Beaver County Judge Kim Tesla has ordered Sheriff George David to reinstate the license to carry a concealed firearm he revoked earlier this year from New Brighton resident Dennis McKee.

McKee saw his permit revoked back in February, after the New Brighton police notified Sheriff David about a complaint they had received against the man.

Lori Musser, who is a building manager for the Housing Authority at the Thomas Bishop Apartments, filed a report with police after a confrontation with McKee, who lived in the complex at the time. Musser told police that she was afraid of the man, who accused her of trying to steal a rug that he said belonged to him.

While no charges were filed against McKee as a result of the incident, Sheriff George David made the decision to revoke McKee’s concealed carry permit anyway.

Dennis McKee, acting as his own attorney, brought a lawsuit against Sheriff David citing a state law requiring the Sheriff to provide a written revocation notice that included “the specific reason for revocation.” The letter sent to McKee by Sheriff David simply stated that his license was revoked for “good cause.” McKee argued that it would be impossible for him to file an appeal of the revocation, as no specific allegations were made against him to refute factually.

Judge Tesla agreed with McKee, ruling that Sheriff David had violated the state statute, and ordering him to reissue the revocation — this time providing specific reasons behind the action as required by law. Sheriff David once again revoked McKee’s license, and Dennis McKee once again filed an appeal on his own behalf.

A lengthy hearing was held in August, where both Dennis McKee and Sheriff David, who was represented by Sheriff’s Office Solicitor Myron Sainovich, called multiple witnesses to testify about the man’s reputation in the community, and his likelihood to be a danger to the public.

In a blistering 33 page opinion issued today, Judge Tesla ruled that Sheriff David had made no effort to determine what Dennis McKee’s reputation in the community actually was before revoking his license, further concluding that there is no evidence the man is any danger to society.

“A person’s character and reputation in the community is established based on an individual’s actions and how he has lived his life,” wrote Judge Tesla. “Mr. McKee served as a Marine in Vietnam and received an honorable discharge. After returning home, McKee lived a productive life as a maximum security prison guard and as a truck driver for PennDOT. McKee, 66 years old, has no prior record and has possessed a license to carry a firearm for 35 years […] Based on testimony presented at the hearing and the documents submitted into evidence, the Court concludes that any conflict between Mr. McKee and Ms. Musser was a result of his pursuit of grievances against the Housing Authority and not any alleged threats of violence.”

“After review of the record, the Court does not believe that our forefathers meant that an individual’s right to bear arms under the 2nd amendment or Acticle 1 Section 21 require that a citizen is unable to express his or her views or is gagged, in order to be licensed to carry a firearm,” concluded Judge Tesla. “Nor should a lawful citizen, who has no prior record, and had been issued a license to carry a firearm for 35 years, have his license to carry a firearm be revoked based on hearsay statements that have not been substantiated by investigation of the Sheriff’s Office [..] The Court finds that the Sheriff’s conclusion that McKee has a reputation and character that is likely that he will act in a manner dangerous to the public is based solely on incorrect information, hearsay and speculation.”

Judge Tesla ordered Sheriff David to reinstate Dennis McKee’s license to carry a concealed firearm.

“I only went through to the 6th grade and that’s it,” said Dennis McKee after the Beaver Countian informed him of Judge Tesla’s ruling. “Myron Sainovich is a who’s who, a mister big shot attorney, and I handed him his ass by representing myself. Do you know what’s good about that? It means that we the people still have rights here in America, and we the people can defend those rights by challenging our own government in court.”

“And let me tell you, Sheriff George David is the last person that should be deciding who can carry a gun or not,” added McKee.

Some Second Amendment attorneys have already begun to praise Judge Tesla’s ruling in the case. “The Firearms Industry Consulting Group (FICG) commends Judge Telsa for his thorough Opinion, which was not swayed by any influence that the Sheriff’s Department may have over the judiciary in Beaver County,” said attorney Joshua Prince, who had filed a “friend of the court” brief in the case. “This decision is a testament to Judge Tesla’s ability to be a fair and impartial jurist, which should be applauded.”

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Glad to see the proper outcome in this case. I hope the Amicus Brief that I submitted helped Mr. McKee. As I haven’t seen the decision, would you mind sending me a copy?

    • Dear Attorney Prince, It is my belief you brief did help based on some case citations I was unaware of as you are an expert on the issue. I hope you can now cite this case from a high quality judge to help others as you did me. Thanks Dennis McKee

  2. When does it stop? He needs to retire/resign and save face. I’m afraid we’ll see on the news that he did himself and who knows how many others in. He needs help.

    • @ Joseph Wirag

      you are so right in every word with that statement.

      it’s now time for leaders to rise up..

      those in position to legally prevent, stop, and arrest need to do so before your opinion becomes sad reality

  3. Holy shit and then some. All I see is that Sheriff David dropped the ball, as did his attorneys.
    And here’s my surprise that he would not be humble one fucking bit, and have to brag about “handing the lawyer his ass”.
    His ONE AND ONLY victory. Hopefully, David revokes AGAIN, with proper cause.

    • Nikki P, If it occurs again, Dennis will “Hand them both their asses again” Them two are total assholes who are living in a world of make believe. Waccha gonna say when an hoest judge (As Kim Tesla) finds this crack pot sheriff guilty. He wants to lock horns with the State Police ? Yeah, we’ll see. Stupid is as stupid does !

      • I’ve been in front of Tesla, and he doesn’t put up with any shit. I can respect him for that. The sheriff will be found guilty, but it won’t in front of ANY Beaver County judge. I just truly believe that the sheriff’s attorney dropped the ball massively, and with all the bull surrounding the office right now, one can see why.

    • Nikki, throw away everything you know about McKee from this site, and focus on the Constitutionality of this case. If you do that, you will understand why his victory really matters. If he really does not deserve that permit, he will do himself in eventually……the legal way.

      • And I have looked at it from that standpoint also, don’t worry. The victory is important, but it’s the wrong person to have won it. He doesn’t deserve that permit, and like I’ve stated previously, I hope the sheriff revokes it again, and follows through with the proper procedures.
        The sheriff’s attorney had too swelled of a head to believe that a “common person” could beat him in court. Tesla doesn’t take any shit from anyone, I’ve seen that first hand, and also, he is bound by the law. He wasn’t gonna open up himself and the courts to a bigger problem.

      • A cornucopia (hey, it’s Thanksgiving weekend) of conflicting goodies. Nikki wants this important victory but just not for someone she seems to personally despise. Nikki wants the law individualized for her friends and enemies. Isn’t that what the sheriff already practices? And even though she has looked at it from all standpoints, she really doesn’t like this McKee guy. So what does the law matter when you have a personal grudge. And gee, if that sheriff’s attorney just didn’t have a swelled head, then maybe he would have beat the citizen and stopped an important victory. And the judge, don’t you know is bound by the law. Thanks for that insight. And if he wasn’t, he would have a bigger problem than just a pesky citizen and unlawful sheriff. Now everyone shut up. I’ve said my piece and that’s the end of that.

    • More words of wisdom from a person that didn’t know what is taught in High School government classes. You don’t need a license to practice law or any other Constitutional right. Wow Nikki didn’t you say I had no idea what I was doing and would be defeated And I blew it? Please tell us when was the last time you beat a who’s who of Lawyers a 25 year solicitor and president of his own law firm? Tell us about all you have done? If they dropped the ball why didn’t you help them? Why are you hoping I have no intentions of being humble when fighting for our rights


        That will be the end.

      • Nikki, I’m guessing it won’t be the end. So, on a public forum you engage him but he should shut up. How does that work? Don’t see much wisdom in those words.

