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County Detectives Seek Unpublished Reporting By on Friday refused a request by Beaver County detectives to turn over unpublished information obtained as part of its ongoing news-gathering efforts.

While it is my hope this definitive response ends inquiries by the District Attorney’s Office into our reporting, I am nonetheless preparing for a possibility of additional action being taken by David Lozier’s detectives.

As the only news outlet actively investigating allegations of organized crime and institutionalized corruption in local and county government, the Beaver Countian will deploy every technical and legal resource at its disposal to continue these efforts unimpeded.

As always, appreciates the continued support of the public on whose behalf we work.

District Attorney David Lozier To Take The Stand?

It looks like a July 9 hearing on whether a judge will issue sanctions against District Attorney David Lozier for his raid on an inmate’s jail cell is getting even more interesting.

Defense attorney Gerald Benyo Jr. is seeking sanctions against Lozier after county detectives seized defense materials related to the upcoming trial of Wayne Cordes. A warrant signed by a judge had authorized detectives only to seize personal correspondence from an unnamed individual, believed to be connected with the purported “DelTondo murder letter.”

On Friday, Defense attorney Gerald Benyo Jr. subpoenaed Lozier to appear at the sanctions hearing, which means we might be seeing the elected District Attorney testifying under oath about his office’s actions.

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David Lozier To Take The Stand Again?

The July sanctions hearing may not be the only time District Attorney Lozier will face questioning this summer.

I’m told the Aliquippa Police Department will be calling Lozier as a witness on its behalf during an August arbitration hearing for former officer Anthony Quinn, who is challenging his termination by the department in 2017.

Quinn alleges he was fired after city officials learned of narcotics investigations he was conducting (that allegedly involved city officials). The department insists it terminated Quinn for various policy violations.

District Attorney Lozier has already spoken out against Quinn and in favor of Chief Donald Couch (who remains on an administrative suspension), but there’s no word yet on what he may testify to at the hearing.

District Attorney David Lozier / submitted photo

County Detectives Racking Up The OT

Beaver County Detectives have been racking up some serious overtime over the past couple of months.

District Attorney David Lozier told county commissioners during their public work session last Wednesday that his detectives already have over 400 hours in overtime investigating the May 13 murder of Rachael DelTondo.

No arrest has been made in the case.

In many other counties in Pennsylvania major investigations are handled by the Pennsylvania State Police, reducing the impact on county budgets. Lozier has scoffed at such proposals for Beaver County since taking office in 2016.

An analysis of public employee pay for fiscal year 2016 previously published by the Beaver Countian showed that county detectives were among the top earners. County Detective Robert Chamberlain was the county’s second highest earner at $127,479 including overtime, behind only District Attorney David Lozier who made $177,110 (the district attorney’s salary is mandated by state law based on salaries of Common Pleas Judges, who are employees of the state). Other top earning County Detectives in 2016 were Robert Heberle at $101,309, Timmie Patrick at $100,316, Andrew Gall at $97,449, and Timothy Staub at $92,950. will be published its analysis of public employee pay for fiscal year 2017 in the coming weeks.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. With all the fucked up corruption and crime in this county that a DA should be tending to, it is absolutely horrifying that he has the time to put targets on Mr. Benyo and The BeaverCountian instead of doing his job.

    • Just leave these people alone. Nothing you can say or do can hurt them more than the pain they are suffering. It doesn’t matter what you think of them, you’re just being cruel now, unnecessarily cruel.

      • @wind.. You know what’s Cruel .. old ladies that volunteer at a Catholic Church for all the funerals and fish fries from morning to night and Lisa calls them every dirty name in the book for no reason !! Lisa worked there at the time till she called the Church a HELL HOLE and got Fired !!

      • Karma is watching you behind your anonymous name. We are tired of seeing your cruelty. I hope it catches up soon.

    • JohnDoe…Or rather it should be John Dick because you sir are a Dick! Only one person comes to mind who would be so cold hearted to these people. So you must be Frankie! Now Stfu already

  2. I am truly amazed that they haven’t requested (issued sealed warrants to conduct a raid) for this information already. Goes to show THEIR desperation.

    • I’m amazed that this investigation has turned into such a nothing burger once oh high and mighty Lozier got rid of the PSP. Not. What a mess he’s created and so unnecessary. If he’d only let the guys wearing big boy pants do their job.

