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A Beaver County judge this week ordered that some search warrant information be released in the case of a county jail inmate who allegedly received details of Rachael DelTondo’s murder.

New court filings reveal county detectives seized defense documents pertaining to the inmate’s unrelated criminal case during a raid of his jail cell, directly contradicting county District Attorney David Lozier’s statements to reporters that no such documents had been taken.

A judge will soon decide whether sanctions against Lozier are warranted.

Wayne Cordes, 21, of Hopewell Township is in jail awaiting trial on 13 felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly assaulting and robbing a man in Aliquippa on Oct. 26. Cordes told BeaverCountian.com that he got a letter detailing the killing just days after the May 13 Aliquippa murder. Investigative reporting by this publication has since called into question the authenticity of the letter.

On May 29, Aliquippa police and county detectives executed a sealed search warrant in Cordes’ cell, removing part of the letter from a Bible. Cordes’ mother told BeaverCountian.com that her son had given the other half of the letter to his attorney Gerald Benyo Jr.

The jail cell search is one of two known sealed searches apparently related to the letter. On June 8, county detectives raided Benyo’s office and a county judge placed him under a gag order for all matters connected to the homicide case.

Benyo filed a motion with the court, saying the law required the officers to provide Cordes with a copy of the warrant and a copy of a receipt detailing what property was taken. Cordes was provided with nothing.

Benyo also accused Lozier, who ordered the search, of violating Cordes’ Constitutional rights because he failed to direct the officers not to confiscate confidential attorney-client records.

The officers did just that, Benyo wrote, taking all of Cordes’ records and personal notes pertaining to his unrelated case.

District Attorney Lozier told BeaverCountian.com last week that Benyo’s assertions were “baseless” and told the Beaver County Times the attorney’s claims were “frivolous,” insisting items taken from the jail cell were within the scope of a sealed search warrant and did not relate to Cordes’ upcoming trial.

The county court of common pleas ordered the clerk of courts this week to unseal the application for the search warrant and authorization, which called for “any and all correspondences or letters from one (redacted name) to Wayne Cordes.”

The court ruled that “good cause exists” for redacting the name and for sealing the affidavit of probable cause because it “would defeat an ongoing criminal investigation that is unrelated to this case.”

The judge also unsealed the inventory list of taken property, which shows county detectives seized far more than letters from the unnamed person, including “numerous handwritten notes & documentation.”

In court documents filed by the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office after the unsealing of the inventory list, prosecutors admit defense materials related to Cordes’ trial were in fact seized by county detectives, directly contradicting Lozier’s statements to the press.

The Beaver County District Attorney’s Office now argues in court filings that even though it did seize defense materials from the inmate’s jail cell, it did not violate his Constitutional rights because the notes he wrote about his case do not in its view constitute “attorney-client communications.”

“The Commonwealth denies the notations of a defendant while in jail that were never sent to his attorney meets the definition of a ‘communication’ because such writings were never ‘made’ to anyone, including the defendant’s attorney. Moreover, this Defendant’s statement that he intended or planned to send those notations to his attorney sometime in the future does not convert them into a ‘communication.'”

Benyo wrote that the Aliquippa Police Department, which had charged Cordes, and Lozier’s office, which will try Cordes on the charges, now have access to his personal thoughts concerning his defense strategy. He wrote that it is now impossible for Cordes to have a fair trial.

Prosecutors insist they have not read any of the defense documentation they seized from Cordes’ cell.

The court will hear July 9 whether sanctions against county District Attorney Lozier are warranted in the case.

Inventory sheet from county detectives’ search of Wayne Cordes’ jail cell

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  1. “Prosecutors insist they have not read any of the defense documentation they seized from Cordes’ cell.”

    Yeah, but did they pinkie promise, cross their hearts, hope to die, and stick needles in their eyes?

    Lies, lies, and more lies from the DA’s office. Lozier is a fascist, plain and simple.

    • Personally saw Asst DA yell for her ‘helper’ to get a girl shooting heroin out of the bathroom so she could ‘Hurry” and take the stand as a witness for her saying, “Tell her to hurry up and finish and get in here”. Trust me when I say they are walking hollow bodies. NOTHING inside, no convictions, no conscience, no guilt, no shame. They read EVERYTHING and probably took way more than that inventory list.

  2. Best lie of the day : ”Prosecutors insist they have not read any of the defense documentation they seized from Cordes’ cell.”

    • True. Was also told by a top attorney in Allegheny County, “you could me mother teresa, and you will still LOSE. It does NOT matter what your story is, what your case is about, it is ALL in who you know and who your connections are. I have NEVER lost a case but I would lose everytime in BC because I am in no way connected to any of them.” I understand that unfortunately this is common ground, sadly, but there are A LOT more people that know of and have heard of the BC life across the USA than you realize and not just because of our athletic and theatrical talents that come out of our town.

      • True, Sky! I worked for a prominant, well-known Beaver County law firm. They knew their outcome before they went into court. They discussed it with the judge on the golf course prior to the court date. The sad thing is, their clients think they are credible and diligently working on their case for all those hours billed at $300+ each., when in reality there is no time spent on their case…..just a quick stop in to see the judge one day prior to the court case.