      • Thanks Mikulin, They sure where not humble when they lied about me. And everyone of my letters has been a response to something she wrote she clearly knows nothing about like Public Housing is a gun free zone or her last silliness about you need a license to practice a right something high school kids are taught is not true. And as you can see I tried to change the subject to all the rights violations committed against the public by Dechellis including putting convicted rapists in with the elderly and having them be raped. That’s not an issue but my work history is? Or a magistrate that took an oath to follow the Constitution and has been denying the rights of the poor for as many years back as he has been on the bench. And other letters show how little they know about me and don’t try to find out. Like this is my first victory. Have have been helping people and ran friends of victims for almost 45 years and this is my only victory? This is a huge victory for us all and further shows the level of dishonesty and corruption practiced with the Sheriff and his taxpayer funded lawyer. I am ready at anytime to put together a class action against the sheriff for everyone else he violated their rights. The Sjeriff took my gun because I said if someone was killing our kids and our teachers I would take them out and I didn’t give a rats behind what he thought. Spike

  4. McKee is Looney but wise self taught.

    Little fucking Sheriff Georgie David and his fucking powder head lawyer STEALABITCH, when will you learn and listen you two fucks together would fuck up anything that was perfectto cause of greed and selfishness

    I love it Dennis McKee “I handed myron his ass” that should be on the wall in bar association…. with my 6th grade education..

    Had western beaver.. fucked it up
    Had moon twp. fucked it up
    Had the county of beaver… yep fucked it up
    Had aliquippa… fucked it up.. back for encore though

    Christ I could go on and on..

    I HANDED HIM HIS FUCKING ASS, I KNOW I KNOW MYRON GOT A MILLION AND ONE EXCUSES OF HOW HE GOT FUCKED, IT’S ALL POLITICAL, you will re file, yatta yatta, McKee handed sheriff his ass and myron lyron lol lol.

    the true benchmark of his legal career…



  6. @ Dennis mcKee and lol

    just think myron got beat by a guy that had 13 years less education but that 6th grade education that you have Dennis is 2 grade levels higher than George David cause that mother fucker got promoted the other 4 grades.

    you want to frustrate George David make him read crimes code on the stand, you will want to cry or die from laughing. whoa

    but agree the best moment in politics and courthouse musings last 10 years myron lost to Dennis McKee and kimmy tesla smacked that ass like a congo drum

  7. Myron Sainovich the gift that keeps on giving. How much did this speculation and hearsay cost taxpayers?

    Way to go Judge Tesla. :thumbsup:

    Can someone finally stick a fork in these turkeys, their done.

  8. So when this loon goes and shoots someone, David will come out smelling like a fucking rose…..
    Good work guys. Nice.

    • And rest assured he will shoot someone. If his ramblings on this site were not enough to question his mental capacity, I’m not sure what does. I’m a major advocate of the second Amendment and an NRA member. In a time of gun violence were so much emphasis, as of late, has been place on mental illness. Shouldn’t there have been some small inquiry into his mental stability. He has admitted to having Bi-polar disease and clearly displays symptoms that are evidentover a computer screen. Now, Speakthetruth, I’m going to reverse your comment Take everything in the past year that you have read and witnessed about this man, remove this Sheriff’s Dept from the equation and ask yourself would you give this man his CWP back. He brags that that he handed everyone their asses. He could have said nothing and the result most likely would have been the same. The SO screwed up by no showing cause. That’s it. And I’m certain that if this scenario played out in another county with an unscrutinized SO, the result would be different. Unless it is an obvious result, no one, at this point, is going to rule in the Sheriffs favor for fear of association. All bullshit aside, I agree with you completely.

      • Somebody break out the ice skates, cause hell just froze over.

        This may be the only time I say this, but SoTrue, I completely agree with everything you just said.

        I’m now speechless…..

      • So you are saying Judge Tesla wrote a 33 page report filled with case law that was incorrect and ruled against the Sheriff because he was afraid of being associated with the Sheriff? The ruling is public why don’t you get a copy and indicate to us all where Judge Tesla was incorrect. I would consider it an honor to be schooled by someone smarter and with more legal knowledge than Judge Tesla.

      • Really, there is a document from the veterans hospital I made public in the case that states I have no personality disorders or mental illness. Where would yours be? And you would be Dr. who?

      • Dennis, I swore I wasn’t going to engage with you but your bullshit warrents a response. On Dec 19, 2008, on a website called Scientific American (, you admitted to having Bi polar disorder while engaged in a conversation with a woman named Melanie and a person by the screen name of singularitynow. It is right here black and white. here is your comment to singularity now.
        “i have managed myself for many years with this disorder and I believe the key is to meet your needs for agression by participating in socially acceptable forms of agression. I have given myself a legal education and I fight for people that cannot either for economic, social or intellectual reasons protect themselves from a dishonest court system. My adversaries are always lawyers and always put up a real battle that more than meets my needs for agression. When I start feeling my bpd needs I go pee on a lawyer that is taking advantage of someone they shouldn’t be. Then I can think of what a great guy I am and many others, especially victims agree with me. As well, people with this disorder must change what they tell themselves to the unemotional truth as our feelings lie to us with great consistancy. They tell us there is danger when no danger exists and they tell us there is no danger when there is danger. I consider bpd to be a gift if it is properly managed. Thanks Dennis McKee Beaver Falls, Pa.”

        and here is your comment to Melanie.

        Hi Melanie, You are correct when people with this disorder do nothing to compensate for it but that is like everything else what we do about things is a choice. Thoughts and actions are 2 different things and we can control both of them. I can think about anything I choose and can do what I choose as well. This means I can both think and act healthy and not do the things you have mentioned above. Its interesting you mentioned criminal behavior as that my friend is also a choice and not a mandate. I can just as well choose not to rob a bank as I can choose to rob one. It boils down not to the diognosis but to the character of the person and what we choose to do. Dennis McKee”
        This is word for word. Let me help you understand that handed no one their ass. Like I stated before, you could have said nothing and the result would have been the same. The Sheriffs Office made a mistake. Simple as that. You lie, there for your credibility is shit. Nobody gave a second thought to your mindless ramblings before, they certainly won’t now. And since you are a WIKI-lawyer, look up the term “self incrimination”. you should fimilurize yourself with this term because that’s exactly what you did. You SHOULD NOT be allowed to carry a fire arm because you are a nut job. That’s the clinical term. I would be more comfortable with Hicks having a weapon before you.

    • To All, It seems the Times missed the boat again and is totally unaware of the proof that was gained in this case about building manager Lori Musser violating 4904 and lying on a court document. A Magistrate violating public Housing tenants Constitutional rights for many years and not knowing what high school students know about needing a license to practice law. HUD and Beaver County Housing Carl Dechellis allowing employees and tenants to have criminal records, violating HUD regulations routinely and in one case allowing a convicted sex offender to move in the building with a 70 year old woman (He was recently convicted in Beaver County of raping her) and many more astonishing things my investigation has shown. As to my case I would think because Attorney Sainovich would get paid to appeal judge Tesla’s opinion and bill the county probably around $5000.00 when the filing fee is around $100.00 he will appeal. As well, I will not start filing lawsuits until he exhausts all his appeals and he knows this as a judicial decision can be significant in a law suit. Don’t know about anyone else but I always thought double billing was stealing. Having George David as a client is a magic lantern full of money. Anyone read how much Bruce Cuttler got for defending John Gotti? And it seems Attorney Sainovich has a few problems with his billing department getting more than he charges from the taxpayers. (Rascals they would be) For the record let it be known in the Sheriffs Department I only criticized the Sheriff and his attorney not anyone else. However, the Sheriff violating our gun rights is the tip of the iceberg. The Times has written 2 articles about me and never spoke to me once. I wonder if the reporter spoke to my opposition? The Times printed the Sheriffs statement about me in the first article but no sign of my statement about him when I won. This speaks for itself and makes the need for this web site even more important. More on all this later. Spike

      • Yes, I always thought that some of the hoohaw around David was nothing more than an attorneys full employment act on both sides. It keeps the hours building up and billed. To who? The taxpayers.