  3. This is definitely a personal vendetta that he is using the power of his office to carry out. The county detectives are playing it out right along side him. They should all be locked up. I have to wonder if there is ONE taxpayer in this county that wants him to remain serving as DA.

    • It certainly does seem indicative by loseziers actions that JP’s articles and by extension the comments are recieving more than just a mere glancing by the Courthouse trolls, or “family Inc” if you will. Well heres a suggestion;…..Go talk to Connie the Con and ask her if JP is one to just give in these kind of asinine requests. And a hint loser, if it is requiring 400 hours of investigation then maybe….just maybe you acted terribly irresponsible by dismissing the PSP help in solving this crime?!? Of course Mungo is simply stating an opinion but…….some things just seem so obvious ..i.e If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well then……

  4. Wow! 400 hours of overtime!!?? For what!?! Looking in the other direction!?!? Get them the hell off the case already and give it to the state police!! I for one am disgusted that our crooked detectives are getting that much useless overtime! Get them off the case ASAP!!

    • This is from the BeaverCountian article in Jan 27 2017.

      Lozier who made $177,110. The salary for the County District Attorney is mandated by state law based on salaries earned by Common Pleas Judges, who are employees of the state.
      Chief County Detective Robert Chamberlain (an employee of the District Attorney’s Office) was the county’s second highest earner, whose wages including overtime totaled $127,479. Other top earning County Detectives were Robert Heberle at $101,309, Timmie Patrick at $100,316, Andrew Gall at $97,449, and Timothy Staub at $92,950.

      Just a note, it took them 35 years to solve the Janet Walsh murder case. Howdy Doody Staub couldn’t find his car keys if they weren’t hooked on his belt.

    • Rumor has it Psp doesnt want this case due to all the fuckery at the very start by Poodik Tappler and BC Detectives. Who can really blame them. I cant imagine the man hours it would take to straighten it out at this point.

  5. And why would they want your reports, JP? So they can cover up more of the corruption and to know who not to pin the murder on!?

    • Just delete your files. They have no one who can recover them. If did, why wouldn’t they have used them to look into the county crooks’ files?

  6. The only murder cases they have ever been successful at are the cases that were clean cut and the evidence was dropped in their lap. They never had to detect anything.

  7. And if you think anything will happen to loser in the outcome of this hearing, you’re lying to yourself! Do you actually think this cult will condemn one of their own!?

  8. The fact that Lozier spoke against Officer Quinn in favor of Couch speaks volumes!! You just keep on winning, don’t you Lozier? Your true colors burst through with every move you make. You are a disgrace and an embarrassment in an already embarrassing county government.

    • With respect to Officer Quinn.. he left out one very important fact in the statements he made. He failed to mention that the Garbage Search he performed with respect to a Council person was first and foremost a completely politically motivated search. This was done because of scheming by Couch, PooDik and the Mayor. What better way to control a council member than if you have something on them.

  9. John Paul, Stand YOUR ground! We are with you. Many people are watching this ENTIRE situation from afar. There is precedent to be established in the entire Ohio River Valley. Leading to the triangle. You are far from being on your own. Brother of justice, fighter of corruption, Peace be with you and yours.

  10. “County Detectives Seek Unpublished Reporting By”…………………This sounds like an obviously blatant attempt to do an end around the Shield Law…………………….D. A. Loser wouldn’t be interested in unmasking the people talking in confidence to John Paul now would he?

    • Of course they want to know who any and all confidential informants are… but not with respect to this young girls murder. Thats just tje smoke and mirror routine to find out who psp and the feds have talked to.

  11. Lifeguard – All things point to exactly that. The da is not aware of the pitfalls of such stategy. This will garner national attention on a much higher scale. The international press are very interested in such things.

  12. Aliquippa PD insists it terminated Quinn for various policy violations……………………………..Violation #1: “Don’t be investigating us”………………………Violation #2: See Violation #1.

