Like overweight hamsters on an exercise wheel, Beaver County government is still struggling to get back up to speed following the holidays. The Board of Commissioners spent much of their official work session talking about the roof on a sugar shack in Brady’s Run Park, but behind the scenes more interesting happenings were afoot.

As I continue my work on a couple of investigative reports, here’s the latest juicy juicy from my notebook today:

Poetry By District Attorney David Lozier

As I reported yesterday, several sources noticed some new faces flashing badges at the doors to the courthouse last week before asking for directions to the District Attorney’s Office. Last night I received the following response via text message from District Attorney David Lozier, which he green-lighted for publication:

No “new badges” came to my offices last week, no fed and/or state badges, none new and/or none old.
All was quiet in Whoville to be told.

No wires, no audits, no bugs and no news.

I wish it were as exciting as the sources may say.
Far too quiet last week, really, no one came out to play.

District Attorney Lozier gave me a call this afternoon to say after some thought he believes the people seen flashing badges and going into his office were actually non-law enforcement municipal officials, who may have had badges assigned to them so they can access emergency operations centers. Lozier has been holding meetings with municipal officials concerning his county drug task force.

And Now Some FBI News Involving the District Attorney’s Office

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Elias has officially resigned from the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office.

District Attorney Lozier tells me Elias has been hired by the FBI, and will be starting her training at their Academy in Quantico, Virginia soon.

“She is a good attorney and will be missed,” Lozier told me. The District Attorney said his office is already at work looking for a suitable replacement. “We advertised online and received over two dozen [applications], going over them this week.”

Republican Commissioners To Appoint Democrat Wayne Kress To Advisory Board

Reaction by the Board of Commissioners was swift to news that controversial former Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Tallon was being recommended for appointment to the county’s Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council.

Commissioners Sandie Egley and Dan Camp both tell me that all three Commissioners are denying Tallon’s appointment to the Board, and have all instead agreed to appoint former Democratic Sheriff candidate Wayne Kress into the position.

Kress has become a regular face in the audience at public meetings of the Board, where he continues to be an outspoken critic of Republican Sheriff Tony Guy.

It doesn’t take much to see a message by the Commissioners in denying the appointment of Randy Tallon — a staunch supporter of both Sheriff Tony Guy and former Sheriff George David — and instead bringing in political rival Wayne Kress to fill the spot.

Kress has said he will accept the appointment and Commissioners say paperwork is being completed to make everything official.

Another Attorney To Announce Candidacy For Common Pleas Judge

I’m told that an attorney read yesterday’s edition of JP’s Notebook and after having conversations with some of his colleagues and other politicos has now decided to make a run for Common Pleas Judge.

Attorney Bill Braslawsce is expected to issue an official press release sometime this week.

Perhaps most excited to hear this news will be Magisterial District Judge Tim Finn; Braslawsce had been talking about making a run against Finn for Beaver Magistrate.


  1. Hey diddle diddle,
    connie plays lozier’s dick like a fiddle,
    friendship ridge ran away with our loot,
    little tony guy laughed to see such a sight,
    while dennis nichols insisted connie did right.


  2. Braslawsce tried it b4 & lost. Sorry but, Judge Finn is not “exited”, and/ or would he be concerned about anyone making a run against him.

  3. Hickery dickery dock
    Javens shears the flock
    Lozier sees no crime
    So he spends his free time
    Being a fucking comedian instead of doing his fucking job

    Ok, so that last line doesn’t complete the limerick, but it’s accurate

  4. Well, d.a. Lozier we should have the f.b.i. or feds called in and put you in your place . The shit your pulling makes Nixon & watergate look like an angels. From the friendship ridge deal, to calling off the state police , hiring the consulting firm and done nothing in my opinion, you fucked the taxpayer’s. Happy 2017 in my opinion you have no b***s lets cover up the sludge in the swamp. You have proven already you are one of them already. People won’t forget what’s been done in your first year term. You will never be elected again these people in county can see right through you. I believe they pay you 170,000.00 per year . It’s sickening you do this to the people who elected you BENYO FOR D.A.! JP great job we need this low life out true disgrace to the taxpayer’s of course it’s mt opinion and others.

