For the second time, a judge has ordered Sheriff George David to stop performing official duties for private corporations.

After an investigative report by the Beaver Countian last August, County Commissioners filed a lawsuit against Sheriff David attempting to stop him from having his Deputies perform private security services for outside entities, which they deemed a violation of state law. A preliminary audit conducted by the County Controller’s Office subsequently showed David has been underbilling for those services, costing taxpayers nearly $100,000 to date.

Senior Erie County Judge John A. Bozza determined the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office had been violating a state law explicitly forbidding such work, and issued a preliminary injunction preventing Sheriff David from performing private security services for corporations including Walmart, Boscovs, Toys R Us, Target, and Cinemark.

Attorney John Havey, who is representing David, appealed Judge Bozza’s preliminary injunction shortly after it was issued. Sheriff David subsequently sent a letter to the County Commissioners, telling them he intended to continue performing private security services while that appeal made its way through the courts.

Assistant County Solicitor Bernie Rabik filed an emergency motion with the court in response, asking Judge Bozza to vacate an automatic stay of his injunction (known as a supersedeas). Judge Bozza issued an order today in favor of Rabik’s motion, directing Sheriff David to abide by the original preliminary injunction he issued in February.

“Obviously we are pleased with the judge’s decision, which is in accordance with established case law” said Bernie Rabik after hearing today’s news. “The Sheriff is now precluded from providing security work for private entities.”

The case now awaits the scheduling of a trial before Judge Bozza, who will determine if his preliminary injunction is made permanent.

State Representative Jim Marshall proposed legislation last month that would make it legal for Sheriffs to sell their services to private corporations. The proposal followed a private meeting held between Sheriff George David and a local delegation of state representatives.

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Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Come on George what the fuck you can’t fold now…….

    You said no commissioner or judge would tell you…

    Go do the work see who your loyal followers are, preform what you said you wouldn’t stop…man of your word right…

    • That’s what he said he was going to do. I wonder if he realized when he said it that all his politician buddies were going to drop him like a bad habit by the time it came to putting up or shutting up….he will be the first hard working man of his word in jail LOL.

      I wonder if his fill-in attorney has figured out yet that he is never going to be paid…..think he will put in many more hours as a volunteer?

  2. I thought reading this stuff was ok and gave me some information, but I’m tired of the sheriff stuff. Georgie has baked himself and its time to move onto the commissioners and all the people they have given jobs to. How about how much influence Betters has on the political make up! How about you hit these guys hard also. JP, stop being the one trick pony who only writes articles out of revenge.

  3. This asshole really thinks that he can still do what he wants. Him being arrested by the State Police had no effect on him. After it’s all said and done and his punk ass is sent to jail he might realize that he doesn’t have superpowers. Hopefully he runs into one of the guys that’s head he busted and gets his little asshole stretched. No gun, black jack or badge. The real sissy in him will come out.

  4. Anyone notice The picture of Sheriff David holding his firearm with his finger on the trigger? Children are taught in gun safety classes you never put your finger on the trigger unless you have made the decision to use the weapon. It seems he doesn’t know what society teaches 10 year olds. Unless, given his mental health issues perhaps he was getting ready to use it on the person taking the picture? And who in public office has a picture taken of themselves unshaven and their hair not even combed? Looks like a picture more for Mugshot Monday than of a public official. Want to learn more about Sheriff David? Search Borderline Personality Disorder. Maybe he can be the Sheriff for a floor at Mental Health and they can tell him he is still at the Courthouse? Dennis McKee

  5. Sheriff David isn’t going to let those bad old judges tell him what to do. He will teach them all a lesson and go to jail. Then they will be sorry. If I remember correctly even when being faced with overwhelming evidence Ted Bundy said he didn’t do it. Dennis McKee

  6. Go ahead Georgie show them who wears the pants in the county pistol on his hip oops they took yours.Wake up and smell the coffee listen for once sit in the office and hide.

  7. Truly, knowing David for at least 40 years he’s really an insecure person. In school he was a joke. Nobody liked him and he barely got through graduitaion. He took the vocational course and struggled through it. He was picked on by bullies because he was small and had a stuttering problem. Not until he got hired onto the Aliq. police dept. did he feel, if not superior, but equal to others. He was picked by the govenor of Pa. to be sheriff. Get the fuck out of here !. Chuckie Betters got him the position. Money talks and shit walks. He’s stupid. Look at his grammar. Look at his pic. on the times. Looks like a kid that got a gun and badge for XMAS. He can’t operate a computer and didn’t know how to write out an accident report after 25 years on the job. (A.P.D.) Such a disgrace to the P.A. Sheriff’s Association! Judge Bozza just warned him again. Sheriff Asshole, beware, the Judge, State Police and the D.A. had enough of your shit. Your day’s coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Certainally it is sad the Sheriff was treated as he was because he has been challanged all his life. It is clear he has been used by others capable of putting him in power without the basic understanding if you do that he must be able to at least function on an acceptable level to be of value to those wanting to use him for their own purposes. Unfortunatly, donkeys can’t fly even if we want them too and his “backers” got him in way over his head. Since he lacks the intelligence to deal with his detractors he falls back into doing the only thing he knows can work, threats of violence. However, he could do that when he a was a cop but it won’t work at this level as public relations ability is needed on this job. His picture he had taken holding the gun with the finger on the trigger is clearly designed to intimade people, reinforce the only thing he believes can work and and reaks with indications there is a serious mental health issue. So instead of sitting down with John Paul and speaking with him on how he is to deal with a hostile media he pulls out his gun and threatens to kill him. I’m sure John Paul would have helped him if he would have just asked. But instead he followed Al Capones basic rule “you get more with a smile and a gun than you do with just a smile as that is the highet level the Sheriff is capable of thinking on. The real responsibility lays with the people that put him in there but thats not the way things work he is the one that will be responsible. They will all drop him like a hot patato. They already have.

  8. You know, George David has a lot of faults and I’m certainly not siding with his craziness, but, really, there is no need to bash a handicap of his. You can write regarding his failures as a Sheriff and his arrogance, but, leave his physical being out of the mix. You have to be bigger than that. Just sayin. :stupid:

  9. Areyoukiddingme.

    Come on buddy. This is the Beavercountian. This is the place to spread rumors and lies. If you want news I suggest the post gazzet or tribes.



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