  13. This is exactly why Connie the Con and Losier the Loser share in their mental midgetry! No prudence or forethought at all goes into their planning! They read the comments on the Beaver Countian and when thruthful things are said or something hits too close to home they react with a knee jerk response! Do they honestly think that by once again trying to get JP to open up his notebook and essentially do their work for them, and also thereby expose confidential information and commenter information that a national precedent won’t be on the line?!? …..Hey Con! Yes Loser! Do you think 300,000,000 US citizens will notice if we can successfully get a news website to be forced to hand over their confidential content under duress?!? Oh hell no loser they wont see shit! Let’s go get some Brighton hotdog shop and some pirohy. Sure Con my treat……LOL!!!!

      • Well hello there @Truthful and thank you for your inquiry into Mungo’s potentially erroneous fuzzy math! Hopefully when all is said and done Mungo will have sufficiently expounded on the line item in question, but first and foremost with absolutely no judging intended might Mungo pose a few questions? First perchance do you suffer from dyslexia? Second do you suffer from bad eyesight? Third and lastly are you viewing this thread from a tiny, or damaged screen on a cellphone? The reason my answer to your question is posed in a trifecta of inquiries is because I typed 300,000,000….Three Hundred Million, and you asked where did Mungo get 300,000 from! Three Hundred Thousand. You see of course this would make no sense because the number Mungo referred to is approximately how many people currenty live in the United States of Murica, and your number sounds more like a kickback amount that was swirling around the shady sale of Frienship Ridge…..See two totally different numbers and two totally different scenarios. So to sum it all up it seems you may have misread my comment! Hope that helps!

  14. My tax dollars are paying for those 400+ hours of overtime that should be delegated to the PSP!

    Lozier spends money paying these “detectives” overtime just because he likes the control and power.

    I have news for you Lozier, you don’t have the control or the power. WE DO, the people of Beaver County. You’re gone in 16 months. Don’t bother putting up campaign road signs.

    • @We The People.. If you live in Quip, you’ll be paying at the County Level AND the City Level. Of course if you use the Couch PooDik and Tappler time padding method, I imagine PooDik and Tappler could easily have billed Quip 400+ hours or more.

  15. Stonewall is subsidizing a mickey mouse corps of political flunkies tossing TAXPAYERS dollars at a crime they will never solve without professional help. They are so professional that after their thorough crime scene investigation in the kids from Beaver that they left a dead body behind. Anywhere else but Beaver County you would get fired. Instead Stonewall buys their favor by pissing away money that is confiscated form the taxpayers. Just like the Midget does, use OP (other peoples) money for garnering votes and political cooperation. When and if they ever look at the budget it will be completely blown in overtime between the three largest thieving groups in the county: Stonewall and his merry band of super dicks, Midgets political flunkies and the county jail. Here comes another tax increase for these professional extortionists at taxpayers expense. PSP would have solved this murder in a week but the Loser is trying to find a scapegoat to pin it on. He’s worse than whale shit, he’s wasted sperm. By the time he and Midget are done the county will be in receivership. If he had one modicum of decency he’d resign and go hide under the afghan. He won’t need it at the jail, or especially when he burns in hell. His motto is self before service. It always gets back to Family & Friends Inc.

  16. JP, I hope you have a security system because they may hire a professional to rob your house to steal your computer. I guess the constitution has been stricken by Stonewall. let’s see what dipshit judge signs the warrants. Any guesses? Maybe RM to get back at JP for unmasking their loser dysfunctional family members?

    • I’d bet dollars to donuts that there’s nothing in JP’s house that would help them. The servers hosting this site are in the cloud, his notes are so encrypted that the best cyber sleuth wouldn’t get beyond the password prompt and anything that can’t be digitized is stored offsite and out of his house somewhere that would make Ft. Knox look like it’s secured with a simple padlock.

      He could be dumb enough to get a search warrant but he won’t find anything and it would be hard to get an order compelling him to turn something over when he has no idea what JP even has in the first place (and that’s not even considering the constitutionality of the concept). Let’s remember that this is a person who gets up every morning with the goal of trying to do something even more stupid than what he did the day before…so it’s difficult to predict what he might actually do. If he does try to outdo himself though JP will p’wn his ass, bigly.

  17. Stonewall has ripped a page from the democrats playbook for weaponizing his government agency against the truth and public interests. Damn the taxpayers, full speed ahead on that OT. bet the super dicks are working 24-7, even while they are away on vacations. Did they hire Couch as their finance manager?