  5. old mother javens went to her office
    to get her poor kids some jobs
    but when she got there her office was bare
    she was chased out of the court house by mobs

  6. Old queen Connie was a blackened old soul
    and a blackened old soul was she!
    She called for more staff, she called for more cash,
    then she filed lawsuits against you and me.

  7. its getting fun!

    row, row, row officials,
    spending all our riches,
    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    i say fuck you to all them bitches!

  8. D.A. LOZIER I am glad to see you took time out of your busy day to respond and to acknowledge that you read the Beaver Countian. I am glad because I want you to know my opinion. You are a smug and arrogant man, and frightened by your own shadow. You have/had an opportunity to make a difference.
    Lozier said his office is already at work looking for a suitable(Ashley Elias) replacement. Check with Jimmy first this time around.
    Lozier (In his first weeks after being elected) announced he was hiring State Representative Jim Christiana’s mother(Kathy Eckelberger ) to work as the head clerk in his office.
    Lozier’s fellow Republicans said the hire would undermine everything they campaigned against as a party, BUT the District Attorney-elect insisted he needed someone in his office he could trust.

    • By the way if Kathy Eckelberger who is Jim Christiana’s mother – accepted this position, County records show the job comes with a $50,000 salary.

  9. It’s laughable how “Loser Lozier” is so full of himself, as he smugly baits the BeaverCountian and its’ commenters like he’s untouchable, and gloats away. HaHa!! I’ll bet he chortled as he wrote his little ode. My, aren’t you the cute one, Davie? But remember, he who laughs last, laughs best.

    At least I know he reads the BeaverCountian. So read this one Loser:

    Eenie meenie miney mo
    Catch a “Loser Lozier” by his toe
    If he hollers let him go
    3 years and YOU ARE OUT.

    Congrats to Wayne Kress and the County Commissioners! And speaking of only 3 years:


  10. After reading Lozier’s poem I have to ask: REALLY?
    No wonder Connie walks around so damn freely.
    I would have thought he could hear the mob
    All screaming for you Lozier to “Do Your Job!”
    Instead of a DA we elected a Poet
    Lozier missed his calling and we didn’t even know it.

    It would seem Lozier has more time to make silly rhymes
    Then he does to investigate or prosecute obvious crimes.
    For him Mr Benyo has laid it all out
    As to Connie’s guilt there is no doubt
    A bullet proof case he may wish to make
    But after a year one wonders; Who’s on the take?

    The State Police came and he chased them away
    “I’ll have my boys do it and they will do it my way”
    JP gave us hope when yesterday we read
    Badges were flashed. Can it be the long lost Feds?
    “I wish it was exciting” Lozier was heard to say
    But I’m in control and “no one came out to play”

    So a year goes by and the people still suffer
    With Connie’s antics and Lozier as her buffer
    Our faith in Lozier seems to be misplaced
    It is the DA’s office that he has disgraced
    With deafening silence and missing cash
    Lozier will never find Connie’s hidden stash

    Disclaimer: The opinion expressed is my own and not necessarily that of JP, The Beaver Countian, or it’s commenters. The sole purpose of this comment is to exercise my 1st amendment rights and engage in a flow of information.

  11. Connie the Con;

    Taxing is a habit
    Nepotism is the game
    The Connie gets the pleasure
    The people feel the pain


    My pencil dick is red
    Itty bitty balls are blue
    You plebes thought id do the job
    The fuckin jokes on you

    Well Mungo never claimed to be a poet!

  12. Connie had a little scam,
    little scam, little scam,
    Connie had a little scam
    she fleeced as all like blow.
    And every where that Connie went,
    Connie went, Connie went,
    and every where that Connie went,
    our money was sure to go.

  13. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
    Catch Connie Javens by the toe,
    If she hollers Lozier let’s her go,
    Shove. It. Up. Your. Ass.

