicans in office working out? For those who never took a politics class this is how the Republican political party works. You can’t make this up, it’s history.

  22. Really???
    After property values went on a decade long unsustainable surge??
    Sounds like someone it trying to take advantage of the current high prices because (like everyone else) he knows it will inevitably come crashing down.

    • that would be nice, but the reality is: the run on sales prices (value) was driven by the savings and loan so desperate to loan more than they were worth – that’s why so many are underwater on their mortgages.
      Everyone took their money and ran.
      Now, we have to deal with the aftermath. True, “a home is worth h whatever someone is willing to pay for it”, but that doesn’t justify a reassessment at a time when they are too high.

  23. It seems that Kevin J. McIlwain is the Chief County Assessor, Tax Claim Office, First Floor, Courthouse. Tony Guy would be the enforcer of Sheriff sales. Some 2015 late tax payers coughed up the money at the risk of Sheriff sales in 2017 — $2.8 million in back tax payments. Of that, about $980,000 was county property taxes. Why do some entitled families avoid paying taxes? This appears to be the breakdown in the process. What do you say, Kevin and Tony? Why aren’t you collecting them?

    • Their only interest is collecting those over inflated pay checks and any extras they can get both hands on.

  24. Don’t hear any county officials talking about the taxes that Comp Health Care and Shell AREN’T PAYING!

  25. Well, in multiple BC articles about the Unis taxes, it looks like Unis played the in and out of bankruptcy game. Never resolved. And two of the Commissioners, Nichols and Spanik, blamed each other for kickbacks and other stuff. Get your shit together, current Commissioners, before you play the reassessment game to please the benefactors once again.

    Frankly, this whole messy thing stinks, and it is will likely be the stuff of BC articles for months to come, as more and more is known about exactly why it all happened. Spoiler alert — it’s not looking as though Chucky is doing an altruistic Santa move to benefit all taxpayers with Christmas presents.

  26. The only visible sign of things happening will be the increase in brown paper bags being handed around in secret.

  27. When Washington County was forced to reassess by a court order in 2008, the entities that brought the suit were two school districts. Somehow in Beaver County, one property owner is deemed to be representative? Based on that alone, the appeals on this are going to last years. In Washington County, even with the case being a relative slam dunk, it was almost a full decade from the court order until the finished product because of the appeals.

    This was a parting gift ‘F You’ from McBride. He knew what this was going to start. I would love to see if there are any numbered bank accounts in the Cayman Islands that suddenly grew larger. The Washington County reassessment ended up being $7.3M, which included specialists in coal field mapping, aerial photography, etc. A reassessment is a massive opportunity to suck more money out of taxpayer pockets even before the first tax bill goes out.

  28. Eliminate property taxes fund education through the states sales tax save 10 million dollars wtf how hard is that no more people losing their homes do to taxes sad thing is we have no leaders to do this all we have is corrupt mother fuckers

  29. That is what this is all about, isn’t it?
    From local to county to perhaps even state levels.
    Money, favors, a free ride, a meal at the country clubs with corporate leaders.
    Greasing palms in the greatest scam in a century in the name of reassessment.

    • It’s the Beaver County Hokey Pokey…’You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out, you put your left hand in…and you take a wad of dough…you do the hokey pokey and you spread it all around…that’s what it’s all about!’

    • ‘Now listen, whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting, he’s the traitor.’ Only instead of Barzini, in Beaver County it’s going to be some consultant with a no-bid contract for reassessment work. That’s my prediction. Stamp it!

  30. Translation. Betters wants to pay less and make the rest of us pay more. This is going to cost the county a bundle that we do not have so that one person can make out. Shameful. Welcome to Allegheny County west.

  31. I know those of you who are in older homes enjoy the lower side of taxes But those of us who have newer homes pay outrages taxes because they were assessed at a much higher rate. In all fairness, there about 4 houses in our neighborhood who pay 3 to 4 times more than our neighbors who have much more square footage and taxed much lower, because our houses are newer builds. And since when do they count bathrooms as square footage living space? I pay more for a ranch than people who’s houses are larger and have two stories???

  32. i imagine an assessor can make anything he wishes out of a house. who’s gonna know..will your pissed off neighbors be trouping thru other homes in the area and comparing notes? hey, what is thu current assessed value of el shaddai , anyhow?

  33. APPEAL! APPEAL! APPEAL! This will go on for 8-10 years. All of these elected officials are out next election, and they know it too!

  34. Nothing will put the people in an uproar faster than taking food from their table. Just ask the French.

  35. O.K., I have to ask the obvious. What connection, if any, exists between Judges John McBride and Dale Fouse and Charles Betters?

