It’s Sunday morning, here’s the latest from my reporter’s notebook:

Buchanan Ran In

It looks like there’s another face in the race for Common Pleas Judge. Attorney Diane Buchanan is the latest attorney to make the rounds in political circles to drum up support for a judicial candidacy.

Buchanan last ran for judge back in 2007, in a race that saw Kim Tesla and Harry Knafelc take seats on the bench.

I’m hearing Democrat Diane Buchanan is going to be coming into the race strong this time around when she makes her formal announcement, with some bipartisan heavyweights already lining up behind her.

Myron Announces

Former County Solicitor and George David confidant Myron Sainovich has announced his intention to run for judge. His previously private conversations about a judicial candidacy became public last week when he attended a meeting of the Aliquippa Democrats and let it be known he’s throwing his hat into the ring.

I’ve begun digging through some of my old reporting as part of a vetting process for judicial candidates and came across this apt quote by Democratic County Commissioner Tony Amadio from an article in 2015:

“We have beaten Myron Sainovich in court each and every time and the reason we keep beating him is because we have been doing the right thing, we have been following the law. Myron Sainovich has his own interpretations of laws that seem to be different than everyone else’s in the world.”


Former Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested For DUI On Drugs

Former Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryar Netherland has been arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police.

According to court dockets, Netherland faces a February 28th preliminary hearing on misdemeanor charges of DUI: Controlled Substance – Schedule 2 or 3 – 1st Offense, DUI: Controlled Substance – Metabolite – 1st Offense, DUI: Controlled Substance – Impaired Ability – 1st Offense, and a summary charge of Duties At Stop Sign.

Shhh! Don’t Tell Jim Christiana

Don’t tell Representative Jim Christiana but it looks like his Republican Board of Commissioners has appointed another Democrat to a board (we remember what happened the last time they did that).

Beaver Falls City Manager Charles R. Jones, Jr. has been unanimously appointed to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), to replace Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker. The SPC is a regional planning agency for the 10-county area around Pittsburgh, directing the use of state and federal transportation and economic development funds allocated to the region (approximately $33 billion through 2030).

Charles Jones, who previously served as the Chief of Police for Beaver Falls, went to his first SPC meetings last week with Commissioner Sandie Egley in tow.

Although it’s not the official reason (which is lack of attendance), the Board of Commissioners bounced Walker not long after they got word he may be making a run for County Commissioner in three years (it seems Mayor Walker is running four years ahead of schedule).

Take Me To Your Leader

The Beaver County Democratic Committee will be electing a new Chairman next week. Tuesday’s meeting of the Democratic Party will see former State Representative candidate Mike Rossi pitted against former Young Democrats Director Steve Dupree.

Outgoing Chairman Louis Gentile is backing Mike Rossi on behalf of the Democratic establishment, with the reform wing of the party pushing Steve Dupree.

Home Ruled Out For Now

Based on my conversations with several county officials, it looks like there’s going to be a delay in putting a Home Rule Charter question on the ballot. The current thought seems to be a ballot initiative in the May primary would likely fail, with more time being needed to educate the public and build a grassroots movement in support. If everything goes as planned, the ballot measure will be appearing when you cast your vote in the general election this fall.

Commissioners Camp and Egley are going to be pushing hard to see the initiative pass, and will likely be joined by a bipartisan group of row officials including Republican District Attorney David Lozier and Democratic County Controller David Rossi.

By law, the Home Rule Charter question can only appear on a ballot once every 5 years, so if it fails as it did back in 2008, there will be another long wait before it can be tried again.

I will be reporting heavily on Home Rule Charters as time goes forward, but for those wanting to get a head start here’s a copy of the Governor’s Center For Local Government Services’ Guide To Home Rule in Pennsylvania. The document is about 100 pages long and isn’t exactly a harrowing read, but it is kind of exciting in its own special way in that it describes how to go about eliminating the elected office of Treasurer.

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens / file photo by John Paul


  1. I would like to see JP hold on to this Bryer Netherland DUI story like a pit bull. This is going to show how the laws are different for us regular folks and for those who are connected.

    • I think you may be disappointed John Q. I am not defending Bryer but it was his 1st offense. Usually that will consist of ARD, a fine, and required 6 AA meetings attended. or something along those lines. The most punitive part being the $ cost. I hope we do not see him get off scott free but he should also not be punished more “just because” either.

  2. Let’s see. So many articles, so many names.

    Bryar Netherland, DUI, brother of Cebran Netherland
    Bryar hired by George David, did not complete training
    Cebran, former disk jockey, hired by Connie Javens as First Deputy Treasurer
    Bryer and Cebran, sons of Kelly Wolf, Judge Mancini’s tipstaff and sister-in-law
    Jo Lynn Netherland, wife of Cebran, asked Tony Guy for beauty contest backing for Sheriff department K-9 dog money that backfired
    Judge Mancini, Bryar and Cebran’s uncle (?), fired his secretary, Rose Boak
    Mancini hired chiropractic assistant Antoinette Lombardo as secretary
    Antoinette Lombardo, girlfriend of Judge Richard Mancini’s adult son, Caleb Mancini

    And that is the house that Jack is building?

