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A New Man In Charge

Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick has retired. Hermick was the Criminal Investigation Section Commander for Troop D, which covers Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, and Armstrong counties.

Hermick is credited for sparking the recent wave of investigations into public corruption in Beaver County, including reaching out to the FBI for their assistance in some of the ongoing probes.

Lieutenant Daniel W. Ekis has taken over as the new Troop D Crimes Commander effective April 24th.

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Lt. Eric Hermick (center wearing hat) / Beaver Countian file photo by John Paul

That Didn’t Last Very Long

Beaver County Deputy Emergency Services Director William Petures has resigned his position with the county. Petures joined the county’s Emergency Sevices Department in 2017 after retiring as Monaca Borough’s Police Chief.

Petures will now be heading up the Police Academy at Community College of Beaver County.

County Officials are expected to meet with EMS Director Eric Brewer this week to discuss a replacement.

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Deputy Director William Petures (far right) / Beaver Countian file photo by John Paul

A Replacement For The Javens?

I’ve previously reported the name Janice DiMaggio as a possible contender to fill the seat of County Treasurer when Javens retires at the end of next year. Since then, she’s made it clear she will not be running for the seat.

But someone new has stepped forward to tell Democratic politicos he’s definitely running and Treasurer Javens has thrown her full backing behind him: First Deputy Treasurer Cebran Netherland.

Netherland has already started attending public functions in support of his candidacy, so be on the lookout.

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Another Change Of Heart

Second Deputy Prothonotary Pamela Laird has also changed her mind, now deciding against running to replace Nancy Werme next year.

I’m hearing it didn’t take long for Werme to scout out another Democratic hopeful to fill her seat. The Prothonotary’s Office is now abuzz with the name of Felicia Santillan — an attorney in Beaver who specializes in Estate Administration and Social Security.

Schooling Camp

Commissioner Dan Camp was asked to give opening remarks at a recent town hall style event hosted by KDKA at the Fez. I’m told the whole ordeal made him extremely nervous, as he is uneasy with speaking in front of people.

Courthouse sources say newly-minted Chairman Camp had the county’s Department of Public Works move a podium into his courthouse office so he could practice his short speech — and get pointers from county employees on how to improve his public speaking skills.

Weeks later, the podium remained in his office.

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Commissioner Dan Camp’s Office / photo by John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Being a bad public speaker is a lot like being a bad test taker. You’re bad at taking tests because you don’t know the answers. You’re bad at public speaking because you have nothing worthwhile to say.

    • A practice podium to squeeze out a few short comments??? Maybe this will become like that movie ” The Commissioner’s Speech”

    • Mr. Camp,

      they say the best way to get over public speaking is to just picture everyone in their underwear.

      try your best not to look at the treasurer

  2. Javens supporting Cebran Netherland for treasurer. Talk about pissing in the face of the people of Beaver County.

  3. You’re all done Camp. You won’t need to do any more speeches. That fucking hootenanny show you got going is coming to an end.

  4. Now is the time for Tom Leydig to step in. Netherland will never get a vote with that wild west show and Janice DiMagg can’t take the heat of being Treasurer.

  5. Have a nice retirement party you old bag. Godspeed to you, embalmers everywhere are waiting to put your makeup on.

  6. Well, now I know for SURE who NOT to vote for so far……..
    “Tiny” Tony Guy
    Tony “Dumb as a Rock” Amadio
    Danny “Little Boy” Camp
    Cebran “Neanderthal” Netherland
    Felicia “Worm Hole” Santillan
    David “Big Mac” Gabauer
    David “Loser” Lozier
    Tracy “Riding my daddy coattails” Patton
    And……Anybody else who currently holds office.

  7. Netherland? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Is this for real? Netherland? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shouldn’t he be in jail for that billy bad ass stunt of firing his gun in the air?

  8. No fair. This has to be the April 1st edition, delayed for a month.

    First Deputy Treasurer Cowboy Cebran Netherland for Treasurer! Ha Ha Ho Ho!
    Conehead sets up a podium to learn how to talk! Ha Ha Ho Ho!
    Javens and Werme decide who will replace them! Ha Ha Ho Ho!

    Yeh, you got me on all three of those trickster jokes.

    This is cool, JP. Let’s have another Lampoon edition soon.

      • Yeah, right, it’s not like the Republicans control 3 of 4 Beaver County State House seats, both State Senate seats, and the majority of the Commissioners seats. But hey, Demonrat is super clever. Idiot.

  9. It isn’t so much that Dan has a problem speaking in public as much as it is that Dan doesn’t have any original thoughts to communicate. Leaders are supposed to be able to see the big picture, set organizational direction and mentor those who will execute on his strategy. Our “leader” thinks the big picture is the largest frame hanging on the wall, the direction is whatever one of the Tony’s whispered in his ear and couldn’t mentor a dog in order to teach it to pee outside. So yeah, it would be rather difficult to say a few words to inspire constituents under his circumstances.