  9. A 33 page ruling? Sorry Judge Tesla but Myron and George cant read that high. Someone better get the court stenographer to start drawing illustrations before they file a lawsuit against the county alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities act.

  10. Praise the Lord, someone has balls in B.C. Congratulations Dennis and Judge Kim Tesla. This just goes to show the mentality of the ASSHOLE sheriff. When David was a Quip cop he NEVER wrote moving violations. He didn’t know how. When he was appointed acting sheriff, it was because his cousin (Chuckie Betters) was good friends with our then govenor, Tom Ridge. Does that clarify why Betters has special protection ? Why do we have to pay that favor back ?

  11. doesnt suprise me. now if a beaver county judge would open their eyes and watch the footage of joe david trying to kill my brothr when he thought it was me…. in rooks parking lot 2 years ago. p.s. i want an alliby for mr wisky drunk joe david the night ann rocknik was brutaly murdered. just sayin…

    • With all your bullshit, not a whole lot of people take you seriously.

      There is a difference between “making a difference” and “purposely going out, starting shit, and being a general asshole”

  12. still strikes me as odd that the ambridge police and lindsey david knew to start setting me up on a warrant for failure to appear before i had a warrant for failure to appear…

    • Wow, way to legitimize anything you’ve said here, or elsewhere, Mr. Bruno. Good job.

      Sadly, you’re one of the ones who believe that screaming louder will make things better. It doesn’t. Sometimes, the silent ones do a better job. Think about that for a minute, if you can, in your addled little brain.


  13. The collateral damage wrought by this Sheriff is expanding and spreading, regardless of the questionable personalities of those affected. PA state representatives, where is the recall legislation bill?

  14. You lost George and Myron for no other reason than you chose not to follow the constitution. You can’t talk your way out of that in a court of law. Stupid idiots.

  15. Is anybody else bothered by the fact that someone who lives in public housing somehow has the money to afford a gun? Taxpayers pay their rent; in all probability we probably also provide the food on their table….guns aren’t cheap yet they have the funds with which to purchase a gun to carry with them throughout their day.

    When is the housing authority going to make their properties a firearms free zone? That would solve a lot of the violence problems that seem to run rampant in these slums.

    • So much to say….so little time. Here we go. I am not bothered by the fact that a 66 yr old man who lives in public housing has a gun because he’s had the permit for 35 years. That means he has had the gun since he was 31. Maybe he had a job back then and wasn’t in public housing?

      What I am bothered by, is the fact that you think making public housing firearm free zones will keep thugs from illegally obtaining guns and make those areas safer. What are you smoking? I am also bothered by the fact that you think people who live in public housing should have their 2nd Amendment rights infringed upon.

    • Housing authority property is already a weapons free zones. It’s in the rental policies. Along with a laundry list of other offenses for which you can and will be evicted.

      • If habc has these regs then why are they not being enforced there is a question for JD Prose??? 🙂

      • I’m seriously not trying to be a smart ass when I say this, but have you ever lived in housing here in Beaver County? If not, have you ever gone past some, and seen some of the cars that are parked there? Ever wonder how someone who can’t afford a regular apartment can afford a Cadillac?
        This is Beaver County. It’s pretty much corrupt everywhere.

    • Your ignorance is amazing. Some people in some public housing are aided with public money. Besides working almost 30 years with the state I served 4 years in the Marines, owned my own construction company in the 1970’s and drove trucks for 8 more years. Now I am restarting “Friends of Victims” which should be very profitable with all the people who have their rights violated. Please provide us with your work record. Spike

      • Yup, my ignorance is sooo amazing. You are right.

        I’ve lived in Beaver County housing, in a worse area than you did.

        I have no need to list my accomplishments, because, unlike you, I DON’T NEED VALIDATION FROM COMPLETE STRANGERS TO FEEL LIKE I’M IMPORTANT.

        Dennis, I say this with all sincerity: you need a hobby.

        Also, I will provide you with NOTHING of mine, because I believed it before, and I believe it twice as much now, YOU ARE OFF YOUR FUCKING NUT.
        I knew it wouldn’t be long before you were up to your old antics and bullshit that you were before. Have to have the last word, have to puff up your chest to seem like you’re more important than what you really are. Sad state of affairs, that is.
        Oh well, I believe that you will completely go off on a tirade, and I care not, for I will not answer you. I will be with my family, while you will be alone, with your computer and your pissed off mind.

        Hey JP, that “ignore user” button that another commenter mentioned, would be a godsend….

      • Why do your credentials change with every post. You need to write these things down so you can keep track of your fabrications. Your employement history is truly a lengthy one. Why are you unable to hold on to a position. Yor troubled work history speaks volumes as to why your so called non profit organizations are not currently active. My man you are a hot mess.

  16. Nikki I’m new here but what I’ve read here today points toward you being the resident lunatic with a bendt toward violence.

    • I’m sorry, but if you’re new here, I don’t see where you would see that I have a “bendt” towards violence. I don’t affirm or deny it, because it is neither here nor there.
      If you are truly new here, like you claim, I suggest that you go back, and read some of the MULTIPLE other articles written about this man, do your homework, then come back with an INFORMED opinion.
      Resident lunatic, not so much. Big mouthed, opinionated, wicked bitch, absolutely.

      • You mean like your informed opinions on the laws like housing being a gun free zone? Or how bad I was going to get beaten?

    • Nicki is fairly sane compared to Dennis..aka Spike on line one. He got barred from this site, Nicki has managed to stay on here!

      • Don’t worry, he’s already back, and up to his previous bullshit. Humble is not in this man’s lexicon.

  17. Nikki,

    Do you really think this site is about reporting? This is not a newspaper or anything close to it. If you think it is then who is the editor? Anyone with a computer can write a blog which is what this is. Terms like “reporter” get thrown around way too much on this site. Did you ever see journalistic credentials?

    • Dean,

      There isn’t a decent newspaper to be found in Beaver County, that reports what is going on. The Times is on SERIOUS life support, and wont step on anyone’s toes.

      When you want TRUTH AND CLARITY, you kinda have to step off the beaten path.

      Welcome to the age of technology, where most of our information comes from that little box in front of you, that you are using to read this.
      Also, just to make a point, did you happen to read the other article on here titled “Commissioners keep other elected officials away from press conference”?
      In the article, it is STATED that the reason JP was permitted to attend, was he was press with credentials.
      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, anyone can run a blog, it takes intelligence and diligence to make it successful and bigger than “just a blog”.

      • Oh Nikki,
        Press with credentials do not equal journalistic credentials. I am guessing here that you do not know any real journalist. All that I know do not belittle themselves or the degrees they have earned to ambulance chase stories at a Podunk courthouse. Where do these other ground breaking stories come from? Ohioville? BTW the Post-Gazette is still a very good newspaper. Print media is a dead horse everywhere. Beavercountian should rename itself to “guy that hangs out at beaver county courthouse looking for anything” kind of like a stalker.

      • Sadly Dean, I’m guessing that you really don’t know how to construct sentences or use proper punctuation or spelling.

        The Post-Gazette is just another paper that reiterates everything else every other print paper says. You will NOT find anything new on any story in there. They reprint the same things that all the other print papers do. Verbatim.

  18. @ angelette holtman, are you still the head of beaver county chapter of NRA?

