A Judge has ordered Beaver County Sheriff George David to stop having his deputies perform security services for private organizations. The preliminary injunction comes as a result of a lawsuit filed against Sheriff David by the County Commissioners, after an investigative report by the Beaver Countian published last August first exposed the extent of David’s activities.

County records showed Sheriff David had his deputies providing official services for corporations including Walmart, Cinemark Movie Theater, Toys R Us, and Boscov’s, along with various “gun bashes.” A preliminary audit conducted by the County Controller’s Office showed David has been underbilling for those services, costing taxpayers nearly $100,000 to date.

Under the Pennsylvania County Code, any Sheriff or Deputy who performs private security services for outside organizations is guilty of a misdemeanor. Sheriff George David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination to avoid testifying at a hearing held on the matter back in January.

In his written opinion, Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza noted the importance of elected officials following state laws, “the public’s interest lies in the enforcement of the duly adopted statutes of the Commonwealth. To conclude otherwise would be to allow an elected official to substitute his or her view of the public’s interest for that of the legislature.”

“The obvious intention of the [law] is to assure that the delivery of services by the Sheriff’s department is not a function of one’s ability or willingness to pay for them and to further avoid circumstances where sheriff’s deputies are serving the interests of private entities while being cloaked with the responsibility and authority of public office,” concluded Judge Bozza. “As noted above, the very notion that a public law enforcement agency makes its services available for hire is repugnant to the core democratic values of the fair and even-handed delivery of public services and the discharge of official duties for the benefit of the community as a whole.”

Assistant County Solicitor Bernie Rabik told the Beaver Countian he was pleased with the Judge’s ruling. “We respectfully agree with Judge Bozza’s decision, the statute speaks for itself, and he interpreted the statute exactly as written,” said Rabik. “We have maintained, despite some heavy disagreement from many people including some politicians out there, that the law is the law … You don’t look at the law the way you want it to be, you look at it the way it is.”

A trial date to determine if a permanent injunction is issued against Sheriff David has not yet been set.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.



  2. Zach. I wonder what will happen if some nut job decides to go postal at one of these places. The sheep will cry when something bad happens. Go about your business sheep. Nothing to see here.

  3. HA HA HA HE HE HE, I guess the JUDGE told the SHERIFF to QUIT BREAKING THE LAW, No more sitting at the movie making 80 GRAND, maybe Monaca or Center will get the overtime it should of been there’s in the first place. The Sheriff is probably FLIPPING , no more political favors.

      • Think about what you just posted , someone will have to call AND WAIT george had his guys there so nothing could happen !
        Just cant believe everyone is putting him down so hard for protecting our kids !

  4. Didn’t George say that no judge was going to tell him that he couldn’t keep doing this? Lets just see how big his old wrinkly balls really are. Balls in your court, George, you talked the talk now let’s see you walk the walk….at least when you go to jail for contempt you can claim that you’re there out of principle….be the martyr, George….we want to see you in jail!

  5. Well what do we have here the letter of the law in use. Hmmmm thought the power players where going to pull the strings.

    @baba nobody is going to say a thing buy the uniformed, the service was performed on perception not in authoritative manner, what would happen if someone got hurt while extra duty that is against the lawhappen ie,deputy injured, customer not protected, or worse somebody shot while these duputy where on duty, think about the liabilty for all involved.

    And when that happens every person known will cry they didn’t have the proper authority why didn’t anyone intervene and this could of been resolved.

    Now Now let’s see we have A GRAND JURY MOMENTS FROM HANDING DOWN A PRESENTMENT ON INDICTING THE CURRENT SHERIFF…. WE HAVE STATE POLICE INVESTIGATING THE SHERIFF AND FEW DEPUTIES ON CORRUPTION, A DISTRICT ATTORNEY LAYING DOWN THE LAW TAKING CASES AND DROPPING CHARGES FROM ILLEGAL ARREST AND INVESTIGATING THE DEPARTMENT, NOW A JUDGE RULED THE WORK WAS ILLEGAL AND AGAINST PROTOCOL, SO THAT BEING SAID when its clear this man should not be sheriff and some under him couldn’t run a shift at wackenhut security service compound that with the findings of these investigations that are to come out, can only make those who argue look even more stupid supporting this man and his clown posse hand pick puppies and unethical legal team of shake down artist.