    • You got it Raven. Don’t forget to watch Channel 4 at 5:30 about political hires and mismanagement on the PA Turnpike.

      • You think the county is corrupt… they ain’t got nothing on the Turnpike Comm and State gov’t

      • It’s on tomorrow. Maybe we’ll see Charlie Camp and all the people Connie hooked up.

    • We really need a county employee org chart that is Wikipedia style so that all the dotted lines and connections can be made by those readers that know the connections. It would be really interesting to connect all the dots between elected officials, appointed positions and positions that are filled by those above. And then go a step further, follow the flow of money to see who is getting the contracts and who is benefiting from the tax payers dollars.

      • I agree, RollingOverOzzie. I am currently writing down connections, but an organizational chart is the goal. That is not an easy thing to create. Look at my informal links above. How would you put those into part of a flow chart or tree? I will say with confidence, though, that many people would be shocked to see the visual display. And the relationships are dynamic, not written in stone. As I form links, I shall share them. That way, they can be corrected or improved upon by others. Eventually, someone might help creating the chart.

      • Raven, as I said before, it would be a outrage to know who holds the paper for county insurance policies, cleaning service, office supplies, fire extinguisher service, car repairs, car fuel, etc. We are probably paying for insurance for things that that we don’t even own. It’s a rigged system.

      • Using a “matrix chart” is a very good way to visually see how people. places and things are connected.

    • @Raven , I hope you don’t mind me taking the liberty, by adding ..- Mancini hired chiropractic assistant Antoinette Lombardo as secretaryAntoinette Lombardo, girlfriend of Judge Richard Mancini’s adult son, Caleb Mancini At a starting salary of $53,000.00

  3. John Q.: The only justice we would likely see in the DUI case would be if they called Psycho Cop and his dog to make the arrest, and we would be treated to another set of dash cam pictures of a new feeding frenzy. No, the Sheriff department is likely setting up a Go Fund Me account for the court costs and the kid will be signing up again for another go at Sheriff camp.

  4. Thank you Raven! It appears that quite a lot of employees are related. There are also people who transfered from one area to another. Does anyone know that some employees are not allowed to bid on certain jobs? In the past I remember jail officers were not allowed to bid on courthouse jobs, but if you were a clerk within the county system you could bid. Then came the placement of people who never worked corrections but because of cutbacks they could move to the jail temporarily. It all depended on who you were and being in the Union helped, too.

  5. You know, if the Sherriff’s office would get the policing powers that Rip van Marshall would like them to have, this DUI case could have been an arrest by a sheriff department deputy.

    Or probably not.

    (wink, wink)

  6. Dwan Walker has incredible potential as a county force. I watched him on “Steel City Tykes” and this guy can take us back to the good times in Beaver County

    • I like him because he’s a simple citizen who cares about his community. Do I think he has any idea how to fix Aliquippa or the county? Not really, but I’d give him a chance over Amadio.

    • I hope this is sarcastic? D-wan has made the Aliquippa Police Dept the laughing stalk of the county and beyond. He’s buddy’s with the dude he made Asst Chief who can’t even spell his position. He promoted a person who was the Chief of South Heights Police ( equivalent to a security company) to a captain. Walker is a joke.

    • Nobody can take us back to the good old days. There is only the future and the people currently in Beaver Counties government are not the ones to lead us into that future.Look around you. As bad as it is it will get worse if these people are not removed from County government

  7. If and when that family flow chart is completed, would be nice as a handout to potential voters in May. Am I dreaming, will make no difference they will still vote along straight party lines.

  8. The meeting Myron attended in Aliquippa was also attended by all of the candidates running for Judge, as well as the candidates for Democratic Committee Chair. The quick mention makes it seem the meeting was solely about him, it was not.

    • Fuck Aliquippa that corrupt crap hole of a city cause nothin but probs for the county! Myron still city solicitor right? Fucking joke.

  9. After reading the Gov Guide to Home Rule, (Thank you JP for providing the link above), I have grave concerns about implementing home rule at the county level. In theory it all sounds great that regular citizens would study the Government operations and make recommendations for improvements. Then put those recommendations to a vote on the election ballots. However, I see Home Rule as merely duplicating a form of government we already have and increasing expenses with little benefit. My reasoning is as follows:

    Being the skeptic that I am I do not believe the elected Home Rule commissioners would be regular concerned citizens. I see it as an opportunity for more nepotism and more of the “recognized” names of failed politicians. While politicians like Tony Guy and Jim Christiana are not going to run for this commission I am sure they will want to stack it with as many minions as they can. It is also great publicity for future candidate name recognition. Just imagine people like Frank Martocci. Lou Gentile, George David, Renee Javens-Zuck and five or six deputies on the board. The average Joe/Jane is not going to run, they are too involved with their own lives to be concerned with politics and government and chances of being elected vs the big names are slim.

