A judge has ordered a married Beaver Police Officer’s firearms confiscated, after one of his alleged girlfriends filed a complaint against him.

President Judge John D. McBride issued a temporary Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) against Beaver Sergeant Kenneth McCoy, 40 of Brighton Township, earlier this week. Judge McBride ordered the officer’s firearms confiscated after a woman identified as one of his girlfriends, Christine Cilli, 43 of Beaver, alleged he became suicidal and then began harassing her.

“Ken McCoy would not allow me out of his police car” wrote Cilli in her petition for a PFA. “I had confronted him about his lies of filing for divorce and my recent discovery of his other girlfriend of 6 years. He made several threats to kill himself. Continues to call, text and drive by my home. Due to his stalking behavior and mental instability I’m in fear that he will now retaliate and harm me.”

The incident allegedly occurred during the evening of September 26th, Cilli filed for a PFA on October 1st.

Sources within the Sheriff’s Department confirm that deputies have confiscated Sgt. McCoy’s firearms in accordance with Judge McBride’s order. A copy of the temporary PFA was filed with the Beaver, Beaver Falls, and Aliquippa Police Departments.

“Officer McCoy has not yet been suspended in any way” said Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar. “He is currently using his vacation and sick time to remain off duty until this matter is resolved.”

Along with being a Sergeant for the Beaver Police Department, McCoy also serves as local Chapter President of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that Cilli maintains an archive of the text messages she allegedly received from McCoy. First Assistant District Attorney Ahmed Aziz told the Beaver Countian that the District Attorney’s Office was unaware of the allegations against the officer.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for October 11th. Attempts to reach Sgt. McCoy for comment were unsuccessful.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Had this been a doctor, lawyer, teacher etc, it would not have been news worthy. YES, this officer has done something that put a smudge mark on the badge. YES, he made some very bad choices but the integrity of ALL law enforcement officers in this county should not be blemished by the actions of a few. He needs to be made an example of and his behavior should not be tolerated. I pray that his wife stands strong and all families involved will be able to have the strength to do what’s right by badge. God Bless The Thin Blue Line. It keeps getting thinner by the day.

  2. Clearly this is not news. This same thing happens everyday in this county. But because its an officer it gets put on blast. Keep telling me that this site is not biased.

    • how do think this isnt news? he was supposedly on duty when this happened? how could you think taxpayers shouldn’t know about this?

    • The difference is that this is a police officer who has taken an oath to protect the community and should be setting an example. This same thing DOES happen everyday in this county, however all those other people are not employed by the county or state AND are not carrying a BADGE. And by the way, this is the most unbiased site for Beaver County.

  3. Why is this women in the police car? Was this officer visiting his “girlfriend” on the
    taxpayers dime! What else was he doing on taxpayers time? I hope the Beaver Police department realizes that he does not deserve to continue serving our town when their are more respectable part-time officers looking for full-time work. Do all of us a favor and resign from your position. Don’t drag your family through the mud with the bad choices you have made!

  4. Yes Bert we have a right to KNOW…. this is our tax money at work, we pay his wages and YES I have a right to know. Even if it isn’t true WHAT kind of a married man has 2 yes 2 girlfriends? Just like the cop in Monaca (quote he’s a good husband) He followed a girl in the bathroom and don’t blame alcohol. They are responsible for there own actions. MAYBE YOU don’t want to know , we have a RIGHT TO KNOW. Quit reading because you don’t seem to like anything the BC writes….

  5. Let’s just remember there’s two sides of every story….. I know both parties and cannot believe what this has come to.

    • Really???? You can not believe this???? This has been going on for years. It was just a matter of time before this exploded.

  6. Ince a cheater, always a cheater! And knowing the reputation of the woman involved, I’m not surprised. This is a trashy display. I don’t care how things went down, it’s the old tale of a woman scorned.

  7. As a woman who knows women ! When you don’t get what you want you do or say anything you can to make the man suffer! What goes on in someone’s private life should stay private.

  8. What if what what happened,really happened? Figuring there’s an official report filed with the courts, will Beaver Boro take action for McCoy’s actions while on duty?

      • I think it’s too late for that, Jack. Look at what happened last week with the uncontrolled accounts in the BCT article.



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