    I was just wondering little over a year ago you praised in this very site and defended georgie David or sheriff that people got it all wrong even blasted John Paul before, since few deputies testified, grand jury filed charges ,a second one is under way, state police have been attempting to have his bond revoke, he is in midst of being sued for harassment of women and ohh yeah ripping off taxpayers off and YEP VIOLATING GUN PERMIT HOLDERS AND POTENTIAL GUN PERMIT HOLDERS ALSO USING OFFICE FOR POLITICAL GAIN BY GIVING AWAY DISCOUNT PERMITS AND FREE ONES, HMMMM STILL SUPPORT HIM?

  19. @ Dean I’m sorry but wow your screaming jealousy… for some reason it’s reporting, and because it’s not black and white paper with a editor, that’s s joke I give rats ass who or what motivates this site or anything about John Paul I’m just glad it’s here and he does tremendous job of investigative reporting, and gets information that’s unreal and factual. The local paper should be a shame for Christ sakes WBVP got him doing the noon segment now, with over 12thousand Facebook followers and few thousand Twitter followers it’s pretty impressive,I wonder the amount of unique clicks it has Dailey, in short this site has uncovered some pretty big things and not just the sheriff what’s funny a lot has made pittsburgh papers and local tv networks but not our local and being in law enforcement I’m glad it’s here.

  20. My My Nikki, Looks like you made yourself look like a fool again when you assured us all I didn’t know what I was doing and was going to get beat. Argue with you when you say such silly things as public housing is gun free and like all your other legal quotations you can’t back up anything you say. Come on Nikki quote us the law on that one? I will soon be bringing some individual and class action lawsuits against those who try to take our rights why don’t you tell me ahead of time how I will do so I don’t waste my time Perhaps you could base it on your own experience other than all the complaining you do. When you and your buddie Al Torrance where hanging around together didn’t you and he discuss your cases?

  21. Wait what, Please refer to Ben Franklin’s quote on being radical in the protection of our Constitution. Humility does not exist in his quote and if its good enough for Ben its fine by me. Had they been gracious I would be humble. We reap as we sow.

  22. Again, Dennis, I will state this, because obviously you’re a little slow.

    I have ZERO desire to engage with you, regarding this, or any other matter. Stay on topic, and cease harassing me.

    In other words, grow up, get over it, move on.

  23. You sure had plenty of desire to engage with me when I couldn’t write back. You would think you would have learned something when you were caught before telling people what laws said and then not being able to produce them. Now you are back to me being a little slow but I seem to be able to catch you in making irresponsible statements you dream are true on an ongoing basis. You need to face the reality of you saying something doesn’t make it true.

  24. Saki, JD Prose? Why, Nikki is the one that informed us all that Public Housing is a “gun free zone” All she has to do is tell us which law she is referring too and it could be enforced but alas she only wants to speak when shew gives her great wisdom and tells us what the law says not when she is asked to produce it. And she tells others they are not taken seriously???? Seems to me people that continue to make statements about laws they never read cannot be taken seriously. And that’s understandable as one cannot read something that is not there. How can anyone get called out for stating what a law says without even knowing it exists and turn around and do it again.

  25. dil gaf, You don’t care if the elderly get raped? I happen to know her son and he cares. Would you care if it was your mom?

    • John Paul,

      We get it. We get why you let Dennis McKee comment here again as he stood up for himself and won. He, if nothing else, temporarily shined the light on the incompetence and corruption of the Sheriff and Sainovich. For that I applaud him. However, I’d like to request you ban him again. He writes constantly and is nothing but annoying. He’s delusional and clearly has some problems. Bottom line…get him out of here!

      Happy Turkey Day Spike. Go out and get some fresh air.

      • Wait What I can back up everything I said with documents. Could I be delusional because you don’t like what I have discovered? Not a single word regarding the rapist convicted a couple months ago after he was allowed to move into public HUD regulated housing with a prior rape conviction? Other than “who cares”? You are more concerned with my freedom of speech? I thought it would be more OK Spike you said it, back up what you said. Does anyone seriously think the only misbehavior goes on with the Sheriff? Don’t you think our seniors being abused is more important than me having a permit to carry when anyone can open carry? And I was the one that made everything public including some of my medical records and most of you are afraid to give their names. If you recall a motion to close my case to the public was made and I quashed it?

      • I wasn’t seconding Dennis’ motion..I was seconding the motion to have Dennis re-barred.

    • Oh, Dennis, does that mean that you are willing to take the law into your own hands? Are you saying that you would become a vigilante?

      • @Nikki P-You stated at least twice on here that you do not wish to engage Spike, but, this is at least the fifth time on this article that you did! Just IGNOR him. He will grow tired and leave you alone. Just saying. By the why, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

      • After that last post, I am. The only reason I did state what I did, was that was one of the major questions that was asked of Mr. McKee, by Sheriff David, and was reported in the BCT. (if he was willing to use his weapon before calling the authorities).
        That was the point that I was attempting to make. I sadly do not have the article date handy, or I would post it for reference. I do know that it was on front page.
        But now, I am done. And also, Happy Turkey Day to you also, OhBrother.

      • Again Nikki read the definition of vigilante that’s impossible for me to do. Don’t you ever read anything before you speak? If someone is killing our kids and our teachers I am going to take them out. Judge Tesla said I was entitled to that opinion but you disagree with Judge Tesla’s decision? Please tell us why?

  26. So true, Perhaps if you would take the time to read the transcript all this was explained. At this time I thought I might have this disorder however further inquiry with the veterans hospital showed i never had this and have no personality disorders or mental illness. This is on public record in the case. Are you saying that anyone afflicted with this disorder is a nut case? Do you think it is proper to call people with disabilities names? That’s real class on your part. My evaluation showing I have no mental illnesses is part of the public record. When will we see yours? You are such a coward you won’t even give your name but you are prepared to now state a mentally ill person with a 6th grade education cleaned Sainovich’s clock? Bet he feels good about that. You would think you would be more interested in women getting raped caused by irresponsible public officials.

  27. Nikki who doesn’t want to engage perhaps this will get you to tell us what law makes public housing a gun free zone. Sheriff

    • Opps didn’t finish. Sheriff David, Mr. McKee what would you do if you went past a school and someone was “shooting the place up”. My q

  28. Quote If someone was killing our kids and our teachers I would take them out’ Unquote Is this clear enough for you Nikki Sorry about the accidental sending Spike

  29. spike I read tesla quote about being veteran working for state prison and being a penndot , driver I’m curious why are living in housing anyways you should have nice pension just get apartment, condo townhouse ect enjoy life and retirement.

    • Hi Mikulin, Yes it is true I have a good income and even have a new Harley. I had a 3 bedroom home I just got tired of taking care of. You don’t have to be poor to live public housing you just pay the full cost. Thanks Spike

  30. So true, I was elected to public office and my whole work history is and has been a matter of public record for many years. Troubled work history with 4 years in the military, 10 tears in business, more than 25 years working for the state and after retirement another 8 year job? Thats over 45 years work what is your record?

    • So why did you lie about having Bi-Polar you admitted having it. Leave Nikki alone for a moment and address that. Then after that I pray that you get banned from this site again because you are a loon.

      • Actually, SoTrue, (and please, don’t take this as me defending him, read on)
        He admitted to having BPD, which is Borderline Personality Disorder, in the article that you linked to from the Scientific American. Depending on which psychotherapist that you speak to, some will say that BPD is worse than Bipolar, some say not. BUT….
        In almost all cases, BPD is not a standalone diagnosis. It is almost always accompanied by Bipolar, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
        Borderline Personality Disorder, which he BRAGGED about having, after self diagnosing, is so much harder to treat than Bipolar, because it is multi faceted.

        Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is an often misunderstood, serious mental illness characterized by pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self image and behavior. It is a disorder of emotional dysregulation. This instability often disrupts family and work, long-term planning and the individual’s sense of self-identity. While less well known than schizophrenia or bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness), BPD is just as common, affecting between 1 – 2 percent of the general population. (This comes from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

        I just wanted to make clear that he was BRAGGING about having such a difficult mental illness, just one that isn’t as known as Bipolar.