  3. So nice to go through life with a reasonable expectation that the individuals hired, and elected to uphold the law and be truthful and Constitutional in their job capacities should regularly and wantonly shit all over such a basic concept!….Sarc/off! Please Mr Benyo hand this slack jawed, conviction lacking bufoon his ass in court!

  4. Lozier needs to be impeached. Illegal search and seizure. Fake investigations of Javens and others in the courthouse or failing to investigate all together. Incapable, incompetent, out of control and not to mention breach of oath. Did he take files from Mr. Benyo’s office regarding any other clients? Because if he did I want to file a suit against Lozier and the county. Governor Wolf and Josh Shapiro should send State Troopers to drag him out of there.

  5. “False statements”. When are we going to call it what it is, LIES! Lozier cannot be trusted, period! I don’t know about the rest of you but I have had it with this lying, crooked basta!

  6. You cannot have a DA that blatantly lies like that let alone blatantly lies to the press and public like that. What the fuck is wrong with you Lozier? You are a disgrace to the position now this scumbag who robs and assaults people will be back on the street because of your stupidity…..and yes, this all falls on you!

    The only thing that could make this worse is if it was a murder case.

    • Knowing that this underhandedness goes on, could people do something about court cases tried under this lying, crooked, bought jerk?

  7. Havent read anything… Possibly but who did they get to read it to cue them in on what it says??? Lozier needs to go…Hes making Beaver County look like a 3 ringed Circus. What a clown… Elect Attorney Gerald Benyo next time around like you should have done in the first place… Told ya so…

  8. Who gives a ‘thumbs down’ to citizen statements demanding truth? Honestly, you have to be a crook yourself to disagree with truth! Thank God for JP or we would never know the dirty truth about the scumbags in that courthouse! Thank you JP!

    • when I see the thumbs down on comments like these increase, I KNOW we’re making progress here. Praying they ALL get exposed and have been praying for this for 23 years. Lets go all the way back to McMillen Tocci and Fouse PLEASE.

      • oops! forgot DUKOVICH. ’till this day when I see her and make eye contact, she knows. Every time. You can see it in her eyes; what she’s done. So sad, no wonder why Jesus said Whoa to you lawyers… few and far between that help people and/or serve for true justice.

      • Dukovich sell a client out in a second how does someone like her live with her selfe. What she did to her clients that came to her for help you would have been better off dealing with the devil. Then again whos to say the devil is a man.

  9. When you have a DA that is making false statements and falsifying documents, possible violating the constitution and civil rights, every court case that he has been involved with should be retried starting from scratch. There is no telling what he has done wrong and corrupt going back to the day he took office. He definitely should be investigated. What a big waste of 200K a year for the taxpayers. Nothing short of political robbery.

    • That is one of my favorite photos Raven. Thanks for publishing it again and bringing a long hard work week to a close for me with the memory of Karma doing her job to perfection.

      • @benyo.. you’re the man!!! You have my vote always! Keep up the good work and defending people’s basic rights!

  10. Illegal search and seizure .Violating civil rights attorney client information. Violated attorneys rights raiding an attorneys office. confiscating private communications between client and attorney. Why doesn’t D A Lozier change his name to Joseph Stalin.

      • Courthouse whores with nothing better to do than try and cover their own inept, corrupt asses. That entire court house is one big shithole. If corruption were dynamite that place would implode from the methane built up inside.

  11. Don’t underestimate Friends and Family Inc. and their crony boot lickers. Maybe a local syndicate member is doing a Soros and paying people to vote thumbs down on anything to impede their operations.

  12. Suffolk County district attorney, Thomas Spota was accused of one of the most dangerous crimes in our democracy, abusing the power of law enforcement. Spota and top aide Christopher McPartland were indicted on a charge of a stunning display of prosecutorial arrogance: obstructing a federal investigation into whether then-Suffolk County Police Chief of Department James Burke assaulted a criminal suspect and tried to orchestrate a cover-up.


  13. Former Bedford County District Attorney William Higgins leaves magisterial district court in Everett after he was arraigned on 31 misdemeanor charges that include 11 counts of obstruction of law enforcement and nine counts of intimidation of a witness.

  14. Charles Todd Henderson, the elected district attorney in Alabama’s largest county, was convicted today on charges of perjury. He lied under oath, a Jefferson County jury found, in a divorce case unrelated to his would-be job as DA. He will never be able to take the oath of office. He will never be able to assume his job as the county’s top law enforcement official. He will face disbarment and up to 10 years in prison. Because he lied.


  15. Why is everyone on the lets get rid of Lozier bandwagon, he is only doing his job, why would he want to let something out about this case, when it could be evidence. I bet that half of you who are complaining about him and getting rid of him never voted and if you did probably voted for him. Let the man do his job, and quit knit picking him, if you got knit picked like him you all would probably be crying

    • Lozier has a HISTORY of stonewalling investigations. This misrepresenting is not unusual for him. And nitpicking?! His actions could well lead to bad guys getting off Scot-free, and possibly even getting away with a murder. He is incompetent, in my opinion, and if he lies to reporters, do you really think that doesn’t carry over into other areas?