  14. At least we now know what Stonewall has been working on for the last year. He sure a shell ain’t investigating anyone unless it is the raccoon who tipped over my garbage can yesterday. That will only take abut 2 years to investigate. His job in three years, a clown poet. Everyday I read the Countian I am more dismayed at the sheer stupidity and laziness/ineptitude of elected officials. Where the f-ck are all the reasonable hard working people with the scruples to fix this? Maybe we are all sheep enjoying being fleeced by the row office whores and losers. We need row office reform and home rule NOW! Let’s get the ball rolling and shut down the circus. We are being overpopulated with clowns at the courthouse. get Moe, Larry & Curly in there to fumigate. They’d have more brains and managerial skill than the losers we have now. 3 more years people. We survived the worst President ever so we can survive 3 more years. GW & Obama back to back. America is truly a great place to survive such ineptitude & lack of vision. Term limits should also be on the ballot across PA.

  15. Stonewall be nimble, Stonewall be quick,
    We’re finding out you are one dumb dick,
    1 year in office and no end to Connie in sight,
    Can’t wait for 3 more years to turn out you lights.
    You are truly a f-cking loser Stonewall. Grow a set of balls or borrow some. Yours are shriveled up.

  16. Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Who’s the slickest bitch of all,
    Why it’s you Queen Connie,
    you old f-cking bag,
    Your face looks like you’re 100 years old,
    but that don’t fool us,
    they’ll never find your gold.
    Stonewall Lozier will cover your ass
    While you continue to hide the stash.
    One day you will meet your maker,
    You sick old bag you’ll pay for being such a taker.

  17. christiana was up and at em. Posting on facebook, rallying his fb friends in the on going battle jimchristiana v.s. Sandie Egley/Wayne Kress. Not at all surprised to see one of his fb friends post Randy Tallon is a nice guy. That may be, but I have never gone to a restaurant, because the owner is a nice guy, it’s about food and service. Larry Bittner another fb friend ask’s, what’s Egley’s agenda? Maybe he should attend a open meeting and ask her.

    • My personal opinion is that Egley got a glimpse of the ‘man behind the curtain’ when they asked her to join them, and she rejected them outright. When the power brokers ask you to be a part of the club and you refuse, you’ve become the enemy. That’s why JC and his boot-lickers hate her so much. She doesn’t play their games. Having someone at that level rebuff you threatens the entire business, the curtain doesn’t offer as much protection any longer. They hate her because they don’t have the ethics that she has. Her honesty reflects and magnifies their sleaziness.

      • Hey Penny this is for you! Sandy votes yes. Voters say no. In three more years. Her ass will go

  18. Little Stonewall Lozier,
    Come blow your own horn.
    Connie’s plundering the county,
    The row office workers are surfing their porn.
    Where is the Midget Sheriff,
    Who looks after the sheeple?
    He’s hiding in the basement,
    He’s plotting how to expand his empire at taxpayers expense,
    (Will you wake him from his delusional slumber?
    No, not I,
    For if I do,
    He’s sure to cry!)

  19. Why are you protecting the Courthouse Cosa Nostra, David Lozier? Because it’s more than Connie Javens isn’t it? It’s the whole de facto organization that stands to lose if the Treasurer’s files are opened and a multitude of names fall out. From the capos to the soldiers to the supporters in the public.

    This might have been a playful way to respond, David Lozier, but people playing loose with our money is not child’s play. Someday — next year, in four years, eight years or when they carry her out due to old age — SOMEONE, INEVITABLY will see the files and put all of the pieces together. My guess is John Paul. By protecting her, you are now part of that history, and it will not serve you well. The failed attempt at rhyming lines borders on being a taunt.

    But it is a foolish one. It shows the childish nature of your thinking about some very serious topics. In a few days, I shall have to make out a check for taxes that will be more than a hundred dollars more than before, due to money being mishandled by the former Commissioners and the Treasurer and other money handlers. That bothers me — a lot. And now, you are just adding salt to the wound.

    I don’t have a made-up poem for you, but I do have one from John Donne that fits you pretty well:

    “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, by John Donne (“No Man Is and Island”)

    No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thine own
    Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me,
    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.

  20. I’m no poet, so I don’t have a poem for you Mr. District Attorney. As a resident and a taxpayer of this county, I want to tell you that after that whole big Friendship Ridge scandal of dumping county funds into their bank account with those one signature withdrawals and Madam Treasurer negotiating jobs and service contracts for her family and friends behind closed doors. I feel that the taxpayers have been defrauded and you sir are not doing a damned thing about it.