    This isn’t over by no means, quote sheriff is man of his word ,”commissioner, judge” nobody will tell him.. LOL well my friend show us all, stand up be the man of honor defend your beliefs and forge onward.

    Oppression oppression oppression he we come

    • unbelievable you have kids ? Do you know how bad its getting out there ? NOTHING WENT ON IN THOSE PLACES EVER AND ONLY let me say that again ONLY BECAUSE DAVID HAD HIS BOYS THERE TO PROTECT OUR KIDS !!!! what a moron. so what if it cost a couple bucks , my kids life is worth any and everything ! When hes gone and your kid gets hurt or worse because no one is there , then what ? are you going to cry that there should have been someone there ? DONT !

      • If you really fear for your kids safety, and you really think Beaver County is that dangerous….one word of advice…..keep your kids at home! That way you can guarantee their safety 100% of the time.

    • The best part will be when they all start throwing each other under the bus to save their own selves.

    • If he gets busted , they should investigate the entire beaver county and every thing in it in a whole ! If this is being considered corruption , lmao.. road blocks should be put up so no one can get out of beaver county , and just start at one end and work its way thru.. bet there would only be half of the people left not arrested !

  6. FINALLY!!!! Let’s get rid of another black eye in Beaver County Politics!!! And what about his cronie @Friendship Ridge? Another stellar player!

    • georgie will go postal! law enforement should be carefully watching him we all know that he will do whatever he wants to do. he will try to get his revenge so many crazy people in ordinary life and law enforcement have been taking there guns and killing children and any one who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. i know him people beware that you are not his target

  7. And now, the end is near, and he must face the final curtain. Yes he did it his way and now it’s time to pay the fiddler.Cough up the 100 grand that you owe the county and tax payers.Your bullshit reign of stupidness is about over. So happy that the Judge wasn’t in your back pocket like others we know of. Now the pressure of the blunder at Friendship Ridge is on the DA’s office. Mr. Berosh, don’t get caught up in sheriff davids screw-ups. We all see such a law suit coming. I hope its one of unequaled proportions. By by Georgie, Tibolet and of course the liar, Fratangeli !!!!!! It’s been FUN !

  8. The Beaver Countian is garbage. That is an old outdated law. The Sheriff’s Office has been doing extra duty for as long as I can remember. There is enough crime out there for everybody. The more officers out to protect and serve the better.

    • An ” old, outdated law” is still the law. What does outdated mean? That the Sheriffs office hasn’t been obeying it for so long that it’s become okay to ignore it? That mentality exemplifies the mindset of the Sheriffs department. Just because it’s been done for years doesn’t make it right. And name-calling is not nice.

      • Tom, the old “we did it for the children” line is getting really freaking tired. What crime infested area do you live in? I live in Patterson and work in Beaver and the worst that i’ve every seen is someone double parked. Oh and BTW, I have 3 young children. What Georgie did was against the law! Does that not seem a bit ironic?

    • Sherriff david dint do anything but protect our children , is there really going to be a idiot complain about their kids getting stabbed or shot if he cant do what hes doing ? David might have blown beaver counties bullshit off to keep doing this BUT I for one think he should be praised not charged ! complaining about where your tax dollars go ? are you serious ? wityh all the other bullshit going on around here you want to complain about a couple dollars keeping our kids safe ????

  9. I feel bad for everyone who has to go to work at the courthouse today…sheriff might really go off the deep end

  10. An 85 year old religious man bows to the reality of infirmity and steps down for the good of his church; an elderly sheriff clings to his fantasy and brings his magic kingdom down with him. There has to be a lesson here.

  11. @Vicki


    What games are you referring to??????

    Read this and comments take blinders off.

