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A Beaver County judge has upheld a decision by Sheriff Tony Guy to revoke the concealed carry permit of an Aliquippa man.

Vincent Eldon Marsick filed legal action in June alleging Guy had revoked his concealed carry permit in a manner that violated state law. Marsick alleged Guy had not provide him with an explanation of why his license was revoked and did not give him an opportunity to be heard prior to the revocation.

In response to Marsick’s complaint, Sheriff Guy noted the man’s concealed carry permit was previously revoked by then Sheriff George David in 2013 before being reinstated in 2015.

Guy acknowledged his office did not provide a specific reason as required when he again revoked Marsick’s permit this year, and that no “pre-deprivation” hearing had been provided. The Sheriff’s Office similarly had no formal “post-deprivation” hearing in place either, although Guy said Marsick was provided an opportunity to have an informal discussion about the reasons for the revocation but declined.

Guy told the court he made a decision to revoke Marsick’s permit after receiving a complaint from Findlay Township police alleging the man had exhibited “erratic behavior” and was uncooperative during a traffic stop.

The Sheriff’s Office said a hearing for Marsick in the Court of Common Pleas “cures any procedural due process defects which might have been caused by the lack of any administrative hearing.”

Following a hearing in the case where testimony was offered about Marsick’s reputation, Common Pleas Judge James Ross affirmed Sheriff Guy’s decision in an order issued June 28. Judge Ross did not provide a written opinion, but according to an order filed with the Prothonotary’s Office, the judge did provide an oral explanation for his decision.

“If either party desires a transcript of the Court’s findings of fact and conclusions of law and other reasoning, that party can acquire a form motion from the County Administrator’s office and present it to the Court for signature and thereafter make the necessary financial arrangements with the Court Stenographers.” will be seeking an order of court to have the relevant portions of the proceedings transcribed, will fund the work by stenographers, and publish further details when they become available.

Order of court in Marsick case / via Beaver County Prothonotary’s Office

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. This all originated after a traffic stop for an inspection issue and this man is refused, but Dennis McKee had his right fully restored by Judge Tesla who issued a 30 page “blistering” report?!? Eagerly awaiting these details JP.

  2. Well, now you know what side of the fence “Judge” Ross sits on when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and the concept of “shall not be infringed”.

  3. Wow!! Is this the Soviet Union or something!??? They had zero explanation for this poor guys rights to be taken away!!! Can we get a damn protest organized already or what!?

  4. Also, I wonder how much they are gonna sell that piece on the streets for? I want an inventory of all confiscated firearms for the county! Bet it would be really really off

  5. @DoTell
    Just for clarification Im pretty sure that no firearm was confiscated if that’s what you were alluding to. This action means that this individual now can not carry a firearm concealed on his person legally anymore, simply put…they revoked his concealed carry permit that the Sheriffs office issues after they perform a background check and the fee’s are paid.

    • All he has to do is open carry, which is legal in this state. Just don’t open carry in your car. Must put said firearm in a locked trunk or lock box. And get a sportsman permit and hunting license. Something is always in season for hunting.

  6. DoTell has no idea what he or she is saying, must be a county employee, because most of them have no idea what a person is talking about, especially the tax offices, what a joke they are. Bring Georgie back

    • If the gun or permit was revoked, he still had his rights fucked with by the crooked sheriff and the crooked judge!! If you see nothing wrong with that, I will call you Georgie Dave from now on “OLDBOY”

  7. I cannot wait to read what is in that report especially when Tony Guy admitted he didn’t follow protocol for revoking the permit in the first place. Thank you JP.

  8. Screw tony guy. He’s a stupid ass!!!! Wayne kress all the way! Beaver county made a mistake the first time. It won’t happen again. Tony guy proved what a cheating dishonest loser he is. Go to hell!!!!!



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