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A Prosecution Team

It looks like Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier may have decided who will be prosecuting the person/people responsible for the murder of Rachael DelTondo… just as soon as his office makes an arrest that is.

First Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Popovich and Assistant District Attorney Steven Necaster have been working together as a prosecution team on issues involving the case.

Although Necaster is a newcomer to the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office, Popovich has been with the office for more than a decade, having prosecuted over a dozen homicide cases — including 2 capital cases.

First Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Popovich in the conference room of the District Attorney’s Office / official

Image via © CBS News

48 Hours Begins Filming With Help From The Beaver Countian

CBS News’ 48 Hours has begun production of a future primetime episode about the murder of Rachael DelTondo. Producers for 48 Hours have already paid a visit to Beaver County and crews will be here at the end of the month to start filming.

Although an arrest has not yet been made, 48 Hours will be staying with the case all the way until a final outcome.

The planned episode will be hosted by correspondent Erin Moriarty, who has won 9 national Emmy Awards for her reporting. Some of Erin’s most high profile coverage has included the death of Princess Diana, the JonBenet Ramsey investigation, the murder of financier Edmund Safra, and the war in Iraq.

The Beaver Countian has been behind the scenes helping CBS News and their 48 Hours team cover the case and will continue to do so as events unfold.

Image via © CBS News

Aliquippa Police Lose Fax Service

The Aliquippa Police Department was without fax services for a brief period of time last week, after their vendor shut them down for failing to pay their bill.

Newly appointed acting Chief Robert Sealock got the account out of arrears and everything was brought back up within a day I’m told, but City officials say the downtime did have an impact on operations.

KDKA Radio

Here’s some coverage from KDKA Radio about the latest drama coming out of the Aliquippa Police Department:

Crime Stories With Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace / press photo

Nancy Grace did a half-hour segment on the DelTondo murder for her show on Sirius XM:

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  1. Looks like the Aliquippa police and the Sheriffs Dept. are going to find it harder and harder to hide there roach asses some light coming there way.Better crawl under a carpet or some other real dark place the light doesn’t agree with people like you.

  2. Beaver County in the national spotlight! Let’s hope we show better than we did on “Steel City Tykes”.

  3. Those of you who like their Sports, let’s talk hockey playoffs. The Game is on late, and you have to get up early, so it’s off to bed before the game ends. The next morning, “Siri/Alexa, who won last nights hockey game” …. because you won’t get it in the morning paper. I have been fighting it, yet I still subscribe to the BCTimes. The Times operates at their convenience. I never get the news as it happens and there is no in-depth anything. The local news is always, at the very least one day behind.
    I shudder to think where we would be after this horrible and brutal murder, if it was not for the Beaver Countian. John Paul, thank you.
    I will be cancelling the Times.

    • @ Raven. I’ll make a comment about the Peanut Gallery. You all rock. Between you all and, I have to include, JP, we (as in all of us that want truth and justice) rely on truthful, factual and unbiased reporting. We are not getting that from the Main Stream Media. Why? IMO, facts are filtered and approved/not approved by the powers that be. JP’s articles are researched and backed by FACTS! JP does not candy-coat anything. Along with JP AND the Peanut Gallery, WE have a better understanding…in WHAT THE HELL is going on.

      • Profane or profound, sound or unsound, it keeps people kinda, mostly, honest and it is a kind of fact-checking. Like Playboy, though, most people sholuld read the BC for the articles.

  4. So after reading the recruitment requirements/exceptions it would seem likely Mungo could actually be eligible, even though he recognizies as a long, curly haired, aging singer/actor from the seventies that prays to a large colander of spaghetti and is married to an oak tree? It would really be great to be accepted for merit, as opposed to being judged all the time! I keep funny hours and can be seen driving all around the County often frequenting establishments such as, ……….well not to get too far ahead! Let mungo roll this idea of helping out around and see what kind of old hucklebuck he may come up with, and thank you JP for the opportunity to express ourselves in a judgement free zone!

  5. 48 hours going to start filming in BC. Should have come in unannounced. In case anyone heard Harmony housing project in downtown Beaver Falls now has about three residents, All the crack spots are all of a sudden emptied. Talk about a peace of hell don’t worry there be coming to your neighborhood soon. Film unannounced in BC> you will really get a show.

  6. Im sure that they will try to but on a good show for 48 hrs. Question is will 48 hours ask the hard truthfull questions. Or will they let these fat overstuffed Aliquippa police officers in there tight as leotard uniforms roll all over them. And as far as the Beaver County courthouse goes Shit interview rod Serling when you enter the Bc courthouse your in the twilight zone. Deputies running around with plastic surgery looking like Gloria Swanson. Rule of law in Beaver county is a façade.


  7. JP, better dig in to Popovich. I do think there may be some info the public needs to know should an appropriate arrest ever be made and should there be justice for Rachael naming her true killer. Not sure yet about Necaster but my guess hands are dirty as well…

    • From prior BC articles:

      “Lozier “fired” Assistant District Attorney Frank Martocci, who retired instead. He and part-time Assistant District Attorney Ron Digiorno were asked to retire or resign. Digiorno retired and was subject of a sexual harassment complaint in the office. Lozier asked First Assistant District Attorney Ahmed Aziz to stay on as his chief assistant for six months, after which Aziz intended to retire. Lozier promoted Jennifer Popovich to second assistant and assigned Albert Torrence as chief trial counsel. Popovich was later promoted to First Assistant District Attorney.”

    • definitely – Popovich is a desperate ADA, reaches and goes for ridiculous angles to try to win her cases – justice for Rachael is most important, not her name in lights. She’s in the BC pot of sauce

  8. Please. These shows are coming to BC because an attractive woman got killed with a backstory of a possible sex scandal. Period. THAT is what they will be focusing on. They aren’t going to be delving into social conditions, community development, etc. Nobody gives a shit about Beaver County politics or corruption in Washington, Harrisburg or around here too much of the time, unless it’s tied into who was banging this girl and who wanted to kill her. And there are enough side characters to make it a summer series. They will spend as much time on that late night car session than anything else. THAT is the story that they will be interested in.

    • Spot on wah wah. This whole thing has become absurd. They know who did it. They are going to dwell on all the poor life choices she may have made. None of it has to do with corruption. This whole narrative of everything being connected is just another way to drive traffic to this site.

      • The articles themselves make no claims about any connections. Those adding comments are adding the connections.

  9. My tarot cards state we will be shopping for the perfect Christmas tree and this case will still remain unsolved..with an additional cast of (un)savory characters.

    • Yep, and it didn’t have to be this way. If Lozier had reached out for help instead of insisting on including the APD on the investigation, the killer might already be in custody. As it is, there IS a killer walking around free. Who is to say that the killer won’t kill again, or hasn’t already for that matter. Lozier says there is no danger. How can he know that? We haven’t heard anything more about the PSP taking the case. Maybe they would refuse to take it at this point considering how mangled it is. Lozier has made us all a less safe. That’s the part about this that makes me the most angry. His negligence in including the APD doesn’t just impact the investigation, it effects public safety.



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