    Sir, this publication has helped to bring your complete and total incompetence to light more times than any other elected official to hold your office in modern history. While it’s completely understandable that your “detectives” would love nothing more than to have JP solve their current case for them you’ll find that you can catch more flys with honey than the normal vinegar that you use. Perhaps your mamma didn’t teach you how and when to say please and thank you; but that would be a great place to start.

    If you persist in this pursuit then here is some unsolicited advice for you: Fair warning…. You’ll be p’wned by JP in what will be an even more public display of humiliation than the publication of your photo in the Barney Fife costume.

    Dude, Connie must just be loving you right about now because with every dumbass stunt you pull you just extend her vacation out of the spotlight.

  19. Recent efforts to pass a federal shield law. From the website of Jamie Raskin:


    November 14, 2017 Press Release

    Bill would protect journalists from disclosing confidential sources
    (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) and Jim Jordan (OH-04) introduced the Free Flow of Information Act of 2017 (H.R.4382), a bipartisan federal shield law that would protect the public’s right to know by safeguarding a free and independent press. The legislation would establish a federal statutory privilege that would protect journalists from being compelled to reveal confidential sources and ensure that they can do their jobs without fear of imprisonment or intimidation.

    The legislation was introduced this evening after Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee earlier today, refused to commit to not jailing journalists for doing their jobs.

  20. Why do we need all of these county detectives, they get their salary plus full benefits and pension, something is wrong with this picture, and how many holidays and vacation and sick days do they get? What a waste of taxpayers money

    • Because there are too many friends that need a job and there aren’t any more positions available in the Sheriff Dept or the county jail…..hence, they get hired as detectives.

  21. 400+ hours overtime. I hope the time and duties performed are itemized down to the minute. Can the taxpayer access this information, as to who, when, where … and obviously why?

  22. Accordingtome: Well said. And maybe time to “Jason Bourne it” and store a thumb drive in a railroad terminal locker. I also believe that some of the issues settled during the Treasurer’s suit were quite similar. But what a hassle to revisit those. I have to wonder if Stonewall has done his homework and read through all those documents and court findings. What a waste of time, money and work, just to lose, again, as the Treasurer did.

  23. Just admit that you have run out of leads, Stonewall, and you need some help. Kindly ask Mr. Vranesevich for some information he might or might not have, to help out for the public good. That’s where you will eventually end up, anyway.

    • I don’t think this move is an attempt to have JP help Lozier further his investigation. I think it is a preemptive move to know what needs suppressed.

      • I hadn’t thought of that. But yes, knowing the Courthouse to Monacaquippa connections, it likely can’t be ruled out, IMHO. What a shame that is one of the options to be considered.

  24. That headline should have read “County Detectives Log 400+ Hours of Overtime Attempting to Pin that Shit on Someone Else”

  25. Lozier you obviously need all the help you can get… These Keystone cop detectives you have are not qualified to do detective work, hence the 400 plus overtime hours… They have no clue where to start… A cold blooded murder in Norman Rockwell County with the Keystone Cops leading the investigation… Admit it Lozier you are in over your head. Ambulance Chasers should not be doing the job of real qualified Criminal investigators… Are you afraid that the PSP or FBI might find out something that they shouldn’t know??? Quit trying to wear the Hero cape and ask for help damn it. Quit wasting taxpayers dollars running this 3 ringed circus… Its embarassing…

  26. Something to Ponder: Why didn’t the super dicks and Stonewall ask for any investigative sources or leads from the BC Times? Oh that’s right, they wouldn’t know investigative journalism if it bit a hole in their asses. There is only one conclusion, no one trusts the Times and all the contributors and anonymous voices on this site trust JP implicitly. Some at the risk of losing jobs, being threatened by the corrupt actors whom we post or even death, i.e. possible Rachel D.