      • @So True…I concur! Wasn’t it nice to have a few weeks without Dennis’ rants..OH, to have the days back when you could have a peaceful conversation about the issues….without the insane rants!

      • Hell, I’d even take SoTrue and I going at each other over this fucking toon….

        (said with the utmost respect, of course…. 🙂 )

      • Thanks for that info. I actually read a little about this disorder. The symptoms are serious. And as Nikki posted very hard to treat. VA medical records are NOT public records. So unless they are court ordered, no one has access to them other than the VA admin. They clearly don’t screen for mental illness prior to issuing a CWP forcing people to take this goons word for it. We already know he fabricated everything he says. Actually he is an attention seeking liar. Having served 12 years Armed Forces prior to getting injured and spent time over seas I can say with the utmost confidence that you Dennis are a sorry excuse for a Marine. Marines conduct themselves with respect. Most are selfless and practice humility. You are a joke at the court-house. They call you Crazy Dennis. You are one of those people who are allowed to remain because of the humor involved in your presence. You are a Jest, nothing more. I am embarrassed for you, mostly for your family because you bring so much negative unwanted attention. No one will ever call you for help and I’m willing to place a bet that no judge will entertain any class action lawsuit from the county fool. Everyone has had enough of you. If you have even a shred of self-respect you would go away. And I have a feeling Dennis is still banned from the site. He is permitted to comment on this article clearly because it concerns him. We have had our fun at his expense, now its time to move on.

      • I glad you got this all straight about lying. My friends little boy told me the other day he thought he had the flu but when he went to the DR we found out he lied as he had a lung infection. I see now I can put you on the list with other perfect people Jesus and my mother in law as it is clear you never made a mistake. Spike

  31. Yes Nikki in a case where they are killing our kids and our teachers I am willing to use my weapon and deadly force before calling the police. Let someone else call them as I will be busy. This is a part of the oath we Marines all take. Perhaps if you, the Sheriff, Sainovich or any other of these draft dodging cowards involved would have owned up to their obligation they would know this. I suggest Nikki if you don’t like the oath we take to “protect our Constitution and our people against all enemies domestic and foreign with our lives if necessary” you notify the Marine Corps post haste with your complaints and have them change it.

    • Maybe if he took his medication which he so desperately seems to need.How about a triple dose of Thorazine for starters?

  32. @Dennis McKee: The war is over. Apparently, not yours, though. Before I answer your last comment, I want to know SPECIFICALLY what you did for those four years in the Marines — times, places, duties. And, don’t embellish them. It’s important, because far too many “stolen valor” vets around here think that serving in the military is a free pass in life. Prove to me that you deserve the honor that you are demanding of the public.

    • Raven, what honor I deserved from the public? I served and my record has been public for many tears. The Sheriff and Sainovich were someplace else when our country needed them, were you? When did you serve? Spike

  33. After reading the BC for over a year I finally agree: Dennis McKee – STFU!!
    Dennis – You don’t know me from Adam, nor I you. However, I m sure my comment will be blessed with your wonderfully worded retort.

    We all know you won your court case against a seasoned lawyer (a feat you can be proud of), but LET IT REST! You go on and on and on and……

    Freedom of the Press is a wonderful thing where you are entitled to say anything you want, but it also allows those of us who are tired of your drivel to ignore you if need be.

    and that is MY suggestion.

    • If you check you will see everything I said has been a response to Nikki not writing anymore. I have tried to change the subject to Housing putting criminals in with senior citisens and getting them raped but Nikki is morew interested in other things. Spike

  34. The only thing worse than being mentally ill is bragging about it to rationalize and exploit one’s behavior. What is there, really, to gain? Nothing.

    • Raven depressive disorders are the “Disease of the Gifted” and many productive people throughout history have had them so if I had one I would not be ashamed but it seems I don’t. So the only thing worse than mental illness is???? Tell us more about how you feel about people with mental illness. Rationalize what behavior suing the Sheriff for violating our rights? Who have you sued? Spike

      • Dennis, this will be the ONLY thing I will be saying to you, regarding this:

        GO FUCK YOURSELF with your whole “Disease of the Gifted”. YOU try living it, you ignorant piece of shit.

        So you FALSELY CLAIMED to have a major depressive disorder, because you wanted to look smarter than what you are??
        What the fuck is wrong with you? You are a special kind of fucktard.

  35. Dennis…take your hands off the keyboard and put them back in your pants where you usually have them. Your ramblings are real evidence that your perception of reality is distorted. Perhaps you should not have permission to carry a firearm. I do not know J.P.’s motives for permitting you to comment again, but hopefully it is because he wants you to make so many aggravating statements that the moron sheriff does something else stupid (it does not take much).
    You are like the rest of the people here…you fancy yourself to be some kind of internet lawyer superhero. You got lucky, one time. As they say, even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut. I think that is part of the reason you don’t shut up…this is the one big thing you have done in your life, and you cannot tear yourself away from the keyboard talking about it.

    • That’s what I did Raven the Veterans Hospital report was done by licensed and board certified medical practitioners.

  36. Wow! Non-credentialed laymen and the clients themselves are diagnosing and interpreting psychiatric disorders! Leave the DSM-V to the licensed and board certified medical practitioners.

    • I would never think of trying to diagnose someone, as that would make me no better than he is. All I was attempting to do, was point out a slight error in interpretation that had been made.

      I would never try to step into that field, it’s enough to make you crazy…

      The biggest problem is that the DSM’s change so often, makes your head spin…

        Grandiosity is a symptom of mania or hypomania in bipolar disorder (aka manic depression). In the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (DSM-IV), it is used in combination with several other symptoms to confirm a diagnosis of this disorder. This symptom also occurs in children with early onset bipolar disorder.

      • Feel touched all you want, it’s unwarranted, cause I’ve no clue what you’re talking about.

      • No better than he is? Who have I tried to diagnose. I just asked you for the law on public Housing being gun free and you won’t even admit the question was asked. Spike

  37. Addressing the NRA issue: if you understand the difference between the different arms of the NRA, we’ll converse. Until then, go hide behind a screen name on the blog site…I’m going thru fb linked comments. #noconspiracyhere

    • Hi Annette I’m not hiding behind any screen name and am the one that fought for our rights and never heard a word form you so please explain to me. Please explain what you mean by different arms of the NRA as I spoke with them and they don’t know what you are speaking about either. And what do you mean about the truth of this case the Sheriff produce I believe 62 exhibits and everyone testified please explain. Spike

  38. Suing people and making their criminal records and behavior public is not harassment. Read the court case and what the judge said about her being caught lying.

  39. Well Nikki as per Mikulin where is your evaluation mine is public? He is correct about grandiosity and you clearly have other problems besides having no idea what the laws say. Spike

  40. Raven is your military record on file down at the court house so we can all see it? It seems anyone afraid to give their name would be too cowardly to have served but you can prove me wrong.

  41. Annette, Different arms of the NRA support the Sheriff and other arms do not? Sure looks like you belong to the one that supports the Sheriff so I think a statement from you should clear this up so no one complains about you to the higher ups. And please explain to us what you are talking about the truth in this case? You are a public figure and have a responsibility to your membership. Spike

  42. Nikki to your seems to be 9th letter you wrote after you quit writing.I well understand why calling me names is preferable to answering the question about the law on public housing is a gun free zone. While you are reading the DSM I suggest you read about people that swear and call others names to try to make their point. This is your response every time you get caught saying something inaccurate.