  21. I might be angry about the taxes, but I shall not tolerate such an indignity against Dr. Seuss. Please say you are sorry about the corny rhymed sentences, Lozier, and the sordid reference to a town we all love. Fortunately, we all know who the Grinch is.


  22. Old Mother Javens went to the cupboard to get Comp Healthcare a check, when she bend over Lozier took over and gave her a……..

  23. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. By all accounts, Wayne Kress is a good man however his resume is lacking. A career spent working for the State Police on the Turnpike doesn’t even qualify you to be an experienced cop let alone Sheriff or on the board he was just appointed to. Tony is definitely dropping the ball and there should be some qualified candidates lined up to run against him.

  24. This is my first, and LAST, time on this site. Each and every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves! Your banter is reminiscent of grade-school playground chatter! We would ALL do a lot better if we talked WITH and TO each other, rather than simply talking ABOUT each other. Grow up!

    • Here is your chance, Daniel, give instructions for polite conversing. But you miss some points — the nature of the website for investigative reporting, the subject matter — corruption — that sets it apart from mainstream newspapers, and the people who are being harmed by the corruption that is discovered. Do something about the anger that is generated to allow civil discourse. People vent because of what they discover. This is not an individual or group therapy milieu that can be managed. This is not a college class in group dynamics. It is raw, because it almost has to be to get people’s attention. For a person with 20+ years of experience, you seem to have a certain amount of naïveté about this kind of media dynamic. Sure, some of it is reprehensible, but on the whole, the effect it has upon the perpetrators of corruption is undeniable, and I’ll tolerate that until you show how to do it in another more pleasing way.

      • Actually, Daniel, using your credentials red flagged you. Whether it is advertising, ego, or just habit, don’t do it. If you can’t say something credible without them, it’s disingenuous and amateurish among people in the field — a little like the honorary doctorate, which should not be used either.

      • @ Raven; I think you are right on target! Don’t forget what happened the last time a Concerned Citizen tried to do it Daniels way by talking WITH and TO a public servant at a public meeting. I was not there so I will not comment on it.
        I am just glad JP WAS there and did tell me about it. As well as all the information I learned from the commenters present.

    • @Daniel Ferguson, MSW, LSW , LMNOPENTA.
      Thank you so very much, you are 100% correct. I now see how my approach has been, reminiscent of grade-school playground chatter and I have taken your advice, I am ashamed. Wow, am I glad you chose this ONE time to read and to comment. Your insight will help to release the guilt from my soul. Thanks once more, and can you recommend a dog to help me further in my recovery.
      By the way …You are a JACKASS.

    • I think Daniel needs a nice warm fuzzy puppy, a coloring book, some crayons, and a crying room to help him feel better. You know, just like the same BS he tells other people. Yep, he is a JACKASS!

  25. In my opinion it’s “YES, Lozier we are a team I have 25 years at this Im a professional scandalous lady” I just want to get along as I can take commentators to court. I own there 1st amendment right on this blog. I can scream and point at ex- veterans at meetings, break the law, not sign off and follow County procedures on deposit slips. Hell, I don’t need to talk about transactions. I can shove the commissioners aside have ” my people” as she calls her slaves in her office file a grievances. After tampering with the tax name we need to
    go by laws of 1850 really. It’s fuckn 2017 people this is a facade of a great reality show….. She controls every one from the Times, commissioners, d.a. county detectives, office people, wbvp, and whoever she feels prove me wrong. The d.a. is nothing but a foolish fool way out of his league and his game will be done in less than 3 years. Lazyyyy LOZIER feds are coming get ready bitch……. Of course my opinion only lol…..

  26. The courthouse family are always voting thumbs down
    They can all see what JP’s Investigative skills has found
    They forget they are our servants
    But pick our pockets at every turn
    There’s too many people in that firm
    But they keep hiring at every turn.

  27. BREAKING NEWS: 1/6/2017 DA David J. Lozier has been proven to be an absolute hypocrite in under 2 years!!!!

    Amid cries from the many disgruntled electorate in the county calling to make him “a single term DA”. I Give you this lovely piece of campaigning from not 2 years ago.



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