  27. Stonewall’s damn the torpedoes full speed ahead with incompetent super dicks, woefully inept prosecutors and no one that can solve a murder is draining our precious tax dollars. Any normal person with integrity would ask for help from ANYONE! Instead his stubbornness, stupidity and hubris are cheating the public. Those in the county LEO gang should be pointing out the foibles of political hacks trying to be detectives or real investigators. Instead they allow their comrades to stumble and fumble a murder case, and don’t forget the other murders in Alighetto that no one is investigating. Apparently this case has more OT and therefore is very important. As long as the idiots in the DA’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office and the Jail think that they are “busting their asses” for the taxpayers they will continue to plunder the taxpayers coffers until bankruptcy. No dignity, no pride and damn sure no ethics. When they could stay below the radar and arrest the usual suspects over and over they were tolerated. Even though any idiot in this county knows what families pull the strings on crime and corruption. Now is the time for the public to get mad as hell and demand changes and professionalism in the LEO’s. No more Friends and Family, Inc. Sadly, many of these same LEO’S attend our churches, shout their faith from the mountaintops on Sunday and then revert to their thuggish, kleptocratic ways. If you really want to know why the public is quickly losing faith in you LEO’s, step back and take a look within yourselves. “Am I really up to this task? Am I a good follower of the laws as written by the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth? Am I turning a blind eye to corruption and wrongdoing by fellow officers? Am I manipulating the system for personal gain (OT)? If you answer yes then you need a new line of work. Until you get balls and police yourselves no one will respect you, deservedly so.

  28. Attend the July 9th hearing, if it is open to the public. Perhaps JP can post the time and courtroom schedule. As the Treasurer discovered, one’s life is laid bare in such a matter, and it might shed some light on what is really happening behind the scenes. Is it really worth it? Brer Rabbit punched the Tar Baby and got stuck. Same thing here.


  29. this murder should not be investigated by anyone in Beaver County!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the state police or the fbi in on this one…….Lozier and his cronies will contaminate anything they can!!!!

  30. The real question that the State Police and the FBI need to ask of both Berosh and Lozier is why have arrest cases disappeared all together and why are their cases that have been continued for years under his leadership. I can remember a case where Slade Unis was arressted multiple times over the last 5 years only to have charges dropped in most cases or reduced to probation. This gentlemen was in possesion of a firearm as a covicted felon when he fired in a road rage incident on an innocent older women and did no jail time. Did I forget to mention his dad Frank P. Unis Jr. was arrested numerous times with both firearms and drugs. He has never been prosecuted in most arrests or recieved any jail time. One arrest was as recent as 2016 for narcotics, no jail time given. Why? Somthing is not right. If I were the FBI i would like to know his where abouts the night of Rachaels murder. After all he is Frank Catropas godfather.

    • It’s Family & Friends Inc. That’s the root of the corruption in this county. Justice is supposedly blind but this county motto is “Blind Loyalty” to the wannabes. The charming fellows you mentioned are protected class in this county. They do the dirty work of the puppeteers. protected by a totally corrupt system of justice. Someone should look into where those cases disappeared to. Follow the money. Who posted their bail, etc.? Money and poser corrupt absolutely.

    • They vanished with the delinquent tax bill owed the county by ralph and momma unis… and the drug arrest of Jojo in Quip that should have happened. Of course Frankie and Jojo have good ole Couch Pudik and Dewann for that one.

      • Ooops.. to thank for that one.

        Jojo got pinched several months later in Monaca anyway.

  31. WHY are Beaver County detectives STILL on the case? I thought the State Police were doing the investigating. Why is Lozier involved at ALL??

  32. This is the only real source of local news so it is important that it is protected from oppression. The print newspapers have occasional information, but it is inadequate and days behind. Thanks to John Paul we citizens are not kept completely in the dark.
    Those who read, those who comment, and those who support the Beaver Countian are helping to keep the news flowing. Agree or disagree, but keep the conversations going. Be a part of the expose’, not the coverup.

  33. So you are telling me, out tax dollars are paying for a handful of detectives that are literally working 7 days a week like 10 hours a day, for Nearly TWO months, and they have no leads, no suspects, no evidence, no murder weapon, and no idea what the motive was???

    Seriously, something is very very wrong!

    • Yes Miss Jenny, it’s called Beaver County Friends and Family, Inc. Inbreds incapable of actually performing duties they are paid for. Left one victim in weeds for a couple days but no big deal. A team of Inspector Clousoes lead by the dumbest DA in these here states. They will NEVER solve this case without outside help. Besides they f-cked it up so bad that NO ONE wants to get involved. Everything they’ve done and touched has been tainted by a woefully inept team of super dicks, questionable capabilities of prosecutors and the DA, Stonewall Loser. They can’t even find a useful idiot to pin it on.



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