  43. And Stroker, Ms Musser is a vital tool in exposing the people she works for as she is so easy to catch. Things like the biggest company in the world saying she has 9 known aliases against her 49 criminal convictions and then her refusing to speak with the people who got this information. These charges match her address and DOB. The COMPANY said for her to call them and if any information they have on her is incorrect they will change it. But no call from Ms. Musser. Plus others in Housing with criminal records is an issue especially because a known sexual predator raped a senior citizen and was just convicted of it. Not to mention her getting caught lying in court is another crime. I have been exposing this kind of stuff all my life and she is very helpful because she is involved.

  44. I only read bits of the news involving this case. I did not see mentioned that the Judge relied on any medical records to assist with his opinion. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    While anyone can and does challenge open records law, don’t HIPAA laws require (at least for civil matters) patient consent for anyone other than the treating doctor and patient to view medical history? While everyone appears biased towards Sheriff David, was documented medical evidence produced which may or may not reflect conditions required by law to obtain or be refused a gun permit?

    It amazes me how this ‘flew’ thru the court with McKee taking the advantage over David in the midst of the Sheriff’s own public and legal thrashings.

    Just because the plaintiff has no criminal background (anyone could obtain a check easily), has anyone considered that McKee’s flaunted ‘red-flag’ behavior could be a signal of a medically documented condition and that he may’ve violated state statute as well?

    If ommissions are buried, the success of this case is flawed on so many levels.

    IMO the Sheriff did the right thing to revoke the permit based on the plaintiff’s behavior alone which clearly identifies some kind of defiant mental disorder. What could the Sheriff indicate on the notice of revocation without recognizing that the people who elected him to serve are accusing him of the same behavior?

    So let’s all just point the finger at David and ask – Who is calling the kettle black?

  45. Cwer’s Down, No one said the judge relied on any medical records to make his decision. I voluntarily submitted as an exhibit a document from the Veterans Hospital alluding to the fact I have no personality disorders or mental illness. This would constitute the patient consent. Consequently, there is no medically documented condition. Which must exist if someone is a danger. I have no I have no idea if the judge used the report or not as it was not necessary. Spike

    • So you are admitting that your volunteered document ‘alludes’ to something that ‘consequently’ determines a fact? Could you be more specific?

  46. Some with undisclosed or unrecognized diagnoses, when their condition presents itself-injure and kill. This is why those who are not of sound mind or hospitalized for such – are a risk and denied gun permits. This is spelled out in the statue, but who would self-admit this when they apply or re-apply for a permit only to be denied?…are they able to see themselves as others do or just plain lie? I highly doubt that most everyone who falls in this risk category are inclined to pull the trigger on innocent people but these requirements have to set the bar somewhere for all applicants and gunholders who account to this constitutional right. Gun applicants are attesting to truthful statements that if proven otherwise, could be grounds for criminal charges. McKees initiated a civil matter and was not on trial but it sure does sound like those he insulted were.
    @McKee -Would you still be a Marine today if you communicated to superior officers in the same bold fashion you exhibited in this case and with your (negatively rated) posts on this website? Were you not hospitalised during or after a sloppy divorce years ago because you were unable to function?
    A medical evaluation is not one’s medical history which, speculating by ages here, could be buried with the ashes of some now defunct former Beaver County psych ward along with any treating physicians. This is better than any criminal expungement.
    The truth will always be the truth.

    • Sure you accused me of not being truthful on my application for a gun permit and said I was committed to some kind of institution that the records no longer existed for. If there is no record of what you allege how would you know such a thing? If you cannot prove that it is a cause of action for slander. I have no problem contesting this you in court. IF you would take the time to read the posts I had given the VA permission to discuss with anyone who would call and give their name my medical history for the past 40 some years they have been my health care provider. You a4rew afraid to even give your name.

  47. Cwers Down, Not another coward hiding behind a screen name trying to slander me and avoid court? You are accusing me of crimes? No, I have never been involuntarily hospitalized in any hospital at any time for any reason in my life. However, give your name and we can speak about your alleged access to people’s defunct medical records, which continue to be available for background checks. Who is schooling you? Nikki? No such thing as an ex Marine so I am still a Marine today. Tell us what unit you were in so we can tell if you are qualified to understand what the Marine Corps oath states and opinions of my superior officers ((Whom ever they are). This way we can all be sure you are not just another draft dodging coward shill for the Sheriff. This shows the kind of person you are that you would expose a disabled persons record if you really had them. Spike

    • Avoid court? What’s that all about. What crime did I accuse you of?
      Let me address you here line by line
      I said nothing about ‘involuntary’ hospitalization.
      To my knowledge, depending on the now-defunct hospital, no one has access to some medical records – no one knows where to find them, even if they do exist anymore. So no, I don’t have ‘alleged’ access and so for these former patients with ANY type of medical admission, they aren’t available for background checks nor can they be made available to add to current records for medical history. If this doesn’t apply to you, then your medical history shouldn’t be difficult to produce if you had/have the same doctor for most of your life or consistently provided records to one office.
      Why are you dragging someone elses name into this, maybe it was you who schooled me. Why would you hide behind the Marines Oath to bear true faith and allegiance in taunting people to test you about constitutional rights?
      If you are a marine, why even mention that you don’t know who your superior officers.
      I don’t have access to anyone’s medical documents but my own. You mentioned ‘disability’, referring to whom, you? Why would you be so concerned about me disclosing a medical record? Is that concern for me or you?
      Were you ever diagnosed and disabled with anything related to a mental disability as defined by the ADA? There are many types of mental difficulties and just like some other medical problems, they aren’t detectable when in remission.
      I don’t have a problem with meeting you, preferrably at the Sheriff’s office since this involves a matter over which they have jurisdiction.

      • Veterans Hospitals opinion. . Sorry I sent this by accident before spell or any other check. Is it common for you to call people names? I thought only children did this?

  48. Yes, the document from the veterans hospital in Butler states I have no personality disorders or mental illness. I cannot speak for anyone but myself but I believe a reasonable person would conclude this would be factual. And you are Dr. whom?

  49. Spike: my name is NOT Annette. Lol. I do not work for the NRA. I guess the “NRA” has never heard of the NRA Foundation, or the Institute for Legislative Action? Look up the differences between the three distinct entities.
    The Sheriff has always been a great supporter of the FNRA, as well as the 2nd Amendment, for as long as I’ve known him. I don’t have “members” and don’t owe you or anyone else any explanation.
    This is the first time I’ve addressed you specifically and was not accusing you of hiding behind a screen name. I don’t appreciate the veiled threats.

    • Please forgive my error, If you do not speak for the NRA. I disagree with your premise the Sheriff supports the Second Amendment and support the ruling of Judge Tesla and The American Firearms Industry Consulting Group. He didn’t even support his own Procedural Manual with hundreds of gun owners in the county so perhaps you should investigate him further. The threat was not veiled I intend to get to the bottom of the lack of NRA support in Beaver County for our rights but that is not you and I misunderstood as I thought you accused me. Sorry, Spike

  50. So true, So you are a vet? A vet afraid to give his name? Someone afraid to give their name is going to tell us how things are. How do we know you are not a wanna be vet? You are saying like the other person I never won a case that in over 40 years of helping people and running friends of victims no one asked me for help? Please explain how you got my records? Did you want to take an IQ test against “Crazy Dennis” and put me in my place and make a few bucks? Looks like the VA Hospital doesn’t share the “Crazy Dennis” opinion there Dr. So True. Spike

  51. Whoooo….looks like someone tap danced on a nerve.

    Can ask tons of questions, but yet, won’t directly answer any, instead, speaks in circles….

    Thank you for the laugh of the night. (You should also note that this is not specifically addressed to anyone. Just a general observation.)

  52. Hundreds of gun owners in the county? Please explain. And please explain how you believe the NRA is not supporting us? Are you a life member, or a super lifer? I don’t play the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” BS. The Sheriff has never done me wrong personally. Your beef is your beef, not mine, and you shall never convince me otherwise.