    I know, that’s heresy to suggest, but using the rule of thumb that “they are all connected” at the Courthouse, it seems reasonable to speculate. If “Don Corleone had all the judges in his pocket”, why not the local tycoon?

    The ruling rests on a FEW examples of disparity of too much or too little paid, extrapolated to justifying a general reassessment — the fallacy of hasty generalization — even though Betters did not make a personal case justifying it.

    This statement is not justified , and is actually laughable: “…thereby overwhelmingly proving the issue of non-uniformity and that the scheme of valuation used in Beaver County is causing mass misassessment.”

    Say what?

    Not true.

    What’s up?

    • They probably all bought their condos from him, paying him rent or maybe in business together. Who knows?

  36. Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal — coming to determine how much you fork over. No one is going to stand on your front yard, inspect the inside of the house and render a subjective, hand-written, educated guess. No, this detailed statistical analysis will appraise — en masse — the value of your home. To appeal it, you will need a Doctoral Degree in statistics and legal assessment history to make your case. Kudos, though, to the Betters attorneys for their hard work in figuring it all out for us, in detail, in the court presentation. Maybe they can make the software available for all BC residents to do their own, beforehand, as it is likely Betters has done already.

    The arguments are very impressive. Read them in the court opinion, if you can’t get to sleep tonight. Yes, it appears as though the assessment is justified, according to law. But what started the ball rolling? Again, maybe Chucky was being selflessly altruistic in giving all of us a Christmas present.

    Or, could it be that new real estate is getting a bum rap at the assessor’s office, and someone just has too much of it? No, it couldn’t be that…

  37. I have a modest proposal to end all of this second guessing, mine included, about what this tax reassessment means. As with CNN publishing an easy tax calculator on their website, so too at the Courthouse website. Only 4 or 5 variables are needed on the CNN site to get an estimate of coming federal taxes. I have a feeling that the County will be crunching mainly current numbers to recalculate and get the new assessment. There could not be more than, perhaps, 4 or 5 variables to input there as well. Simple. Perhaps even make personal calculator available for publishing here. Then, wah-lah, you plug in your numbers, and you can see how much you are getting screwed. Maybe even a little profit that you can donate to the Humane Society. C’mon lawyers, you figured it all out, why waste the computer program and all those numbers? Let us have fun too.

  38. I was going when the tickets were free. But he assessed the likely crowd as being small. So, the tickets were then sold for $3.00. That led to an even smaller anticipated crowd and a reassessment of tickets, and they were set at $6.00. No people planned on going at that rate, so they are staying home and watching reruns of “The Godfather” with a $10.00 pizza and a Miller Light.

  39. There has been a small group of real estate professionals who have fought and kept this reassessment off for years. They knew this could devastate the county. I dont think most people realize how bad this could get. From my calculations if they assess a current year value the average property will increase 2.5 to 3 times your annual taxes. My house in center which has one of the lowest millage rates will increase from 2700 a year to 7000 a year. Lets say you have a 100,000 dollar home in rochester based upon 126 mills you will now pay 6300 a year. You live in Beaver and your valued at 300k your new tax bill will be 18000 a year. And if you rent id say the average will increase 250-300 a month just for your landlord to break even. Not to mention how many small business owners might have to close. Its possible 40% of property owners could lose their property to foreclosure or taxes. And who would want to move here with those high rate taxes. Most people work in another county and stay here for lower taxes. If your thinking of moving to beaver county you might really want to think long and hard before buying property here. Also if you want to move you might need to sell soon before it hits the fan and no one wants your property.

  40. Truly, all of you in the courthouse are despicable, vile, soulless creatures. Amadio/Spanik and friends should be in jail. You have devastated this county. Seniors have to save all year just to pay taxes here and they keep going up, but the county looks awful. Not just dirty, but full on disgusting with trash everywhere, roads disintegrating, homes falling apart because there is no extra income, and more. Then the Shell plant gets a free ride. Best decision I made was to get out of here. Other places do run adequately without the mob mentality and do so for far less. How can one community seriously take this much garbage without utter chaos? You creatures are getting older and may want to start apologizing and making amends before you meet your maker. Heaven forbid you ever feel the struggle of seniors and others trying to feed their kids. Instead you’re too busy buying real estate for your kids, cars, vacation homes, toys…But expecting a bit of remorse for your sins is far fetched.

  41. Steve Spann: Your figures are obviously excessively untenable for the average homeowner. If you read through the court arguments and findings, the calculations are complex. I haven’t taken the time to try a sample property calculation, but the main problem is determining the variable values and formula that will be used. Right now, it is a database and computer program.

    Also, count upon a fudge factor to accompany the math. The math is hypothetical, to make a case in court, but the practicality of the results is lacking. That is why I should like to see the proposed formula published, so that theory can be divorced from practicality. They just can’t run people out of town.

