Beaver County taxpayers won’t be forced to pay for an attorney to defend Sheriff David against an injunction being sought by the Commissioners, a judge has ruled. Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza denied a motion filed on behalf of Sheriff David by attorney John Havey, asking the court to direct Beaver County to pay his legal fees.

County Commissioners filed the lawsuit against Sheriff David in September, after an investigative report by the Beaver Countian revealed he had his deputies providing private security services for corporations including Walmart, Cinemark Movie Theater, Toys R Us, and Boscov’s, along with various “gun bashes.” Pennsylvania County Code explicitly prohibits Sheriff’s Deputies from performing official duties for outside entities. It also requires row officers like the Sheriff to seek consent from Commissioners before entering into agreements with third-party organizations, something county officials say David failed to do.

An audit subsequently conducted by Controller David Rossi revealed that Sheriff George David has been undercharging outside organizations for these security services, costing taxpayers in excess of $100,000 to date.

“The relief requested by Sheriff David to direct the Commissioners of Beaver County to pay the legal fees and expenses of his office with regard to the County’s various actions […] is not supported by any legal authority set forth by Sheriff David,” read part of the ruling issued by Judge Bozza.

Sheriff David’s Solicitor, Myron Sainovich, previously recused himself from the case, citing a conflict of interest. Sainovich is also being sued by the County Commissioners, who allege he double-billed taxpayers during his time as County Solicitor.

Sheriff David has continued to have his deputies provide outside security services, despite demands from the County Commissioners for him to stop. Judge Bozza has not yet issued a ruling on their motion for injunction against David.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Now finally someone has some BALLS. Georgie should be held accountable for all that he has done since the comminishers ordered him to cease his foolishness.
    Hit him where it hurts and COME ON GRAND JURY !

  2. Good I’m glad my tax dollars aren’t paying for his or his ass solicitor mistakes, yea pay the money back that you double dipped, I don’t pay my taxes to give to you, dip in your own pockets because you both got more money than brains.

  3. Finally! Someone has the guts to tell Georgie enough is enough. Hopefully now this whole situation will get taken care of and the people of Beaver County will be able to save some of their hard earned money.

  4. fire up the replacement enigine….. and let those horses singgggg

    beacuse capt.crunch is losing the battle it was a little slow at first but now wheels of justice look to be caving in on this creep

    compounded with a GRAND JURY that has to be close with its findings

    things are looking bad for goergie boy …. Wait he will get his law team on it LOL they did good so far … stalling now that is coming to the end.

    OK lets predict replacement for SHERIFF…. done deal Jack Erath until term ends

    Future ???? who knows but count on this it wont be anybody in the current office.

  5. Jack Erath? Isn’t he as old as the hills? Of course Georgie isn’t exactly a baby either, but couldn’t you name someone who is not connected to the political machines? You know, someone with a clean record. I know that is hard to find in our county, but we could try.

  6. Reason for the Erath name is and makes sense to a degree by a post read on here.

    Reason the Governor makes the final appointment to a vacancy, but purely its on the district recommendation. Which is the 47th senatorial that makes up 90% of beaver county. Tim Corbett will honor the pick of Senator Vogel, with recommendation of other legal biddies in Harrisburg for it to be a caretaker , to clean house and just serve out the term someone not looking to run when term is up.

    The 2 republicans would be Jack Erath or the most recent runner up who only lost by few thousand Sam Piccinini both of same party as the senator, the later may have snag because he would want to stay but could be ok with Vogel. Or a dark house could emerge like a retired state trooper that is republican with encouragement from the capital.

    But bank on it, the replacement will not be with in the department, only in acting fashion until replacement has been ratified, which I think some meetings to address that has already taken place.

    Amy and all the parties involved with investigation that didn’t corroborate or acted as a Schil, will be removed any direct hiring to current sheriff with grey margin of error will be removed also.

  7. So how much money will have to go to the governor to get the office? I mean, didn’t that happen the last time a sheriff was appointed?

  8. It wasGerry LaValle that got him in, rumor has it for 10k, then found out how much a nut he was and got Felix to run



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