    Sadly it could all been avoided if sheriff got agreement with count and permission for insurance and billed properly. Its his fault repeat its his fault. And when warned he took off like a banty rooster , he manipulated people like you that it was about games and kids, it was about doing security detail for political gain on taxpayers dime at other events. Lol some are so stupid

    A grand jury is investigating him the state attorney general and state police for more than just old antiquated law our threading a reporter.. He burned a lot of tax dollars and people to play politics with safety.and has escaped the law for years, is coming to an end. No matter what game where ever the school districts will have police presence or secruity at them lol . Fir the love of god wake up, when this bored out will be a movie, sorry wouldnot usually comment but certain few I know have to be schils or family that I read I just blow off, but some are so mis informed or clueless

    Other note, ahh if we didn’t follow law and laws that change you know what person would be on means list for being sexual predator??????

    hmmm 30 get 15 pregnant parents go ballistic, you marry don’t live with 3 years later file divorce, 35 years later that would get you in jail and on megans list, your right ladies good thing some laws changed. Guess who that wonderful person was.

    That sadly is nothing compared to other crimes and cover UPS

  12. @ CAROL, Did you not read the article? They are allowed to work at GAMES, they only have to make an agreement in case some one gets hurt, they need to have INSURANCE. Some school districts have been hiring there own security, because they know about the law, the school could be sued, while other schools have been using the sheriff’s department on our tax money. What’s good for one is good for ALL. UNDERSTAND

  13. What will Tibolet and the rest of his pets do without their $15-20,000 in OT from working his security? This was a long time in coming. Now bring on the grand jury and all the indictments.

  14. I agree with you, Vicky. Now, we’ll have more trouble at our games. I think we need more security too. Our commissioners were hunting for something to hurt him with, so they came up with that old antiquated law. Now it’s the people that are being hurt. Remember that at voting time!! This seems to be a matter of “I’ll get you , no matter who it hurts”.

    • There should be no lapse in security, just a transfer of duties to those who are legally able to provide this service. The only ones hurt by upholding this law are those deputies who may be losing that ‘extra’ income.

  15. do you not realize that he has been playing the system all this time. it now opens the door for his private security company that he will or has created. he knows he is done with BC, but now comes his private time.

  16. Time to finally take the trash out, no not the bleach blonde shank, the real trash in the god awful uniforms with all the gold pipeing and stripes sit his little women beaten ass on the curb , and get rid of the drunk adulterers in the department also, and the little home wrecker that chain smokes cigarettes and walks like she forgot her toy inside of her.

  17. You people are seriously screwed up ! THIS MAN was making it SAFE FOR OUR CHILDREN BY GOING OUT OF HIS WAY TO MAKE SURE SOMEONE WAS THERE OF AUTHORITY !!! COST THE COUNTY ! BULLSHIT ! Look at all the other SHIT police stations and this pathetic beaver county spends money on… LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE AND GIVE HIM THE MONEY TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN ASSHOLES !!!!

  18. $hithe@d only print their point of view!! If i was him i would done what you accused him of “doing.” I wished every rowe office would generate an income. Why dont you put your h@rd on into rosie hsnds.

  19. Is the FBI investigation of the Pittsburgh Police charging for officers used in second jobs, then paying time and a half, and collecting administrative fees, the same or similar to the Sheriff’s office activities in Beaver? I don’t know, but I would appreciate any insight someone might have.

  20. There are some really good people in the Sheriffs Office. It’s just a shame that there are a few assholes who have no business there. There are good police in that place. U also have people who have no idea about law enforcement who dress up and act the part. There are a few in there who are not only good police but good people. Sheriff George David has tried to legitimize his office by having only 120 certified officers apply. It’s just a shame that there were a number of slaps who were already collecting free lunches before he got there. Though we all love to beat up on the office I can think of three or four Deputies who some if u wouldn’t even think to say half of the shit u say to their face. Again, the office is fine but there a few clowns who show up to work so they can smoke cigarettes all day and play on their phone when they are supposed to be doing door security. Keep up the good work Sheriff and don’t listen to the people who constantly hate on your office.