    A caveat — there is no way in hell that Camp and Amadio will ever understand the math procedures involved. So, look for a glib people-pleaser response that will assure their reelection bids and give lip service to the whole process.

    Betters will get his tax breaks, and as long as that happens, all involved in this fiasco will be satisfied.

    • To wit: Amadio, a high school history teacher, admitted that he did not understand the Friendship Ridge deal, and “left it to the lawyers” to figure out. Camp has no college math and a high school background that is likely not above a ninth grade level in math. Neither has had business math experience relevant to this matter. Likely, this court finding will be farmed out to “experts” to figure it out and guide them. But the possibility of a Friendship Ridge kind of screw up rearing its ugly head is obvious. In short, they are incompetent, and it could affect us all dearly.

  42. Betters just wants to pay less and make the rest of us pay more. This will ultimately cost the county a bundle…an amount that we do not have by the way, just so that one greedy mother fucker can make out. It’s shameful.

    I don’t know how you greedy white collar folks sleep at night. Always fucking someone over just to make a quick buck.

  43. To their credit, the Com’s are apparently opposing the court order.

    It is an apparent perfect storm of strong-armed thuggery, unabashed self-interest, a court argument presented by a tax-dodging ex-con, possible collusion among the parties involved and incompetence among those who must deal with it. Given what has been revealed about corruption in Beaver County, it would be hopelessly naive to think that this is an honest thing for the common good.

    It all is reduced down to an old database and a new computer program that provide an en mass fix for what is a very personal, individual matter.


    I would be VERY surprised if an investigation into the actions taken by these people does not lead to multiple articles here about wheeling and dealing to scam the system.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. A more personalized approach is possible. But that’s not as much fun as business as usual and corruptly fucking the public as they have for years.

    First step — bring in city planning statisticians and computer experts from Carnegie Mellon University and challenge the math and which support the conclusions in the appeals that result. The Com’s can’t do that, and someone competent is needed to interpret all the bullshit.

    In the end, it’s all bullshit, and we don’t need another Friendship Ridge debacle.

  44. We have to cut the head off the snake …Not trying to endorse CBetters business practices but, CBetters doesn’t hide that fact, he will benefit from a reassessment or the building of Royal Dutch Shells ticking time bomb and many more projects and properties where he is involved. YES HE IS IN IT FOR PERSONAL GAIN, he is in business to make money, and as much as he can. He does share the wealth through employment, hiring local and he does pay taxes. To me it is those who run for office (JChristiana) promising to eliminate all property taxes, gets elected and .. FIVE TERMS later, Guess what? We will now be paying more in property tax. FIVE TERM TONY Amadio, has never proposed an idea on what can be cut to provide taxpayers with savings, and now DCamp is following in the lane of least resistance. It’s these ELECTED Scavangers who get to stuff assets away for later use, with a fat f’n pension(we pay for their lifetime) that need flushed.

  45. In the above comments there are questions concerning delinquent and unpaid taxes. We have government employees/elected officials whose job it is to collect these taxes and penalties. We as taxpayers are paying salaries and benefits(A/C in the summer and heat in the winter) and retirement packages to government employees for services not rendered. Now we are talking about 96,000 individual tax parcels, being reassessed because of 1 – ONE squeaky wheel. It’s time this government works for the people and not the individual. People need to be outraged, not at C J Betters, he will fight, and has and he is being heard. BE HEARD..
    This county government needs to go after those not paying taxes due/past due, and stick to the county code with our monies.

    • In my opinion:

      They don’t pay taxes, because they are friends. Think about the ramifications of that. Colluding? Favoritism? Dodging? Payoffs? Extortion? THAT story has been cooking on the back burner for years. When it is finally served out, it will likely blow the lid off the whole damn thing. Hopefully, some of those fuckers will finally go to jail.

  46. How much money did chuckie contribute tothese two judges campaign? if it was one dime these two should haxe recused is never ending with these politicians anymore from local councilpeople to schoolboard members. nobody seems to fight for the taxpayers who elect them.

  47. We lived in Beaver County for many years but moved away (we knew we could not afford the property taxes on a fixed income). We have lived in SW Missouri (Jasper County – Joplin) for 21 years and live comfortably on a fixed income – due to low property taxes.
    Property values here (Jasper County, MO) are revalued EVERY 2 YEARS!!! Also, property tax increases must be VOTER APPROVED.
    As a result of the lower property taxes (in Jasper County, MO) – the economy is thriving and always attracting new businesses.
    Unfortunately, Beaver County has lost its industrial base – and more property taxes must be spread to existing home owners (not a good scenario – if you live on a fixed income).
    We would have never moved from Beaver County – but VERY HIGH property taxes forced us to move.