    Standing behind the practice podium isn’t going to help…you just can’t fix stupid no matter how many times he recites his little ditty. Politics isn’t the right business for someone who isn’t confident speaking in public. Dan, the voters will be more than happy to retire you from this business. But, take advantage of the podium and practice saying “do you want the meal or just the sandwich.” It’ll help you immensely in your next job….you might even be able to work your way up to a McSupervisor.

  10. “Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick has retired.”

    Thank you, Trooper Hermick, for your service. You made a difference.

  11. Study the photo of Camp’s office…besides public speaking, he must also be practicing his golf swing..check what looks like a golf ball between the two chairs, also is there a book or object beneath the first chair and lastly,why is the desk photo facing outward ..oh, well I won’t mention the trash that’s sitting next to the waste basket.

  12. Absolutely no one would run as a team with Camp again. He screwed Sandie and he’s a liar. I agree with accordingtome…that will complete my get the F’ out.

  13. One takeaway from this news is that there are some very good governmental people residing and working in Beaver County. Hermick is the kind of guy that little kids think of being when they grow up. We read about some local cops who screw up repeatedly, and occasionally have to they stand by this guy. Too bad it doesn’t rub off.

      • Dude, are you drinking the Koolaid? Hermick is out for Hermick. Word on the street is he didn’t retire willfully. But that’s the rumor.

  14. Hermick has always been a straight shooter and came from a good family. I would like to see him run against Camp for Commissioner. Camp family are a bunch of tricksters. I can remember a time when Commissioner James Camp was cracking jokes and making fun of The Gold Star Mothers after he left a speaking event. In my opinion, when mommy was pregnant she was inhaling toxic fumes from cleaning fluid and smoking, then after birth the kid was still inhaling the same toxic fumes, and his comments and behavior makes me think Danny Boy is of poor character, diminished capacity and maybe borderline retardation. All of these things make him vulnerable to outside influences. The people of this county can not risk having Camp in there another term.

    • Joey G..
      Rumors and more rumors…do some fact checking – ask any cop – he always did all he could for other cops – don’t be a hater…. you obviously don’t know him to say that…trust me, I know him personally and his retirement was planned for over a year…he was not asked to retire, they were gonna promote him again and send him to Harrisburg. Stop being ignorant…recognize a good guy and stop the smack talking cause your boy doesn’t like him and your afraid he is coming to the Sheriff Department

  15. This clown wants to make Deputies real cops. House Bill 466, sponsored by Rep. Jim Marshall, R-Butler, would bestow full investigative and arrest powers on sheriff’s departments. Sure, say that they have to undergo the same training, but how many would — really? If they wanted to BE real cops, they would already BE real cops. C’mon, man, get serious. This ain’t Merry Olde England.

      • Marshall is related to the wrong people.. he has no idea that this will not help the opioid problem and will only cause an increase in taxes. I am a sheriff at heart, but in PA, the deputies need to stick to the courthouse and escorting badguys.

  16. Only in this corrupt, unethical, immoral and dying county could pompous assholes think they can name a successor like we are in a banana republic. Based on the piss poor job performance of these snakes we are free falling toward bankruptcy. Queen Connie is teaching the DJ BC math to balance the books. Squirmy is marking time to run off with her pension, pilfered fair and square. BIG DICK Mancini will have all the inmates campaigning for his relatives. If we boot all these assholes out once and for all there will be lots of Family & Friends Inc sucking BIG DICK’s ass for jobs. Let’s empty the outhouse of Beaver County once and for all. Vote them all out. What could get worse? Look what a great job Big Mac Gabauer is doing. How about Conehead, Sleeper, Midget Guy Stonewall Loser et all? Please tell me how it can get worse with an all new cast? It’ll take them years to get tutored in ripping off the taxpayers. Then we vote them out again. Lack of job security is a great motivator. We may actually get some citizens with scruples, code of decency and ethics. PS, when you losers leave office go away for good. You should all be wearing masks like highway robbers. Queen, NO ONE in this county that isn’t related to you will ever miss you. May you burn in hell!

  17. So, imagine Marshall’s bill makes it: A fleet of Sheriff Dept. cars is unleashed each afternoon after work, and for the weekend, cruising with neophyte vigilantes looking for some raw meat to stop, harass and arrest. Lawsuits for botched stops escalate, backups tie up local cops and medics, insurance rates go through the roof, care and feeding of the cars blows the county budget, and overtime rivals the Dept. payroll. Yep, real smart. There’s only one person with a hardon for this fiasco, and he’s the one out trying to get votes by playing a silly game like this.