  21. @Real Talk: Appropriate comments. Over time, I have learned to separate the comments from the articles themselves. For the most part, I believe the articles to be objective. The side issues brought up in the comments are of some value to help add background to the articles, but many are at times off topic — mine included. I try to get better at this. I believe much of what you say. Gradually, people with a personal “beef” are lesser in number here. The profane are being ignored. The site is being read by more informed people — and importantly, they are posting more now. The Sheriff’s office and all officers are not the primary issue here; it’s mainly directed toward the individual people who have the overall general authority and responsibility for decision-making. So, don’t take some of the more extreme comments too seriously. Perhaps read it like a newspaper and don’t read the comments. I have. You will still learn much of value. I am not trying to be condescending; it’s just that it is possible to separate the grain from the chaff. The rest will fade away, gradually. It’s not worth getting upset about; life’s too short.

  22. Your right. Some of the comments are out of hand but the facts are what they are even if they seem like a punch in the face to the SO. The peole have a right to know what’s going in their county but I just wish that all the good things the SO does would get equal print. Their warrants and K-9 divisions are top notch with “real cops”. They have a Deputy that goes to schools and talks to kids to keep them motivated to stay in school and away from negativity and a D.A.R.E. program that teaches children to stay away from drugs. Just wish that the positive things the Sheriffs office does would get noticed also

    • I agree with you 100% that there are good and decent men and women in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office who serve our community with honor and integrity each day.

      Unfortunately, I’m not able to report about their good deeds, as many of them fear they’d lose their jobs if I did.

      I wouldn’t have been able to expose the corruption that exists within the Sheriff’s Office over all of these months if it hadn’t been for those silent heroes.

      The community owes them a great debt of gratitude, even though they will likely never know their names.

    • Does a Sheriff’s office in a county this size need a K-9? I hope it’s a bomb dog. Is going to schools a function that my tax dollars should be paying for?

      That seems like mission creep to me.

  23. Track down Felix Deluca and see what’s his response is. Georgie wasn’t the first to have his cronies doing security. That office is definitely full of toolbags, but they were providing a service. Albeit not permissible by the commonwealth, I’m sure many customers at these places were happy to see a presence at the business. Cry for security, gun laws but attack your defenses. Could have been resolved in a bit more amicable way, on both sides. But some of u don’t know when to lay off on personal attacks

  24. Great job JP reporting on this. The citizens of Beaver County would be completely in the dark about this and many other local issues if it were not for you. Keep up the good work!

  25. @Tom Frey , obviously you haven’t done your research and show your dumb ass mentality , its not about protecting children that is what you swallow dumbass its about then not allowing to perform work that is against the law and work they didn’t have a contract, never would a child be at risk because of this ask they have to do is get local police that have jurisdiction and that are insured or a security firm, its not county tax dollars that should go to it.

    How about your taxdollars going to San Rocco when Aliquippa has a police department then at night till 5am they do private security at bars, motor cycle runs that have some that are doing drugs and drunk being escorted

    Private parties for betters
    and his private property?

    wal-mart , boscovs, gun bash parties please you have no clue, only select few got milk on the mustache in the department the others knew better to do it.

    Its self promotion on our dime cause half was free other wasn’t enough to cover cost and under cut local police and county security business
    Again was illegal

  26. The shame here is the deputies union spent so far fighting a battle they cant win $6,723,67 what a waste of dues.

  27. At Cinemark Movie Theater in Monaca last night, a white, marked CTPD patrol car was parked next to the entrance, utility lights on, and clearly marked. Inside the theater, a CTPD officer was standing in the center of the main theater entrance halls. I am not from that area, so I don’t know who he was. It doesn’t matter. He was professionally suited, stood straight in a perfectly fitting uniform at about 6 foot 3 or so, and actively scanned the crowds entering and leaving. It was different for me, not seeing a Sheriff car and Sheriff Deputy there. The place was obviously very secured. I admit that I have been somewhat hyperalert and defensive in a movie theater now, after recent national events. I look around at the audience when I sit down, but I am still a little anxious about some people coming and going during the movie. Putting politics and financial matters aside, I felt safer about attending a movie there with that police presence. It was obvious that noone with bad intentions would get past him. My thanks to the CTPD. It made my evening more enjoyable.

  28. Very nice post, rubric. I know you could careless about my opinion. But that was very well put. Except that the theater is in Center Twp, just carries a Monaca mailing address

  29. Thanks for the correction. I don’t know the area geography well. And, differences of opinion are not deal breakers here.