    • I suggest you read the web site with all the complaints about the Sheriff and violating the rights of gun owners. I never heard a thing from the NRA on my case but I heard from other gun groups.

  53. I’ve been compelled to do some research on some of Dennis’ musings, and the results aren’t pretty. Aside from posting on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) forums, Dennis seems to fancy the existence of none other than Bigfoot and the existence of UFO’s based on postings in his name and prose on like sites. Dennis, how is your search for Bigfoot and UFO’s going these days? Do you have any compelling evidence you want to share with the Beaver Countian?

    Dennis stated that his BPD is a “gift.” This makes me puke in my mouth, as it is the same grandiose explanation seriously ill people use to rationalize such afflictions. It’s downright scary when people such as Dennis fail to grasp the seriousness of such an illness and call it a “gift.” People with BPD have a high prevalence of alcohol or substance abuse as well as suicide, not to mention problems with emotions, feelings of victimization and a multitude of failed interpersonal relationships. Sounds like a great gift to me, huh?

    Dennis keeps mentioning the “rapist” in a public housing site but fails to not only mention the rapist’s name but also where the rapist lives. Doesn’t the Housing Authority, like practically all landlords, conduct criminal background checks as a practice of standard procedure, or is Dennis simply having another “BPD moment?”

    Speaking of the Housing Authority, Dennis obviously has some weird fascination with his manager, or ex-manager. I’ve learned that Housing Authority employees fall under the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission, so does that mean that the Civil Service Commission permitted Ms. Musser to be hired with a criminal history or as Dennis alleges, an extensive criminal history? No criminal history can be found anywhere on for Ms. Musser as Dennis alleges, so I wonder if he isn’t slandering her, committing libelous statements, or generally having another BPD moment? By the way, stating facts in court does not equate to lying, as this sixth grader wants you to believe.

    As far as “handing” Myron Sainovich his ass, does Dennis realize that Judge Tesla would have committed political suicide by ruling in the Sheriff’s favor? Judge Tesla is smarter than that and did not wish to jump on Sheriff David’s Titanic as it sinks to the bottom of the Beaver River. Does Dennis realize that he was evicted from his apartment in New Brighton and a meaningless concealed carry permit doesn’t even matter? Does the permit keep him warm at night? Is it comfortable? Can he wrap himself around the permit, cuddle up and fall asleep? Bullshit, getting his concealed carry permit back is like winning a battle but losing the entire war.

    Dennis never misses a moment to remind us that he was a Marine. A Marine, like, 40 years ago! What kind of Marine was he I wonder? Was he brave in combat, a good team member, took orders well, etc. Or was he the kind of guy who argued with his superiors, was disliked by the whole unit and shit his pants when the wind blew and hid while his “brothers” fought for their lives? Based on his character as an elderly man, I bet he shit his pants at the thought of combat and hid from or avoided any kind of combat.

    If we’ve learned anything from this ever-growing thread, we now know that Dennis McKee is a delusional senior citizen with a serious mental illness. His marriage crumbled and he was relegated to a small apartment in New Brighton that he was evicted from for his continued infatuation with a housing manager that led to him spreading slanderous and libelous allegations against. At least he has a concealed carry permit that he can use to stop a school shooting if he happens to encounter one in progress! What a hero! Better yet, maybe he can shoot Bigfoot or take down one of those pesky UFO’s that he fantasizes about?

    His BPD leaves him at risk for suicide, and I wonder when he’s asleep under the Fallston Bridge if he doesn’t think about climbing to the top and offing himself to escape the despicable shell of a human being he is. What a loser, a complete and total failure, and of course, utter and complete human garbage.

    • All the way from the VA isn’t qualified to judge if someone poses a danger to belief in UFO’s and Bigfoot. What nothing on involuntary commitment and hidden mental health records the government can’t check on. OK I will speak on Ufo’S and Bigfoot. I believe in ufo’s because there are more stars in just our galaxicy than there are grains of sand on our planet and I believe in Bigfoot because of the Miticondreal DNA sample found in upper Ontario of a hominoid 1 base pair different than our species when chimps are 234 base pairs different. I understand what a true looser this makes me. The saying “dsisease of the gifted” came from a professor of psycriaty at the University OF Chicago and many of our brightest MENSA have depressive disorders. I suggest you watch the movie “a Bueatiful Mind”. The court records show the convicted rapist for you just like they do everyone else. If you want to stop being a coward and give your name we can go to court and debate the

      • You’re seriously going to try to compare yourself to John Nash, Jr?

        He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, not BPD. Also, the man was a holy hot mess, who had persecutory delusions, not unlike someone else here. He was also a grave danger to his wife and childs’ safety.

        I suggest you do some ACTUAL research, instead of believing everything the movies tell you.

    • Well I suppose someone like you that has been in combat would understand what it is like so thanks for explaining this all. Would I be afraid in combat? Yes terrified. You mean you were not? It seems I haven’t committed suicide or any crimes for 67 years how long has it been for you? Hiding behind the Marine Oath? Really what oath have you taken? You are afraid to give your name.If I slandered someone they can sue me can they not? The largest company in world that does background checks says Ms Musser has a criminal record and have offered to speak with her or her employer about it and they stand on what they say. I have only stated what they have said how would I know? Since she won’t contact them maybe you should? I will be making this record as well as others in Housing public. Judge Tesla’s opinion is online show us where he didn’t follow thew law? Looks to me more like the Housing Authority does political checks and does not follow the veterans hiring laws. Why don’t you post the statutes on this? More than 70% of the American public believes in UFO’s Should we take their guns?

    • If the research company is spreading slanderous and libelous statements about Mrs. Musser why doesn’t she or her employer sue them? I am going to make their report public so if she wants the proof of what they said all she has to do is ask. She said in court she was not offered a chance to defend herself after the letter from the company was presented as an exhibit. Easy to fix if she is telling the truth.

    • That’s very well written but harsh and seems somewhat bent to push McKee over the edge. Sounds like McKee’s posting history on this site has made a name for itself. McKee seems wrapped up with the Marine’s oath and will take any measure to defend constitutional rights, something akin to Ed Harris’ character in the movie, The Rock.
      In keeping with the seriousness of the outcome of Telsa’s opinion, all the posts written here commenting on McKee’s character, STILL are only heresay, but nevertheless, by reading these posts, and especially his own words, make this even a more concerning issue. This one case only PROVES how difficult it will continue to be – to keep weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn’t be behind a loaded weapon. How many times do we hear of these mass shootings by someone who didn’t have a criminal background but an undisclosed (prior to the tragedy) mental disorder, Timothy McVeigh was a war veteran himself, and the coined phrase – he’s gone postal (a former serviceman maybe). The list could go on and on with examples. The Judge here didn’t like his own decision either, but, with the evidence presented, he had no choice but to rule in the plaintiff’s favor. There was no medical HISTORY presented, nor a medical expert testifying.
      It’s embarrassing.

      Statutes are decendents of the constitution and his attempt to slip between the cracks with his one medical evaluation stating (or alluding to the fact) that he does not have any type of mental illness only proves that his symptoms were not present at the time the statement was written. It appears that he uses, whatever he either self-diagnosed or had medically diagnosed, to play a role in whatever fits into a violation of his rights. He’s either disabled for one cause or not disabled for another.
      It’s not the majority of laws in this country that are flawed, it’s the practice of this law that’s twisted and it appears McKee’s pro-se efforts are meant to distinguish this difference. McKee is disgusted with and despises attorneys but manipulating or cleverly outsmarting the opposition is exactly what licensed attorneys do. He jokes that he only needed a 6th grade education to practice this same line of work.
      Ironically he is willing to use a weapon to defend innocent children, teachers and neighbors yet by the same token, he is manipulating the law and forging the way for others who shouldn’t be behind a loaded weapon, to legally carry one.
      This is sickening.
      I just wish McKee would see the injustice he is doing and turn his permit into the Sheriff’s office. Maybe even the Sheriff would learn something from all this and turn over the reigns?
      @ ‘stackthedeck’s, wouldn’t this be real scary if this was one of McKee’s screen names and this is really how he felt about himself (or one of his ‘other’ selves)? Yikes.