    “A study of the home rule experience in 7 Pennsylvania jurisdictions in 1973 and 1974 […] Members were heavily involved in civic organizations and one third had held some appointed or elected position in local government.” (Quoted from the Home Rule Guide.)

    Home Rule works best if Citizens voice their opinions and concerns to the Commission. Then the Commission does a study and recommends changes be put up to a vote in the elections. However, That is really not much different then what we have now. Citizens can voice their opinion at the weekly County Commissioner’s meetings but very few do. The Commissioners can then implement changes as needed. That is what we elected them to do. Most Citizens do not take the time to research and study what is really going on in Government. That is why they believe the sheriff needs more money for dogs and drug investigations etc…

    “The greatest disappointment expressed by commission members was the low level of public involvement and interest in the commission’s activities.” (Guide)

    The Cost for Home Rule would also be rather high. Where would they hold meetings? The County Courthouse in the evenings? Then we have to pay deputies overtime to man the metal detectors and provide security in the meeting room. The Home Rule Commissioners may not be paid but they will have paid staff, Imagine a $52,000 yr secretary for each of the 9 or 11 commissioner. Seem far fetched? Ask Judge Mancini. There is also supplies and expenses. The cost of home rule will quickly run into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of $ yearly. Another tax increase to pay for it? The Continental Congress was volunteer, not paid and only met a few times a year in the 1700’s Look at what the budget for congress is today. It doesn’t take long.

    My suggestion instead of Home Rule is for people to get active in Government. Attend meetings, ask questions, write letters and phone calls, be informed and VOTE for individuals not parties. Hold the politicians accountable! Home Rule is just another unnecessary Government expansion.

  10. My hope for home rule is solely to reduce the useless positions like coroner, treasurer, register of wills, prothonotary, etc. It’s the 21st century, a good computer programmer could probably organize all the above waste into one directorate. get a medical examiner instead of coroner, then cut out cost of autopsies by “QUALIFIED” ME. I agree, people need to get more involved. After they raise your taxes is way too late to bitch.

  11. Watch what you wish for on home rule. We’ll have 7-9 people on council making 50-60K. You may get rid of row offices but you’ll gain county council positions who appoint who they want. In the end it’s a wash if you’re talking about elected positions.

  12. County council should NOT be paid positions. They could meet at night or on a weekend and that eliminates having to keep courthouse open for the Midget to add MORE overtime for the mall guards. That would defeat the whole purpose and eliminate the hacks looking for an easy pay day. There is no more need for a full time council than there is for a useless Sheriff, treasurer, DA, Coroner, Prothonotary, Recorder of Deeds, etc. Cut the government to the bare essentials decided upon by the members drafting the charter. No government hacks need apply, citizen government by the people is the objective or else we find another way to dismantle the RICO operations at the courthouse. Get involved people as much as you can, meetings are Wednesday mornings at 1000 and you are all welcome to come and ask questions of your “Employees”, whether they like it or not. Open government. Call FBI at 412-432-4122 and ask them to convene grand jury for Beaver County government and major drug running operations, not the street dudes selling nickel bags. Heroin is flooding into this county from somewhere. Any guesses? it isn’t cheap and is not easy to traffic unless you have corruption in the law enforcement locally and big bucks to bankroll it. Make the connections and guess where they lead!

  13. This is funny JP report ls this ASAP on the Sheriffs office. Yet when an Asst Chief of Police gets a DUI & it gets brushed away in W. Virginia he reports nothing about it. Hhmmm journalist or scandal sheet
    Tell me if I’m wrong???

  14. In my mind, the most useless position is that of the Controller, at least in Beaver County. By definition – An elected row officer, the controller is the chief financial officer and chief auditor. He exercises general supervision and control over the county’s financial affairs. He is authorized to examine the accounts and official acts of all officers or other persons who collect, receive, or disperse the county’s money. The controller sits on the retirement board, salary board and prison oversight board. He is the final, independent check on the fiscal activities of the executive and legislative branches of county government as well as the independently elected officers and courts. As we all know, Rossi and his guy pal Luckow FAILED in their duties while the Democrats held a majority on the Board of Commissioners. Did they provide oversight to your favorite target, CTJ or the Sheriff or the BUDGET? NO but Rossi had no problem notifying the new Republican commissioners of the shortfall. The ability to THINK and REASON is not present in many of the “commentors” on this site. Getting rid of the Controller is not an option BUT would someone finally start to scrutinize the BS coming from that elected official? It’s abominable – INDEPENDENT OVERSIGHT, FOLKS! HE DIDN’T DO HIS JOB!!!!!!! FOR YEARS!!!!! AND HE’S STILL THERE!!!!! And many of you are worried about the Treasurer? NO COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!











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