  30. I know I will likely get stoned or burned at the stake, but Rubric the Great as far as your description of this professional Law Enforcement Officer you just described several Deputies I know. They are not all like david. I can think of at several deputies far more seasoned and skilled then many at Center Twp PD. Again I apologize in advance for pointing out how someone as flawless as Rubric is, well flawed. I hope your flock does not harm me. Peace be with you.

    • A deputy who lies on an affidavit of probably cause is not an outstanding, skilled, or seasoned deputy. You learn in police report writing 101 class your first day in the police academy that lying on a police report is a felony. Does anyone know if John Joe is even Act 120 certified? If not, he should have no business writing police reports or making arrests. If he is Act 120 certified, shame on him.

  31. @Whatsyourdeal: I won’t be posting here anymore, but not because of your comment. It’s an excellent site, and I’ll read the articles as I always do, and I’ll support it by subscribing. There is much more to the BC than the investigative reporting that is by its very nature controversial. I do disagree about the attacks, insults, etc., which I think are inevitable results of problems being uncovered. The real problem, for me, lies in the poor manner in which people try to express themselves. It’s getting better, but I’m weary of it.

      • @Booo: (This is not directed at you). My objection to extremely negative, personal commenting is not only my own. Other sites, such as the Post-Gazette and the New York Times, post policies for comments, and at times they are very generous. Each, however, has its limits, and it builds into its policy some kind of accountability, such as screening posts, sometimes dropping the worst that violate policy and allowing Facebook posting of comments tied to a commenter’s Facebook page — it becomes quite personal, similar to posting under one’s own name here. The NYT requires identification of the commenter in most of its columns.

        The BC has liberal posting allowances, based upon the First Amendment. My fear is that abuse of the BC allowances will ultimately lead to censorship/external controls of some, due to the extreme nature of them, to maintain the credibility and justifiable survival of the BC itself. JP has written about arguments aimed at people and not at the topic itself. With freedom of expression comes responsibility. It is my hope that increasing internal self-controls of the commenters themselves will prevent intervention by the BC. When uncontrolled comments are negative, the BC is also negatively affected in quality by people who read it. If you want wider and quality readership, contribute something of value, try to be positive and stop the absolutely out-of-control remarks, especially the profanity and borderline slander and libelous personal attacks on people. The comment sections are very valuable, since they provide background information to the basic BC reported news articles. I don’t want to lose that. My goal from now on will be to stay as objective as possible and on-subject and avoid venting; I hope that it will be others’ too. It’s easy to get caught up in the heated conversations — I admit I have — but let’s keep it clean and put an end to the nonsense. There’s too much to lose. From now on, I’m going to give it my best shot at self-control, instead of stopping my posting. Some might not/have not agreed with my comments, but at least in the future they will be clean and on-topic. There is plenty of time to proofread before posting. Use it wisely.

        Just for an example of this:

        (Extract from PG online):

        Commenting policies of the Post-Gazette:

        March 2, 2012 11:21 am

        Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

        GUIDE TO COMMENTING (for PG readers)

        We invite you to add your comments, and we encourage a thoughtful, open and lively exchange of ideas and information at Some content and comments will generate heated discussions, but we expect — and require — that the tone of the commentary be civil and respectful.

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        Our Terms of Use ” (“Those terms”) state clearly that you must not post comments containing:

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        Thank you for abiding by our rules.

        First Published March 2, 2012 11:21 am

        Read more:

  32. @whatsyourdeal, how did those deputies get so seasoned and skilled? Walking the beat in the courthouse, serving those horrific civil papers, keeping Brady’s run clear?? Don’t knock PD’s to try to give credit to deputies.

  33. I think it was working full time for years in places like New Brighton. One of their K9 Deputies trained Iraqi Police. I did not say all but several of them have been Act 120 certified for 15 plus years. Thats how they got their skills. You have no clue what you speak of…Good day

  34. Just for the record I’m not speaking about david and his flock. JP himself has said multiple times there some great Law Enforcement Officers in the SO. Good bye



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