      • @Gwen’s Down: Reading all of Judge Tesla’s extensive court findings and order is quite helpful for an insight into McKee’s comments here. It was not an approval of McKee’s conduct. Quite the opposite. It was a very uncomfortable decision, and extensively qualified, but based upon law and the lack of evidence against McKee. George David was wrong, but McKee is irrationally milking it for all it’s worth. The comments here are hearsay and biased to a large extent, but if something goes awry, investigators will be very interested in McKee’s hard drive and his statements.

      • > Raven ~ exactly.
        & McKee is tenacious about having the final word here.
        If this particular story thread stays alive, maybe he’ll ultimately weave himself enough rope.

  54. With over 13,000 viewers to this web site less than 10 have criticized me and only one gave their names. Not too bad I would say.

    • Look at it from another perspective, Dennis. NOT ONE person has supported you. Why? Unless I am missing your secret admirers in the wings, I wouldn’t bet on the other 12, 990 readers rooting on your behalf. If so, let them be heard. This article is about the Sheriff being made to comply with the law. A historic, ongoing topic. That’s it. You made it personal. On any web site there are the “regulars” who contribute. As I read the Beaver Countian over time, that group is expanding. Check out the number of people posting about the Monaca beating. All it takes to generate comments is a topic people know about and are willing/able to comment upon.

      • Raven you say this is about making the Sheriff comply and then you ask me about the Marine Corps oath. Then you claim to know how 13,000 people feel. You know how 13,000 people feel but you don’t know the Marine Corps Oath? Why didn’t you join yourself like I did and find out? You made the statement the war was over when I mentioned “Draft Dodgers” you wouldn’t be one of those wood you? How about it Raven did you serve? Supportive letters regarding myself are on this link.

  55. @Dennis McKee: “The Marine Oath”? Please tell me if this is different from the “Oath of Enlistment” used by all of the armed services, and modified to include the state name for the National Guards. Or, are you referring to the Latin “Codes” of “Semper Fidelis” and “Ductus Exemplo”? The Oath of Enlistment is legally valid as long as one is serving. The other two are codes of conduct for the Marine Corps.

  56. Dennis – I admit, I didn’t believe in UFO’s or Bigfoot until a UFO landed in my driveway this morning. To my amazement, Bigfoot and his hairy kin emerged from it, all eating Jack Links beef jerky!

  57. Dennis – me again. Still can’t name this “rapist,” huh? Who is the coward now?

    This no-name company that has the “goods” on Ms. Musser – hmm. Unless the company is registered and directly affiliated with law enforcement (FBI), which takes fingerprints and runs them against fingerprints taken during arrests, the no-name company is simply selling you what you want to buy. Who knows how many people in the US or even PA share her name. I know I’ve seen many variations of my name over the years, and I’d hardly concede any of them as an “alias!” Looks like I can infer through your incoherent ramblings that the Civil Service Commission does “political checks” and approved her hire? Do you actually believe the insanity you are propagating?

    Certainly I cannot speak for Ms. Musser, but maybe, just maybe, she feels your delusions about her character (like neglecting a daughter she never had) are so egregious she feels she doesn’t need to respond? Since you are basing your “facts” about her from a hearsay report from an unnamed company, you are definitely a target for a serious lawsuit my friend.

    A Beautiful Mind? Seriously? You are allowing your mental illness to be guided by a movie? Didn’t the main character have serious schizophrenia that caused him to not only be involuntarily be committed to a mental hospital, but also become violent and have visual hallucinations? Sign me up for this “gift” as soon as possible!!!

    As for me, I don’t have to do anything to appease you. How I live my life, what I do or who I am is of no relevance to the lies you have spread and I’m under no obligation to satisfy your delusional needs. Dennis please do me one favor, bend over and wipe your ass with that meaningless concealed carry permit that you got back through political implications. That’s about all it’s worth.

    • The name of the rapist is in the court record and he was convicted. If you can’t find his name with that much information you will have to wait until I release it. As to the company that has gathered the information feel free to question them and explain to them they are not qualified to conduct these investigations. You drew all these conclusions and don’t know the name of the company? You question my credibility when it is a major company that says this not me. AS to making a statement regarding Ms. Mussers daughter. I never said any such thing and I suggest you read the court decision regarding Ms. Musser’s credibility even with the out and out lie she told Judge Tesla caught her in. What is your concern, I will be producing all the evidence to support everything I have said when the appeals are over and we start a consumer protection Web site to protect the defenseless being victimized. Everything will come out when I determine it is time. Great story about the company not being qualified to do background checks but do you think the public will buy it? If they are so inept it should be even easier to show they are wrong on more background checks than just Ms. Musser. I have others, you know.

    • You are saying I have Mental Illness and the VA says I do not. Please tell us how you believe you are qualified to determine someones disability and the VA is not? Or tell us who you are and we can contest in court. I long before you mentioned the permit is nothing more than a money making scam. People can just open carry so how do you feel about all your tax money being spent on this case? My political pull??? got it back it wasn’t the legal knowledge of judge Tesla. Why don’t you write him a letter and tell him?

  58. Based on law and the lack of evidence and what else there Raven? Instead of telling us how 13,000 people feel and now how the judge Feels just quote the decision. tell us Raven did you serve our country or are you like the Sheriff, Sainovich and the administrators of Housing and hud?

  59. You don’t seem to read very good it was not me that has called it the “disease of the gifted”. It was someone that wasn’t scared to give their name as you are. Have you ever seen the list of the people that do have this?

  60. Nikki, do you mean research like you did with you need a license to practice law. This is the 11th letter after you quit writing so it looks like you can’t control your mouth anymore than you can with cheeseburgers.

  61. Serving your country does not give you a free pass. Not all are able to serve, or serve in other ways. Can I ask you a serious question? Have you ever shined a light into Mussers’ windows or lurked in the woods nearby? Not accusing, looking to clear up some things. I’ll admit I’ve read nothing about the case or followed the blogs. Another one…are you an NRA member? Not saying it would’ve made a difference or not, dont know! Maybe it did??

  62. Dennis – I simply don’t give a shit as to who has serious mental illnesses. Maybe some “great” people do, but there are also a ton of shitty people like you who can’t deal with it. In fact, the prisons and streets are full of people just like you. You simply can’t get out of your own way and don’t have the common sense to run out of the building (your life) that is burning down all around you.

    YOU are the one who first candidly discussed your mental illness, not me. I don’t need a PHD to read what is in front of me.

    A consumer protection web site? Sounds like another one of your BPD moments to me, another grandiose idea that will never come to fruition. Sounds like a microcosm of your life, doesn’t it? Here’s a thought, instead of trying to “help” the less fortunate, why don’t you start by finally identifying yourself as one of these less fortunate and get yourself some help?

    In the meantime, I’ll wait with bated breath for the time when you FINALLY release all of this information and “proof” you don’t have. Better yet, I’ll just chalk your bullshit up to a pack of delusions that cannot be substantiated. Truth is, there is no rapist, there is no criminal record of Ms. Musser, and there is no Bigfoot or Flying Saucers!

    I have to cut this short as my phone just rang. Some guy identifying himself as Bigfoot and wants to get directions so that he can visit you at your home under the Fallston Bridge.



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