  48. The utter hypocrisy — and eventual failure — of the “reassessment” is that it is an attempt to modify an already flawed system. Insiders play fast and loose with the taxing system to exploit it.

    Back the whole thing up. Collect the owed back taxes. Sell the properties in arrears. Start over. Otherwise, you just continue the same flaws. Can’t do that? Well, that is the problem in a nutshell.

    The problem is not new. The problem goes back 50 years, to the times of organized crime families in Western Pennsylvania.

    The mantra of Beaver County is that “They are all connected.” Every damn one of them. For decades. And there is no way in hell that this matter exists by itself.

    • Well Raven, in your haste to try and prove that you are the smartest guy on here, you have once again shown your ignorance and stupidity. Have you not read the numerous comments on here spelling out the incredible burden that these taxes are on seniors, the disabled, and the poor? Have you not read/heard of the woman’s home being sold for a $6 delinquent bill? Yet here you are, running your mouth about collecting back taxes and selling the properties that are in arrears. That’s right, get these seniors and disabled out of here- if they can’t afford the taxes, let them live in the projects where they deserve. Eh Raven? We are not all named Unis asshat.

      • In my ignorance and stupidity, I’ll also add that the “pre-1982” people you mention will likely be the biggest losers in the new assessment. More taxes, not less. As with Trump’s taxes, the rich will gain, not the poor. And they will be the ones to ask for a bailout, not Betters. Take some time to read the court ruling.

  49. The comments are really far fetched Boogeyman stuff.
    Bottom line up front; it’s the law and the assessment was grossly unfair.
    That’s all.
    If you don’t like the law change it.

    • Sorry, Valdamir, but, in my opinion, the comments are fairly accurate. I wish they were stuff of the Boogeyman. Stay tuned. As per the court findings linked above, the law is being changed — check out al the fancy numbers and terms and formula. But it will be built on a foundation of sand. The system is corrupt, and the law will be corrupted too. Betters makes a good target to blame, but it goes well beyond him. I maintain a healthy paranoia about county government, and it has never failed me.

  50. EJ: As a treat for yourself, check out the list of plaintiffs in the court order. There are 11, count them, ELEVEN, COMPANIES listed as plaintiffs. Chuck’s companies. This is not Betters complaining about his personal house taxes on El Shaddai Drive. This is a CORPORATE complaint. That’s right, BUSINESSES complaining that the taxes are too high. My guess is that they don’t give two shits about your list of harmed home taxpayers.

    I am not smart, EJ. I just do my homework. Just like in high school, some people pay attention in class, some do their work. Some screw around and do not. Clearly, you are among the latter.

  51. The high property taxes in Beaver County – and in all of Western Pa – has caused a lot of people to leave the area (especially people on fixed incomes). As has been pointed out – high pension (legacy) costs for government workers and low school enrollment (high cost per student) are driving up property taxes – to unsustainable levels. If and when property is revalued for tax purposes – one can only imagine what the impact will be on their property taxes.
    As has been pointed out on this message board – pension costs need to be reeled in and replaced with 401K’s and school consolidation is a must (like Central Valley). Ellwood City & Riverside could merge as well as New Brighton & Rochester (as examples). So basically the old way of doing things – that economic model – needs to be replaced with an updated and realistic model (but resistance to change is hard to overcome).
    Have you ever noticed when the Pittsburgh Steelers play away from home – there are a lot of Steeler fans in attendance. The announcers say “the Steeler fans really travel to support their team”. The announcers do not realize that many Steeler fans have “relocated” and do not have to travel to support their team. There are many Steeler fan clubs in various cities (KC, Tulsa, Phoenix, etc). These fan clubs show that many Western Pa people have relocated to other cities.

  52. I have lived in 7 states and all of them had lower tax rates on property and didn’t include county tax or township/ borough taxes. You simply pay Federal and state income tax (1 even had no state tax!) Then you pay your property tax. That should cover it ALL. There is just too much double dipping in BC. Add in ridiculous car emissions costs, extra taxes hidden everywhere and your working solely to pay the commissioners and the insane amount of non essential courthouse employees. The salaries of those in your courthouse are extremely inflated for such a small dilapidated county. Your gas prices are crazy too! Every state has had an enormous Western PA population. Why? They will ALL tell you, “No quality jobs, high taxes, no thriving community partnerships or revitalization.” Many of us grew up there and would love to come home to be with family and friends. But how can you when the higher paying jobs are given to the mob’s familia or are simply not there? School jobs are based on nepotism only and multitudes of education graduates have no chance of getting in. The people stuck there are holding on to visions of BC past, political promises that it will get better, family inherited homes with memories and want to hold family close, but for so many of us, living comfortably anywhere in PA is sadly not feasible. Looking on from the outside watching everyone struggle is heart breaking.



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