Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul

A judge has ordered attorneys representing the County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff George David to sit down and talk.

Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza presided over a hearing on Monday for a contempt petition filed by the county. Judge Bozza issued a preliminary injunction against Sheriff David and his Deputies in February of 2013, directing them to cease and desist from performing private security services for outside organizations. The County alleges that Sheriff David continued to order his Deputies to conduct prohibited patrols and services and is seeking to have the Sheriff and his Deputies found in contempt of court.

Judge Bozza did not make a ruling on whether or not Sheriff David had violated his order, instead saying the two parties should sit down over the next 30 days and attempt to come up with a resolution.

While the judge noted the role of Sheriff has “been the subject of legal debate for years,” he said that every other county in the state has found a workable solution. “You’ve got to come up with a way of living with this arrangement,” Judge Bozza told both sides. “You folks need to get together and narrow the issues here […] It may be your best bet to resolve this on your own.”

Sheriff David had filed a Pro Se (the legal term for self-represented) motion with the court in response to the Commissioners’ complaint, but hired attorney Allen Andrascik late Friday afternoon to represent him at yesterday’s hearing.

The Sheriff denies that his Deputies have been conducting patrols of various municipalities including Aliquippa, and also denies they are patrolling corporate properties owned by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters. The County insists that Sheriff David is hiding the truth, with the law department describing responses by David and his Deputies as “a creative manipulation of reality.”

Attorneys for both sides are to report back to Judge Bozza in 30 days to let him know if their discussions bore fruit.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. What a complete waste of time. Bozo doesn’t even feel it’s necessary to take the time to meet face to face with the parties involved. Talk about “useless”. Solving this situation of obvious lying on the part of the sherrif’f dept. is simple. Issue a mandate that there will be no overtime pay funded except in a case of a dire emergency that necessitates additional police assistance beyond state and local police. Who the hell is in charge at the courthouse?

  2. Re-posted from from the Sheriff’s secretaries article of 1/14/14, since it relates directly to this article:

    The Sheriff’s hearing on Monday, 1/13/14 was a travesty. The judge allowed the matter to be lowered to the level of a domestic squabble, which he could avoid acting upon and instead turned it back upon the “arguing children” to “work out” on their own. The defense arguments were so flimsy — describing the questionable deputy patrols as “on the way to work” and “on the way home” — errands (my words), that it was extremely embarrassing that grown, “educated” men would misrepresent them as such. Had there been more than three members of the public in the audience, there would have been outright laughter at the silliness of it. Some people just shook their heads at the excuses. And, the telephone conference format doomed it from the beginning.

    There was a huge “elephant” trumpeting in the courtroom — thinly-veiled diversionary misrepresentations (lies) — but no one, except the Commissioner’s attorneys, would recognize the presence if it.

    Matters like the heinous behaviors mentioned in the “Secretaries” article of this same date, and the contrived, diversionary wordplay of the defense in the hearing, lead me to believe that the only real answer is to REMOVE the Sheriff from office. Things could hardly get worse, unless he physically attacks someone and harms him/her. And, at some point, the “parents” have to be responsible for the misbehavior of a child.

    The recall legislation is not in place, but the progress of it is important. It is for this reason that I posted references to it in the Discussion section. If it is not available for the present matter, at least it could be in the future. Please read it and even update or clarify it if you wish. It is up for a committee vote this week.

  3. Money is power. When you have the David’s family and the Better’s family money on your side, then that power is absolute. ANYBODY can and will be bought off on this matter. This proves once and for all that George David will walk away untouched. And will probably be re-elected in 2016.

  4. There must be a rat in the oven cause I smell it. And it seems like. It seems like the the Honorable Judge Bozza is the head chef. Its terrible have a hardworking taxpayers of Beaver County are being treated. they definitely need better representation. by the judge saying talk it over he’s treating it like a domestic squabble. I just didn’t see that coming from the Honorable Judge Bozza.

  5. I often feel very, very naive when I post a comment here. If the comments are read by the actors, they probably get much encouragement from my knowing so little about them and their doings. It is so obvious that very much more is going on, and that the incidents reported upon are just peeks into the hidden workings of the corruption. We must rely upon that which is reported, not our common sense realizations that the courthouse residents are part of a huge, interconnected mess. Without the enabling interplay, the events we read about could not persist. The Sheriff is only the most obvious actor, since he blunders into the public light. As time goes on, and the depth of the causes of the corruption is revealed, layer by layer, I believe that these Sheriff revelations will pale in the face of the discovered real problems. It took a century for these people to develop their culture, and it will take generations to get rid of their influence. It is a sad state of affairs.

  6. Jake Kirby, you mention the hard workers of this county. That’s kind of a joke. No clue on actual numbers but I’d be surprised if more than 40% of us are actually hard working tax payers. I stand behind our Sheriff!



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