    • HAHAHA really? You better dig deeper in the that bag to save this guy – OR,..make your way back from the dark side sir.

    • Knitpicking? Huh. And all this time I thought these were well thought arguments against a guy in over his head. Damn, I’m embarrassed.

    • knit — make (a garment, blanket, etc.) by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine

      nit — the egg or young form of a louse or other parasitic insect, especially the egg of a head louse attached to a human hair

      To pick a nit — an unpleasant task, usually with a nit comb and stinky poisoned water. And yes, it does make some people cry when they do it, especially when they are sent home from school as a pariah.

  16. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. So what do you folks want, competence for a measly $177,110 a year? You are asking a lot.

  17. What a stupid comment, that they did not read the documents, how in the heck would the know that the documents did not relate to the case WITHOUT READING THEM!

  18. Is anyone taking a close look at Lozier’s drug court process? If I remember correctly, he has some criteria that he alone controls to decide which path cases will go. I know there is such a thing as prosecutorial discretion, but the lack of trust that this guy keeps bringing on himself makes his discretion seem dangerous.

      • Sanctions are determined by the judge. I’ll have to do some research on this.

        Additionally Benyo or his client may have enough to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Board.

  19. The courthouse Sheriffs Dept. That whole filthy bunch are capable of ANYTHING.. Do not underestimate their capacity to do serious harm. The only thing that exceeds there corruption is there perversity.

  20. Are you blind or can’t you read?
    Is this the same D.A. that feels
    The State Police need his permission to investigate the
    Court house? Any one else have
    A problem with this?Did Aliq. take over Beaver Co??

  21. @Raven – I do not comment on a regular basis, but find your comments to be relevant. My take on Lozier is that he is in over his head. Based on his experience and response to issues during his term he has displayed a management and leadership style that is not what one would expect of a competent DA. It is sad and extremely disappointing.

  22. Wayne Cordes best go play the lottery. This mutt from Dopewell stepped in the proverbial pile of doo doo and came out smelling, well, like a mutt from Dopewell, but a free mutt all the same. Because of the arrogance and incompetence of Lozier the looser and his band of bumbling bufoons this predator will go free to strike again.

  23. You know its sad for the DeLtondo family. All this maneuvering this is just an opinion is to put the blame on one of there Lin Mar or Plan 12 young black throwaways. These people have a limited intellect. It worked before it will work again. After all Jim Naim was a police officer and these mental giants pulled that off.

    • @JohnDoe.. seriously whatever axe you feel you need to grind with the Deltondos give it a rest for Lord sakes. They’ve lost their child. The pain they suffer daily im sure is immeasurable. Let it go already or take it elsewhere cus no one here wants to hear it!

    • Did you kill her @JohnDoe??? Isn’t this highly criminal?? Unprovoked harassment of the mother of a murder victim???

  24. Wind: In my opinion, I don’t know about sanctions, but if the local judges are recused by the President Judge, and a Judge is brought in from Erie, or somewhere else, or the AG takes action, this DA could face arrest, trial, conviction and disbarment if he is charged with any of the above alleged infractions and found guilty. In my opinion, this guy is headed toward some kind of judgement, as in the above pictures. He is not above the law, he makes chronic mistakes, and karma could be waiting for the right charges, the right lawyer, and the right day.

  25. Well IMHO it would certainly make for a treasured perp walk/photo op to see this incompetent ass hat donning his infamous afgahn around his shoulders to hide the handcuffs after an early morning raid. If for nothing else at least to get back the $175,000 salary he most certainly did not earn!

  26. Great reporting JP! First thing that jumped out at me looking at the Inventory List are the initials on each line… TP. Im sure that stands for none other than Timmy Patrick. What a joke lol. Im sure many commenters here have a ton of dirt on him and his fam.

  27. The assistant da is best friends with a teacher who’s husband is a big drug dealer in the county.. he was charged with murder in the freedom girls death from overdosing on exctasy.. it’s beaver county.. if you’re in the courthouse everyone knows your dirt and dirt bag Friends’s!

    • Haven’t commented in awhile but all I have to say is – BINGO. Hope people are realizing some things are not coincidence and that those put in charge of certain things are not either…

  28. It seems like DoTell and Raven know a lot about the county, must be county employees. Lozier might be in over his head, but do you think Frankie bowtie would of been better considering all the crap about him, and why should Lozier talk about that young girls death on social media, that makes no sense to me.

    • @oldboy aka Georgie Dave… yeah I work for the county!!! Guess what my position is!!! Lol DoTell Javenzz the treasure of the beavercountian!! And don’t ask about the friendship ridge checks!! Been over that before..

  29. Every knows in order to win a case in beaver county it requires golf clubs and cigars if your attorney doesn’t have both find another one otherwise you’ll be at the county club with a view of the river

  30. The inventory list for a search just tells what was taken away. If they read everything and did to see if it was for that case. They also took info in their head maybe some in phones. Info can be used they had no right to. This DA is not right, he must be stopped.



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