    • Sheriff Deputies in class 4 counties do not have police and investigative authority for several reasons. The sheriff is corrupt and he hires deputies based on political favors and not from the civil service process. The sheriff hires who he wants and apparently can fire who he wants (except Larrick – which the county will be paying dividends to). He gives them a gun badge and cuffs and sets them loose. Beaver county, like other counties in PA cannot afford to absorb higher liability insurance, costs for deputies, cars, equipment, on and on
      .. municipalities have their own police or the state police provide protection. Because the sheriff has an ego, the county tax payers should pay more?? NFW.. most of the deputies are either retired from othert job or they don’t have training, or they could not get hired by an actual police department. I am sure a Republican candidate is about to throw his hat in the ring to run for sheriff….someone with proven leadership skills AND integrity. Tony is out.

  18. Wayne Kress or the unnamed Republican for Sheriff.
    Jim Marshall and many others watch too much TV and think sheriff deputies are needed to patrol like some other states….fyi, Ohio and Florida only have highway patrol agencies that only patrol state roads and their AG does the major crimes investigations… PA taxes are set up different and the laws are different… please keep the politics of the sheriffs office in check.

  19. The Beaver County website, Employment Opportunities…their is a listing for Financial Administrator. The laugh line is the following statement: “Beaver County, Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity Employer. I find it very strange under Qualifications the following statement is missing “Must be related to someone in the Beaver County Courthouse.”

    • Wise Owl- Under Environmental factors they neglected to talk about the corrupt, toxic environment at the court house. Also, failed to mention the snakes and vermin you’d have to associate with. A HAZMAT Team couldn’t clean that scum off you at the end of the day. Notice how they downplay the importance of the budget and financial capabilities. Not an oversight. They got a Friends and Family Inc. candidate all ready to apply. Just waiting for the heat to die down and slip them in like the palace coup against Sandie. Conehead and Sleeper scheming away, doing what they know best. VOTE THEM OUT!!

  20. I don’t know if Hermick rides a white horse and carries a sword, lance and shield to work each day. And I don’t know if he was a frequent visitor on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. But after reading of so many dirty cops over time in these pages, take the time to at least give some credit where it is due. There are others in that Troop who do very fine jobs, too, and if they were not available locally, law enforcement would end with Stonewall Loser. That would keep anyone awake at night with the lights on.

  21. Consider an Ambridge Chief shaking down a lawyer, a Sheriff threatening the public and Deputies lying under oath in trials and fabricating reports, a DA and local town council stonewalling Psycho Cop’s dashcam video, Aliquippa cop(s) misusing on-line police records, another cop fleecing the evidence room for drugs and money, another chief fixing time cards, a racist veteran cop, a deputy lying about a so-called intruder at Friendship Ridge, and on and on…and on. Every fucking day, it is something else. This is the kind of shit we have grown used to reading about. So, I’ll take a feel-good article about someone not on the make and on the take any day.

    • Raven, your article could have started with this “Imagine if you will, a place where corruption, malfeasance, nepotism et all flourish” You are about to enter the Beaver County Courthouse (Twilight Zone). Anything and everything goes there.

  22. We are getting a Dollar General in our town, the new football coach is in place and that Popeye’s deal isn’t over, yet.
    Why no talk about the excitement in Quip town????

    Who dat?
    WE DAT!

    • If that’s your idea of “excitement”, I think that you already have your answer for the silence. But, call Scott Tady. It’s his job to make droll stuff exciting. And, it will automatically be on the front page for two or three days. Lisa Micco will declare it as award winning stuff of the year.

  23. There is a doctoral level degree out there, or maybe a Pulitzer Prize winning book, waiting for the right person(s) to research the history of Beaver County corruption — explaining the history, the people, the dynamics, the reasons for it and offering suggestions for how to deal with it.

    At this point, one must recognize that it is a pervasive culture, a persistent culture resistant to change, which is fed and enabled by the environment and some people that have populated the region. Beginning in the steel mills of Western Pennsylvania in the early 1900’s, there is a direct line of heritage from those conditions to the present day. It is no secret anymore, the main actors are becoming well-known, and there is no change in sight.

    There have been excellent histories published here, like the one of JP detailing the long public life of former Sheriff George David, and another Op-Ed by Silence Dogood, that show that it is possible.

    Why wait? An informed populace can help change things, if they know how to recognize it, know the evolution, know the main characters, know how to react to it. There are likely fewer than 10 people who probably have the skills and knowledge to do it. Don’t wait until they pass into history themselves and are forgotten. This isn’t the feel-good BCTimes history of the trains in Beaver County, but it is what makes the place work.

    • Here’s a prime opportunity for CCBC and Penn State to award an advanced doctoral degree.

      But, when they allow Master’s level teachers the luxury of calling themselves “Professor” — a time-earned department title, usually bestowed as an honor with privileges, after an original, earned, research contribution leading to a Ph.D. doctorate — that won’t happen any time soon.

  24. If Cebran Netherland runs unopposed on the ballot, I shall do a write-in although my vote will not count as my write-in candidate is named Olive Oyl.



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